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High School to Bikini Basketball: Not in Our Gym!


High School to Bikini Basketball: Not in Our Gym!

Miami Spice basketball

The poster that announced open tryouts for the Bikini Basketball League at Miami Edison Senior High School! (Special to Gossip Extra)

Tough first week for the Miami Spice of the Bikini Basketball Association!

The Spice, a founding member of the brand new professional women’s hoops league, is left without a venue to hold tryouts after the Miami-Dade County Public Schools banned the team from high school campuses!

The franchise — yes, the players do hoops in bikinis — announced that tryouts would take place tomorrow afternoon at Miami Edison Senior High School on Miami’s northwest side.

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Now, team officials are scrambling to find another gym and could be forced to postpone its first team meeting.

“It was miscommunication,” said team owner A.J. McArthur. “The girls wear sports bras and shorts, nothing you won’t see on a beach.

“But the school board doesn’t want us there. We’re in contact with Florida International University to use their gym.”

McArthur, a 26-year-old Miami Gardens web operator and an alumnus of the county school system, argued nothing about the league is offensive. Like the WNBA, he said, it will appeal to families.

School officials see it differently.

“That event is not happening,” school board spokesman John Schuster. “It was never officially authorized. We pay close attention to people who ask to use our facilities. It’s doubtful they would’ve gotten permission. Have you seen their poster (above)?”

The Miami Spice, meanwhile, may also have to deal with its logo. Seattle media this week figured out it resembles the defunct Seattle Supersonics’!

Still, despite the tough beginnings, McArthur says the fledgling league will be a success when it starts playing early next year.

“It’s as much about quality basketball as sexy women,” McArthur said. “We reached out to WNBA players and some of the women who played professionally in Europe.”

UPDATE: League president and team owner AJ McArthur tells me the Spice have postponed their tryouts to next week.

Miami Spice basketball

Miami Spice basketball? (Special to Gossip Extra)


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