Nick Loeb Assailed Over Sofia Vergara’s Bare Butt!

Sofia Vergara at the Emmys

Sofia Vergara with the offending gown at an after-party at Sunday’s Emmys (Splash News)

Delray Beach businessman and would-be politician Nick Loeb is being assailed by critics for his behavior when a major wardrobe malfunction befell Modern Family star Sofia Vergara, his galpal, at the Emmy’s Sunday.

Sofia Vergara malfunction tweet

Vergara tweeted a photo of the spillage while at the Emmys. And no, that’s not her cleavage! (Special to Gossip Extra)

Loeb, who was nursed back to health by the Colombian hottie after a near fatal car crash, apparently rolled his eyes and ignored the butt-baring rip in Vergara’s too-tight Zuhair Murad aluminum gown!

Vergara eventually made fun of her zipper breaking by tweeting a photo (right).

But backstage, the trust-funder who may become Vergara’s husband was, well, a pain in the ass!

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The actress reportedly had a near meltdown when it became clear she might miss the popular ABC series’ big win as top sitcom.

But Loeb was described in news reports as being “annoyed,” especially when he had to leave his seat at the Nokia Theatre in downtown Los Angeles.

He reportedly smoked a cigarette while watching the actress frantically trying to find someone who could sew her back in.

“She was frantic and in tears,” a witness told The New York Post. “Nick was trailing in the back annoyed, uttering the word ‘ugh.’”

“He was huffing and puffing, and while she was getting pinned and sewn back in by a wardrobe assistant saying, ‘Let’s go Sofia!!,’ he didn’t say anything to comfort her.”

Since then fan sites of both the show and Vergara have peppered Loeb, who ran for Delray Beach City Commission and the Florida Senate, with invectives too ugly to mention.

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  1. John says

    Jose – You know how the old saying goes — show me the hottest woman in the world and i’ll show you a guy who is sickand tired of her!

  2. YQue says

    And i forgot to mention that it looks like those panties may have had to be surgically extracted!

    Or maybe nick just fished them out with his teeth? If he’s any kind of a Man, he did.