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Celine Dion’s Overtime Scandal Goes Away!


Celine Dion’s Overtime Scandal Goes Away!

Celine Dion

Legal trouble all better now: Celine Dion can go back to performing in peace (Splash News)

Is it Because You Loved Me?

A Lake Worth handyman blinked first in his feud against Jupiter Island diva Celine Dion, according to records.

Laborer Keith Sturtevant, who filed a federal lawsuit against the singer on grounds that she stiffed him on overtime pay, has agreed to settle the Fair Labor Standards Act case, according to federal records.

Sturtevant claimed Dion and her husband, Rene Angelil, owed him and other household employees thousands in OT.

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Neither his nor Dion’s lawyer are commenting, and details of the settlement weren’t filed with the court system since Sturtevant agreed never to talk about it.

Sturtevant, whose job title was “warehouse manager,” was hired at a time when the singer of My Heart Will Go On‘s beachfront mansion was under construction in March 2009. He resigned June 12, days before filing the suit.

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According to the original lawsuit obtained by Gossip Extra, Sturtevant performed a variety of tasks at the 9,500-square-foot mansion, including cleaning shutters, repairing kitchen items, fixing an ice maker, setting up and tearing down party events for the couple, building book shelves, and running errands.

The suit alleged Dion and Angelil, who started him off at about $50,000 a year, “improperly and illegally designated him as an (overtime) exempt employee” and paid him a straight salary — no matter how long he worked.

The court documents show he was asked to work 60 hours on some weeks!

Sturtevant admits to receiving a $13,000-raise but no overtime over 40 hours a week.

He also claims some of his co-workers were also deemed “overtime exempt” despite the fact the performed low-level tasks.

Dion is no stranger to lawsuits in South Florida. She’s been sued by the architect of the Jupiter Island house and several contractors who worked on the house.

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