Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill Buys “Modest” Digs!

Miami Dolphins rookie Ryan Tannehill and his wife Lauren

Miami Dolphins rookie QB Ryan Tannehill and his wife Lauren have spent a tiny bit of his $7.65 million signing bonus on a townhouse in Fort Lauderdale (Click on the photo for the grand tour)

Miami Dolphins rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill expects to stay for a while.

Ryan Tannehill's townhouse in Fort Lauderdale

Ryan Tannehill’s townhouse in Fort Lauderdale (Click on the photo for the tour)

Tannehill, 24, and his lusted-after wife Lauren have just plunked down a rookie’s amount for a canal-front townhouse in Fort Lauderdale.

Records show the Tannehills paid $785,000 cash for a two-bedroom crib and a boat slip at the Portside Yacht Club.

Click here for the tour of Tannehill’s home, and the houses of dozens of local celebrities

It’s relatively modest by NFL standards, especially since Tannehill is set to receive the balance of a $7.65 million-signing bonus Sept. 30.

But the three-story townhouse has its own elevator, although Florida room looks a little dark.

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At least, the kitchen’s being remodeled, according to public records.

The Tannehills did save more money: The pad was on the market for a year at $850,000!

Incidentally, the lovebirds bought their new crib under the name of their trust, Shine in His Name LLC.

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  1. YQue says

    Good for him. i don’t think we’ll be seeing any stories 15 years down the line that he’s smoking crack and living in a dumpster.

  2. Mike says

    “At least, the WIFE’S HAVING THE KITCHEN remodeled, according to public records”

    Lolz. SEXIST MUCH?

    How do you know they don’t BOTH want the kitchen remodeled? How do you know Lauren even cooks?

    First of all, these little condos are very old and the kitchen was probably embarrassing to look at. Neither husband nor wife want an 80s kitchen. Old kitchens are an eyesore.

    And in a lot of relationships, the husband is the cook. Ryan looks like the potato and steak type of Texan man who knows his way around a frying pan and a grill.

    I used to work with a woman married to a Florida Marlins baseball player and even though he made bank he still was the cook of the home because she didn’t know a soup pot from a frying pan. LOL

    It’s best to steer clear of generalizations like that. It’s like saying all American men are lazy birdbrained Homer Simpsons when clearly that’s not the case.

    • Jose Lambiet says

      Holy cow, Mike, you got me there. I’ll edit the story. Thanks for setting me straight!

  3. Leslie says

    I believe it is very wise on his part…..there was an ESPN documentary entitled BROKE which has chilling stories about athletes going bankrupt. The gist of it is that most careers don’t last long and they have one shot to make the money that they earn and they have to make it last a lot longer than their careers. Smart move kid! GO FINS. 3-0