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Is Mitt Romney’s North Palm $hindig a Land Mine?


Is Mitt Romney’s North Palm $hindig a Land Mine?

Coalman Chris Cline

Mitt Romney’s host tonight in North Palm Beach: Chris Cline (Special to Gossip Extra)

If presidential wannabe Mitt Romney‘s controversial fundraiser at hedge fund boss Marc Leder‘s Boca house had potential for a backlash, wait until you hear about what Romney will find tonight in north Palm Beach County.

The Republican candidate is scheduled to raise beaucoup bucks in two events at the Seminole Landing beachside neighborhood of North Palm Beach.

And organizers include a party-loving West Virginia coalman, and a former nursing home mogul whose spotty financial history cause her to quit several high-profile political positions!

Incidentally, Seminole Landing is where Tiger Woods‘ ex-wife destroyed a $12 million mansion to rebuild one just like it over the rubbles.

Tonight’s fundraisers start at the $10.5 million-home of Elin Nordegren‘s neighbor to the north, Forbes 400 dweller Chris Cline.

And it ends at the $10.5 million home of Nordegren’s neighbor to the south, former WCI developer Al Hoffman.

According to the invitations, billionaire Cline’s fiesta starts at 5:30 p.m. and includes a photo with Romney to whoever is willing to pay $10,000, or raise $25,000. The party’s supposed to move to Hoffman’s for the $50,000 per couple dinner.

Like Boca’s Leder, meanwhile, Cline has a colorful history.

The media-shy Cline first got on Gossip Extra‘s radar four years ago when he blew into town from God knows where on a 164-foot yacht named Mine Games. The boat’s booze-fueled parties quickly became a preferred hangout for young Palm Beach society.

In 2009, however, a woman claimed someone dropped a roofie in her drink during one of those wingdings, and she was raped later by a man she met on the ship. The suspect turned out to be a California man on a business trip who, somehow, got into Cline’s party.

Then-State Attorney Michael McAuliffe declined to prosecute, saying the alleged victim didn’t remember enough to be found credible by a jury.

And the parties on the Mine Games became more exclusive.

Cline is described a having a keen eye for the much younger beauties. Earlier this year, Gossip Extra reported exclusively that the 54-year-old Cline was believed to have pried Miss Florida Karina Brez, 24, from the loving arms of radio jock Josh Cohen.

Cline, however, made news of a different kind over the summer when he became the target of a strange extortion plot.

Cline received several letters in Seminole Landing threatening the lives of family members unless he dropped $13 million on an off-shore account.

A small-time Hollywood actor was arrested in August and charged in the plot.

Cline isn’t commenting about tonight’s affair.

The co-chairs include Cheney Bros. owner Byron Russell and his sister, Lauree Simmons, auto dealer Chuck Schumacher and Patty Walczak.

Romney’s advance team, meanwhile, may want to know a little more about another chair person, former nursing-home chain owner Elizabeth Fago.

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