Radical Changes in Store For Channel 12

Suzanne Boyd

Suzanne Boyd: Early, early bird as of October 1 (via Facebook)

A week after WPEC-Channel 12 hired a new prime-time anchor, more changes are coming to the West Palm Beach/Treasure Coast CBS affiliate.

Evening anchors Suzanne Boyd and Eric Roby are about to start hearing 3 a.m. wake-up call as their shift is being moved to early mornings.

Roby caught the noon newscast solo, and former sportscaster Ben Becker gets the 7 p.m., also solo.

Newbie John Discepolo and current station star Liz Quirantes will be on-the-air from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. and again at 11 p.m.

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Current wake-uppers Emily Pantelides and Juan Carlos Fanjul are clearly the victims of the switcheroos. Pantelides will anchor weekend mornings and Fanjul weekend nights — both TVland’s Siberia!

Starting Oct. 1 Boyd and Roby, arguably the station’s anchor team with the best chemistry, are set to get in front of the cameras at 4:30 a.m. weekdays.

“I’m really happy about my situation,” Boyd said, after declining to comment on any other change. “My children are 3 and 7 and, on the old shift, I couldn’t pick them up from school or take them to dinner.

“Now I’ll be able to.”

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    • intheknow says

      I think the management at Ch 12 is desperate. The best anchor they have is ben becker…

      hiring someone from Seattle isn’t going to do any good.

      Their news product lags the other stations.. BTW Emily is getting the shaft, JC, not so much so.

      I know a lot of people seem to like Suzanne…but her voice is too grating for me… Eric Roby is a non entity.

  1. Lance says

    To all the WPEC employees all I have to say is this… Sinclair Broadcasting Group sucks they will cut the station to a skeleton crew and will cut budgets left and right. Any on air personality make a lot of money; brace yourself for getting the axe. Don’t expect Sinclair to invest into your shop, because has long as the folks in Maryland making money they could careless about you. Just ask many others who work for Sinclair and their 70 stations they owned..

    Run as far as you can!

    • Fred says

      Lance – you clearly don’t get it. Sinclair has spent more beefing up WPEC in the last year than the previous (broke) owners did in the last four years. The staff is now bigger than ever. You think with as much money as the stations in WP make that they don’t want a bigger share and are willing to pony up to get it? Ask all the Siinclair people you want in any market – the company is investing these days. Ten years ago a different story. Now? The Sinclair world has changed.

      • Fred says

        Yes and there other stations Sinclair is investing in not only WPEC, but Sinclair reputation is not stellar. However only time will only tell, but I can tell you from others who work at Sinclair shops and there no love when it comes to investing in the product. However Sinclair looks at the budget item by item. Just remember you still can make money being #3 in the market.

        However why didn’t Raycom didn’t buy WPEC when they already own the FOX station in the market? 12/29 could of being a great combo for Raycom Media

  2. skip says

    As a former reporter at WPEC-TV, I can tell you that demoting Roby and Boyd is probably the best thing the station could have done if they ever have any desire to beat WPTV.

    Roby sounds like a used car dealer when he talks, and Boyd is simply not sharp enough to be a main anchor. Both are general assignments reporters at best. Both have huge egos and little experience to back it up.

    Quirantes should have been replaced a long time ago. She’s the last remaining part to a last place news team. Based on how this business works, her days are probably numbered. They’ll need to widen the doorway to get her ego out of the building.

    As for Sinclair Broadcasting, previous posters hit the nail on the head. Sinclair is one of the worst broadcast groups in the country. They operate low rated tv stations all over the country. Their Baltimore Flagship station, WBFF-TV, has been a non-player in the market for 20 years, and the owners openly promote the Republican party on the air and with their anchors in Baltimore. Google them.

    That being said, sending Roby and Boyd to early mornings was smart. Next stop: out the door.

  3. Louise says

    I can’t believe they are leaving the morning show……Emily Pantelides and Juan Carlos Fanjul — they were the best. It is bad enough to have to get up so early, at least watching Emily and Juan Carlos with the others I did not feel like I was the only one up….they were part of the family — the other stations are terrible in the morning, and now I won’t even be able to watch the news at all in the early morning. I guess the newspaper will get my business again. Why do people have to keep making changes and messing things up!

  4. Jay says

    I really enjoyed waking up to the antics of J.C. and Emily. I watched the new crew this a.m., but it’s not the same as all the previous years of my morning routine. Although I will not switch news stations, I would LOVE for the two to come back to the morning!!!!

  5. Annie says

    I was sure they were on vacation, until i realized some
    corporate genius did what they do best. Not good~!!!
    Lost 2 viewers

  6. alec says

    boyd and roby are watchable,juan and emily both were unwatchable at any time slot. liz was a 3rd rate reporter years ago,how she landed an anchor spot is still a mystery

  7. Melissa says

    I loved watching Emily & JC in the mornings…Everytime I turn around Ch.12 is making changes…Can’t really take Suzanne or Eric…both of them are so arrogant…too early in the morning for that :(

  8. Lilly says

    WPTV dominates the whole PBC-Treasure Coast market HOWEVER they need to shake up their morning crew too; especially John Favole. He reminds me of Pres. Obama on the first presidential debate…absent, not there!!! He is only happy, and show some energy on Friday, maybe he has done the news for so many years that he is burnt out. I think WPTV should give Mike Trim that anchor chair

  9. Scott Koenig says

    I say we all boycott channel 12 for what they did to Emily Pantelides and Juan Carlos Fanjul. This way no one will watch this show any longer and put management on the unemployment line.

  10. Keith Reinir says

    Scott no need 2 boycott ch 12 due to there awful news product, the audience looks 2 have left approx 3 years ago!
    L O L

  11. Wendy says

    I really miss Emily and Juan in the mornings.I really liked Emilys love for the animals and every thing she would do to rescue them. Juan was just fun to watch. The banter back and forth.It was a great way way to start my day. I am just not feeling it with Roby and Boyd.