Casey Anthony Offered 20K For Boxing Match

Michelle McGee and Casey Anthony

Would you pay to watch Michelle McGee (left) take on Casey Anthony? (Splash News)

Alleged child killer Casey Anthony has been offered a chunk of change to hurt another infamous character in a celebrity boxing match in Fort Lauderdale.

Orlando promoter Damon Feldman, who’s known for his D-list celebrity fights, told the Boca Raton-based National Enquirer that he’s reached out to Anthony’s people with a bona fide offer: $20,000 to Anthony for three, one-minute rounds.

Anthony would be pitted against Michelle Bombshell McGee, the tattooed other woman in the love triangle that caused Oscar winner Sandra Bullock‘s divorce from reality TV motorcycle designer Jesse James.

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If the 26-year-old Casey were remotely interested — doubtful, she went underground last year after being cleared by an Orlando jury of killing her 2-year-old daughter Caylee — she’d better do her research on McGee.

Stripper McGee is known as a ruthless fighter who KOed porn star Gina Lynn and actor Mel Gibson‘s purported mistress, Violet Kowal.

“I want this match,” McGee said. “I know she’s lying about killing her daughter.”

Feldman says the fight would be scheduled for Nov. 3 in a yet-to-be-determined venue in Fort Lauderdale.

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  1. Tom whyler says

    Ain’t never gonna happen. Casey will never accept. Casey has too much class. Casey is innocent. Leave her alone.

    • TIDE ferrari racing,palm beach says

      Terrific, Casey has no class, you must be PIMP !. CASEY can’t wresle but you should see her BOX! [big]

  2. LKW says

    McGee should sit down some where! She looks like she needs a case of massengil and a prescription for antibiotics!!

  3. says

    I would LOVE to see this match! Casey deserve’s to get her ass bear. She killed her beautiful daugther! She’s guilty and i dont know how she can live with herself!!!

  4. Pished says

    Whyler, you call peeing in the parking lot and barfing in the toilet (even if she didn’t kill her child, which she did) class? Your comment says more about you than it does about her.

  5. Pished says

    That is, she was barfing in a PUBLIC toilet where lots of asses sit and poop. She’s a POS. The only reason I’m interested in Casey is because she’s a sensational train wreck. It’s like watching a freak show. But I feel sick whenever I watch.

  6. Pished says

    I posted something earlier about Casey being a POS, but I see it was removed. She has no class. I guess you only post what you want to hear. Whoever took my comment out is a babykiller lover.

  7. Tom Whyler says

    You never did stupid things when you were young. You never partied? Casey is no different than any other young person. Give her a break.

  8. A 1911 SHOOTER says

    FYI > CA was found NOT GUILTY by a jury of her peers. Now that means something here in the greatest country in the world. She is not “alleged”, “suspected” , or “a baby killer” , she was innocent of all charges except a non related financial charge, so let it go already.

  9. Tom Whyler says

    Right on 1911 Shooter!

    Casey was found Not Guilty in a court of law something those who hate her have no respect for at all for. After all she been through she deserves the best in her life. Casey I wish you Well! Be Happy!

  10. K2Miller says

    I see that the Ringside Boxing site started this “news”. The site is sympathetic to Casey Anthony… blasting “the haters” and those that just won’t “get over it” and yet, this is the worst exploitation of the death of Caylee… sheer opportunistic manufacturing of site traffic over this tragedy.

  11. natalie6 says

    Why should she? She has obviously been living fine for over a year. She has money… probably from Dr. Phil. How can she claim broke to the probation officer. I don’t know a single person without a job or any source of income live for over a year with food, computer, phone, camera etc etc and obviously a roof over her head and claim no income.
    Why should she make a fool out of herself when she continues to make a fool of “her public” The biggest question I have had all along. where does all the money come from? and why is she allowed to blatantly lie to probation officers?
    Dr. Phil was a true fool to fall for the Foundation ruse. the entire family DOES NOT WORK and hasn’t since 2008. HOW? Who is bank rolling them besides Dr. Phil?