Romney Thrusts Boca Mogul in Limelight!

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney unwittingly thrust the orgy-loving Boca Raton hedge funder Marc Leder into the national limelight.

A video (see below) of Romney talking with disdain about President Barack Obama voters during a fundraiser at the $4.4 million, 15,000-square-foot digs of Sun Capital Partner’s founder Leder has popped up on the Mother Jones website.

And it ain’t pretty:

When folks are done making fun of Romney’s claims that 47 percent of the electorate has a sense of entitlement, watch for the attention to shift on Romney’s host that night.

Marc Leder

Marc Leder, in the eye of the storm! (Special to Gossip Extra)

And should Romney be judged by the company he keeps, then the May gathering at Leder’s house may become a monumental blunder.

Leder, you see, is well known in these parts.

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For one thing, he invested with Bernie Madoff.

No matter, said Leder. It wasn’t that much money.

Mitt’s Boca moneyman under investigation

Then, there was the infamous divorce from his wife of 22 years, Lisa, in a Palm Beach County family court.

Lisa filed in 2009, according to county records, and rejected a $100 million settlement offer.


Because Leder is worth $400 million, she said. Entitlement anyone?

In the end, the marital settlement became one of the richest in county court history, one in which Marc Leder tried to claim the value of his assets to be extremely low.

West Palm Beach divorce law legend Jeff Fisher, who repped the missus, said he couldn’t comment on the case.

What also came out in the divorce is that Lisa allegedly cheated on Marc with their children’s much-younger tennis coach.


And then, there are Marc’s sex-soaked parties.

Just a year ago, the New York Post reported that the wildest summer shindigs in The Hamptons were thrown by Leder.

The paper compared Leder’s $500,000-a-month rental in Bridgehampton to Hugh Heffner‘s Playboy mansion, complete with folks sexing it up by the pool in full view of Gatsby-esque guests.

Apparently, Leder told the Post he went nuts after his wife left him.

According to Mother Jones, however, there was no sex act observed at Leder’s fundraiser for Romney in May.

Unless you consider having to pay $50,000 for access to the party to be one!

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  1. A 1911 SHOOTER says

    Jose,after careful review of the pose of many of your articles, you seem to do quite a bit of GOP bashing. I hope to God you are not some left wing, commie, liberal.

    • Jose Lambiet says

      No, no, shooter, you’re drawing the wrong conclusions. I fled a socialist country. So I don’t necessarily swing that way. However, I like my conservatives to be sharp, smart, intellectually sound, an independent thinker and fair. Don’t know anyone in the GOP who fits that bill.

    • TIDE ferrari racing,palm beach. says

      Jose,keep up the terrific reporting. Bash these sob’s when required ! Take a peek at the South Florida Water MISS mangement group again please. TIDE.

    • LKW says

      If the GOP stayed out of orgies and stopped running their big mouths they wouldn’t be in the news. Don’t get mad at Jose for reporting it!

  2. Toni says

    Sounds like a strange association for a true-believer Morman to have, but I guess money trumps beliefs every time. The same way Romney will sell Social Security and Medicare to the financial services and insurance corporations once in office – anything for another buck! The rich all have one thing in common they never have enough.

  3. Toni says

    One more comment – Since the only tax return Romney provided showed he paid only a 13% tax return and he refuses to release the remaining 10 years of returns we can assume that he is most likely part of the 47% he’s talking about in the video – someone who pays no tax.

  4. BT Blue says

    Jose, well said, and I would love to add to your response… but sometimes less is more….

    What I would LOVE to see is photos posted of the cougar, Lisa Leder – hopefully as she tans by the pool, and even better… in action in an orgy.. or did those happen after the divorce ?

    • Jose Lambiet says

      Yes, it was after the divorce. Friend of mine who knows them said the wife felt neglected because he works all the time. So she took a lover. Marc admitted to going wild and crazy bachelor after the split. He’s described, by the way, as a nice, philanthropic guy!