LaPonzina: New Hospital Gig Was Bait and Switch!

Recently departed WPTV-Channel 5 hottie Lauren LaPonzina wants everybody to know: She did not get fired from her brand spanking new gig at the Wellington Regional Medical Center!

Lauren LaPonzina

Lauren LaPonzina: “I got the classic bait-and-switch! (Special to Gossip Extra)

It’s just, she says, that she got the old bait’n’switch from the center’s bosses.

They lured her away from the anchor desk at the area’s most successful television station for a cushy 9-to-5 job to create positive buzz about the hospital.

Then piled on a second role at no extra pay weeks after she started!

“I resigned,” LaPonzina told Gossip Extra today. “I wrote them a brief resignation letter.

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“They created a position of public relations director for me,” LaPonzina said. “Things were going well for the first few weeks then the marketing director resigned. And all of the sudden, they wanted me to take over the marketing department as well.

“That’s two full time jobs. I quit television to scale back, not to end up doing two full-time jobs.”

In essence, LaPonzina said, the newest proposal from the medical center wasn’t one that could be negotiated.

“I still don’t regret leaving television,” LaPonzina said. “It was more for a lifestyle change. I’d like to start a family.”

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  1. John says

    She is an organizational disease. Scorched earth tactics, inability to treat people with respect, and ego led to this demise.

  2. John P says

    I’m confused why a hospital needs marketing. When you are bleeding or dying, do you first Google before seeking treatment?

  3. bella says

    Lauren was the best anchor at Channel 5 and she got a better offer elsewhere…..duh. The hospital hired her for one job, then gave her two, so she resigned…..duh. Sounds like the hospital Boss messed this one up Big Time. Dumb decision for sure. Lauren will land at a better/smarter organization in no time flat.

  4. TIDE ferrari racing,palm beach,rebecca cummings says

    She will now be president of the 501 [c] [3] Palm Beach charity “Help Stamp out Terminal Yeast infection in Prince Harry & the Royal’s / no not the ROCK band!” Save the MIAMI Marine Stadium.

  5. Ha! says

    Back at the news desk she had really bad chemistry with Keli Fulton… You could cut the tension with a knife! She was giving Keli the stink eye since day one and Keli was trying too hard to get Lauren to like her… When Lauren didn’t get her way (she felt she worked for years for that position and Keli just walked right in)… I don’t know what this girl was thinking… You work two and sometimes three positions and make it work because you’re happy to be gainfully employed… That’s just the way corporate America works! She has a big princess complex… She’s beautiful but lacks personality and charisma… Bah!

    • Too much botox says

      Lauren always looked like she had a botox overload. Her face never moved when she was talking! No expression, no eyebrows lifting…nothing! Glad she left.

  6. just saying says

    They created a position for her and then added marketing – makes sense to me as PR and marketing go hand in hand. Sounds like she is too big for her britches and her ego drove the decision. She was useless on tv – as a traffic reporter then the “live news’ reporter. No personality on air.

    Now she has her own pr consulting firm and her first task – bash the hospital that created a position for her. Not exactly a graceful exit or professional. I wouldn’t hire her to advise me on PR – after her behavior and reaction to being fired.