Dan Marino Among Digital Domain’s Biggest Losers!

Dan Marino

Stung by the Digital Domain bankruptcy: Dan Marino!

Football great Dan Marino, now an analyst with CBS’ The NFL Today, has emerged as one of the biggest losers in the Digital Domain bankruptcy, Gossip Extra has learned.

The retired Miami Dolphins QB bought a total 1,576,525 shares in the movie special effects company, which sought bankruptcy court protection today after shutting down its Port St. Lucie animation studio.

At one point, his investment was worth more than $14 million.

Now? 850K, plus peanuts!

“I know Dan invested in Digital Domain but that’s all I know,” said Marino spokesman Ralph Stringer.

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The losses to Marino are unclear because the federal bankruptcy court papers filed by Digital Domain this morning do not mention when Marino became a shareholder and how much he paid for the stock.

But this much is sure: When the company produced the now famous Tupac Shakur hologram on a California concert stage in April, the stock shot up to $9.2 per share.

At that point, Marino’s stock was worth $14.5 million.

Today, it’s hovering around the 55-cent per share mark: Fort Lauderdale resident Marino could barely squeeze $867,088 out of his stock — if he were to find someone to buy it!

By the way, taxpayers in Florida feel what it’s like to be Marino today: Digital Domain also received tens of millions from the state as well as Port St. Lucie and West Palm Beach!

West Palm Beach native John Textor, who painted images of Tinseltown magic to elected officials, suddenly resigned at Digital Domain CEO Friday.

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  1. A 1911 SHOOTER says

    Regardless of the cost-basis of which d-bag Marino got his shares for, once BK is declared, which it now has, the investor gets “nothing” . Once that is settled a few years from now, the large institutional investors will get first crack at any proceeds. As this company has no assets , no body gets nothing.

    • A 1911 SHOOTER says

      I thought some homeboy pulled a gat and smoked you homie..glad to see you are still on the internet.

  2. Mark says

    Hes not a big tipper so he got what he deserved. Shame on you for being cheap to a server after being so successful