VIDEO: Housewives of Miami Matriarch Collapses!

Marysol (left) and Elsa Patton

Marysol (left) and Elsa Patton, moments before the later collapsed at The Real Housewives of Miami launch party in Miami Beach. Elsa’ holding a pound of her own Cuban coffee (Click on the Mike Jachles photo for all the pictures)

The 78-year-old mother of The Real Housewives of Miami star Marysol Patton passed out during the show’s Season 2 launch party minutes ago in Miami Beach and was rushed to a hospital.

Elsa Patton, who makes frequent and remarked appearances on the Bravo program, was near the bar at the fancy restaurant The Forge.

Click here for Mike Jachles’ photos of the party

She collapsed suddenly, loudly breaking glasses and bottles in the process. And as you can see on the video below, cast member Lea Black shows little concern as the music continues blaring:

Paparazzi and Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez, a former fire chief, were the first to attend to the elderly Patton.

Daughter Marysol didn’t see the incident but someone ran up to her to tell her “Come quick, your mother is sick,” according to Gossip Extra insider Kim Kole.

An ambulance arrived five minutes later.

“She faints all the time,” said Marysol Patton. “She’ll be fine.”

Elsa Patton was expected to be released overnight.


Unclear at this point, but both mother and daughter were arrested for DUI in 2011.

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  1. YQue says

    Good God! Has there ever been a more hideously Ugly Mother/Daughter combo in History?

    Why does this Country insist on making such grasping Losers persons of interest?

    I have been fearing for this Nation for some time now, but this about cinches the deal!

  2. martel says

    Everyone in this town knows the mother & daughter are addicted to booze & pills. XANAX & VICODIN. Disgusting is what was over heard by the producers who was by her side the entire evening like she was some sort of Queen. Overheard on the red carpet when a photographer asked Mama Elsa to have a photo taken with Famed Drag Queen Elaine Lancaster who has a prominent role on the show, “I don’t want to have my picture taken with that FAG.” How Horrific of a person that would be highlighted on a show on the BRAVO network. Not Acceptable.

  3. LKW says

    I can understand the old hag falling out! It was hot as hell in that joint! Did Shareef not pay the electric bill or what? People’s faces were melting all over the damn place! Including MINE!!

  4. Where's a Burka when you need one? says

    Elsa is one of the rudest and weirdest looking women I have ever seen. Don’t know what the attraction is on having her on the show. She looks like she’s been injected by that person who was using Fix A Flat in her butt!! Hmmmm…maybe that is her butt!!

  5. Jessie1000 says

    that face is an arse lift gone wrong. Not only would i shoot the plastic surgeon, I would permanently attach a bag to her head….. I have never seen anything so bad in my life.