Revenge: How PBSO Boss And Nude Lady Pix Pop up

PBSO Major Robert Van Reeth and friends

PBSO Major Robert Van Reeth, head of Internal Affairs, on the left with his son, who was then 17, his nephew Joe Van Reeth and Lou Penque, both West Palm Beach Police officers (

Gino DiFonzo believes he was harassed by Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office deputies over the weekend.

He struck back in a most unusual way.

Gino Difonzo

Gino DiFonzo booking photo after a battery arrest in 2010. The charge wasn’t prosecurted (PBSO)

DiFonzo, 41, a former bartender at Lake Worth’s Sherbrooke Golf & Country Club, remembered he took photos of a member of Sheriff Ric Bradshaw‘s inner circle in a compromising position.

So he brought the shots to the owner of a West Palm Beach website critical to Bradshaw — and the photos (including the one above) have gone viral in the area.

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The snapshots of Major Robert VanReeth (above), commander of Internal Affairs, with a very naked young woman during a 2005 invitation-only golf tournament surfaced Thursday on

By the way: Next to VanReeth is his son, then a high school senior, Joe VanReeth, the major’s nephew, and Lou Penque. Joe VanReeth and Penque are currently West Palm Beach Police officers and Penque is the treasure of the Police Benevolent Association.


Revenge, if you believe DiFonzo, is a dish best eaten slightly cold.

“Cops are pigs and these photos prove it,” DiFonzo told Gossip Extra today. “They are corrupt pieces of s… They do themselves what they would arrest someone else for.”

DiFonzo says he’s been involved in a neighborhood dispute in his Lake Worth neighborhood of Country Cove Estates. And over the weekend, he says, an elderly woman complained about his taking photos of her house and coming close to her in his car.

Deputies showed up at his house to investigate — and, DiFonzo says, thing got tense. Threats of arrest were made to DiFonzo. He didn’t appreciate it.

“They shouldn’t even have come to my house for this,” he says.


DiFonzo had previous brushes with PBSO.

He left Sherbrooke two years ago after a fist-fight with club member Bob Nichols, a former local TV news and weather man.

At the time, DiFonzo was arrested and charged with battery. The Palm Beach County State Attorney declined to prosecute after he pleaded not guilty.

“It’s unfortunate he’s doing this,” said PBSO Spokeswoman Teri Barbera. “But he’ll continue to be treated fairly and professionally. No matter what, we will be objective.”

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  1. says

    Just makes you so damn proud of major Van Reeth bonding with his son. Van Reeth is head of Internal Affairs! No wonder they don’t worry about investigations of wrongdoing.

  2. says

    Ed Mitchell, WPB City Administrator, recently wrote a letter to PBC Sheriff Bradshaw with a complaint that William McCray, (a deputy who has a lawsuit against the city stemming from his time as a West Palm Beach Police officer for discrimination) in support of a WPB firefighter wore his sheriff’s uniforn to court. I would say according to this picture McCray should have been punished for being overdressed. I bet the e-mails/faxes are flying between Mitchell and Bradshaw. My sincerest sympathy to the new Police Chief.

  3. Siren says

    This is hilarious. It’s obvious how cops earned nickname “pig”. Looks like they did not have to reach into bags to grab their wood.

  4. says

    This should be no surprise , Van Reeth is a pig , and built like one as well . You can bet if this were any road guy patrol officer Van Reeth would be signing the termination papers . I hope Sheriff Bradshaw is ‘proud” of his held to higher standards staff ” Then again we are talking about a elected sheriff who likes to “hide” thing from the public anyway. That photo has gone on the net and nation wide , really makes our sheriff’s office , and palm beach county look good doesn’t it ?Keep giving rank as political favors , this is what you get , no common sense and poor judgement .Lets see how Bradshaw down plays this one .

  5. Toni says

    That photo is just the tip of the iceberg. If you go to: and scroll down a bit on the topic you will find a slide show of a whole set of photos with the unclothed lady and an assortment of golfers. To say these officers of the law have no common sense would be an understatement.

    • Priest Vallon says

      If you do a little “investigative journalism” yourself, you will quickly discover enough evidence to support the notion that this photograph from the past is an accurate representation of the present. You might even “blow the lid” off the fact that this is a “hard hitting” Gossip column, run by one man, who manages to crank out some pretty respectable material given his limited resources, and does not purport to be a substitute for the New York Times or Newsweek . . . or maybe flippant sarcasm is all you are capable of . . .

  6. Priest Vallon says

    Yeah, people usually release photos after sitting on them for almost 7 years because the perpetual fair, professional, and objective treatment they’ve been receiving just got to be too much . . . really Teri, does the term ‘Orwellian’ fall on deaf ears? Have you even entertained the notion of flirting with reality?

  7. says

    Who cares if it was 7 yrs. ago , or 7 minutes ago , a pig is a pig , and he WAS A cop , a high ranking one ? I noticed on leoaffairs .com the bashing of pbso talk site’s owner. How childish , it is soooo obvious this is Van Reeth’s people , or even him posting , trying to cause diversion from himself and his stupid actions . Van Reeth is a fat pig , as most are in administration at PBSO , I can just picture them running into each other in the hallway all doing damage control ! Like some movie about the roman empire , you have the aging babbling leader Bradshaw surrounded by his overweight administrators all taking what they can get before the empire crumbles . Greedy old fat men being lead around by a old fart who is a pillar in his own mind , if it were not for all the wasted tax money , it would be funny .

  8. Mad Max says

    Wow! Great stuff. Guys out having some fun and this is news. Jose, I know…you’ve said in previous posts that you have more than 300 million reasons why to keep an eye on PBSO but really, this isn’t one of the 300 million reasons.

    • Jose Lambiet says

      I respectfully disagree, Max. Here’s why I thought it was news: a citizen retaliated against deputies doing their jobs by making that photo available. That’s news.
      Also, whether a member of PBSO is off duty or on duty, he/she represents PBSO. The major’s job is to decide who should be charged with conduct unbecoming. This picture shows clearly he’s not the one who should make that decsion.
      I covered the NYPD for six years for the New York Daily News. This story would’ve been on Page One and the major would have faced discipline. Of course, Rudy Giuliani was serious about cops’ status in society.

      • Priest Vallon says

        Good for you Jose’, for extending respect to what is clearly a willfully ignorant, biased, belligerent post, unworthy of any. Clearly you are a much bigger man than the hypocrite pigs you expose. How any semi-conscious being could reduce this scenario to “Guys out having some fun” is beyond me; the criminal that brought her was trespassing + felonies, the girl was trespassing + felonies, the cops were supporting and promoting it with forethought and MALICE, and their code of conduct/ethics violations are clearly on display!

        I have the following questions for anyone critical of this expose':

        If this were your property, and therefore, anything that occurred on it was your legal and ethical responsibility, i.e. you were LIABLE, would you be so flippant?

        The girl in the photos was not born in a vacuum; she has a mother, she has a father, and maybe even brothers and sisters that love her, among others. How would you feel, if this were your daughter, sister, or even girlfriend being reduced to merely an object made available for the enjoyment of drunken thugs, with no avenue for legitimate objection?

        What exactly does the psychological profile look like of a grown man with a wife and family who considers the act of physically dominating and groping a foreign, naked, helpless female body pleasurable?

        Tell me, in a society where cops love to reduce people to ‘good and bad guys’, can you honestly say these are among the ‘good’ ones? That these things are qualified to carry GUNS, to wield the power of life and death over others as if it were a CRUEL JOKE, to SERVE and PROTECT in ANY CAPACITY WHATSOEVER?

        I pity any pathetic collection of appetites that endorses this behavior; these are not men, these are not even boys, they are reptilian moral pygmies.

        Good for you Jose’ – you are truly a man among mice.

  9. Feeble Minds says

    800.03 Exposure of sexual organs. —
    It is unlawful to expose or exhibit one’s sexual organs in public or on the private premises of another, or so near thereto as to be seen from such private premises, in a vulgar or indecent manner, or to be naked in public except in any place provided or set apart for that purpose. Violation of this section is a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.

  10. says

    We can just thank our lucky stars it was not Van Reeth exposing his body parts , the huge tumor gut would have caused nightmares and flashbacks to thousands !