Welly Bizman Glenn Straub Charged With Battery!

Claire Newman and Glenn Straub

Claire Newman (left) and Wellington developer Glenn Straub, who accused of assaulting her

Glenn Straub, one of the largest land owners in Wellington and the controversial owner of the new Polo West night polo stadium, is scheduled to be arraigned Sept, 18 in connection with an alleged assault on the daughter of a rival polo club official.

It’s a stunning development in a case that reportedly could have been dismissed outright.

Straub and one of his lawyers told Gossip Extra after the April incident it was so minor that no formal charge was expected.

But a misdemeanor battery was filed after a prosecutor at the Palm Beach County State Attorney opted to pursue the case originally brought to them by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

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Straub, the owner of the new Heart of Palm Beach hotel in Palm Beach, said he didn’t know about his date with the judge and said his lawyers are “taking care of it.”

Said Craig Galle, Straub’s attorney: “It’s unusual that five months after the fact there’d an information filed. The alleged victim was trespassing and repeatedly asked to leave the private property and she and her friends were throwing beer cans and disturbing the guests. Sometimes, people take pot-shots at successful businessmen like Mr. Straub. The matter will be defended to the fullest extend permitted by the law.”

Back in April, Straub is alleged to have grabbed a young woman by the throat on the sidelines of a polo field at Polo West, a medium-goal, night-polo facility with fields the size of two hockey rinks.

Claire Newman, who Straub allegedly tussled with, happens to be the daughter of rival International Polo Club Palm Beach director Jimmy Newman.

Straub apparently took umbrage to Claire Newman and several friends drinking beer out of cans and being loud.

“We want to keep the family atmosphere on Friday nights,” Straub said at the time. “I didn’t f…… grab her. But I can’t have young people swearing and carrying on. They obviously didn’t buy the beer from the restaurant on the property and get their age checked.

“We can’t have people get drunk here and get into a car crash,” he said in clear reference to the DUI manslaughter conviction of International Polo owner John Goodman.

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  1. Neil says

    I was there that night, and i saw no beer cans being thrown. In fact the comotion didnt start untill after he grabbed her. The girl and her friends were just sitting on a truck talking amonst themselves after the game had just finished when straub confronted them. He spoke to them for a minute then walked away, then came back shortly after enraged about something. Thats when he climbed onto the truck and got in her face, only after that did her friends start yelling and carrying on. And for the record, none of the girls appeared to be drunk.

  2. Neil says

    Oh and how could she be trespassing? The friday night polo games are open to the public, and if I recall correctly she was running the clock for one of the games. (I can’t remember if it was the womens game or the mens) She left right after the comotion started, while Straub was chasing her out. In my opinion she did nothing wrong.