Digital Domain Boss, Family “in Fear” of Cyberstalkers!

John Textor and wife Debbie

John Textor with wife Debbie (Special to Gossip Extra)

John Textor, who brought Hollywood dreams to West Palm Beach and Port St. Lucie with his movie special effects company Digital Domain, claims he is being harrassed by well-informed cyberstalkers!

Textor and his wife Debbie are asking a Martin County court to force Yahoo to take down nasty posts about Textor’s financial dealings, according to court papers obtained exclusively by Gossip Extra.

Ironically, the posts that Textor claims are out-of-line and causing “extreme emotional distress” compare him to Palm Beach swindler Bernie Madoff and hinted in early August of a future financial collapse.

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In related news, Textor’s Digital Domain today announced it’s defaulting on a $35 million-loan, hinting at bankruptcy!

Digital Domain has been promised $135 million in incentives by the state, and the cities of Port St. Lucie and West Palm Beach. The company has used some of the money to build an animation studio in Port St. Lucie, and a film school in partnership with Florida State University downtown West Palm Beach.

Textor, meanwhile, tried to have his complaint against cyberstalkers John Doe No 1 and No. 2 shielded from the public. His motion was denied by the judge in Stuart.

John Doe No. 1 posts under the name investedjp and No. 2,  flypapernhoney. Both, according to the paperwork, have been writing  statements that Textor described as “increasingly desperate and hostile” on a Yahoo Finance message board.

In one comment, investedjp — who claims to be a Palm Beach investor — threatens to link to negative Securities and Exchange Commission filings about Digital Domain.

In early August, another posting warned Textor that he could end up in a federal prison cell with Madoff.

Some have mentioned his children, and one his comely wife Debbie.

Textor’s legal papers shows his lawyers have demanded that Yahoo take down the posts but the Internet company has refused.

“Petitioners genuinely fear violence,” Textor’s filing reads.

Neither Textor nor his lawyers have commented on the alleged cyberstalking.

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  1. says

    God Bless freedom of speech. Textor claiming post are causing his family “extreme emotional distress.” Let me tell you my opinion of “extreme emotional distress”. it’s people who no longer receive a paycheck to pay a mortage, put food on the table,buy the necessities. “extreme emotional distress” is the husband and wife and their two children closing up shop in New Hampshire, and driving 2 day’s to get to a new job at Digital Domain to receive a phone call at the exit to PSL telling them there was no job. Textor has failed at almost everything he has attempted. This should be investigated and elected officials need to explain why they did not investigate DD. The post writes negotiations went on behind closed doors for a couple of years. Why behind closed doors? In today’s world of computers all one has to do is google DD ot Textor to understand his business dealings. Someone needs to go to jail. maybe we can clean up a few more commissioners.