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IRS to Fox News’ Dick Morris: Congrats, You’re All Paid up!


IRS to Fox News’ Dick Morris: Congrats, You’re All Paid up!

Fox News talking head Dick Morris

The IRS just released its $1.8 million-tax lien on Fox News talking head Dick Morris’ Lake Worth house

Fox News analyst Dick Morris finally settled his huge federal tax bill, Gossip Extra has learned.

The Lake Worth political consultant, who spends most of his time criticizing President Barack Obama on The O’Reilly Factor and Hannity, watched Uncle Sam remove the tax lien first placed on Morris’ Valencia Shores house since 2005!

The move means that the 63-year-old Morris, who’s also a successful author and blogger, paid the $1.86 million he owed for income tax he failed to pay as far back at 1996! The lien release was filed by the government July 19.

Click here to read Morris’ tax lien release

A former friend, advisor and campaign consultant to ex-President Bill Clinton, Morris became one of Bill and Hillary Clinton‘s most vocal critics. He resigned from Bill Clinton’s second-term campaign after his affair with a Washington hooker came to light. 

He was accused of trying to impress her by allowing her to listen in on phone conversations with Clinton.

Morris moved to his $300,000-home in Lake Worth in 2004, according to records.

At one point, Morris was behind his tax payments to two states and the feds by a total $3 milllion.

He didnt reply to requests for an interview.

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