Widow, British Singer: We Want Davy Jones’ Money!

Davy Jones with wife Jessica Pacheco

Davy Jones with wife Jessica Pacheco, who’s half his age

Jessica Pacheco, the mysterious much younger woman who married Monkees singer Davy Jones less than three years before he died, has filed court papers showing that she wants a share of his estate — despite her absence from his will!

Click here to view the latest filings in Davy Jones’ probate case

A Miami flamenco dancer and actress who met Jones when both starred in a play, Pacheco claims in the paperwork filed in Martin County, where Jones died of a heart attack in February, that she is entitled to her share.

And so did aging British singer/songwriter Chris Andrews, who filed four claims against his friend Jones’ estate. Andrews, a heartthrob crooner in Europe in the 1960s, wants royalties for Jones’ Amore and Written in My Heart, which he co-wrote.

Meanwhile, Pacheco’s lawyer wrote in the petition that Jones’ will dates from 2004. And while Jones didn’t provide for Pacheco in a fresher will, Coral Gables probate specialist Brian Felcoski noted that the will doesn’t contain anything that signified he intentionally kept the woman out. Felcoski represents Pacheco.

Because some records were sealed, it is difficult to estimate what Jones was worth when he died at age 66 in Indiantown. That’s where the singer of Daydream Believer kept his 14 horses.

But what is clear, however, is that an increasing number of people are filing for their piece of the pie. He had four grown daughters.

Martin Memorial Medical Center claims their pronouncing Jones dead cost $6,562. Two banks claim he owed them a total $50,000 when he died.

And Pacheco asked for about $7,500 in reimbursements for expenses she incurred for Jones’ private funerals in Florida and in his native England.

She recently wrote on her Facebook page that she scattered Jones’ ashes into the Atlantic.

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  1. DAVYFAN says

    I HATE THIS WOMAN. Thank you ****so***** much for the update Jose, keep up the great work!

  2. DayDream Believer says

    Good for Talia I’m so happy for her and the rest of Davy’s family. This witch of a widow of his doesn’t deserve a damn thing!!

    Thank you Jose for the update.

  3. sarasue says

    Thanks for the info. I feel so bad for his family. To lose their father so sudden;y and then to have to go through this is just terrible. How ca a so called friend do this to the girls. Davy worked so hard for them and then to have this happen to then is just terrible. I will keep them in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. DavysGirl2006 says

    I never liked her. I have felt from the very start when I heard of her abuse she put on him. She beat him.She has alot of nerve. She wants her late husband to pay her bacl for funeral costs. What a greedy selfish self centered money grubbing bitch she is. She was going to divorce him before he died. Shortly after she backed out of the divorce he passed. I think there is foul play in there.And that guy that claims he wrote a song with Davy wanting some of his money is bullshit.Davy took him in out of the goodness of his heart and this is how he pays his gratitude by going after his money. I bet he had an affair with Davys wife.

    I think all of Davys affairs should rightfully go to his kids.

    • Frances Vandeburgt says

      I fully agree with everything you say. It is unfortunate that crooner Chris Andrews has to be in the mix of people wanting money from estate.

      • Keeping it real says

        Chris Andrews is not “Yesterday Man” Singer, He is Davy’s long time friend from Oliver. He was the frontman of 60’s freakbeat band Les Fleur De Lys. He has to put in his claim for his songwriting royalties, no choice. Please don’t forget he has lost his dear friend!

    • Frances Vandeburgt says

      All the things said about JP is not good. According to S. Landgon, she filed because he filed the month before and when she found out he wouldn’t give her a dime, she backed out of it and seeing that he was having heart attacks (heartburn). There are a lot more public records on that somewhere.

    • JayneDough says

      It’s funny that in her signature “Jessica Pacheco” is always so easy to read yet no one could tell the “Jones” part unless they read it printed underneath. A handwriting expert would enjoy it. It seemed unimportant to her.

  5. Paula A says

    I am not the Paula above. I think there are two of us. I am just happy that Davy’s daughters were mentioned in the will and that this young wife of Davy’s was not. She was planning on divorcing him just before he died. I am hoping things will be settle fast so that Basil and the horses and Davy’s darling daughters can rest.

  6. Tess says

    To “THE PAULA”,
    I’m sorry. PLEASE come back to our group. Jose and the media are FINALLY writng the truth we knew all along. We need and miss you <3.

  7. Tess says

    Jose, you are beginning to regain our trust. It appears however you left out the FACT that pee filed for divorce from our beloved Davy. You have known that for months! Why didn’t you include that in this article??? As a journalist I’m sure you also know that perjury has legal consequences. Why haven’t you pursued that aspect? It’s my understanding that pee swore her residence upon that fateful day was the county of the condo in Hollywood. It is clear that this condo was inhabitable due to renovations and that the fat assed bitch was living in the Miami area with her Cuban Mafia parents and bro. Good start Jose, but please start researching the info fed to you on your Mystery site and emails. Example: Davy tried for decades to become a US citizen and lost the battle when he did not appear to be fingerprinted. This happened during his relationship with pee. Did she hide the notice to appear from him so she and bro could charge him for a greencard like they did one of her prior ex’s? Jose, you have been sent info via your sites that could incarcerate this bitch. Please, follow through. Millions of fans are relying on you!

    • Frances Vandeburgt says

      I had no idea that his young widow was married before. I had been looking for that but can’t find anything. I read that there is supposedly 5 million in the estate but with all of this debts. I guess nothing can be done before the estate is settled. I wonder how long they can hang on before the law decides to go after somebody in the Jones camp for money owed.

    • Frances Vandeburgt says

      If there was any offer to Davy for getting a green card no one knows. JP and her bro getting a green card via marriage to JP and cash (and some say that marriage is still legal) was part of the events leading to her meeting and marrying Davy.

  8. Tess says

    BTW, please replace the photo! Davy looks so sad while pee is showing her ugly fake smile. Can you just repost with a respectful pic of Davy?

  9. DavidJFan says

    Thanks for keeping us in the loop. From what I read/think is Chris Andrews is David’s friend since Oliver days as I believe that who Chris is, the Artful Dodger after David, and also the one who David co-wrote his Broadway style play with, which David was proud of and we probably now will never see his final work become a play. Seriously, if Chris co-wrote something and there’s royalties, why must he have to file to get his share of the royalties? Shame on Jessica, but then David was a big boy and he chose to stay with her. I’m afraid David didn’t value himself as much as many of us did. I think David got too accepting of others cutting him down or mistreating him. I saw a hateful writing on Davy Jones facebook not long ago where his own page supported. Shocking to become aware that many people close to David are not of good character.

    • Keeping it real says

      Chris Andrews is Davy’s friend from the Oliver Days. Chris is entitled to his songwriting royalties. Nothing sinister going on. Chris is devastated at the loss of his dear friend.

  10. guest says

    i think maybe davy asked for a divorce and went back to pa. that probably threw her for a loop. take it from there.

  11. Just me says

    I am confused…..I knew JP filed for divorce 6 months prior to David’s death and got back together but were they going for the divorce again when he died? Thank you for clarifying in advance.

    • Frances Vandeburgt says

      I think that there was a rumour about his wife filing for divorce two months before he passed away. That could be why he went to his pennsylvania ranch. When they got back together after she withdrew the papers in October, the yelling and bickering continued for sure.

  12. DAVYFAN says

    Hi Just Me,

    So if you read through the court documents (Jose provided a link to them), Talia “took over” the FL condo as executor of the Estate. And she did so because it was under construction and no one was living there at the time of her father’s death.

    Under FL law, the surviving spouse is entitled to any residence in the state of FL even if it’s not in their name. Paychecko is claiming she DID live there at the time of Davy’s death so she can get that house.

    Sounds like they were not living together in Feb. No official paperwork but separated. She now lives with her parents so I would imagine that is where she was living. Davy? Who knows.

    • Just me says

      Thank you Davyfan! Yes, I read those things. You hear…. read so much, it does get confusing. Poor David! I wish he had a better woman in his life when he died. One that truly cared for him for who he WAS.

  13. guest says

    talia got the condo because it was a protected homestead. jp cant touch pa home cause was out of state. is what i understand. the home in indiantown 55+. davy had bought for basil and later had to move into a home. hope basils name was on that house.

    • Davidsfriend says

      As his legal wife, even though she had asked for a divorce (she claims they were reconciling, but he was living in Indiantown and she in Ft. Lauderdale at the time of his death), she is only entitled to half of what he earned during their 2 year marriage.
      The fact that all probate records were sealed is very telling…David was broke, or nearly at the time of his death. The fact that his daughters had to set up a foundation to provide for his horses is also pointing at there was no money to care for them.
      Reading accounts online I repeatedly find where it states he owned the ranch where he died. This is not true. He owned a mobile home in Indianwood, but he boarded his horses at another trainers farm.
      David made a huge mistake by not setting up trusts for his daughters and horses and by not having a prenup drawn up when he married Jessica.
      The Monkees tour the year before ended prematurely…because of Jessica, so he didn’t even make a lot from that.
      I see this turning into an ugly court battle over a lot of nothing. Jessica wanted the horses sold, but fortunately the girls got them out of Florida fast and are caring for them. David would not have wanted them to be sold off.
      Once all his debts are paid, and the claims against his estate keep rolling in, there won’t be much to divvy up between his family.

  14. Frances Vandeburgt says

    I wonder somebody doesn’t get to the bottom of those divorce stories, She filed for divorce over the summer and withdrew it later or those stories that say she filed for divorce two months before he passed away.

  15. Frances Vandeburgt says

    I don’t think the courts will iisten to the demand for money for funeral costs. The estate whatever is left of it will be divided accordingly. Why does Chris Andrews sue now for songs that “co-wrote” in the 1960’s?

    • Keeping it real says

      Chris Andrews is not asking for royalties for songs written in the 60’s (Incorrect info ) or sueing for anything!, he is entitled to his royalties.
      Davy and Chris worked together prior to his death on the last album, and they were writing a musical.

  16. MaryAnn says

    She does not deserve a thing. She married him for his money I am glad his daughters are the ones who are keeping things in order for him. That gold digger needs to keep her hands off of things he had before they even met and that trip to Dr Phil? trying to embrass him on national TV, Those of us who were there from the begining in 1966 love him for who he was not how much toothpaste he used or leaving a spoon on the counter we would not have cared too bad she does not appreciate him the way we did. RIP Davy we still love you.

  17. i'm a believer says

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe Chris Andrews wrote a few songs for Davy including one or more from his latest CD, Amore. I heard he wrote the song, “Amore.” I too was taken aback at first by his court filing but then realized that he might have to sue. If Paychecko is attempting to take everything, he has to step in or she will take his share too. He may have had “handshake” deals with Davy, but Davy’s gone and Paychecko is looking for a payday. She didn’t care for Davy, abused him, and that should give one an indication of how she feels about his friends and family. He probably didn’t want to have to do this, but he has more than likely been left no choice.

  18. bewilderedfan says

    What could David Jones put in his will that’s so damaging that his daughters had it sealed? Been tossing that around along with other mysteries about his death since the beginning. Sometimes I wonder if anyone close to David really cared for him. It don’t seem he got real love and support from anyone except his siblings and Basil. I kinda get the feeling there was problems with his daughters too and that’s why they closed the will and why they were not at their dads wedding. Sounds like his girls had a bunch of conditions on their dad and if David didn’t do as they wanted they would not support him. Yes, I understand they didn’t like his wife, but what if David didn’t like the men his girls married and didn’t show up at their weddings. I’m sure they wouldn’t had liked that. I;m sure David loved his daughters and his wife but he must have felt so manipulated and bossed around, and to me David always seemed like a free spirit. This thing gets more smelly all the time. Keep snooping Jose!

  19. Mayah says

    I pray that Talia can keep Jessica and her family entourage at bay. I have been a witness to the abuse, both physical and mental. I CAN say that I don’t and never will like her. She married him for one reason only. She thought he was the boost to her carrer . She screamed at him like he was a dog. The first time he brought her to Epcot, his daughters cried because of her and her family entourage. I call them that, because that is just what they were! A loud bunch who took every opportunity to tell his fans that “DAVY” had invited them!!! How could he not? SHE MADE HIM! I need to stop this post because I get so angry. But my mind will always wonder in agony what really happened that Feb day, why did he have to die alone? It breaks my heart to think that he died alone! Where were YOU Jessica P? Where were you? Oh yeah, you had left him again because you couldn’t dance on stage… How could I forget
    Hope I did not offend anyone. RIP my friend.

    • Frances Vandeburgt says

      He certainly died without JP there. According to his BIL his sister was one hour away. That was a selfish move to file for divorce just because he asked her not to dance on stage. The hearbreak is that he really wasn’t happy in that marriage even if many other stories say they were. I pray that his family can keep JP and her family at bay but they only seem to get louder and louder with screaming headlines “We want British singer’s money”,

  20. kika says

    While he might have died alone – which is so sad and so hurtful – he had just come from seeing his horses. We know how much he loved them, and we know how much they loved him. I wish the whole sad, crappy thing could be re-done, and right this time, but I do take some comfort from the fact that he had just seen his 4-legged family. I am so sorry you lost your friend.

    • Mayah says

      You are so right Kika, and I find comfort in that he was with his horses. That’s the place he went whenever he needed to breathe….. Thank you Kika.

  21. Cami1968 says

    I hope the gold digging Jessica “PAYCHECKO” gets what she deserves — NOTHING. Of all of the women in the world that Davy Jones could have chosen, he selected this talentless opportunist??! Rest in Peace — Love You!

  22. Barbara says

    David & I have a very special secret bond together that only we knew,until the day that his lawyer called me then our secret was known by three & that is ok with me. When Davids lawyer called me on the phone he said David wants to know what your intentions are and I am recording our conversation I said that’s fine so what do I say his lawyer said say what’s in your heart so I did. ” I Barbara haved Loved You David all of my life&my life isn’t over yet,when you told me to reach out to you I did&I am,I’ll Love You Forever David Your In My Heart&deep within my sole. I don’t want your money,all I want is your Love David”. His lawyer said he’d get back with me in a few days. Phone rings hello,hi Barbara our conversation is being recorded and you are on speaker ok I said (do you Barbara believe in love at first sight Yes I Do,do you David believe in love at first sight Yes I Do) by Beavertown,Pa law this is binding even before the 2 of you live together,there will be no divorce between the two of you this day of October 2007

  23. Guest says

    What in the hell are you talking about??? (Barbara) Could you please tell us the story again about you and DJ and please let it make sense this time.

    • bewilderedfan says

      “You got to be joking!” You really want to hear from “Barbara” again and believe it will make any more sense or have any truth to it?? Really?!!!!
      Davy chose to marry his wife after many fights and knowing how she is, after breaking up and getting back together, yet he still married her! Davy was self destructive and made bad choices. Can’t blame it all on his wife. Davy should not had married her. Davy knew her, it’s not like she changed after marriage. They had big problems long before he proposed to her. His doctors really s*** bad. Yeah, I’m furious with them. I’m sure they’d had ran every test imaginable if Davy had instead been Paul McCartney!

  24. Saywhatnow? says

    You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension – a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind. You’re moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. You’ve just crossed over into the Twilight Zone

  25. Mayah says

    Look how unhappy he is in that picture. Her face, her pose, her fake smile, in all the pictures with him…. And he just looks miserable, almost humiliated. My opinion…. Thank you Jose, for putting this out there. We need more people like you!

  26. DAVYFAN says

    aw look some fruity loop named barbara pretending to be married to Davy. Do not drag his name through the mud you crazy twat.

  27. flaming_mo says


    Thank you so much for keeping Davy’s fans updated about all of the unfortunate legal proceedings and revelations that have cropped up since his death.Needless to say, it was difficult to see Davy in such an obviously unhealthy and dysfunctional relationship, especially at a stage in his life when he should have been able to enjoy the fruits of his hard work; including loving companionship and making more happy memories with his family. But it has been even more heartbreaking to discover just how sad and lonely the last couple of years of his life actually were. As someone who gave so many people (most of them strangers) joy, Davy deserved much better than he received.

    I hope that Davy’s spirit has found peace. But I also hope that the people who have done right by him are rewarded, while those who used and abused him receive their just desserts. Which at the very least in this case, may be absolutely *nothing*.

  28. bewilderedfan says

    Jose, hopefully someday we will learn the full story. As much as I am horrified by Davy’s piss poor decisions, yes he chose to marry wife #3, I am the most horrified and angered by his or/and the hospital’s doctors. He has complained for many months about pains and been checked and released, not enough down to find out what’s wrong and basically they didn’t care enough for him (negligence) or they didn’t take his pains and complaints seriously (negligence). They were negligent and that cost Davy his life! I remember seeing somewhere that Davy was at the hospital the night before he died the next morning, yet obviously they found nothing and allowed him to go home! His wife was so wrapped up in her own needs and selfishness to care about her husbands’ condition. If Davy was my husband I would insist the doctors do more to know why he’s having pains and to cure that. A person close to Davy and knew about his history of pains would insist on better care for Davy. My mom said; “The squeaky wheel gets the grease.” Davy needed his loud mouth wife to go to bat for him, but it seems she was only concern about her selfish needs and wants. Maybe, I hope not, she thought about the fact she could get more from his death than through a divorce. How awful if she thought that and if so, didn’t do anything to help Davy.

  29. Beth B says

    As for drs; I can say FL has a reputation especially Central FL. However; I can definitely look at videos and confirm Davy had heart trouble for years if basing it on my own experience with my Mom. Go year to year on videos; self deprecating jokes/comments, I had said I wanted to see more of Davy’s shows when I skipped from 2001 to 2008 and saw him at the symphony concert in August 2008 weekend shows and noticed that year was the year of the manboob joke. March 2009 I noticed even more changes. Then I skipped til the FL Monkees concerts as I lost my own Mom to that very similar I bet you Massive heart attack which Davy had. Now I am doing that with getting hurt and gaining weight with a few signs I know try walking it off before and see if I can reverse damages done as when you get hurt your blood pressure can raise when previously perfect; you just have to try harder I guess but the disease is silent they say and for good reason. Signs get explained away and covered up too easily by everyone including the person can be in denial and argumentative. My Mom was sent home to die the same day from her own doctor who has been sued multiple times each for negligence leading to death and my family wouldn’t let me sue and we stopped talking. Nothing like almost yelling at your Mom then backing off and not thinking to call 911 from another State because everyone around her including her doctor treated her like a hypochondriac. If you are detailed oriented and miss the big picture next to someone like this you can be likely not to argue too when the arguing gets old. But nothing like having someone TELL you their doctor was more interested in a cute puppy than her and then is dead hours later out of the blue when fine supposedly the day before thinking they are coming down with something even mouthing off spiking and swinging blood pressure signs the doctor ignored as normal – but that’s because I had a week of not keeping in touch due to travel from her as usual too which may have lessened my pushy side – I’m just saying – you will always see things and have regrets even if you do everything right during someone’s heart attack you think you did wrong. But don’t tell a person to lay down as my family did because her dr refused her care or even order tests. This is why you have so many ambulance chasers there in that area of FL which could be similar to Palm Beach area too. Horrible care. But if you see any signs, even little ones of absent mindedness, diarreah, repeating things….all these happen as arteries are clogging with less and less oxygen. Stroke signs ahead which can be hidden are a very, ever so slight slur you think was an accidental slip. And here’s one which was odd but true – watering plants over and over again til flooded just once. I thought I had watered them too. After she died, I had found old newspaper crosswords not done. She always did them to completion. Just look out for signs so you don’t lose someone and then learn to forgive yourself when finding you still are not the one in control – God is. But yes, it is horrible to see comments even on the last cruise Davy did…one self deprecating one – another sign about the gut after eating.

  30. Georgianna says

    I know you all love Davy; I do too. But I do realize that I am in love with the concept, the persona, and not the real man. I certainly join you all in my hate of Jessica Paychecko, and I join you in my well wishes to Davy’s children. However, you all need to realize that the real Davy Jones was kind of a jerk. He was self-centered, egotistical, and seemed to not be capable of any deep commitment to anyone but himself. No, he wasn’t sweet and kind. Most celebrities at least lay on the charm for the media. He didn’t even bother to do that. But yet, here we are, still groveling over him – me included. Strange. So please, no more “Davy deserved better” talk. No, he didn’t. He actually deserved getting the *** kicked out of him, for the way he treated people in his life. What goes around comes around.

    • flaming_mo says

      Georgianna, while I understand what you are trying to say, please do not assume that all of his fans have blinders on about Davy or are “groveling” when they express their frustration over the unfortunate personal situation he had to deal with during the last years of his life. Davy was human and flawed. Presumably any fans who have extensively followed his career via assorted interviews, articles/books, and the Internet will have knowledge of his conflicts with his fellow Monkees, prima donna behavior, poor relationship choices, and substance abuse problems. Most of the time he maintained a professional, upbeat, and charming persona that brought a lot of happiness to many people’s lives. Okay, so Davy had bad days/times, or maybe it was even a well-constructed facade masking a complicated personality. However, I highly doubt it was the latter. Davy was considered the most outgoing and friendly member of the band and maintained a large fan base for several decades; not an easy feat to accomplish for anyone, much less a supposed fake.

      However, among all the negative things I have come across about Davy, I have never heard anything that justified him being on the receiving end of behavior alleged to have been perpetrated by his widow.Regardless of Davy’s mistakes, he (like most people on thls Earth) did not deserve to be involved in a possibly abusive or exploitive relationship at that stage of his life, jerk or no jerk.

    • guest says

      Hi Geogianna, I for one have always kinda got the vibe from him. Its interesting to have it confirmed from someone who knows first hand. Anything you want to share that wouldnt give your identity away? Id love to hear it. So would the forum over at thatswhyyouremyex.com

  31. Georgianna says

    Flaming_mo; Well said. As you can see, I have mixed feelings about Davy. He was my first love, and therefore will always have a piece of my heart. I was 12; he was 21, so I knew that he wouldn’t be interested in a girl so much younger.

    I met him twice, in the late 90’s and got a pretty good feel of the “real” Davy, which wasn’t what I expected. He took up with a young chickie-poo later in life. How ironic; first I was too young for him, then I was too old. Ha-ha.

    When the rumors started circulating about his new psycho-b*tch, and the abuse going on, I told my mom that he was going to turn up dead. I wasn’t expecting to be so prophetic.

    I guess what made me go off is that Davy had hundreds, maybe thousands, of nice women of all ages that would have been happy to be his companion. I am really disappointed that he chose this one, but it was his choice, and it wasn’t because there wasn’t anyone else. No, he didn’t deserve to be abused – I wonder, then, why? Was having eye candy on his arm really that important to him? Was he really that shallow?

    • JayneDough says

      Georgianna, people in general are involved with someone they find attractive. It is not a measure of how shallow one is or isn’t. There are beautiful people of all ages. If it was youth he wanted then I’m sure there were a few others out there that would gladly be with him. JP seemed assertive and I believe he just got caught up into it.

  32. bewilderedfan says

    “Georgianna”, I’m sure it wasn’t easy to be Davy Jones or any celebrity. Everyone has a boiling point, but I witnessed a lot of good from Davy as well has met many fans with wonderful stories about how Davy went above and beyond for his fans. I also heard stories about him doing random good deeds for strangers. You say you love Davy and also say he deserves to have the *** kicked out of him. Oh, hi Jessica Pacheco, I wasn’t expecting you here. I’m sure you’re upset as you have to wait to get your big reward for your part in the death of Davy Jones.

  33. Tess says

    What happened to David’s secret wife, Barbara? That was the best laugh I’ve had in a long time!!! Come back, come back where ever you are, lmao.

  34. Susanne says

    While I’ve been a huge Davy Jones Fan since age 15 I’m now 61. Davy Jones was first and foremost an entertainer…a performer. Long ago he lost the real smile and sparkle in his eyes. These were long ago replaced by his performer’s smile and niceness. Davy Jones liked young beautiful women. Unfortunately, he doomed himself to a life of shallow love. If he’d been with an older, mature woman in his later years, you can be sure that she would have taken more of an interest in his health, as I do for my husband. I believe that Davy Jones, while enjoying short-term pleasure, spent a lot of his later years deeply unhappy. While his wife was young…he was not. His life-style would have also limited the time he spent with his daughters and grandchildren. I think Few people got close enough to know him long term. He preferred spending time in people’s lives much like a stage performance. …on and then gone.

  35. Frances Vandeburgt says

    If love was so important, then why is his widow asking for his money(from the screaming headline alone) There are so many questions as to the final months of his life. Did he file for divorce before she did (or was it a race) Is she still legally married to her second husband (the Rumanian)?

  36. Val says

    In Eric Lefcowitz’s updated Monkee Business book, there is a portion that eludes to Joseph Pacheco ripping off Micky and Peter by taking extra money from the venues during the 2011 tour and lining Davy’s account. Some are speculating Davy may have been in cahoots with his brother in law, I just couldn’t see Davy doing this, even though at times he did not get along with the other Monkees, I just can’t imagine him doing that.

    I agree with the blogger that if indeed this went down the way it did, Micky and Peter deserve some credit for not throwing Davy under the bus.


    I also read on a FaceBook Monkees club that someone who attended the Beavertown Event a few weeks back spoke with Davy’s daughter Jessica and she said the estate is still tied up so it will be a long time before anything would be done for the Davy Jones Museum at the church that Davy bought in Pennsylvania.

  37. says

    i stumbled into this forum, just want to say that i so hope davy’s family can remember this lovely man for the happiness he brought to us all for so many years.and though all the monkees each had their differences in life as we all do with those we share close relationships with there were really no hard feelings between the guys, they are true brothers to the end. i do agree that david didn’t look real happy in that pic with JP and i was horrified at the dr phil thing and even worse that awful newlywed game i wondered “what on earth was he thinking?” this saddened me deeply. i guess he just liked the marriage lifestyle thing. my mom always said “daphne, theres lots worse things than being alone.” peace to you mr jones.

  38. bewilderedfan says

    Hello Jose!
    stopping in to see if you had anything new to tell. I saw one house of Davy’s being up for sale several weeks ago and haven’t seen anything since. Please keep us in the loop when you get some news. Enjoy the good weather there! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!