Chad Johnson, From Bad to Worse: Faces Foreclosure

Chad Johnson in a Dolphins uniform

Chad Johnson, who played one pre-season game with the Miami Dolphins before being cut

NFL star Chad Johnson has lost his job.

He’s losing his wife.

Now, the former Miami Dolphins receiver stands to lose his Miami condo!

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No. 85, who was arrested Saturday night in Davie for allegedly head-butting reality TV star Evelyn Lozada, his wife of just six weeks, has just been notified that a Midtown apartment he co-owns could soon be foreclosed on!

Johnson, according to court papers, hasn’t paid the monthly $863-maintenance fees on his $400,000-16th floor crib at Two Midtown Miami — since June 2009!

He’s behind by $28,703 – and since the Dolphins cut him Sunday night, he could have a hard time making good on the tab.

Wait there’s more: Johnson, according to records, is making ends meet with a $150,000-mortgage he just received from two Palm Beach County investors, Michael Pomerantz and well-known dermatologist Patrick McPoland.

Johnson has until June 2015 to pay the principal back.

As collateral, he used a $350,000-Miami Springs house he bought for one of his baby mamas!

Johnson couldn’t be contacted for comment.

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  1. Mrs. Moore says

    With the week he’s having I would say he couldnt be contacted because he phone is off. Dang man! This dude is having the worst week ever!

  2. Freda says

    Chad keep your head up this just your road until Jesus guide you to the right path. Trust and believe my son!!!!!

  3. Tim says

    Man he was verbally abusive and condescending to his wife. Sadly he even did all this in front of the entire world. It was sad watching him treat her like horse sh-t. Next he beats the woman? She’s said to have a 3 inch long opening on her fore head. Who does that? Thats the length of a finger! Not to mention how he acted towards the Mia Dolphins after they saved him from unemployment. When you invest in negative things, you get negative things back.

    This man should have been paying on his housing that he hadn’t paid on since June 2009 rather than buying his then girlfriend a car as shown on his wifes tv serious. Also she’s violent to but not to him just other women. I guess she knows who to hit and not hit. Anyway if you are old in the nfl and have issues some teams don’t want to deal with why would you select a drama filled violent woman to marry? Not that I think she was violent to him because on tv he was mean to her and she appeared scared and shrunk down like a mice when he’d verbally abuse her, but the point is that he makes bad decisions and the situation would have been expected to turn out the other way that she’d be as drama and violent to him as she was to others although it didnt again the point is this man is much to mean, low down, and stuck up to realize he mades some immature 15 yr old bad decisions. But really who cares because lowdown stuck up people others do not care for and are glad to see them get their actions back. Chad.