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Ex-NBA Star Kenny Anderson’s Post-Crash Driving Woes Continue


Ex-NBA Star Kenny Anderson’s Post-Crash Driving Woes Continue

Former NBA star Kenny Anderson

Former NBA star Kenny Anderson (Click on the photo for his mugshot)

Former NBA All-Star Kenny Anderson was cleared of fleeing the scene of a Broward County car crash in which he admitted to boozing — but his driving continue to be a problem!

Anderson, 41, who drove the basketball through walls of giants as a point guard for the New Jersey Nets and Boston Celtics, got picked up by red light cameras not just once but twice over the past four months, according to Broward court records.

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Last month, a hidden camera at a red light in Hollywood flashed him going through on red.

In April Anderson, who has two daughters with Basketball Wives hottie Tami Roman, was fined $158 for the same thing near his Pembroke Pines house.

Meanwhile Anderson, who made news in 2010 for graduating at age 40 from St. Thomas University in Miami, was recently cleared of leaving the scene of a mysterious car crash in December in which he lost control of his Cadillac Escalade and slammed into two trees in Miramar.

He wasn’t injured but was arrested when he returned to the scene.

According to the police report, Anderson had blood-shot eyes and smelled of booze and he even admitted to drinking that night. But he wasn’t be charged with DUI because he could’ve claimed in court he drank after returning home.

A court recently dismissed the careless driving ticket and withheld adjudication on the leaving the scene rap.

Anderson, who is believed to have made $60 million during his 14-year career but is nearly broke, paid $333 in fines.

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