Top WPBF-Channel 25 Anchor, Newsroom Boss Skipping Town

WPBF's Tiffany Kenney and Victor Blackwell

Splitting up: WPBF’s Tiffany Kenney and Victor Blackwell

Big changes in store for WPBF-Channel 25.

Gossip Extra hears that prime-time anchor Victor Blackwell is so desperate to exit the West Palm Beach/Treasure Coast ABC affiliate that he didn’t renew his contract.

What’s more, News Director Kyle Grimes is expected to be gone by mid-August.

Several newsroom sources confirm Blackwell is so public about his fleeing that he’s even put in his few cents about a replacement alongside Tiffany Kenney at 5, 6 and 11 p.m. (UPDATE: Blackwell headed to CNN)

One of those seen at station offices included former WPEC-Channel 12 anchor Ric Blackwell.

One of the few black anchors in the market, Victor Blackwell has been looking to move to a large market, particularly Atlanta.

Besides, his pairing with Kenney for more than two years doesn’t give anyone a warm-and-fuzzy feeling. I’m told the two have no relationship off camera — and it shows.

“There’s no love lost there,” said one source who asked to remain anonymous. “Victor thinks he is way too good for West Palm, and Tiffany’s a lifer. Victor’s here until something else materializes for him.”

Grimes, meanwhile, became newsroom boss in October 2008. He’s leaving to take over WPTZ-TV in Burlington, Vt./Plattsburgh, N.Y., like WPBF a Hearst station.

While he will be credited for lifting up Channel 25 to No. 2 in the market behind WPTV-Channel 5, Grimes will not be missed by many at the station.

“His management style is throwing a tantrum and slamming the door,” one of his employees said.

Neither Blackwell nor Grimes returned calls.

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  1. A 1911 SHOOTER says

    you mean people still watch local news ?? call it news is quite a stretch. It is basically just a collection of 2 bit hacks on air and off, and the “segments” vary from what house plants you should have to a local gastrointestinal dr trolling for business in a Ask the Dr piece.

    I grew up here and the news anchors, like Jim Sackett on Ch 5 in a sense became part of your family. All of us would watch the news at 6 before Tom Brokow would come on at 6:30. The stations today are just a musical chairs of newly minted Communication grads getting their first jobs. Back in the day these newbs would have to go to a joint like the Palm Beach Post to cutt their teeth.

    • Vivian says

      Victor and Tiffany are both left leaning hacks and love to carry water for Team Obama every chance they get. I wonder why they don’t get along with so much in common.

  2. not unhappy says

    Watching Victor Blackwell is like watching paint dry. No sense of humor, no warmth. I can’t say I’m unhappy to see him go.

  3. Snore says

    Victor Blackwell is snoozefest TV. Let him go. Who watches WPBF anyway? It’s almost as irrelevant as WPEC. But give Ric Blackwell a job. His kids need his income for acting lessons.

  4. yuk says

    Victor Blackwell is a legend in his own mind. Ric Blackwell would be a welcome change from this bland, stiff, robot-like news reader. He appears to have had total body botox!! What a yawn!!!

  5. 15 is Perfect!!! says

    What happened to your usual “Anchors Away” headline you seem to like using so much… ?? I am waiting for you to use it again.

    • Jose Lambiet says

      15, I believe “anchors away,” which was imposed on me by an editor back in the day, is overused.
      The terms “sexy siren,” however, is something I haven’t used in a while.
      Thank you for your continued support of Gossip Extra!

  6. michelle says

    Buh bye Vic. Don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya.

    Everyone knows Tiffany is the great one in that duo.

    Good riddance. I hope he ends up somewhere really COLD! Like Alaska!

  7. Alex says

    … and from HuffPo, it appears that Victor decides that CNN likes him a lot. Weekend Anchor position is his for now.

  8. Ruth Lyda says

    I really hate to see Victor Blackwell, go. I met him once and he seem so personal and caring. Every time we get some one good on Channel 25, they leave. Whats the problem.

  9. Annette says

    I think Tiffany Kenny is a great news anchor women.I watch wpbf daily at.5.00PM.Victor is not Mr.wpbf he’s nothing.I love all news reporters on wpbf and no all by name.Great job.Victor want be missed.

  10. TXlonghorn says

    lets be honest, Victor is as sweet as one of paula deens pies…..he wanted to go to atlanta because its the new san fransisco for black men who desire other black men… into it how you want to.