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Miami Heat Star Chris Bosh: I’m Not a Floridian!


Miami Heat Star Chris Bosh: I’m Not a Floridian!

Chris Bosh of the Miami Heat

Chris Bosh

Despite winning an NBA world championship ring in Miami in June, Miami Heat star Chris Bosh swears he’s not a Floridian!

The tall head claims he really lives in Texas.

Chris Bosh's house in Miami Beach

Bosh’s house on North Bay Road (Click to visit the homes of SoFla celebrities)

Say what?

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What about that 12,000-square-foot crib with view on Biscayne Bay bought in 2010 for $12.5 million? You know the one. It’s got seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms and 20-foot ceilings, an infinity pool and an elevator.

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Still, Bosh claims in court papers filed recently in Orlando, where he’s fighting a big-money battle with his baby mama, that he really lives in a 1,900-square-foot house in a lower middle class suburb of Dallas — not on fancy North Bay Road in Miami Beach, Florida.

Texas property records show the digs in Desoto, Texas, are worth about $73,000 and located on a zero-lot line property.

Chris Bosh's house in Desoto, Texas

The house in Desoto, Texas, that Bosh claims is his main residence

Not really the kind of place that someone who makes $18 million a year from playing ball with LeBron James and Dwyane Wade would occupy!

So, what’s going on? Isn’t Bosh proud to be a Floridian?

Bosh, 28, is trying to hold on to an order from a judge in his native Dallas that he pay $2,600-a-month for the little girl he had with former live-in girlfriend Allison Mathis.

Should he be declared a Florida resident, the now-married Bosh could be ordered to pay 3 percent of his monthly take home pay.

That’s about $30,000.

A month!

A judge in Orange County, Florida, has scheduled a hearing in late August to determine Bosh’s residency.

Said Mathis’ lawyer, Jane E. Carey: “He’s fighting like a dog to remain a Texas resident. It is just not true that he lives in Texas. Even his son was born (in May) in Miami.”

Bosh’s lawyer did not acknowledge emails requesting comments.

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