Florida Private Investigator Blames Occupy Anarchist For Batman Killings

Black bloc member

A Black Bloc member at a recent rally

Didn’t take long for politics to materialize in Colorado’s Batman killings.

The likes of ABC’s Brian Ross were quick to point out that alleged killer James Holmes is a member of the Colorado Tea Party. Wrong Holmes, by the way, and that story’s been retracted!

Sarasota private eye Bill Warner

Sarasota private eye Bill Warner

Then came Conservative radio talker Laura Ingraham. She gave ample air time this morning to a Florida private investigator who claims the theater shooting bears the fingerprints of left-wing terrorism.

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Left wing terror?

Sarasota private investigator Bill Warner told Ingraham that suspect Holmes fits the profile “to a t” of a member of the Black Bloc — a little known group of violent, black-clad and gas mask-wearing anarchists who piggy-back on the non-violent Occupy movement during anti-Wall Street protests.

“I guess Laura saw my work on this matter and called me to be on the air,” said Warner, who works on insurance fraud and cheating spouses by day. “There’s no public information available on James Holmes anywhere. No car, no credit card, no nothing. I checked. Black Bloc members use cash and don’t buy cars so that they can go underground.

“(Holmes’) age, the black clothes and gas mask he was wearing, the facts he is white and underground, the facts he is a drifter prone to over-the-top violence, it all fits. Batman features an Occupy-type bad guy and this nut job may have taken it personally.”

One federal investigator told CBS this morning that Holmes indeed remained “under the radar.” He dropped out of medical school recently.

Authorities are still trying to disarm elaborate booby traps left in Holmes apartment.

Early this morning, Holmes allegedly materialized inside a theater at Aurora’s Century 16 during the movie and methodically shot viewers. So far, twelve are dead and 38 injured. Holmes was arrested shortly thereafter.

Warner has no evidence tying Holmes to Occupy but says he’s been studying the Black Bloc for long enough to know

“My interest in this came when the Black Bloc first appeared in Sarasota,” Warner said. “I found that the group included convicted felons and drug dealers. Within hours, I was getting all kinds of emails about Occupy and these Black Bloc people.”

Warner said he expects the group to be involved in violence at the Republican National Convention in August in Tampa.

In May, five members of the group was arrested in Cleveland as they planned to bomb a bridge.

Ingraham has yet to reply to an email request comment about Warner’s segment.

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  1. John Bryans Fontaine says

    Yet according to World Net Daily Editor Joseph Farah, Anarchists are far-right ideologically :

    So what’s at the other end of that political spectrum? This surprises a lot of people, but it’s really quite logical, if you think about it. If total government control in the form of communism is at the left end, wouldn’t it make sense that anarchy – no government control – is at the extreme right?


    • K(yle) says

      That would make sense if total government control was at the far left, but that isn’t a defining feature of the left-right political spectrum at all except to foolish American ‘conservatives’.

      Presumably Czarist Russia would have been ‘left-wing’ under that paradigm, which is wholly idiotic.

      • FunkySnake says

        You know what’s REALLY RETARDED??? The fact that liberal imbeciles have no idea that political polarities are switched when you jump over the pond… ergo… right wing in europe is left wing in America… and vice versa.

        Read a phucking book… man!

        • Justicier says

          The rightwing, worldwide, is so liberal nowadays. They used to be monarchists and papalstatists

          • Justicier says

            yes, there has been a steady progression towards the ideas espoused by what can be characterized and liberal ideas, such as free markets, a liberal idea. I am not speaking from a US centric perspective but from world history. seriously, hella european countries used to have monarchist parties, where are they now? Yesterdays liberals are todays conservatives. Although im sure scarcity in the future (or some other unforseen factor) will trip up that trend 100%

      • MC_Escher says

        Uhhh… Yes it is.

        The current American “Left” is towards the “control” end of the spectrum and the current “right” is towards the liberty end of the spectrum.

      • says

        Holy crap, people.

        Total government control can be “left” or “right.” That would be the authoritarian left (state communist) or right (fascist), as opposed to libertarian left (typically called anarchist) or right (now incorrectly simply called “libertarian”).

        I know that at some point in the last decade, your news media decided all you should talk about is “liberal” (which, in the rest of the world, isn’t actually a political term, or just means centrist) and “conservative,” but try to think outside that, while you still can. Here, check this out:

        On the standard left-right scale, how do you distinguish leftists like Stalin and Gandhi? It’s not sufficient to say that Stalin was simply more left than Gandhi. There are fundamental political differences between them that the old categories on their own can’t explain. Similarly, we generally describe social reactionaries as ‘right-wingers’, yet that leaves left-wing reactionaries like Robert Mugabe and Pol Pot off the hook.”

        • Justicier says

          I agree with you. Political discourse in the USA is neutered, or lobotomized, who ever you like, but for sure, politics,is complex, and a xy-axis holds in in perspective MUCH better.

    • Ythill says

      1) Anarchism transcends the false dilemma of left vs. right politics, both of which are based around the choices of a legitimate state. Ideologically, anarchism opposes statism. Individuals who identify as anarchists, when they choose to interact with the state, do so on either side of the false dilemma based on their individual beliefs.

      2) Black bloc is not a group. It has never been a group. It is a tactic: anonymity through solidarity. It can be used, by anyone, to achieve peaceful or destructive ends. It is used by provocateurs, peaceful activists, and dumb kids who want to break stuff. I wouldn’t give credibility to anyone who claims that it is a group.

      3) The black bloc tactic requires, by definition, a group of similarly dressed individuals. Ergo, someone working alone cannot be a black bloc.

      4) Idiots and zealots exist. Some of them identify as left-wing, some as right-wing, some as anarchists, some as statists. Some have no interest in politics whatsoever or haven’t really thought about it. Barring a tangible conspiracy, the shooter’s political beliefs are irrelevant. People trying to make them relevant have obvious ulterior motives.

      • Sharol B says

        You are kind of contradiction your points: You state Black Bloc is not a group. Then you state that Black Bloc requires a group of like dressed…that someone working alone cannot be a black bloc….So this does not make sense to me. Just wondering if you can explain?

  2. Anonymous Coward says

    Yet according to [INSERT OTHER IGNORANT EDITOR], Anarchists are far-left ideologically :

    So what’s at the other end of that political spectrum? This surprises a lot of people, but it’s really quite logical, if you think about it. If total government control in the form of fascism is at the right end, wouldn’t it make sense that anarchy – no government control – is at the extreme left?

    • money penny says

      Your an idiot. Anarchy is hatred of authority, period. Especially God’s authority.

    • KELS says

      Exactly. You can’t have fascists at both end of the spectrum. Freedom is at one end and tyranny is at the other. Anarchists don’t want freedom-they want communism et al and will do anything to get it. What they don’t realize is that, mob rule never works because eventually, someone has to make a decision so there isn’t chaos and that “someone” is usually a dictator with anarchists playing the role of useful idiots.

      • Justicier says

        To be precise Anarchist organizations (not an oxymoron) use a decentralized, horizontal decision-making process. It is, in other words, a direct democracy. Instead of elected representatives, you would have delegates, who could be recalled relatively easily, those delgates form another group who elect a recallable superdelegate, who joins a council.
        Anarchy is a complex and fascinating philosophical subject

        • MC_Escher says

          Democracy is 3 wolves and a sheep voting on the dinner menu.

          Or did nobody ever explain to you what “Tyranny of the Majority” means?

          • Justicier says

            I’m just saying anarchist organizations are not oxymoronic and left-libertarian, power-sharing philosophies are fascinating.

            They could work, and they could not work, under different situations. Everything is a different situation.

            Nothing works everywhere. Anarchy could work somewhere, and perhaps somewhere over the rainbow Bashar Assad will not use chemical weapons. Hopefully we live there.


    • Jose Lambiet says

      Saw the background check: There’s nothing on the guy! He may be driving, but he doesn’t own a car. At 24, he shoulda left a larger trail.

  3. DA says

    Of course Left wing terror! Bolsheviks having been circling the globe killing those who disagree with their ideology for a hundred years.

  4. Greg says

    Bill Warner is making assertions w/o evidence and his assertions are being picked up in right wing media as fact. There seems to be an agenda at work to connect OWS with this shooting.

    • Axe2Grind says

      Really genius? Considering ABC was the first to start reporting (falsely I might add) that this guy had ties to the Tea Party. So who has an agenda here? This is the reason why the MSM has no credibility. They take a tragedy like this to make their own political agenda from it.

      What Warner was doing was not making claims about anything, but saying that through his own personal investigation and knowledge, this sounds like something that ‘could’ be connect with Black Bloc.

      Regardless of affiliation (and he was a registered Democrat, BTW) this has nothing to do with any party, left or right…and even if he is supporting of either, it doesn’t mean anything in regards to the party itself. The guy (and those like him) are extremist nutjobs and the focus needs to be on ridding them from society and praying for the family of those affected by this tragedy.

      • Pat says

        what is your evidence that he is a registered Democrat, BTW?

        please tell us.

        is it that Breitbart posted a story that the shooter “could be a registered Democrat”, and then updated that story to say that he was unregistered?

        is that your proof?

        and you are here whining about how ABC made a suggestion without checking it’s facts?


        • Axe2Grind says

          Go back into your hole Pat. Read between the lines. He was making an accusation in regards to the media trying to associate this kid with OWS, when ABC was the one reporting his connection with the Tea Party…which was false. Apparently you forgot to read where I said it didn’t matter WHAT party he is aligned with, it has nothing to do with it. The mainstream media is trying to pull affiliation from the incident to further THEIR political agenda. And no, that information as to what he was registered as never came from Breitbart, you tool.

      • Greg says

        Dude, Warner’s site had the following headline: “Occupy Black Bloc Member Shoots Up Aurora Co. Movie Theater Killing 12 And Wounding 50.”
        That would seem to be making a claim. It’s worth noting that the headline on his site has been edited into a question instead of a statement. In fact, I have a picture!

        What ABC did was wrong and at least they fessed up to it. Does that somehow make this ‘right’? It really isn’t even relevant to my point which is Bill Warner is making baseless assertions and some sites are running with it as fact.

        Breitbart tweeted he was a democrat but he had the wrong guy. But that too is just fine because of ABC’s mistake, right? *Granted Breitbart’s site is sort of like The Onion and should never be taken seriously.

        Bill Warner most definitely making a claim:

  5. wolfgirl says

    An anarchist ‘Joker’ copycat. Nothing more. Look at the storyline of the last movie.

  6. Pat says

    So, I just want to me clear on this. We know the shooter is a member of something called Black Bloc because some random guy in Florida can’t find anything about him on the internet?

    • Axe2Grind says

      Again, like a true liberal progressive, you’re trying to twist what is being said. What the investigator said was that his profile based on this event fits this organization to a T. He never said he was part of the Black Bloc…but yeah, you go ahead and read into that what you will. It’s funny you have no contempt or criticism for the errant story ABC ran with linking him to the Tea Party, but you’re all too quick to make a point against someone else that has suggested that his actions ‘could’ link him to a liberal organization…be that an Extreme version of it.

      Seriously Pat, you’re a fool…

      • Horizontalist says

        The Black Bloc is not an organization, it is a tactic used for the same basic purposes as the Boston tea party’s costumes. Identity hiding. In Italy there existed the Tute Bianche in the 90’s who wore all white and instead of symbolic property damage, their main aim was first aid, defensive barrier to protect unclad protestors and fighting the cops. look it up, black bloc could be used by anyone because it is a TACTIC, a METHOD … such as zombie blocs lol.

      • Greg says

        “He never said he was part of the Black Bloc”
        The blue link at the bottom is Warner’s site and it matches the headline. His post headline was most certainly saying exactly that. Funny that it’s been edidted.

  7. Pancho says

    Bill Warner has no clue what he’s talking about. By making such stupid statements, however, he’s managed to get his name in the paper even overseas, though it appears his nutcase delusions have been removed from the Daily Mail’s story.

    He said that Holmes has no history, no car, no driver’s license, etc. Sorry, but he drove his car to the scene of his crimes. He got a speeding ticket in October 11th. He was born on 12/13/87.

    Warner claims to run a private investigative agency. However his licenses appear to just be for doing investigations himself. His looks like a “mom and pop” operation without the mom.

    The guy is an amateur. He’s also delusional. Private and public investigators are not supposed to jump to conclusions. They are supposed to develop facts out of evidence.

  8. says

    It’s so easy to spot those black block people, they are all carbon copies of each other and wear the exact same bullet proof vested uniform and prefer the exact same weapons. The real tell tale is the way he rigged the apartment, they all do it that same common way that is so easy to recognize and disarm.
    Anyone who tells you otherwise is part of the liberal MSM conspiracy to make the MSM seem corporate and conservative.

    • Justicier says

      Yeah, you are in touch with reality… black bloc is a tactic, like the boston tea party, folks who use that tactic are just going back to our revolutionary roots.

  9. Mike says

    Obama will give him amnesty if he’s associated with OWS…..just like he did with the Black Panthers and illegal immigrants. Obama only prosecutes people that don’t vote for him.

  10. adam says

    Bill Warner is the best in the business. He’s busted terror finance organizations and tracked down serial killers. He’s got legions of informants, so I seriously he’s free wheeling it here.

    Warner correctly notes that Holmes was blowing cash left and right (at least $6000). From where did he get it? Was there a bank account? How did he acquire bomb-making and weapons knowledge?

    There is way more here than meets the eye. He almost surely had help.

  11. Andrew says

    “The reason there’s so much ignorance in the world is that people who have it are so eager to share it”

    There’s no such thing as “The Black Bloc” group. It isn’t a group, it’s a method used all over the world by anarchists and non-anarchists alike. Also, if you do any independent research without trying to confirm your reactionary ideas of what anarchism is, you’ll realize that it’s a fully coherent ideology that centers around the self-determination of all people and advocates a highly organized society based on freedom of association. You can rightfully disagree with it, but please don’t continue to preach about things you haven’t attempted in good faith to understand.

    Also, please visit politicalcompass.com for a more accurate look at left v. right/statism v. individual liberty. You might find you have more in common with anarchists than you thought.

  12. m4trix87 says

    Even if he indeed liked to style himself as an anarchist (no evidence of that), how does that imply he actually was one?

    It is against anarchist ideology to kill innocents( some anarchists say even anyone).


    “(Holmes’) age, the black clothes and gas mask he was wearing, the facts he is white and underground, the facts he is a drifter prone to over-the-top violence,”…

    So, he wore black clothes to go kill people, possibly to escape more easily in the night. He wore the mask to not get affected by the tear gas grenade he threw. He was “underground” (no Internet footprint) possibly because before that he spent all of his time studying to become the neuroscientist he was, and after he flipped it was intentional to not get caught. He is indeed delusional, but are all delusionals anarchists?(actually the greatest anarchist writers were anything BUT delusional).

    And since when is being young and/or white a crime?
    (gee, i thought black people were supposed to be criminals according to conservatives)

    The guy was a flipped-out (possibly due to overstudying/overstressing himself, with his oral exam failure being the last straw) person trying to vent his insanity caused by a stress-induced(or stress-activated) psychological disorder.

    No ideology here, Left or Right.