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Florida Private Investigator Blames Occupy Anarchist For Batman Killings


Florida Private Investigator Blames Occupy Anarchist For Batman Killings

Black bloc member

A Black Bloc member at a recent rally

Didn’t take long for politics to materialize in Colorado’s Batman killings.

The likes of ABC’s Brian Ross were quick to point out that alleged killer James Holmes is a member of the Colorado Tea Party. Wrong Holmes, by the way, and that story’s been retracted!

Sarasota private eye Bill Warner

Sarasota private eye Bill Warner

Then came Conservative radio talker Laura Ingraham. She gave ample air time this morning to a Florida private investigator who claims the theater shooting bears the fingerprints of left-wing terrorism.

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Left wing terror?

Sarasota private investigator Bill Warner told Ingraham that suspect Holmes fits the profile “to a t” of a member of the Black Bloc — a little known group of violent, black-clad and gas mask-wearing anarchists who piggy-back on the non-violent Occupy movement during anti-Wall Street protests.

“I guess Laura saw my work on this matter and called me to be on the air,” said Warner, who works on insurance fraud and cheating spouses by day. “There’s no public information available on James Holmes anywhere. No car, no credit card, no nothing. I checked. Black Bloc members use cash and don’t buy cars so that they can go underground.

“(Holmes’) age, the black clothes and gas mask he was wearing, the facts he is white and underground, the facts he is a drifter prone to over-the-top violence, it all fits. Batman features an Occupy-type bad guy and this nut job may have taken it personally.”

One federal investigator told CBS this morning that Holmes indeed remained “under the radar.” He dropped out of medical school recently.

Authorities are still trying to disarm elaborate booby traps left in Holmes apartment.

Early this morning, Holmes allegedly materialized inside a theater at Aurora’s Century 16 during the movie and methodically shot viewers. So far, twelve are dead and 38 injured. Holmes was arrested shortly thereafter.

Warner has no evidence tying Holmes to Occupy but says he’s been studying the Black Bloc for long enough to know

“My interest in this came when the Black Bloc first appeared in Sarasota,” Warner said. “I found that the group included convicted felons and drug dealers. Within hours, I was getting all kinds of emails about Occupy and these Black Bloc people.”

Warner said he expects the group to be involved in violence at the Republican National Convention in August in Tampa.

In May, five members of the group was arrested in Cleveland as they planned to bomb a bridge.

Ingraham has yet to reply to an email request comment about Warner’s segment.


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