Reggie Bush’s First Tango in Paris With New Galpal

Reggie Bush in Paris with a mystery date

Miami Dolphins star Reggie Bush and his new lady exit the Cartier store at the Place Vendome this afternoon in Paris (Click on the KCS/Splash News photo for more)

Miami Dolphins star running back Reggie Bush, who’s been all over Europe over the past week, just spent the day in Paris — with a new galpal, Gossip Extra has learned exclusively.

Bush, who dated reality TV star Kim Kardashian for nearly three years, was spotted checking out jewelry with the unidentified hottie at the original Cartier store on the City of Light’s famed Place Vendome.

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The brunette, who like Kardashian appears to be of Middle Eastern descent, stretched out her hand when they exited (above) with a look on her face that seemed to say: “I could use some bling!”

Gossip Extra‘s intrepid Splash News paparazzi have been tailing the 27-year-old NFL star to dinner and tourist spots according to his Tweets!

Bush’s odyssey through the old continent has been chronicled all week by The ball player has scampered through Austria, Greece and France. In addition to riding a stunt plane, Bush deejayed in a club on Mykonos Island and even met with players on fledgling American football clubs in Austria.

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Bush, however, failed to mention he has a traveling companion.

The last we heard, Bush was dating Old Navy model and singer Melissa Molinaro, also a dead ringer for Kardashian.

Reggie Bush and his new girlfriend in Paris

Miami Dolphins running back Reggie Bush and his new girl in Paris today (Click on the KCS/Splash News photo for more)

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