Octomom Strip Club Drama: You’ve Been Served!

The infamous single mother of 14 known as Octomom may not have delivered fireworks when she stripped on the stage of a Hallandale gentlemen’s club, but her mere presence turned up the drama.

Octomom Nadya Suleman in June 2012

Octomom Nadya Suleman (click on the photo for more on Suleman)

Process servers who strangely looked like strippers (see video above) managed to bypass heavy security and penetrate into the bowels of The Playhouse South club.

Then one of them served Octomom Nadya Suleman with a lawsuit while she rested from her first of two shows early Saturday.

Click here for photos of Octomom’s first strip show

Playhouse South owner Greg Louis said staff found a woman in his office who was trying to talk to Suleman into coming out a special dressing room set up just for her.

Suleman had locked herself in and wouldn’t come out.

Louis called 911 to report a trespassing, but the process server was identified and allowed to do her job.

“(The process server) looked like someone who could work for us, which probably explains how she got in my office without being asked where she was going,” Louis said, adding that he had beefed up security for the night.

The woman wouldn’t talk to Gossip Extra about her service.

The lawsuit, meanwhile, was filed in Palm Beach County by the owner of rival strip club T’s Lounge.

“We didn’t have a good address for her,” said T’s owner Gary Odle. “We wanted to serve her so that she could have her say in court.”

Suleman, whose delivery of octuplets in 2009 made her a worldwide celebrity, is being sued for reneging on a five-day contract at T’s.

A court hearing is scheduled in WPB in August.

Suleman is the only named defendant in the suit.

Suleman this year turned to stripping and porn after children services at home in California looked into allegations that she couldn’t afford to feed her family.

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  1. Bluebonnet says

    Bwahahaha! Fake stripper corners OctoPornStar in her own special little dressing room and serves her! You can’t make this stuff up. That clever process server deserves a free calamari dinner. Gary Odle did the right thing to have Octo served at the club, because he might never have been able to find an address for her otherwise. Her house was foreclosed due to her spending money on herself instead of making the house payments, such as her numerous plastic surgery procedures (scars clearly visible in her nudie porn video) and $500 Brazilian Blowout hair treatments. So she’ll be evicted before long, and who knows where her next address will be? Moving back in with her mother and father, who, like her, also have a history of foreclosures and bankruptcies? See ya in court Octo!

  2. LegalEagle says

    Why would a struggling strip bar waste $$,not to mention the court’s time,suing a female who has no assets,no foreseeable wealth,who is under bankruptcy protection?Can they garnish her food stamp card? Ill-advised action by a lawyer who must be close to 100 by now-in fact,if T’s keeps this up,Octo can sue them.Just sayin’..

  3. Bluebonnet says

    Jose, I just heard that the court records for Palm Beach County Civil Court say that the hearing for this lawsuit has been scheduled for Nov. 2, 2012, at 2 p.m., Judge Timothy McCarthy presiding. Please write an article confirming this information, if possible. Thanks.