Octomom: Now a Professional Stripper!

Octomom's first moments as a stripper

Octomom let go of her top before about 200 strangers last night

With Rihanna‘s Rude Boys blaring inside the Playhouse South “gentlemen’s club,” the single mother of 14 known as Octomom kicked off a new career as a stripper last night in Hallandale.

Nadya Suleman, the 37-year-old Californian who made worldwide news in 2009 when she delivered eight babies, was showered with dollar bills as she took her first awkward dance steps shortly before midnight.

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She appeared in a domination-themed outfit that included an Eyes Wide Shut mask, thigh-high black leather boots, garters, shorts, black leather gloves to her elbows, a corset — and a riding crop!

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But first, Suleman made a grand arrival that disappointed paparazzi gathered outside the mammary Mecca. She was covered by a blanket as she walked into the club, prompting someone to remind her that she was there to take her clothes off !

One of the exotic dancers at the club, which boasts full nudity despite the fact that Octo went half way there, cracked up when Suleman first started swaying her hips by the club’s main pole.

“She’s really stiff,” said a girl who identified herself only as Jennifer. “Oh my God, she can’t dance. But it’s good for the rest of us girls because she made it a busy Friday night. We’re going to get extra tips.”

By the time dawn arrived today, about 400 people had been lured to the club by Suleman, twice as many as on a routine Friday overnight into Saturday.

Suleman, meanwhile, figured out fast that stripping isn’t as easy as the pros make it look.

She had as many problems shedding her clothes one by one as she had to stay in a semblance of rhythm with the hip-hop tunes she picked. At one point, she was helped by another stripper when it came time to remove her gloves.

While Octo’s breasts earned raves from the men, which incidentally included almost as many women as men, the rest of her didn’t cut it.

Still, some folks bought t-shirts that read: “I saw Octomom naked at the Playhouse South.”

A source at the club said Suleman was paid $5,000 for her one-night appearance, which included two 12-minute sets. She also kept the tips and sold photos of her on stage for $10 each.

For $25, men could have their picture taken with Suleman.

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  1. Bluebonnet says

    Thanks for the review! In her radio interviews before she stripped, Nadya was bragging that she hadn’t practiced her dancing and hadn’t even heard the songs she’d dance to. She seems to think she’s so talented she didn’t need to rehearse. And then she couldn’t keep her rhythm, couldn’t dance and couldn’t even get her clothes off without help from the other strippers! What a mess. It was hilarious when this fame-ho did the “perp walk” with the sweater over her head. Why was she putting her face all over the media to promote this event, but when she actually got there, she hid like a mushroom?