Veteran Charity Attracts Rare Off-Season Society Gathering in Palm Beach

Fisher House fundraiser in Palm Beach

A rare off-season fundraiser at Taboo in Palm Beach brought about 200 supporters of Fisher House, a charity for war veterans (Click on the Michael Price photo for the gallery)

The Friends of Fisher House held their first fundraiser in Palm Beach this week with a celebrity bartender event at Ta-boo.

Scott Barber (left) and Iwo Jima survivor Joe Dryer

Scott Barber (left) and Iwo Jima survivor Joe Dryer (Click on the Michael Price photo for the full gallery)

The charity funds a program that allows the families of vets treated at the West Palm Beach VA Medical Center to stay in a nearby home free of charge.

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And the rare off-season social gathering showed Palm Beachers would go for the occasional party in July, long after most of society migrated north: More than 400 people made it to the Worth Avenue eatery for the event!

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Among them: U.S. Congress hopeful Lois Frankel; Joseph Dryer, one of the few remaining survivors of the attack on Iwo Jima; Vietnam hero Jerold Klein; World War II vet Daniel R. Baer who served in World War II; and Desmond Price who recently returned from Iraq and Afghanistan after being deployed five times!

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    • Jose Lambiet says

      Cheers. I don’t have to be there to cover! I’ve got my secret helpers. Nice job, Maribel. Good, good cause.