Ex-TV Weatherman Rob Lopicola: “15 Years Old is Perfect, Baby!”

Former WPTV weatherman Rob Lopicola was arrested for sex with minors

Rob Lopicola

Former WPTV-Channel 5 star weatherman Rob Lopicola was arrested yesterday in connection with an investigation into sex with minors!

Lopicola, 42, who mysteriously quit his gig at the station in 2006, is accused of performing oral sex on a 15-year-old boy in Boca Raton and a 17-year-old in West Palm Beach in 2010 and 2011.

Click here and here for the police reports: WARNING — EXTREMELY GRAPHIC LANGUAGE!

Lopicola was charged with unlawful sexual activity with a minor, lewd and lascivious battery, computer pornography and child exploitation.

In the second case, Lopicola was caught in the shower of a house owned by the mother of the juvenile boy!

Lopicola isn’t the first South Florida weatherman accused of pedophilia

The age of sexual consent in Florida, by the way, is 18.

Lopicola was kept on ice at the Palm Beach County lockup overnight after being picked up at home in Broward County. He is due in court for his arraignment tomorrow.

According to extremely graphic reports in which neither juvenile was named, both reported meeting the muscle-bound Lopicola through classified ads in craigslist.com.

Lopicola apparently met the 15-year-old near his house in Boca in the middle of the night and drove him to a nearby cul-de-sac for oral sex in Lopicola’s car in the fall of 2010. The youngster reported the encounter after moving to Michigan in early 2011 and receiving dozens of sexy text messages from Lopicola.

At one point, the teen — who told police he weighed 113 pounds at the time and was dealing with anorexia — text-messaged Lopicola photos of his genitals.

One message, allegedly from Lopicola, read: “I like being a dad to my bd thats why I like young. And 15 is perfect baby.  10th or 9th grade?”

In the second case, Lopicola allegedly visited the 17-year-old at home at least four times in four months after the teen’s school days at Palm Beach Lakes High School, where he was a track star. The mother reported the activity at the Village Boulevard area home to police after finding Lopicola cowering in her son’s shower in 2011.

Lopicola denied any wrongdoing when the TV cameras that once made him a favorite with viewers in Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast caught up with him yesterday as he was walked to a police car with his hands cuffed behind his back.

NBC affiliate Channel 5, meanwhile, never fully explained why Lopicola abruptly left while garnering top ratings during weekend broadcasts. The viewers particularly appreciated his work during hurricane emergencies, including during the back-to-back hurricanes of 2004.

Lopicola left the station amid rumors his partying and interest in young men had come to the attention of management.

In his post-TV days, Lopicola was a personal trainer and worked for a timeshare marketing company. He eventually lost his West Palm Beach home to foreclosure and filed for bankruptcy then moved to Wilton Manors, near Fort Lauderdale.

Lopicola reportedly worked as bartender and stripper in a local gay club when he was arrested.

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    • Jose Lambiet says

      Sorry about that, Rich. I don’t think people realize the full extent of what occurs in these cases until they see the police narrative. Believe it or not, I’ve seen much, much worse.

      • Bond says

        Jose Lambiet, your such a scumbag magget, you always show up when you can eat off the ground. Palm Beach Post canned your ass afraid of lawsuits because of your off truth reporting. Now your showing back up in the sewer again. Lopicola gets what he deserves. Lambiet …crawl back in the sewer where you belong….you get what you deserve.

        • Jose Lambiet says

          Hey, look who’s back! welcome back Bond. I knew you’d find me somewhere. Thanks for coming on board. I’ll add you to my dirt alerts!

          • You Go Jose says

            I was thrilled when you came back to WPB, and still am. I can always count on you to tell the unvarnished truth about a news item. Bond may not appreciate your honesty, but I always will!

          • Jose Lambiet says

            You’re too kind Carol! South Florida is the best place in the world in my field. Cheers.

  1. Tony says

    This case is not that egregious compared to some. These young 15 year old gay men were clearly sexually active and were seeking sex themselves online. Therefore, this is not a typical “predator” scenario. So while Lopicola is likely guilty, he should get probation only in this case. He wasn’t “grooming” at all. These 15 yr old kids were seeking sex as adults would…

    • Not so fast says

      If you will read the transcripts of Rob’s emails and texts to these kids, you will learn about his lifestyle and the other boys he has been sexualizing. He’s on the prowl for younger and younger boys. He was asking for them to participate in threesomes and foursomes with other adults and kids. Sorry, that’s a predator to me. I don’t care if he’s gay, only that he feels he is entitled to be with very young boys. If he wants sex, let him find someone over 18. He is a predator and he should be in jail.

      • Get all the facts prior to lynching... says

        The fact is a 15 y/o male lied about his age and claimed he was 18 y/o in a craiglist ad seeking gay sex. Then the teen claims that he disclosed his true age to Lopicola in private after they met. Really? The teen lied in the ad and now should be believed?

        • No lynching, just justice says

          Perhaps you need to read the transcripts more carefully. He admitted to some really heinous behavior with the son of a friend and admitted his conduct with out young men. He knew exactly what he was doing and with whom. Rob is no novice at this, it’s been his pattern for years. He’s a very sick man who needs help and so do those boys, but that doesn’t forgive his crimes. His reputation on the gay community is well known.

  2. Tina says

    This is very disturbing to read. I forced myself to read every single line, because as a parent of a 3 year old boy, I need to know and understand that people as sick and corrupt as Lopicola exist. Trust no one and don’t feel bad about sheltering your kids from family, friends or strangers. It is better to deal with hurt their feelings then to deal with undoing the hurt of your child.

  3. Erik says

    As someon who has personally met Rob on several occasions in bars at social gatherings, I’m still shocked. He need help and it’s sad but these young men need to seek counseling as well. Why heck are they seeking a 42 yr old man.? Rob is guilty it pitiful, he need to pay or his crime. I think he will probably revive a large sentence based on the charges…..but look at John goodman, hell you can kill a young man be convicted sentenced to 16 years in prison mind you but, thanks to wonderful Judge lets give him a bond and ankle bracelet and wait on appeal? I’m disgusted about that case…. Our judicial system is a joke at times, but I hope justice will be served one must pay for crimes they commit.

  4. US_DOJ_Gov says

    This guy, “Robert,” has severe psychological issues taking place.

    His infatuation with “Dad/Son” role playing, incest, & smooth, skinny, young boys reveals his deep-rooted trauma that he has experienced.

    Something happened to him during his own childhood = Resulting in him now being a “PREDATOR.”

  5. Palm Beach says

    Saw Rob Friday night prancing down Wilton Drive holding the hand of what appeared to be a younger guy. If it is true, and the evidence looks strong, there is no excuse for getting involved with a minor. I had a niece who was molested and
    it devasted my parents and my brother. This situation is different because the victims were looking, but an adult is an adult and kids are kids.

    Over the years when I would run into but him, just did not have a good feeling. So much was given to Rob. He had the support of a large community and had a responsibility to uphold its integrity.

  6. Christian says

    That is pretty detailed. He is going to have a very hard time dealing with the information in these text messages. If the 16 y.o. son of his friend testifies, both Robert and his friend would be toast.

    He definitely is knowingly cultivating young teenage boys for sex. These boys know what they are doing to some extent. yet It is an adult willingly and knowingly trafficking with a minor that is the immoral and illegal behavior.

    Honestly I am surprised that 18 is the legal age. I would have thought it was 16 y.o.