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Is Casey Anthony Living With OJ Simpson’s PI?


Is Casey Anthony Living With OJ Simpson’s PI?

casey anthony video port st lucie

Casey Anthony, from a video diary that turned up online last week

West Palm Beach tongues have been wagging since Gossip Extra offered a $1,000-bounty for evidence that alleged child killer Casey Anthony is living in Palm Beach County’s biggest city.

West Palm Beach private eye Pat McKenna

Patrick McKenna

— UPDATE: Casey Anthony Breaks Her Silence: “I Sleep Pretty Good At Night”

And although no one has offered proof — so, no reward yet — rumors are rampant that Anthony is holed up at the house of West Palm Beach private eye Patrick McKenna in the Toledo section of the city.

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A source familiar with Anthony’s whereabouts immediately after the verdict says Anthony alternated between crashing on the campus of a Port St. Lucie church, and McKenna’s house.

That was back in November.

She may still have been under McKenna’s protection two weeks ago!

McKenna didn’t return calls for comments, which itself is unusual.

It would make sense for Anthony to hang out with McKenna.

In the private investigation community, McKenna is somewhat of a folk hero.

He was credited with finding evidence that got fallen football icon OJ Simpson cleared in 1997 of the double murder of his ex-wife and a friend.

And last year, McKenna was the lead investigator for Anthony’s defense. Eventually, the Orlando woman was found not guilty of murdering her 2-year-old toddler Caylee a year ago.

Records show McKenna’s homestead is a $300,000-house on Cortez Road, on West Palm’s south east side. He also owns an apartment on NE 1 Court near downtown Boynton Beach.

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