David Cassidy Ordered to Hand Over Condo to Bank

Las Olas River House, where David Cassidy owns a condo

Las Olas River House in Fort Lauderdale, the tower where David Cassidy’s condo is being seized by BankUnited

Aging teen icon David Cassidy has settled his legal battle against BankUnited’s attempt to seize one of his two downtown Fort Lauderdale condos.

I’m told the 62-year-old Cassidy, who starred in the 1970s musical sitcom The Partridge Family, agreed to surrender his $1.35 million Las Olas condo to the bank within three months.

Singer David Cassidy

Singer David Cassidy

In exchange, the Miami Lakes bank agreed to forget about the $920,000 or so that Cassidy owes.

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Still, hasn’t been the best of summers of the singer of I Think I Love You.

A week ago, he suffered a mysterious meltdown on the stage of the South Point Casino in Las Vegas, at one point showing the audience how they should clap. He blamed it on a combination of skin and cold medication.

The foreclosure proceedings here, meanwhile, kicked off nearly two years ago — but continued on because Cassidy put up a fight. He claimed the bank couldn’t prove it owned the mortgage for the 34th floor apartment, and deemed the exotic loan “predatory.”

The singer settled before a judge ordered the condo sold on the proverbial courthouse steps, says his lawyer, mainly to protect his image.

“He doesn’t want to be affected by the negative stigma of foreclosure,” said Jeff Harrington, Cassidy’s attorney.

Cassidy maintains ownership of his other condo in Fort Lauderdale, a $1.7 million pad in a beachside highrise.

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  1. says

    Mr. Cassidy was not “ordered to hand over his condo” by any stretch. He had a very good case against the lender and had, in fact, already prevailed at one hearing. Rather, the parties reached a SETTLEMENT on the eve of a second hearing. The lender acquiesced to my client’s primary demands, so we agreed to the deal.

    Mr. Cassidy continues to be an advocate for homeowners trapped in predatory loans, and the only regret here is that it took two years of litigation for BankUnited to act reasonably.

    • says

      Please tell David Cassidy that it’s only a building, he is far way more inportant to the public than that block of bricks!! He is very much a man of class and character, please tell him that for me! and he acted in class and character as always,Life doesnt always give us perfection, the twists and turns are normal,but it’s how we handle those forks in the road that matter…David, you still matter!!!

  2. Mark Garriga says

    Everytime something doesn’t go right for David Cassidy – DUI, foreclosure, concert meltdown, it seem it miraculously is NEVER HIS FAULT. Pathetic.