Michael Vick Ties The Knot With Longtime Fiancee in Miami Beach

Michael Vick with Kijana Frink

Michael Vick with fiancee Kijana Frink

Controversial  football superstar Michael Vick married longtime fiancee Kijafa Frink last night in a lavish ceremony at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach.

Security alone for the dog-killing Philadelphia Eagles‘ quarterback set him back $300,000!

Tables at Michael Vick's wedding

One of the few photos that leaked from Michael Vick’s wedding (via Twitter)

On the menu: waffles and chicken!

The pre-wedding cocktail party began before sunset at the outdoor, second floor patio overlooking the ocean, and preparation for the resort’s other big event of the night, the iHeartRadio private pool-side concerts by Gym Class Heroes, Maroon 5 and Flo Rida.

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The Vick party’s vibe was relaxed, with hookahs on the tables and R&B music blaring in the background.

Waiters passed around fruity pink drinks to the gathering of guests — about 300 family members, friends and NFL colleagues of Vick, including running back LeSean McCoy and head coach Andy Reid, Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White, free agent wide out Plaxico Burress and retired New Orleans Saint Aaron Brooks.

The groom’s party went with a tropical theme, pairing their tuxes with pink and purple shirts, according to a gift shop employee.

The ceremony and reception took place later in one of the large ballrooms on the hotel’s second floor ballroom.

With security tight — police were stationed outside the ballroom to collect the cameras and cellphones from guests — dancing was definitely on the agenda, judging by the numerous women in ball gowns filing in and out carrying four-inch stilettos and wearing flip flops.

The decor featured lots of white candles, white flowers and blinged out chandeliers.

According to a server, the menu was as down-home as the 32-year-old Vick himself: lobster and oysters and shrimp, but also chicken and waffles, something that the Fontainebleau, one of South Florida’s most expensive hotels where wedding dinners start at $185-a-plate, had never served before.

Family of the bride and groom began arriving in Miami Beach Thursday, when they attended a birthday party for Vick at the hotel’s newest nightclub, ARKADIA.

“Miami here we come….this is about to be beautiful,” Vick tweeted Thursday while Frink tweeted photos of herself at the hotel’s stunning pool that day.

Courtney Vick, Vick’s sister, tweeted photos taken prior to the ceremony, saying: “Getting done up with the glam team, feeling like a Kardashian.”

Frink, who owns a jewelry boutique in Philadelphia called PNK Elephant, famously stood by her man while he served 21 months in prison for taking part in an illegal dog-fighting ring.

Then he proposed to her in 2009, at her 29th birthday party, getting down on one knee in front of dozens of guests. A year later, Vick gave Frink a fully loaded Porsche Panamera as a birthday gift.

He was signed to a six-year, $100 million contract with the Philadelphia Eagles earlier this year.

Reporting by Julie Kay

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  1. laney williams says

    I’m extremely happy for Vick and Kijafa. I’m rooting for him to have an excellent year on the football field, because he is truly evolving off the field. May God continue to shower him with His blessings

    • says

      I would like to congratulate Michael. He has been given a second chance and turned his life around. May God Bless.

    • A 1911 SHOOTER says

      wow, he sure didn’t marry for looks.

      May God bless him to cover the point spread every week.

      • carmendmv says

        Ha! Yes, agree – she’s not the cutest thing on the block, but he loves her and what she did for him. I hope he wins, I could care less about his wife.

        • jmt says

          Well lets see a picture of you, see what you look like. She is a beautiful women with a beautiful spirit. She is beautiful inside and out. Mike loves her so who loves your sorry a$$

          • T. Baby says

            Jmt you are so right why would you talk about his wife, the only thing that counts is he loves her. Also to start a article off with the dog killer is also very wrong. The man made a terrible mistake which he paid for and if God can forgive him who are we to keep judging him. Michael I wish you and your new beautiful wife nothing but the best.

        • Chaca says

          Oh hell yeah you care, which is exactly why you took the time to read the article and then took even more time to post a comment. Your comment alone tells the type of jealous person you are, simply because anyone that can see will tell you Kijafa is a very attractive young woman. Now lets see how long before someone dates you let alone marry. QUIT BEING A HATER, THAT ALONE IS VERY UNATTRACTIVE

    • 2ruff says

      Where they going for the honeymoon?
      Disney, a dog fight or wil litr be a dog fight?

      • McGYVERR says

        I heard they were going to the remake of Lassie. Mikey keeps hollaring Lassie come home but she won’t go..bad karma?

  2. FalconRed says

    They really do look like a nice couple. Being a Falcon fan, can’t wish him too much good luck…but at the same time, I can’t disrespect the man.
    And,….there is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with his wife!

    • Johnboy says

      Me too. She certainly isnt ugly, she looks like someone’s wife and mother. Congrats to Mike and the new Mrs. Vick.

  3. says

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  5. frank says

    Two things. The whole party cost 300 thousand. The menu was very large with shrimp, fish, and other things. You make it sound like all they had was chicken. Come on man get with it. I hate when people always have to mention this mans past. I’m happy for him. He could have ruined everything if he would have gotten bitter when he went to jail. I never thought he was so bad for fighting dogs. Big deal. He should have never went to jail at all.

  6. BjBanks says

    Michael Vick made the mistake of allowing people on his property who engaged dogs in fighting each other to their deaths. He is responsible for this awful decision and he has paid his debt. He did not kill any animal personally. You people need to give it a rest and get on with your lives, just as he has. I would be willing to bet if Charlie Sheen raped a woman or killed a bird, you would see it differently and would not verbally attack him. Most likely you would give him another chance, after all he is under the influence of drugs. So, please leave Michael Vick alone.

    • sophie says

      You’re wrong. He did personally kill dogs. You shouldn’t comment when you don’t have the facts. Vick is trash.

  7. Sarah says

    WHO CARES?? I don’t care who this jerk is! Anyone who has anything to do with making animals fight and be harmed is an absolutely sick sociopath. Sick VICK is a very disgusting, cruel and absolutely pure evil man. People, who do not respect animals, get no respect from any fellow human beings, no matter who they are. People only mention evil monsters like Vick in the form of curse for their sinful deeds. He put up a remorseful show, only after he was caught. I am appalled by the fact that he did not serve the full sentence that he deserved for the heinous crimes he committed. He is a monster, who will never change. The majority of antisocial psychopaths begin with abusing animals and later move up to abusing people. He should be tortured in the same manner by football fans as he tarnished the image of football by his sickening deeds. . Don’t let him fool you……he is not a “changed” man …but he sure changed the lives of numerous innocent dogs.

    “We’ve never heard him express a shred of empathy toward the dogs he brutalized and killed. Rather than talk about the horrors and brutalities of dogfighting, Vick has instead chosen to focus on the consequences of getting caught. Vick’s actions have been simply self-serving and not remotely expressing remorse” comment by ASPCA

  8. Amber says

    Let’s not forget this dude tortured dogs by drowning, gunshot, electrocution etc. who cares if this sicko got married, that girl married a psycho path. He’s disgusting inside and out.