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Octomom Signed Contracts With Two Rival South Florida Strip Clubs!


Octomom Signed Contracts With Two Rival South Florida Strip Clubs!

Octomom Nadya Suleman turns to stripping for cash

Nadya Suleman

Remember Greek mythology’s Helen of Troy, whose inability to pick between two suitors started a bloody war?

The Octomom is about to do the same thing with two South Florida strip clubs!

Nadya Suleman, the California single mother of 14 who had eight babies in one sitting three years ago, has signed two contracts to appear on the same night — July 13, a Friday!!!! — in strip bars in Palm Beach and Broward counties.

And now, the owner of the northern joint is talking lawsuit!

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It’s another Gossip Extra exclusive: Earlier this month, the financially-strapped Suleman, 36, signed a deal to dance topless at T’s Lounge July 11-15 in West Palm Beach.

Financial details weren’t revealed, but I’m told she’d make upward of $25,000 (plus tips, a hotel suite, free plane tickets, a limo and a permanent security guard) to pole dance on stage three times each of the five nights.

When news broke that she’d kick off her career as a stripper in West Palm Beach, however, Suleman announced she wouldn’t perform at T’s because of allegedly-nasty things that staffers said about her in interviews.

Now this: Suleman this week signed another stripper’s contract, this time to appear at The Playhouse South, another mammary Mecca in Hallandale, an hour south.

“We signed her up for July 13,” said Playhouse publicist Joe Tomayo. “I have no idea what’s going on with T’s, but as far as we’re concerned, Nadya will be here that night.”

Tomayo said the club has started advertising.

Thing is, so did T’s! On July 13, as far as its owner is concerned, she’ll be in West Palm.

“We fully expect Nadya to fulfill her contract with us,” said Gary Odle, owner of T’s. “We worked too hard to convince her to dance here.”

Lawsuit anyone?

“We’re checking into it,” Odle said. “Stay tuned.”

Octomom turned to porn, and now stripping, to pay her bills after California child welfare authorities questioned her ability to care for her brood without a clear source of income.

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