Democratic Operative Andre Fladell’s Not so Liberal Child Support Questioned

Behind-the-scenes Democratic Party operative Andre Fladell is battling with his ex-wife over child support, court records show.

Democratic Party big Andre Fladell

Democratic Party big Andre Fladell

Fladell, 64, a close ally to Palm Beach County Commissioner Burt Aaronson and State Attorney candidate Dave Aronberg, married Erica Benedetti in 2002.

At the time, she was 26 and had just delivered their son.

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They were divorced within a year, however, with Fladell signing a settlement that promised $650-a-month in child support and $3,000-lump sum alimony.

For the past two years, however, Benedetti and Fladell have been in a legal back and forth in which she claims she never received support payments while he says he paid for private schools and tutors for the boy, expenses that total way more than the mandatory support.

Benedetti, by the way, got married to another man and has two children with him.

A trial to sort out the Fladell situation is scheduled for August.

In filings by Beneditti lawyer Steve Effman, a former Democratic state representative, Fladell is alleged to have never paid child support. Effman didn’t return calls.

In his answer, however, Fladell claims he spent over $22,000 on the child’s education, and plunked down thousands more for camps and other goodies.

Said Fladell: “Child support is for the benefit of the child, not the mother.”

Fladell’s attorney, Jay A. Schwartz, described Fladell “as a great father who is in full compliance with all financial obligations.”

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  1. Palm Beach Voter says

    Funny, you must be an “Andre supporter”. I sure you will delete this because of it. If you really check court records, you would find a standing order since 2003, which Andre is ordered to pay child support and in his depo of April 28, 2011, done by Certified Court Reporting, Andre stated he never paid according to the court order. Andre further states he started after the case was filed and then stopped after ONLY 4 months. In his depo Andre admits he empty and spent his ONLY son’s collage fund, which the order of 2003 states that both parents can’t touch. The ONLY person who had authority to touch the collage fund was Andre and the collage fund was a condition for Andre to pay less than the state guide lines. There is also another court order which states Andre has AT LEAST two million, $2,000,000 dollars and can pay for anything, yet by his own words stated he stopped paying his, under state guidelines, child support of $650 per month. Further there are records from his attorney which stated, Andre will not allow the child to ride the trunk of this care anymore. WOW!

    • Palm Beach Voter says

      Oh, by the way, Andre’s son goes to public school, which does not cost any money. How is it he spent so much money on private schools? Your original article stated he spent $14,000, now it is $22,000. Did you see the records? I have any it ONLY totals about $6-8k.

      Child support is to provide the necessities of life, FOOD, CLOTHING, INSUREANCE, HOUSING, include utilities. How will private schools a necessity of life? Oh, it’s NOT.

      • Palm Beach Voter says

        You have a master degree, try some simple math. $650 x 12 months, x 9 years (since 2003) equals WHAT? $70,200 dollars!, minus your $22,000 still equals WHAT? $48,200 dollars. How is 22k more than 70k? How do you do math?

        Oh, and how much has Andre spent in attorney fees? According to court record over $120,000 dollars. Not a smart Jew. Penny wish pound foolish.