Chris Bosh’s Baby Mama: “He Had me in Fertility Treatment, Now he Doesn’t Want to Help!”

Chris Bosh of the Miami Heat

Chris Bosh

Allison Mathis, 32, cringes at the thought that anyone would believe she’s another NBA baby mama who got pregnant for child support.

Chris Bosh's baby mama, Allison Mathis

Allison Mathis

True, Mathis produced a daughter out-of-wedlock with Miami Heat star Chris Bosh, who’s preparing for the NBA Finals’ fifth and possibly deciding game against the Oklahoma City Thunder tonight at the Triple A.

Their child, however, was wanted, the product of love: Mathis and Bosh lived together for two years when he played for the Toronto Raptors, and she says Bosh had her get fertility treatments when getting pregnant proved harder than he thought.

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In her first interview since their daughter Trinity was born three years ago, Mathis says she doesn’t understand why Bosh is ignoring her pleas for help after she lost her job last month, placing her on the edge of foreclosure and public assistance.

Worse: She says Bosh has spent upward of $2 million on a coterie of lawyers to keep his child support payment at $2,600 a month — millions that even the Orange County judge handling their case said would be better spent on his daughter.

“Chris really wanted us to have a baby, that why he had me go to a fertility doctor,” Mathis exclusively told Gossip Extra at the downtown Orlando office of her lawyer, Jane E. Carey. “I followed the treatment and we eventually became pregnant. He was very happy when Trinity was born.”

(See the exclusive video below showing Bosh and Mathis learning the results of their pregnancy test)

As Gossip Extra revealed exclusively Saturday, Mathis is the Orlando single mother who applied for tax-funded food stamps because, she says, Bosh’s child support barely pays for her mortgage. The tallhead makes as much as $18 million a year playing for the Heat.

Mathis believed Bosh would marry her when Trinity was born. But she and Bosh broke up when she was six months pregnant, and she eventually moved to Orlando to be with her family.

But Bosh married Adrienne Williams last year, and the couple had their first child last month.

Lawyer Carey says Bosh’s aggressive legal stand started when he moved to Florida in 2010 to join LeBron James and Dwyane Wade on the Heat.

If you believe Bosh, however, he’s not really living in the $12.5 million-mansion he bought in 2010 in Miami Beach but in the 1,800-square-foot house at 904 Manor Drive, De Soto, Texas, according to court records. That house is assessed at $93,000.

“The amount of child support was set by a judge in Dallas, Texas, where Mr. Bosh is from,” Carey said. “Let’s just say they gave him a sweetheart deal because he’s a favorite son over there.

“In Florida, there are guidelines, and those guidelines would probably set Mr. Bosh child support to something around $25,000 to $30,000.”

Now, Carey said, Bosh is fighting her attempts to have him domiciled here.

And in fairness, Matthis says, Bosh does what he is mandated to do when it comes to visitations with Trinity.

“He has his nanny chauffered up in his SUV to pick up Trinity for four-day weekends in Miami,” Matthis says. “I don’t know how much bonding there is when a nanny who doesn’t speak English is involved, but Trinity knows here dad wears the  No. 1 jersey.”

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  1. mizzmax says

    These chicks need to read the book of Corinthians. He wanted you to have the baby, but didn’t want to marry you…and broke up with you before the baby was born. It makes me question who really wanted the baby and why would you agree to have a baby for a man you weren’t married to? Because you lowered your standards and now this is what’s happening to you. I’m not saying what he is doing is right but I hope you learned from this situation. I also had a child out of wedlock by someone I thought loved me and turns out, he didn’t want to pay up either or be a father and it taught me a hard lesson: DON’T HAVE A CHILD FOR A MAN YOU ARE NOT MARRIED TO!

    • janet says

      You are right! You couldn’t have summed it up better. It’s in the word of God.

      • Paul Latimore says

        It takes two to tango. And look at this quote from mizzmax: “Because you lowered your standards and now this is what’s happening to you.”

        All of us need to take off those dark glasses we have on. The truth is that “this is what’s happening to the CHILD.”

        If the mama gets evicted, guess who else gets evicted? If the mama’s lights go off, guess who else is in the dark.

        If he makes $18 million a year, that’s about $1.6 million a month. If he paid ONE PERCENT of his income in child support, he would be contributing $16,000 a month to his child’s support.

        I just don’t see why a man who’s always talking about how much he loves this little girl and wants to spend time with her and all that stuff can see the girl’s mama fall on hard times (like 15 million other people in the USA) and be content to see them eating with the help of a government hand out– food stamps. It’s bad enough that poor people with poor mamas and daddies have to suck off the government cash cow. It’s ridiculous for the daughter of a man who makes that much money. Is this a cultural thing– not taking care of your kids?

    • Cheydia says

      I had children by a man I was married to so having a babies while married is no guarantee he’s going to stick around either. I got a divorce didn’t want alimony only child support and his ass hasn’t began to pay that. Our children are 12 and 16 and guess what we made it without him or his money and he saw his 12 year old daughter for the first time in 2009 and his son who he didn’t see since he was 4 smh. I never spoke bad to him to or around the kids, but the 16 year old wants nothing to do with him. Its too soon to tell with the 12 year old she’s a forgiver. As moms we have to make it for the kid and it’s possible to live off of less that 12 grand a month with sacrifice. Kids come first trust he’s going to hurt in the long run kids are as dumb as these guys think and u can’t blame a good mom for nothing to the child who knows and been with her all their lives.

  2. says

    BOSH please contact me and my business partner in Tallahassee Florida. We are starting up a business for Fathers Rights as we speak and this vision is for fathers like you and many others, that the courts try and screw because of the Baby Mama. We have very useful information and we would love to be of any assistance that would help us build our vision.

    • Dee says

      Shut the hell up. You teaching this man to run away from his resposiblities. You are the biggest ass hole ever. Teach men to be men not little boys.

      • Shon says

        I don’t see how a human being could have a child and get Two thousand, six hundred dollars a month to ASSIST in taking care of that child, can’t make due. Seriously, $2,600. Are you kidding me. Regardless of what he makes, you’re telling me that him paying $2,600 a MONTH is not enough to SUPPORT his child? The child can’t live like that? Really? How about the woman get what we hard working Americans call a J.O.B. and do for herself. I’m sure she can get a crappy job and add $2,600 a month to that and live good. I have a damn nice house in the suburbs and pay $1,300 a month. That means she can have two of these with the money he sends and all she has to do is make minimum wage for food! Sorry is just sorry. Period.

  3. AJ says

    Marital status doesn’t make a difference, although is does legally bind. If a father choses not to support his child or properly provide for his child that just makes him an uncaring person. If questions and eyebrows were raised when Diddy’s son received a much earned scholarship for college and ppl thought he shouldn’t be entitled due to his Dad’s wealth. Why on earth would a wealthy man’s child be allowed to collect state assisted tax payer funds because he REFUSES to fulfill his obligations.

  4. says

    What does this woman expect. She is not his wife, therefore he is not beholden to her. If he is doing what the courts instructed him to do, then sista your beating a dead horse. You cannot expect courts to enforce morality, I read an article recently about this women denying his request for the daughter to attend the nba finals. Now that your down on your luck you wan the man to support you. again, he only has one wife.

    • idigress says

      The NBA Finals is not the place for a 3 year old child…Like a lot of black . ballers, once they start getting that big pay check they leave their high school sweethearts for what they view as an upgrade….models, actresses, white girls…etc. children from previous relationships become liabilities. Most of them dont know how to be fathers because they never had fathers…so the cycle keeps repeating…what a legacy. At the end of the day even their wealth returns back into the hands of the man.

  5. A 1911 SHOOTER says

    How about baby momma get a damn job ! I bet she has the prereq stuff covered like the Caddy ‘Slade w/ghetto wheels on it, the Louis Vuitton purses and trashy custom ink. I love how she says her “child support” barely covers the mortgage now the kid has to make the house payt’s ?? that rough on a 5 y/o.

    • Paul Latimore says

      She HAD a job. She lost her job. How many people you know lost their jobs? Not her fault. So, is the baby supposed to suffer cause her multi-millionaire daddy doesn’t want to give his baby’s mama more than $2600? Stop focusing on HER and start focusing on the CHILD. That’s HIS child. HE’s SUPPOSED to take care of that child. He’s paying less than 1/4 of ONE PERCENT of his monthly salary. Have YOU ever been ordered to pay child support by ANY COURT anywhere? If so I GUARANTEE that you are paying WAY MORE than ONE PERCENT of YOUR income. So WHY does HE get to get away with paying so little? And why is everybody alright with wealthy people being treated better than us not-wealthy people? IF I HAVE TO PAY 25% OF MY SALARY, WHY DOESN’T HE HAVE TO PAY 25% OF HIS. Wake the f*ck up!!

      • A Mom Too says

        Give me a break, over $30,000. a year…. do you have any idea how many family’s live on half of what she gets for the child. This gold-digger is disgusting, as is her lawyer…. they both know there is no way in this world she can get food stamps or welfare…. her income is $25,000. too much! Also if she REALLY got laid off she’d get unemployment.

        You have to admit her timing for this crap was well planned. Just remember girlfriend’s who get themselves pregnant don’t get spousal support cuz you weren’t a spouse! I have no doubt that the child will be taken care of in the form of a trust… that lil momma can’t get her hands on.

        What makes her think she deserves his money, she had nothing to do with his career, and unlike many other Father’s he is taking care of his daughter….. NO LAW says he has to take care of the jealous gold-digger!

        So glad Chris Bosh found his wife Adrienne, a class act and very sweet…. so happy for them….. and yes, I am a woman, yes I raised a child alone, and NO I never got child support so go cry a river cause there’s no sympathy here …. just disgust for how you used your child, and the media to trash talk and lie…

      • sday says

        thank u….when his short career is over and all the money is gone he will be alright…god don’t like ugly

      • idigress says

        And she tried to get a job making her own money on the Basketball Wives show making $12,000/week but he and his lawyers blocked that. How in the hell can your ex-boyfriend keep you making only $2600/mo on his dime and then don’t want to pay your mortgage when you lose your job?

    • mike says

      U r so right!! Just because Bosh is rich doesnt mean he should be paying her what some people make in a year for her monthly support. A child doesnt buy clothes everyday. In my opinion I dont think rich people should have to pay over 5000 a month in support. thats 60k a year. There is kno way on earth a child needs that much a year for support. In reality her little girl wont need over $500 a month on her expenses. Sounds like baby momma more concerned about living a certain lifestyle

  6. Lynda says

    This man is paying child support as mandated by the court. He has not missed a payment…and he sees his daughter. What more do you want him to do….support her too? I mean, really. isn’t this what it is all about? With all due respect to you Allison, but the two of you were never married and you haven’t been together since you were 2-3 months pregnant. The child is 3 now. You should have gotten on with your life. The child support payments SHOULD BE GOING TO THE CHILD. THE REST IS UP TO YOU. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN LIFE…CHRIS IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR LIFE. You need to figure out how you are going to handle YOUR part of YOUR life and MOVE ON. If you don’t want to be catagorized as a money-grubbing groupie….then STOP actiting like one. Say thank you for the moeny he provides for YOUR DAUGHTER, and YOU TAKE CARE OF YOU YOURSELF. CASE CLOSED.

    • Paul Latimore says

      See the problem is that for YOU, $2600 is a lot of money. I have to pay 25% of my income in child support. Why is that people like you think it’s alright for somebody who can afford to pay 25% of their income to only pay less than one percent? Why is that alright? Chris Bosh is no better than me or the other million or so fathers who have to pay 20-30 percent of their income in child support. If he just paid ONE DAMN PERCENT, his daughter wouldn’t be on food stamps. But it seems like that’s okay for you. Rich man’s daughter on food stamps, cause he won’t give her mama one percent of his income to take care of her. Pathetic!

      • idigress says

        Bosh should be hanging his head in financial shame. paying lawyers $2 million so that he can keep paying $2600/mo in child support. this idiot deserves to be taken for everything he has. And the lawyers are laughing at his stupid azz all the way to the bank. HHHHHHHE had this girl taking fertility drugs. Sounds like he only wanted a surrogate.

  7. maggie pearl says

    What MAN who has much does not his child to have much? It is not for him to worry about how the money is spent,it is for him to worry about providing it. Shame on people for saying this lady is a con artist,shame on you for thinking it is right to create a child and not provide for it to the best of your ability and shame on anybody who thinks this fool lives in De Soto,Texas! I really thought he was a bigger and better person than what he is said to be. Paying an attorney money to keep from paying child support according to his means is ungodly. When his present wife dumps his neanderthal looking behind(and she is) what his ugly behind do? Oh please.Don’ let your line be caught in a hole you don’t to be fishing in.

    • sday says

      thank you…she only married and had a child with him so she to can get hers when she dumps him

  8. atypical says

    Oh boo hoo already….she’s acting like he’s paying her $200 a month or something..How in the hell can she get food stamps and he pays her almost 3k a month…I mean this woman gets more in child support(tax free) than some people earn, working 9 to 5. She can’t afford the lifestyle to which she feels entitled to and I guess she’s trying to embaress/shame him into paying..she should be careful before she ends up like d wade’s ex wife….#justsaying

  9. kenond says

    Low life. 2 million you paid the man. Could use that same amount to pay for 18 years of child support/ Fuckin idiot excuse my French!

  10. Cyrus the virus says

    All of you women are the same. Money-hungry, bitter, and thinks that because she popped a kid out, she’s entitled to the riches of the man! More than likely, the little girl has a trust fund set up. He’s taking care of his daughter, not his baby-mama! Since when does it cost $30k-$40k per month for a child?!?! It’s called get up, get a job, and be responsible!!! Just because you have a vagina doesn’t mean the world owes you something!!!

  11. BballFan says

    If it’s all about the financial support of the child, why not give the father full custody?
    Truth is women mature faster than men and at four/six years chronologically older; that should make Ms. Mathis eight/ten years more emotionally mature than Mr. Bosh; so why was she taking parental advice from a child?

  12. dsmith says

    I don’t understand why any man wouldnot want their to live the same quality of life that they live. How can you in good conscience raise one child in the lap of luxury and another on government cheese?There’s something wrong with that pic. I’ve lost all respect forget Chris. He needs to be careful. God giveth andGodtakethaway.His daaughter will soon be able to ask why?

  13. cheetara stuchel says

    He aint shit for that. My sons dad is MARCUS BENARD he plays for the CLEVELAND BROWNS and he dnt do shit for are son. I dnt see how these NFL players and NBA players can get away with not payin childsupport .

  14. Rick Edmond says

    As some one has pointed out $2600 per month is more than enough for this child to be raised. Child support is for the child not the mother. They were not married so there is NO Alimony. Mortgage payment of $2600 is ridiculous. She can get a DECENT townhouse in a gated community for much less than that. She should not even qualify for foodstamps receiving $31,200 per year in child support. At most a judge might raise this to something like $4000 per month which is way more than necessary to provide for THE CHILD, NOT THE MOTHER. GET OFF YOUR B U T T and get a REAL JOB, Basketcase Housewives doesn’t count as a REAL JOB.

  15. Me says

    These NBA players think they are above the law, morals and values. As long as they have fans who support their wrong doing they will continue to make babies with women and abandon them. Chris wears the #1 is ironic since Penny also wore that number and Penny has several unwanted secret children ALL over the US that he does nothing for. He only steps up when the media finds out. And when the media breaks the story, then he wants to do right by his secret kids. Chris is doing the same. He only spends time with his daughter because the media is involved. Someone should do a huge story on the many many children who are fathered by athletes and forgotten about. It would definitely change perceptions.

    • kc says

      That is a great idea.The media needs to expose these men,and let them no that fans will not support deadbeat dads.After I heard about Eddie Murphy being a deadbeat dad to his youngest child,denying that she’s his and never spending anytime with her,I stopped atching his movies.I won’t go see another Eddie Murphy movie again.

  16. kc says

    First of all,the first commenter couldn’t say it any better.I too had a child by my ex,when we were dating,and now I am just waiting for marriage before having another.It is true that men aren’t guaranteed to take care of their kids when you marry them,but there is a far better chance then when you are just dating them.I don’t know why this girl wanted to have a baby by this ugly man in the first place.She also needs to stop talking like she is 11 or 12.She was was acting like a 12 year old girl in the video,and she was also thinking like one too.She thought that she could live with this guy for two years,and have a baby by him,then that will guarantee her wifey status.Now she’s stuck with little to no money and no house.When she couldn’t get pregnant by him,she should have took that as a sign,instead of going out and getting fertility treatment.As for the money,I get $300 a month from my child’s father,and I would love to get what she is getting,but if my child’s father was a millionaire,I too would be fighting for more.Its not right that he is a millionare and living like one,while his child is living with her mom in some apartment,while getting welfare.If I was her,that would bother me everyday.No,she does not deserve to be on basketball wives,since she was a never a wife,buit she does deserve to get more child support,so his and her child can at least live in a house,and so his daughter can live a lifestyle similar to him and his new son.p.s I hope the new wife leaves him and takes him for all he’s worth.

  17. mineisbigger says

    Good on Chris Bosh…lawyer up!!! By the way…the tv show is called BASKETBALL WIVES…NOT BASKETBALL BABY MOMMAS. Why is when a man doesn’t have a job and can’t take care of his responsibilities…he’s called a bum…but women can dig in the child’s fathers pockets when she can’t or won’t get off her ass?! Some women (not all) play the helpless woman/victim card in far too many situations. If you can’t take care of the kid…do the right thing and give custody to the father…but she won’t because its not about whats in the child’s best interests…its about the money. I don’t buy her story one bit…her attempts to embarrass and expose a well known pro athlete reveals her intentions as a bitter, coniving, gold digger…which is probably why Chris Bosh left her in the first place.

  18. says

    It is a disgrace. Why is it that these NBA player, especially from Miami Heat think it is ok to dump their sweetheart for ex-wife in such derogatory manner and in turn take away theri children? Moreover, the nanny or the sister now become sorrogate mothers. Is it because they have the money. I am ashamed of their behavior. Wade can walk the red carpet with his new found love and his ex must suffer – no money, and no children. Now Chis Bosh to do the same. They don’t deserve to be on Miami’s team. You all know that your time is coming. the tears they shed will one day ‘drop on your shoulder.’ you all will pay the price for being nasty.