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Bizman Buys House of Horrors: People in Florida Die All The Time, he Says!


Bizman Buys House of Horrors: People in Florida Die All The Time, he Says!

The Fort Lauderdale house where multi-millionaire Ron Vinci  was murdered

“I ain’t afraid of no ghost!” The Fort Lauderdale house were retired auto dealer Ron Vinci was bludgeoned, stabbed and shot to death has been sold! (Click on the photo for the grand tour)

Ohio businessman Dennis Glunt says he doesn’t believe in ghosts or superstitions.

That’s a good thing, since he just bought the Fort Lauderdale house where retired multi-millionaire auto dealer Ron Vinci was beaten, bludgeoned, stabbed and shot to death a year ago, allegedly by his girlfriend.

Dennis Glunt

Dennis Glunt

Glunt says he bought the Isles of Las Olas crib knowing full well what happened there, but he says he paid one third of the true value for the 8,100-square-foot, five-bedroom mansion.

Click here to tour the house, and the homes of dozens of South Florida celebs

“Replacement value is almost $9 million,” Glunt said.

He paid Vinci’s estate $2.8 million, according to Broward County records, and started moving in with his wife and two children last month.

“People in Fort Lauderdale were pretty hesitant to buy it,” Glunt said. “But one man’s tragedy is another’s windfall.

“People in Florida die all the time. Whether it’s from a heart attack or being bludgeoned to death, when you’re dead, trust me about that, you’re dead!

“They tell me they rolled the body in the carpet then replaced the carpet, so there was no blood that we could see. The house is in phenomenal shape, it’s all solid concrete and very peaceful.”

Glunt, who owns a 75-foot yacht, says he’s been looking for a permanent home in Fort Lauderdale for a year. He says he saw close to 100.

“As soon as I walked in this one, I wanted it within an hour,” he said.

Glunt says he has “zero interest” in watching the upcoming trial of Catherine Pileggi, the former flight attendant who allegedly killed Vinci in the house after he announced he wanted to date other women.

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