Video: Does Palm Beach Police Officer William Eaton Act Like a Bad Cop?

Gossip Extra‘s unique look at the firing of Palm Beach Police Officer William Eaton continues with this dashboard-cam recording of Eaton writing speeding tickets to motorists near a Palm Beach school.

Neither Eaton nor the motorists are visible, although everyone can be heard. That’s because that day, Feb. 10, Eaton was doing his speed checks from a golf cart a block away.

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In the 12 minutes of the recording, Eaton pulls over two people going at least 15 miles over the 20 mph speed limit in a school zone.

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Eaton was fired earlier this month for writing too many tickets. Palm Beach Police Chief Kirk Blouin had Eaton investigated because, Blouin says, Eaton wrote up motorists unnecessarily in retaliation for pension cuts.

Elizabeth Parker, Eaton’s lawyer, says the 115 tickets Eaton wrote this year, until he was suspended in mid-March, are absolutely legit. She is trying to get him his gig back, saying his trouble stem from a pervasive attitude among Palm Beachers that they shouldn’t get ticketed.

Yesterday, Gossip Extra brought you the dashboard cam view of Eaton pulling over a resident going 83 mph in a Ferrari.

Today, you can hear Eaton talking to a female crossing guard who bitterly complains about Palm Beachers speeding by her while pupils are present.

At the 3-minute mark on the recording, Eaton pulls over WPBF-Channel 25 reporter Randy Gyllenhaal (yes, he is a relative of Brokeback Mountain star Jake Gyllenhaal). And actually, Eaton gives Gyllenhaal a break after clocking him at 37 mph. Eaton ticketed him for speeding outside the school zone, saving Gyllenhaal $150.

Was Eaton a bad cop? You make the call!

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  1. Bancroft says

    This cop is getting the shaft from a guttless supervisor /chief of police.
    While I dont have a particular fondness for the boys in blue and their FOP I will say that this cop so far shows good poise and tact while perfoming a job that brings out the worst in people on the receiving end of a ticket. As far as the dweeb with the penis extender for an auto that brought up (I live on Breakers Row) Low rent palm beacher at that price / David Mack is my cousin???? good grief Charlie Brown! I would have cuffed his ass and performed a Rodney King on him as a “courtousy” just for mentioning D. Mack / Hell, They dont want David Mack in NY ? LI on the port authority board nor do they want him on the Hofstra board. The man is a pig!! Just ask any Fillipino that was illeagaly employed by him @ his house or on one of his “bagel Barges” (yacht) the last twenty years .

    This police officer needs to be reinstated with back pay and whatever the FOP can screw the town of PB out of!!

  2. Toni says

    Listened to 2nd tape and my stance remains the same as after hearing the 1st one. Officer Eaton was doing his job and bending over backwards to be professional. The Chief of Police should be ashamed of himself for having no backbone.

  3. Good Cop/Bad Cop says

    Officer Eaton is a Good Cop in my book. He deserves to get his job back!

  4. Common Sense says

    Mr. Ferrari Driver should wear big boy pants. He looks like a douche bag runt sniveling and name dropping. Getting a speed ticket is just bad luck, take it like a man, pay the price and move on.