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Nick Loeb: I’m no Drugged Out Sex Maniac!


Nick Loeb: I’m no Drugged Out Sex Maniac!

Modern Family's Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb

Modern Family's Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb (Splash News)

Aspiring South Florida politician Nick Loeb, the former Delray Beach Commission and Florida Senate candidate and on-and-then-off boyfriend of Modern Family star Sofia Vergara, is denying reports he partook in Viagra-fueled orgies with hookers!

Trust-funder Loeb, 36, who recently considered a run for the U.S. Senate, is portrayed in the upcoming issue of the Boca Raton-based National Enquirer as a sex-crazed druggie whose recent session with two ladies-of-the-night was interrupted by a phone call from ABC star Vergara!

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“(Loeb) just can’t get enough,” one of the two prostitutes only identified by her first name, Bianca, told the tabloid. “He’ll party with anyone from two to five girls, usually in luxury hotel penthouses, with porn playing on all the TVs, lines of cocaine laid out and liquor flowing like water.”

The woman added Loeb is known in her biz as the guy who pops Viagra like Tic Tacs and provides them with his own sex toys and lingerie. Bianca also added Vergara has no idea he is into group sex.

A ticked off Loeb, meanwhile, issued this statement: “I am mortified that false illicit behavior has been attributed to me. It’s hurtful and unfair. My first priority is to protect the people I love, and I hope they are not impacted by these lies and irresponsible reports.”

The Enquirer, meanwhile, is known to polygraph sources and usually reject statements from those who fail the test.

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