Casey Anthony Eyes Summer Move to Central America

Casey Anthony is said to be leaving Florida for Costa Rica

Casey Anthony, as she appeared earlier this year on a YouTube video

Exonerated child killer Casey Anthony is dreaming of pink sand and volcanoes!

Anthony is considering a move to the Central American country of Costa Rica, according to RadarOnline.

What’s more, the sexy 26-year has porked up because of overeating and a lack of exercise, and has become practically unrecognizable!

Anthony has been in hiding since she was cleared by a jury of killing her two-year-old daughter Caylee almost 11 months ago. There were unconfirmed sightings of Anthony in Port Saint Lucie, were one member of her defense team lives.

Now, according to the report citing an anonymous source, Anthony wants something more exotic where she could blend in easily. Costa Rica is home to hundreds of thousands of Americans seeking a cheaper way of life in a safe, comfortable foreign country.

Anthony, however, will have to wait until August, when her probation for stealing a friend’s checkbook and using five checks in 2010 runs out.

Until then, her daily routine has been described as going to Starbucks, smoking cigarettes and driving aimlessly around the city where she lives, her hair pulled into a modest bun!

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  1. A 1911 SHOOTER says

    CR is safe lol since when ??? hundreds of thousands of americans there..where ??? CS suks balls and so does all the little 3rd world rats that inhabit it. I fell for this safe marketing BS and went on a hunting trip there last year. Other than my $2000 Bennelli M4 shotgun getting lifted at the airport they also took various knives and 500 rds of ammo. Yeah its safe, hopefully CA will get shot w/ my 12Ga M4