Lauren Tannehill, Wife of New Miami Dolphins QB, Poses for Maxim!

Lauren Tannehill, wife of new Miami Dolphins QB, looks good in Fins colors

Lauren Tannehill looks fetching in Dolphins orange-and-teal (Click on the photo for more from

New Miami Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill‘s wife is turning out to be the family’s star in the off-season.

Sexy Lauren Tannehill, whose looks caught the cameras’ attention on draft day, appeared to be in a cheerleading tryout during a recent modeling shoot by shutterbug Roger Snider.

Word is the photos (above and underneath) are slated for an upcoming issue of Maxim.

Ryan Tannehill was drafted in the first round out of Texas A & M and is believed to be in need of a couple seasons to establish himself as an uncontested on-field leader.

Lauren, however, is ready for the big time right now!

Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill's wife, Lauren, is set to appear in Maxim

Lauren Tannehill's center pose beats the Fins' Mike Pouncey's! (Click on the photo for more from

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