John Gotti’s Godson: Sheriff Ric Bradshaw Hangs Out With The Mob!

Lewis Kasman, the turncoat godson of dead Mafia don John Gotti, has jumped feet first into local politics.

He’s accusing Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw, who’s up for reelection, of associating with a man with ties to organized crime — and even taking his money and charity!

Mob rat Lewis Kasman calls out Sheriff Ric Bradshaw

Lewis Kasman (Courtesy NY Daily News)

Kasman, who’s in a federal protection program after ratting out Gotti’s son to stay out of jail, came out of hiding to make his claim loud and clear during a telephone appearance on the Seaview-960 AM’s Cop Talk Radio.

Kasman, who was also the business manager of Gotti’s Gambino gang, didn’t endorse anyone for office. But he said he just wanted to make sure voters know about Bradshaw’s friendship with Palm Beach Gardens yacht builder John Staluppi.

The latter’s association with members of the Colombo gangland family in New York has been well documented by government and the press.

And Kasman threw some fuel on the simmering fire.

“I met John Staluppi in person often on behalf of my old boss John Gotti,” Kasman said on both the radio show and later in an interview with Gossip Extra. “Since he was a car dealer on Long Island, he used to sell us (the Gambino gang) cars at a good price. It was all legit. We paid for the cars, but we knew where to go to buy them.”

In the 1990s, the Robert De Niro lookalike Staluppi was suspected by several law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, to be someone who may have provided cash, cars and no-show jobs to mobsters who needed to justify a legitimate income.

Staluppi was never arrested in any Mafia-related case, and always denied being a made-man.

Since the 1990s, however, Staluppi has become a tremendously wealthy car dealer and builder of megayachts. He also has been a generous contributor to Bradshaw’s political causes.

Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw

Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw

During the sheriff’s 2008 reelection campaign, Staluppi bundled $6,000 in contributions for Bradshaw. The news promped the sheriff to say he didn’t know a “doggone thing” about Staluppi’s past.

Bradshaw obviously did nothing to server his ties with Staluppi.

Staluppi hosts a major yearly charity fundraiser for PBSO each fall at his private car museum in North Palm Beach, Cars of  Dreams. It’s always attended by Bradshaw and benefits for the agency’s Shop with a Cop Christmas program for poor children.

And when the state verbally slapped Bradshaw on the wrist for using his taxpayer-issued in-service credit card to buy lunches for members of the media and political donors, one meal cited by state ethics czars was with Staluppi.

“If the sheriff doesn’t know about John Staluppi, you’d think that he’d have a chief of staff look it up,” Kasman said. “Or maybe he just doesn’t want to know.”

Bradshaw does not comment for stories in Gossip Extra or any other media company he perceives to be against him.

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  1. Toni says

    Do we really want for Sheriff a man who claims stupidity when it comes to either using his county issued credit card (paid for by the taxpayer)to buy lunch for campaign contributors and certain members of the media; or who says he has no knowledge of another campaign contributor with suspected ties to the mob? If one of his employees pals around with a criminal they are fired – and I’ll bet he wouldn’t accept their mea culpa that they didn’t know!
    Also, his entire 3rd floor at Gun Club Road is dedicated to intel (supported by Homeland Security funding) and he wants us to expect they haven’t run a criminal background check on everyone Bradshaw associates with?

  2. says

    Hey , Ric Bradshaw , looks like your world and criminal career is crashing down around you buddy . You can only cover up , and talk your way out of so many things . this new development and story , along with playing dumb with the county issued credit card , the public is not buying it anymore.Lets not forget your latest fumble , coming out way to soon to defend Sgt. Mike custer. That shooting has question marks all over it , and a deputy who is a loose cannon. The taxpayers want to clean up this county , and want to clean house starting with your department.

  3. says

    Poor Ric Bradshaw , dying your mustache is not going to help your public image bud. Playing dumb with county credit cars , hanging out with criminals , and being so quick to defend a questionable shooting by one of your loose cannon employees, not looking good. The only news that surrounds you and the Sheriff’s office is bad news , would not be planning any big victory party for this election .

  4. Jr. says

    Louis Kasman, is nothing but a rat and should keep his mouth shut…Piece of garbage from Woodbury Long Island….Take care of your kids, big mouth

  5. pbc says

    Kasman has exposed lots of CORRUPTION in Palm Beach County between various JUDGES and LAWYERS —– LOOK at Judges Colin, Rosenberg, Stern, Lewis, Kroll, Blanc & Berger….. With HOWARD I. WEISS and HENRY B. HANDLER….. Do I hear SCOTT ROTHSTEIN? LOOK at the fiasco with Judge Marx and outgoing Commissioner Burt Aaronson, Howard Weiss & Chief Judge Blanc… That is criminal Conduct…. To threaten and intimindate a Judge – NOT to run for SA! By Blanc, Weiss & Aaronson…. CRIMINAL CONDUCT!

    This is CORRUPTION COUNTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. yes sir! says

    This is CORRUPTION COUNTY! LOOK at HOWARD WEISS, JUDGE PETER BLANC & OUTGOING COMM BURT AARONSON??? LOOK at there recent CRIMINAL CONDUCT with JUDGE KRISTA MARX — Threaten and intiminadate a candidate for State Attorney….. by WEISS & HANDLER…. Two creeps…..

  7. says

    First of all , thank you Jose, if we had to depend on media like the palm beach post , which is bought and paid for by local corrupt government , we would never hear the truth. Judges , Attorneys , and a corrupt Sheriff , where does it end , when will it end ? Jose , you need to keep the Seth Adams case alive , the Post already swept it under the carpet. We suffer enough here being laughed at as the most corrupted county in the state , now there is a young man dead , and greaving parents.This steroid thug that shot this young man needs to be investigated , and not by Bradshaw’s loyal goon’s .