Ron Jeremy on Politics: Obama’s Cool; Romney’s Not Bad; Santorum’s a Putz!

Adult entertainment legend Ron Jeremy called the presidential race!

President Barack Obama will win. Probable Republican nominee Mitt Romney wouldn’t be that bad in the White House. And Conservative also-ran Rick Santorum‘s a putz.

Your heard it here first!

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Gossip Extra‘s intrepid crew caught up with the pudgy veteran of hundreds of sex films at Exxxotica Expo 2012 over the weekend, and Jeremy proved he can talk about something other than doing the horizontal mambo for a living.

“I think Obama’s going to win,” he said. “I like Obama. Mitt Romney wouldn’t be bad.

“Rick Santorum is a putz. He wants to clean up the Internet of all pornographic material. Go back to church, you idiot! You do your thing, we do ours. That’s how it works!”

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  1. Reality says

    Proof, Mr Porno has served one too many Jewish sets in his life. Obama = Romney = End of American constitutional rights. Get it? It’s not that complicated!!!