PHOTOS: Katy Perry’s Private Palm Beach Gig at Bill Koch’s House!

katy perry bill koch party palm beach

Katy Perry, Saturday night at the home of Palm Beach billionaire Bill Koch (via Twitter)

Mystery solved: The folks in and around Palm Beach who thought they heard Katy Perry belt out Last Friday Night and Firework a couple days ago heard right.

bill koch palm beach katy perry birthday party

Bill and Bridget Koch

A source confirmed to Gossip Extra that chart-busting Perry sang a private gig at the sprawling beachfront home of mining billionaire Bill Koch on the south side of Palm Beach.

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I’m told the occasion was the big-deal round-number birthday of Koch’s wife, Bridget Koch, the granddaughter of Pittsburgh Steelers’ founder Art Rooney.

Don’t ask about the age, a true gentleman never tells.

But the source added Koch flew in Perry from and her band from California for the hour-long concert by the pool. At one point, the pop star had some of Koch’s six children and some of the their friends on the stage with her.

Perry twittered about traveling to Florida but didn’t say she’d be playing for a billionaire four times over, No. 88 on the Forbes 400 richest Americans.

How much did the gig set Koch back? He’s not the kind of guy who tells. But if he paid the going rate to have Perry all to oneself, then he probably plunked down upward of $350,000!

Click here for a video of the show filmed from a neighbor’s rooftop!

katy perry bill koch party palm beach

Katy Perry, up close and personal on a camera phone! (via Twitter)


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  1. TIDE ferrari racing, palm beach says

    Bill Koch,lives one mile south of Worth Ave & 4 blocks north of Trumps. The ESTATE IS IN THE south end OF PALM BEACH Town. Kock purchased estate from former CALL GIRL that worked the JOCKEY Club & Palm Bay Clubs in Miami [1970-1980]P.S. she loved animals, married the x pres of E.F.Hutton [Hampton’s teenagers idol] after getting dumped by super Palm Beacher, Pete Widner for big bucks at 101 Jungle Road,P.B. SHE HOSTED numerous ANNUAL PRESERVATION PARTY’S ON ESTATE FOR YEARS BEFORE MOVING BACK TO MIAMI. Bill Kock is terrific and supports many sailing charties along with the usual ones.

    • TIDE ferrari racing, palm beach says

      Bill Kock is the GOOD, generous,fair, brother out of the three.

  2. A 1911 SHOOTER says

    It’s Bill Koch genius not Kock, that is something entirely all together. My best friend is Oxbows Chief Legal Counsel, Bill is good people.

  3. Smarter than you says

    All I can say is that if you want to mention cost than you should do some research beyond some dick named Kris Kemp in a speedo looking at the party from the little home next door. If he was in the club he would have been a guest instead of a story telling creeper peeper!