NBC 6 Miami Reporter Jeff Burnside Fired Over Today’s Trayvon Martin Flop

Twenty-year TV news veteran Jeff Burnside was fired by the NBC affiliate in Miami over the editing of a news tape used on the Today show in the onset of the Trayvon Martin story, Gossip Extra has confirmed.

jeff burnside fired

Burnside (via Facebook)

A WTVJ- NBC 6 insider tells me Burnside was involved with the editing of a news video that aired on Matt Lauer‘s Today show earlier this month and made killing suspect George Zimmerman look like a racist.

Click here for Gossip Extra’s exclusive photo of Burnside working in Sanford March 22

“The official line from NBC 6 is that Jeff’s contract was up and wasn’t renewed,” the source said. “However, most people here know full well it had to do with Trayvon debacle.”

The website sfltv.com today reports that several other people at the Broward-based station were grilled about the incident, but most of the blame was assigned to Burnside and an unidentified producer fired two weeks ago.

The tape’s editing cut out the audio from a police dispatcher talking on the phone to neighborhood watchman Zimmerman as he followed Miami teen Martin.

The dispatcher asked Zimmerman about Martin’s race. But in the tape that aired on Today, the cut made it appear that Zimmerman said: “This guy (Martin) is up to no good. He looks black.”

The Trayvon Martin killing eventually ignited racial tension in the central Florida town of Sanford. Zimmerman was arrested last week and charged with second degree murder.

Burnside didn’t respond to several text messages and his cell phone isn’t accepting calls. Station officials aren’t talking.

The producer of the segment was fired by WTVJ April 5.

Burnside, meanwhile, is a generally well-respected newsman who usually concentrates on stories about the environment. His Facebook page mentions he is supposed to receive a journalist-of-the-year award from the Environmental Coalition of Miami & The Beaches in June.

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  1. Charles Thomson says

    Jeff was arrested and convicted of drunk driving in Miami/FLL a few years ago. Maybe he’s still fighting “the battle of the bottle” and did his reporting in a sloppy or chaotic manner!

  2. A 1911 SHOOTER says

    He may have contracted the dreaded
    Liberal Sickness from all that snooki orange spray on tan mixed w/a really bad hair dye job.

    • Jose Lambiet says

      I have the sneaky feeling, shooter, that this one is about layoffs in the shrinking mainstream media. It’s all about getting something on the air quickly and the managers cutting corners because they don’t have the bodies to make it happen.

      • A 1911 SHOOTER says

        Agree 100% The MSM and their traditional ways of mass communicating, i.e. advertising are over. I was born and raised here in PBC, the town of Palm Beach to be exact. I am a physician in my mid 40s and have moved from PB to Jupiter. I remember when I was a kid WPTV Ch5 was a powerhouse. Jim Sackett was the goto guy for the 6:00 headlines. Great production, writing, everything. In Miami you had Kelly Mitchell and Jim Brossmer on Ch 10. These were great anchors and had credibility.

        I attempted to watch the local news when the Goodman trial was going on and it was so sad. No name reporters, some looked like this was their first job on air, the production was horrible, no one could figure out what camera to look at, the audio would cut out then come back and them cut out. It was comical, the first 6 mins was just a circus of errors. Benny Hill must be running the place now.

        The PBP is just as bad, terrible stories, a liberal slant on everything and they are always at least a day behind you !!!!! lol

        Jose you are the new MSM, I have turned everyone at St Marys ER onto your site and they love it. Keep up the good work, esp on slamming the PBSO, WPBPD, SFWMD and the County Commissioners.