Dan Marino’s State of The NFL: Andrew Luck’s Good No. 1; Jury’s Out on Tebow

dan marino CBS morning

Red-eyed Dan Marino this morning outside the CBS studios in New York (Splash News)

Look at who the paps ran into this morning outside the CBS studios in New York City:  Mr. Grumpy himself!

Miami Dolphins Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino, bleary-eyed in the early morning hours, had just made an appearance on the CBS This Morning to talk pigskin three days ahead of the NFL draft.

On the show Marino, who wasn’t too happy with the paps staking him out, gave his stamp of approval on the Indianapolis Colts making Stanford University star Andrew Luck their first pick in the draft to replace the moved on Peyton Manning.

“He’s replacing, you know, a superstar,” Marino said, “so there’s going to be a lot of pressure on him that way. But he seems very mature. He’ll be able to handle it.”

Said Marino, when asked if University of Florida grad Tim Tebow would become a great passer on his new team, the New York Jets:  “I think you continue to learn on that. I wouldn’t say it’s too late, but pretty darn close when you’re that age!”

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  1. dth says

    Another country heard from…a has-been from a do-nothing team trying to remain relevant.