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Hulk Hogan And The Ex: They’re BFFs Again — After $3.5 Million in Legal Bills!


Hulk Hogan And The Ex: They’re BFFs Again — After $3.5 Million in Legal Bills!

linda bollea hulk hogan lawsuits dismissed

Linda Bollea

Wrestler Hulk Hogan and his ex-wife Linda Bollea are friends again!

The remaining legal action resulting from their divorce, one of the nastiest and costliest in the state’s history, was dismissed last week.

hulk hogan linda settlement

Hulk Hogan

In all, it is estimated the divorce, two lawsuits and enforcement of the post-nuptial agreement took 10,000 attorney hours, costing the couple upward of $3.5 million!

Hulk Hogan finally sells his home — at a $12 million-discount!

Linda’s attorney, Miami legal eagle Raymond Rafool, said his client emailed a “Wow, I’m so happy” note when he let her know.

Hogan and Linda lived in Clearwater when they filed, in 2007. The divorce was settled two years later, but the sniping has continued since.

What was dismissed last week was a defamation lawsuit brought by Hulk, 58, for Linda’s allegation in a book that the bleached wrestler was abusive during their marriage, cheated on her with dudes and used steroids.

Linda and Rafool, meanwhile, made national news last year when it was announced Linda received 70 percent of the couple’s liquid assets plus 40 percent ownership in his various companies.

“Why was it all so complicated? Because I got Linda such a good deal that he started resisting,” said Rafool.

Usually via tabloid media, the mustachioed grappler and Linda were taunting one another.

Linda even moored a 48-foot Sea Ray named Alimoney in Miami Beach, where Hulk was known to hang out.

So, why last week’s breakthrough?

Rafool tells me the protagonists finally compromised.

Former WWF star Hulk wanted to get rid of their Clearwater marital home after it languished on the market for six years, and Linda allowed the sale by lowering her expectations of a payout.

Click here to tour the house

“For the first time in years, they are communicating,” said Rafool. “They’re in a much better place.”

Hulk’s lead attorney, David Houston, concurred.

“Everyone’s going on their way,” Houston said.

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