DUI Killer John Goodman Now Stands to Lose His Polo Club!

polo with pedro IPC wellington florida

IPC polo: A spring Sunday tradition in Wellington (Mike Jachles Photo)

While convicted DUI killer John Goodman waits in a county jail for the April 30 hearing that’ll decide how long he’s going to serve for the death of motorist Scott Wilson, would-be buyers for Goodman’s fancy International Polo Club Palm Beach are lining up!

john goodman polo trial DUI west palm beach

Goodman, in court (Courtesy CBS 4 Miami)

Controversial developer Glenn Straub wants it, and he tells me he may have to duke it out against Venezuelan millionaire and polo patron Victor Vargas to buy the prized Wellington property.

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Straub wouldn’t comment about what he’d pay, but real estate sources say the 100-plus acres, stadium, restaurants and pool could fetch over $60 million!

What Straub did tell Gossip Extra is that he’s offered Goodman’s family to buy — even if Wellington’s chi-chi Sunday hangout has yet to be put on the market. Straub has yet to receive a response.

“With what happened with John, many of the teams will not return next season,” Straub said. “They will not want to be associated with a convicted felon who’s serving time for a death.

“IPC already lost several teams.I don’t think the club can survive without John Goodman.”

Requests for comment from IPC boss John Wash and Polo Director Jimmy Newman weren’t answered.

Goodman was convicted last month of driving drunk Feb. 12, 2010 when he slammed his Bentley into Wilson’s economy car. Goodman, 48, was also convicted of causing Wilson’s death by walking away from the crash site and not calling 911 for nearly an hour. He faces 30 years in state prison.

The multi-millionaire Texan made national news in January when he adopted 42-year-old Heather Colby Hutchins, his girlfriend, so that he could gain access to a trust fund set aside by his family for his children.

Incidentally, Goodman revived Wellington polo in the mid-2000s as Straub created bad blood with residents when he shut down and demolished his polo stadium at the Palm Beach Polo & Country Club.

This season, however, Straub got back into the horsie biz and opened his Polo West, a facility for medium-goal polo played a night on smaller fields.

“I know Vargas is interested in buying IPC, too,” Straub said.

Vargas owns the Lechuza Caracas team that’s been competing at IPC since 2008. Twenty-one of Vargas’ horses died before thousands of spectators before an IPC match three years ago after ingesting tainted vitamins. Vargas couldn’t be contacted about his interest in Goodman’s property.

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  1. will allen says

    GS – just stop it! 1st you drop the classy f bomb after attacking poor Ms Newman and now this….. Why did IPC get built??????????? Because NOONE wanted to play at PB Polo after YOU bought it. No teams have left IPC, they have more teams today than they have EVER!!!!!! BUT if you buy it, it may have 1 or 2 teams show up just like the days after everyone left the old PB polo! GS – Dream on!

  2. Jack says

    Polo people will stand loyally by John Goodman or not play in Wellington anymore. Straub is HATED in the polo community and the idea people would rather be affiliated with him than Goodman is ridiculous. Straub has a polo club now no one will play at, venue wouldn’t change people wanting absolutely nothing to do with him. He needs to give up already!

  3. Bancroft says

    The Apple doesnt fall far from the tree as Glenn’s brother George and Glenn Jr. are animals as well and have had the habit of litigating within the family circle, this is a family that through the years has crashed and burned any and everthing sacred for the all mighty dollar. Straub will for sure try to purchase this chunk of land to stroke his huuuge ego! I now know why tigers eat their young!!

  4. J says

    Hahaha – dead on Bancroft. There hasn’t been a good thing in the area Straub hasn’t tried (and ‘succeeded’ in destroying) I think it’s comical he’s trying to say “people won’t want to be associated with Goodman now” and yet he somehow thinks they will want to be associated with HIM? Yeah right. He’s been trying to get his polo club back off the ground and failing – now he wants to piggyback on Goodman’s success. Pathetic. Also – while an obscene amount of money – $60 million would be less than half price for that club based on location and sheer volume of land….let’s be real here..

  5. B says

    Rumor has it that the Residents of Palm Beach Polo & Country Club have started a Pool to see how long International Polo Club would last under Glenn Straub. Bets now range from 10 days to 2 months before it would be totally destroyed.

  6. martin krome says

    I Think we are all humans!”we all make mistakes.
    I Think John Goodman feels bad what he did
    Let the man live his life he settled with big lump
    Sum of $$$ for wilson family which we know
    Cant bring him back. I think hes a good man in general