Lantana Police Chief Arrested — After Crashing Into Sheriff’s Car And Fleeing!

jeffrey tyson lantana chief police DUI arrest

Tyson's booking mug

In a scene reminiscent of The Dukes of Hazzard, Lantana Police Chief Jeff Tyson was arrested this afternoon after crashing his unmarked squad car into the rear of  Palm Beach County Sheriff‘s vehicle — the allegedly tried to flee!

Click here for the police report

Tyson, 50, allegedly blew three times the legal limit on a Breathalyzer test. Authorities also found a coffee mug containing a red liquid that appeared to be alcohol in his city-issued Ford Explorer.

According to the arrest affidavit, Boca police responded to the crash on Military Trail about 1:30 p.m.

They were told the sheriff’s deputy was hit from behind while stopped at a red light. The deputy claimed the car that reared ended him then drove off when the light switched to green. With his blue lights on, the deputy then pursed the Explorer, which finally stopped several miles away.

Tyson was at wheel. He allegedly told the deputy: “What do you want, I only bumped you!”

Boca officers reported smelling liquor on Tyson’s breath. He appeared confused and disoriented and, according to the report, had a blank look on his face.

Eventually, the cops convinced the chief to take a Breathalyzer. He blew .229 then .234. In Florida, someone who blows a 0.08 is considered legally drunk.

Tyson was charged with DUI and leaving the scene of an accident.

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  1. Cagney says

    seem to remember good ole jeff in his cocaine days when he was a delray pd officer. look that one up. get help pal. we all need it from time to time

  2. says

    This guy has no worries , Bradshaw will hire him , I can see captain in his future . Ric will put him in charge of traffic , no , the evidence room , or the DUI task force ! Well , no matter , he will create a position for him , anything but hauling the BBQ grills , they cost way to much of the tax payers money to chance . One more position this guy won’t be assigned , is Wellington , that commander slot has already been bought and paid for .