Josh Cohen & The Hometeam Axed From Drive Time Radio

Josh Cohen the hometeam WZZR Clean Channel cancelles

Josh Cohen, right, with on-air partners Lea and Luke (via

Radio conglomerate Clear Channel axed the popular WZZR-Real Radio‘s evening drive-time gab fest Josh Cohen & The Hometeam program over the weekend!

Frontman Josh Cohen, who’s been on 94.3 FM for nearly 13 years, announced the death of the 5-9 p.m. program on Facebook this morning.

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“Since September 13, 1999, I have had the distinct honor to serve you all as the host of Josh Cohen & The Hometeam on these Real Radio stations, online, and on the iHeart application,” Cohen wrote.

“And over these past 4,585 days, we have shared so very much together, often times live as it happened… From those horrific moments on that Tuesday morning of September 11, 2001, to the joyous phone calls from listeners sharing the details of a recent cancer-free diagnosis, WE endured these moments together…

“I am exceptionally proud of the work we have done, the outstanding ratings we earned, the millions of dollars in revenue we generated, but more importantly to me, the lives we touched, the people we helped, and the laughs and love we were able to provide you along the way…

“And as this company looks to reduce costs, we must all remember, it’s just business, so please try to not take these cost saving measures personally…

“For twelve and a half years now, I have felt like the luckiest boy on the face of this Earth in having the honor to entertain you, and I am grateful to you all for providing me with a living, a purpose, and the opportunity to win… As Nelson Mandela once said: ‘People won’t remember the things that you say, or the things that you do. But they will always remember the way that you made them feel’…. And for this, I say thank you….”

Hawaiian Tropic model Lea has been co-hosting the talkshow, one of the market’s only locally produced talk shows, for a little more than a year. She was hired from the ranks of frequent listeners. Producer Luke was also a longtime listener before he was hired on the Hometeam.

WZZR caters mostly to a male audience with morning staples Paul Castronovo and Young Ron Brewer, and The Love Doctors in the afternoon.

Regional Clear Channel boss Dave Denver said the decision to cancel the show was a business decision.

“It’s not about the ratings,” Denver said. “It’s purely a business decision. We expanded the other shows and shifted the schedule some to make up for the time.”

Starting today, The Penthouse is running from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., The Love Doctors are on from 2-7 p.m. and Lex and Terry start at 7 p.m. until midnight.

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  1. Bonnie says

    This sucks. I will never listen to the radio again. They’ve taken the best thing on the airwaves and tossed it out the window. Back to CD’s while I’m driving.

        • el loco says

          Josh had a HUGE ego but not anywhere as big as the Greek’s.
          All that the ” Greek ” can talk about is how much money he has and how much he gets laid.

    • Just sayin... says

      It’s not about ratings. So, it’s money. Obviously all the other shows hosts make less money than Josh and the Home Team so they stick around while the big money earners get the axe.

  2. Becci says

    They have expanded The Penthouse! I HATE that show! All they talk about is how much money The Greek has and how many women he bangs, as Frannie laughs…. I won’t listen! I’ll listen to the BS show on Orlando’s Real Radio!!

    • Bonnie says

      I agree….the Greek might be minimally entertaining at times, but frankly, that’s all he does talk about is his sexual prowess and who he’d bang. Apparently, John Hogan likes that kind of gutter mentality. (See Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern) The HOME TEAM actually HELPED people.

      Way to go Clear Channel….LOSERS….I already wrote my nasty gram to Clear Channel Corporate.

      I imagine that John Hogan is equally sexist, ignorant and pathetically obsessed as Stern and Limbaugh.

    • Julie says

      Becci I couldn’t agree with you more !!. I also can’t stand to listen to the Greek who should change his name to the GEEK. I had to resort to listening to music and that’s bad !! Get rid of Geek and put Josh in his place and I’ll listen once again !! I also hate having to wait till 2 for the love docs !!

  3. maggie says

    Should have gotten rid of Lea sooner, she was an embarassment. Poor thing couldn’t sound professional or educated so all she did was giggle and fake laugh. She might fit in real well at the Cheetah Club, ya think?

    • Bonnie says

      You mean “Lex” don’t you? Lea is pretty smart and sounds like a good human being to me. Not that Lex isn’t a good human too. I think she is…she just isn’t a Rhodes Scholar 😉 Lea is pretty well read IMO

  4. BW says

    This is horrible!! I have been listening to this station for as long as I can remember.. particularly for the Love Docs and Josh Cohen’s show.. I NEVER tuned in for the other crap. AY! This is a tragedy!! What’s wrong with you Clear Channel!?!

  5. says

    Wow, miss Florida, figured you were a gold digging whore. And for josh Cohen show, I think it was the most unpopular business decision that will come back truly in other ways. I guarantee their will be regret but I know Josh will go on I bigger and better opportunities. He should definitely acknowledge that. Good luck to you , and for clear radio, if I worked in your company I would have been fired today for expressing the stupidity and loss of revenue your dumb incompitant asses have caused. Where did you learn to do business. Take off the Greek and penthouse garbage. Most pathetic and disgusting group I have ever heard on te radio and I’m from CT and recently moved here and as soon as I hear them and their ratings start at 10 am I change it immediately. They do not have any ethic or respect for anything or anyone. It’s all about materialistic carnage!!! Peace

  6. little juan says

    Dave Denver, once again destroying another radio station. Dave, do us all a favor, just get the hell out of the business yourself. jackazz !

  7. HM says

    “It’s not about the ratings. It’s a business decision”

    That’s like McDonalds pulling hamburgers off their menu, and calling it a ‘business decision’.

    Something stinks…..

    • Dr Glenn says

      I agree 100% if its not about ratings whats it about? Higher ratings = higher ad revenue. Honestly I think it was when Josh would take the day off Lea took over and she Nice person I am sure but not a host, even with Luke doing his best to prop her up. 1 thing is for sure who ever ends up with Josh as an employee is very lucky!! That boys got talent.

  8. Brett says

    Dude how wrong – I have listened since the beginning of the Doc’s. I stopped listening to the Doc’s all day because it was tired but I do still listen.

    Josh is fresh and I have listened to him groom so many of the personalities that still exist at wzzr. I loved listening to you Josh and hope this is just an April 1 joke.

      • Dr Glenn says

        The only bad part about the love Docs is lexxus. She is the worst. She takes every cue from the room. She doesn’t know how to be herself. She wont laugh without Rich or Glenn. Lexxus I am sorry but the only time I wanna hear your voice is when your asking if I want a 2 for 1 lap dance.

  9. Skip says

    Josh was the biggest douchebag on the radio….how many female hosts did the little prick go thru??? Guy has some serious passive-aggression issues with women…guess it’s the small penis thing…Cost saving reasons, hahaha…what a joke, if the show had the ratings, then it makes money and you don’t have to cut costs.

    • Todd says

      I agree. I couldn’t stomach Josh, and his Mr. Perfect attitude. All my friends would always say, “After Love Docs, I change the station.”
      I wish he would’ve taken Lexxus too. She’s a dimwit.
      However, I do admit that I would much rather listen to Josh over the annoying, balding Greek or those two brain surgeons, Lex & Terry.
      Bring back Johnny C and Dano! I loved that show.

  10. Andrew says

    The only really interesting personality on the station. The Penthouse is awful and Love Doctors stale. I have enjoyed my years of listening back to when he had Lexxus & Denny James. He helped keep their jobs since Josh was the only intelligent one in the air. Bye Real Radio and Mr. Denver you should have dumped The Penthouse. The revenue will be dropping with this decision.

  11. mike says

    This does not effect me in a poitive way. I have always enjoyed the docs. lex and dano. It keeps me going at work when it gets tough. I guess I will have to listen to Rush. I hate program, but who cares it is still real radia. I will do everything I can to not purchase from any adds that are on your station. See ya later PP cobs and the rest of you.

  12. Unbelievable says

    I am stunned and saddened! This feels like they just announced the death of a childhood friend. Josh, Lea and Luke … I love your show! You made me laugh out loud and cry. Everyday I listened even the reruns. Even if I heard that one before. I can’t understand why they chose your show. Not about ratings? That makes no sense at all. Josh where ever you go I will be looking for your talent. The lov docs got me started but the hometeam was my home. Clear channel will lose me as a listener.
    God bless all of you!

  13. Tom says

    Sorry to hear they axed this show I probably won’t tune in to this station anymore . I like the live docs. It they are not enough to keep me tuned in

  14. Brian says

    I always enjoyed listening to Josh. He was witty and put on a good show. He didnt just phone it in like the Docs and the rest of them.

  15. A 1911 SHOOTER says

    Unreal Radio…I have been a listener since Day 1 of Josh and the Love Doc sinces The Gator. I have a good ear for talk radio and Josh and Luke did a great job, as does Johnny C. Why do these shows feel they have to have some bubble head female side kick that is ALWAYS Bi Sexual…wtf all Lexxis talks about is other women this and that then talks about her child, real classy.

    Lea is just a yes person giggle box. As the article stated she was hired from being a listener OMG are you serious ? How about a broadcasting professional instead of fake bimbos.

    The PH is not doubt THE WORST show ever to grace the air. I literally have my hand on the channel changer so when I hear that stupid, over blown, obvious compulsive gambling junkie Greek start to jabber about his one trick pony which is sports gambling , that and lol’ing at his own sad satires, who laughs after every sentence and then pats himself on the back ? he does because no one else will. The guy is a mess, NOBODY CARES ABOUT the line on some obscure BB game !!! go back to selling used cars, you probly did well at that job cause it sure ain’t radio.
    I will be in touch w/the salesholes mgr in the am to pull my companies advertising.

  16. David says

    This was the Dumbest Move I have Ever witnessed,.When that show comnes on I hit the Power Button on my Sony Walkman.. The HomeTeam was Fun Interesting and Informative..Josh was a jackBag most of the time but he Had personality kept it interesting.Giving the Penthouse 4 Hours that is Torture would rather be in a room with woman from the Hair Salon.. the Worse Show on this Station.What is wrong with this Comapny are they Brain Dead to remove a winning Combo..Leah also was smart funny and Kewl not like the one on the Pent House They are making all the worng moves Clear Channel..I am renaming them Idiot Channel. .Its Boring Stupid Listening to The Greek Tell His rediculous Stories ad nauseum >>Johnny should not be in the Big Chair he did better with Dano on Late Nights..Well you lost me for good..Hi and Bye..

    • Dr Glenn says

      I bet the penthouse is off the air within 6 months. They would have been fine with the 2hr show but 4hrs of that style…odds of penthouse being on air through 10-31-12. Has got to be 10-1

  17. Jason says

    Four hours of The Penthouse?? Just like Cohen, all they do is talk about themselves and boring celebrity gossip.The only callers are the same annoying chronics. How can they be number 1 in the ratings. And how many people actually are listening to talk radio? Talk radio should be about topical subjects and news- not talk- about-me me me every day. YAWN!!!

  18. Kevin says

    The one thing that made my day a little less stressful was to hear green onions at noon. Now we have that honky in the hood talking Johnny c and the other two no talents! My God , all that’s left is music or what ever talk radio is left out there. I say it’s time to stop taking this crap and force queer channel to put the Docs back to there noon to five slot and just leave dead air the rest of the time!!!
    Lets all start a damn revolution!!!

  19. Peter says

    They should have cancelled the Penthouse and put Johnny C with Josh. The Greek is a joke. I have not listened to that show since the first week it was on. I now listen to AM radio between 10 and 12. The Penthouse is the worst show on the station. It looks like AM radio from 10 to 2 from now on for me. What a poor decision by Clear Channel Management.

    • Dr Glenn says

      AMEN!! Thats exactly the move I would have made. Kick Greek and lea out put the JC’s together right behind the docs and you got a winner.

      • Mr. Denver says

        Look at it from my position. BOTH shows, the Penthouse and Home Team, SUCK! So all we did was cancel the one that was the most expensive. Trust me, we are looking to replace the Penthouse ASAP with something a little funnier…like back to back audio reruns of My Mother the Car and Mr. Ed.

  20. zombozany says

    I am very sad this has happened. I liked Josh and all of his stories. Florida radio sucks anyway, but the Hometeam was entertaining. Four hours of the Greek, I would rather give myself enemas and root canals.

  21. BW says

    Of all the Ladies of Real Radio, Lea was the best.. IMO. Smart. Funny..giggly..and she never took any S*** from Josh. That’s what I enjoyed the most about her. I love Josh and his wittiness.. even if he was a little over the top w/ his jackbaggery.. but Lexxus just cried every time Josh busted her balls.. and Franny just laughs at Greek as he recounts all those classy ladies he’s banged…. what a mess this is.

  22. long time says

    How could they get rid of the HT and keep Lexus? Lexus contributes nothing but the occasional snort, cackle, and blurting out “she’s hot” in a desperate attempt to be a part of the conversation she is not intelligent enough to take part in. Give One of the 3 fired people her spot. At least they could contribute something besides kissing Dr. Rich’s you know what for 4 hours.

  23. says

    This has to be a week long April fools joke!!! No way they let JC go he is the most charismatic person in that studio. Mr myiagi says bring back the hometeam…. and while your at it bring back NIGHTS… “quickies don’t talk about quickies!, quickies? “

  24. archibald says

    Last Friday Greek or Johnny C stated that there would be a big announcement on Monday. I was hoping it was that they were replacing Paul and Young Ron’s pathetic POS morning show.Talk about lack of talent and content,they repeat thier show every hour.The Penthouse,as limited as it is,would be leaps and bounds above PYR’s contrived contests and homofied parity songs,not to mention a month worth of rally beard talk.Bring back Josh and the Hometeam,Put the Penthouse in place on PYR, and finally send Lexus back to the pole where she is useful

    • Bob Markey says

      Having Paul and Ron on WZZR is a waste of bandwidth because that show can already be heard live in Palm Beach County on at least two other stations.

  25. johnson says

    they should have moved to the penthouse time slot, and teamed him with Greek, and dropped Lea and Johnny C.

  26. I.O. says

    I’ve been a listner for year’s. I stopped listening to the home team just recently. There were to many taped re-runs. That should have been the first sign clear channel was hurting and needed to cut corners. When josh was on his game (most of the time)it was a great show. Nothing left to do but listen to music channels on my way home. The love doc’s suck they should have re-tired a long time ago.

  27. Bob Markey says

    Clear Channel officials probably figured they could keep the audience between Paul and Ron and the Love Doctors with pretty much anything – thus the decision to push back the vital-to-ratings Love Doctors and kill The Home Team. Clear Channel would then the salaries of Josh, Lea and Luke and get the same advertising return.

    Problem is, the Penthouse is so bad (with all the constant sports and betting talk mixed with the pompous supposed sexual conquests of “The Greek,” partying in Miami talk, and stuck-up, useless pap of the female co-host). The entire show has no content of interest and leaves me with he feeling of wasted time. It’s bad enough we have to put up with that ridiculous Saturday show with The Greek, his childish commercials screaming “Peace!” and the absolutely unnecessary and out-of-date Sunday repeat, but now we are “treated” to four hours of day of this crap?!

    I was no big fan of Josh, but he did show prep and tried to keep the audience entertained. I could not stand his persona, but realized it was show business.

    Using these uninformed (at least scan read a newspaper before doing your show!) people dredged up from the ranks of producers and prize girls – with no broadcast training – is an embarrassment to Clear Channel and WZZR.

    My solution: Just put on the Love Doctors live from noon to 5 and their repeats for the rest of the day.

  28. Jimmy L. Shirley Jr. says

    I will not miss Josh’s self-appreciative intro music, I will not miss how he almost always disrespected his fans who call in to talk, in that, he would frequently interrupt them and talk on for a while with his co-hosts nevermind that the caller may have waited for nearly an hour to talk and winds up getting MAYBE 30/45 seconds of actually talking.
    That was my biggest beef with him. The callers saw this too, as I heard many of them so say when they called the show when Josh was absent. Radio talk shows do not exist without callers. They MUST be respected, treated with kid gloves to a point.
    The Love Docs do this but not nearly to the degree that the Home Team did. Wait an hour to talk then be over-talked and/or ignored while the show hosts talk amongst themselves? He should have been gone long ago. The Love Docs go through dozens of callers. The Home Team? Maybe, and I do mean MAYBE, a single dozen.

  29. Chuck says

    Ridiculous move……..I have been listening for 12 years……good-bye WZZR. Back to Country Music on the ride home.
    Good Luck Josh and HT…….

  30. Sophie says

    Josh ran a good program, now it’s all up to the Docs. Should’ve axed the morons in the morning and the Greek & Johnny show..

    • reallydad says

      while I do ot like the new time for Love Docs, and thr greek is stale after the first two minutes I am sooo glad not to have to listen the self centered, narcissistic bastard !!!! Not to mention he is worse than Lexxus when it comes to making up stories.My God his mother should have held him more.

  31. RC says

    Like Mr. Denver really cares on what the listening audience thinks and likes. I think Mr. Denvers bosses should think about more cost savings and get rid of his ass. This would be strictly a business decision of course, nothing personel.

  32. Jes says

    I cant believe this is happening,there’s something we are missing, why would they get rid of a entertaining cash cow for some garbage. You get what u pay for, garbage

  33. Mellie says

    I shot a message to clear channel as soon as I heard the bad news, though I understand they won’t care. This was the worst move possible. It may save clear channel money in salaries, but it’s going to cost them a lot of listeners. I turned off the radio right after Paul and Young Ron because I can’t stand the penthouse. The Love Docs just encourage people to call in and whine. Nobody is as hot as Frannie thinks she is and the greek is just plain annoying. They talk about nothing but themselves. I counted on the Home Team to get me home during rush hour on 95. This sucks.

  34. fred in tampa says

    Sad day. Josh Cohen was the man. My I heart radio is dead to me now. Soul brother Kevin in the late night and buckethead out of real radio in orlando will get more listens. The greek guy is the worst, glad to see everyone else here agrees.

  35. Poop Dickerson says

    Poop Dickerson here…
    With another news flash…
    My breath smells of dog $h!t…
    Having spent the day at the doggy park…
    I think I’ll pass on dinner…
    This has been Poop Dickerson…
    and that’s news to me…

  36. Sweaty Bollocks says

    Josh Cohen was a know it all trying to over compensate his small man syndrome, nobody got the references to frank sinatra, and how many millions of times he mentioned nathans ball park franks in coney island or chipwich i hated the wanker

  37. Jiggaboo Jones says

    Josh Cohen was the best when he was insulting his callers, when he was nice, I lost interest. I remember when a Love Doctor listener called him looking for a handout for a cancer patient, and he pretty much hung up on the listener because he thought it was a joke call. For the rest of the week he was doing damage control. Best show I ever heard from him.

    Fire PYR. Put Greek, JC on in the mornings, Docs back at 10-3 and Leykus on at night. Get rid of Lex & Terry

  38. Shara Rosayn says

    I miss Josh and Leah. Clear Channel made a bad decision. I occasionally listen to The Love Doctors now, but the timing is all wrong. I used to listen to them all the time and enjoyed Josh’s show starting at five. While I love Johnny C, Frannie is only good at laughing. Four hours of Frannie laughing does not interest me. The Greek is sometimes amusing. Josh and Leah were interesting and thought provoking. I did not have to agree with Josh to enjoy the show. Clear Channel, you screwed up royally!

  39. greg says

    The management must be retarded to replace Josh Cohen with the penthouse.I can not stand to listen to them.

  40. Ed says

    I stopped listening to real radio when Lexxis started with the Love Dr. Came back when Bob and Tom was on, then left again once they got rid of them. Now, I can only listen to Paul and young Ron. After that, I change the channel. All of the other people on there are idoits. Lexxis ruins every show that she is on and should never be on the radio. But the higher up morons just look at her striper body and cannot fire her. Lets keep the striper and get rid of the collage broad caster. Yea, that makes a whole lot of sence, idiots!! Replace it with a Spanish station, it will do better.

    • Jose Lambiet says

      Good choice, Ed! Make sure to catch me on WZZR with Ron and Paul every Thursday about 7:30 a.m.!!!!

  41. rick says

    Wow, its about time, josh is a concieted arrogant asshole Im a listener and frequent caller from the early days and have tried to come back many times but just could never stomach lexxus, the docs took a dive on that one that they never came back from, and it seems like when lexxus came on rich just gave up and sat back and just collected a paycheck, his effort level definately dropped, but I suppose you cater to a younger audience, you had it once rich but you ain’t got it anymore, glenn, you,re perennial, lexxus, leave now, josh i always changed stations when your show came on, your condesending attitude just doesn’t work with people with brains you all were a shining star once, wonder if you have the energy to get it back

  42. Steve says

    Does anyone know if Josh is still around? I really can’t believe that the Greek is on for longer now let alone on at all. The Home Team was a show that had many different faces changing all the time. From the start it was like they were the stepchild of WZZR changing times over and over or with the change of personalities (sidekicks). The listeners need to call the radio advertisers to inform them the business is wasting their money on WZZR. Then the ads will stop that is a real businesses decision that can change a radio station.

  43. Cathy says

    I cannot tolerate the new show with Arty Lang and the other guy. OMG I miss Josh and Lea and Luke!!! I hope clear channel is suffering from this awful decision. I hope Josh and the gang have found great jobs, and Denver has to beg them to return!! you were the best part of the line up. Miss u all