Florida Panthers Skate on After Owner’s Divorce

cliff viner jill viner divorce florida panthers

Cliff Viner and Jill at a function last year (Courtesy Miamiartzine.com)

There’ll be no nightmarish Los Angeles Dodgers scenario in the divorce of Florida Panthers owner Cliff Viner.

Viner and his missus of 20 years, socialite Jill Viner, were divorced so amicably that no one knew!

Still, Gossip Extra found the paper trail showing the Viners flew to Key West last fall and were divorced in one week.

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I’m told Cliff’s interest in the National Hockey League-contending Panthers was included in the marital assets to be divided up. But unlike the dog fight over baseball’s Dodgers in the divorce of businessman Frank McCourt, Mrs. Viner gave up her stake in the team in exchange for other goodies.

“This matter is personal and private in nature,” according to a statement from the Panthers. “It had had absolutely no impact on the operations of the Florida Panthers. The franchise is currently . . . in the cusp of clinching a berth in the Stanley Cup playoffs, and is the healthiest it has ever been.”

While financials records and details of the settlement were sealed, some of it popped up in Palm Beach county court last week for enforcement. The Viners live in Boca Raton.

Court papers indicate the Missus also quick-deeded the couples two homes, a 14,000-square-foot mansion and a $1.7 million penthouse on the beach, to Cliff.

“Cliff and Jill wanted to do this privately,” said Cliff’s lawyer, Jeff Fisher. “They resolved everything amicably. They’re both great people.”

This story first appeared today in my column in the Miami Herald

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  1. Toni says

    Mr. Viner divorced Mrs. Viner because she ‘fell in love’ with Barton Weiss (Barton G) who is/was gay. Barton G broke up with his gay live in lover and Jill Viner now lives with Barton Weiss (Barton G) in Miami Beach. She has lived with Weiss for months! That’s why she quickly agreed to give up her stake in the hockey team and houses.

  2. Nick says

    Barton G. is a lucky man to have a friend in Jill Viner. She not only rescued him from his past relationship but has obviously shown hm true friendship, companionship, trustworthiness, loyalty, commitment and fidelity. All of whcih were missing for the greater part of his past relationship, particularly the loyalty, commitment, and fidelity. His parents must be relieved and grateful for the appearance of Ms. Viner into their son’s life. Collegues, business associates, employees and friends welcome and commented over the smile that has returned to Mr. Weiss since his involvement and association with Ms. Viner, a smile they say they have not seen for many years. Ms. Viner and Mr. Weiss have helped open the eyes of many to the charitable causes they supports and those in need, as well as personally contributing their time and money. Their names now, associated collectively bring even more recognition and attention to the many worthy charitable causes and the events that support them. We look forward to more of their appearance and mention, thank them, hope for them all the best.