Convicted DUI Killer John Goodman Under Suicide Watch!

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John Goodman's booking photo as he was processed in the county's main jail, moments after a jury found him guilty (Courtesy PBSO)

The booking photo of convicted DUI killer John Goodman, taken moments after a Palm Beach County jury found him guilty yesterday, is worth a thousand words.

Within minutes, the 48-year-old multi-millionaire trust-funder went from the gilded life of a Wellington polo club owner to that of an inmate at the county’s main jail — and the bleak prospect has him on suicide watch!

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Jail insiders tell me Goodman spent his first night as a prisoner in the medical-based “South 3 A” area of the Gun Club Road jail, an area reserved for high-profile inmates who could harm themselves or get a beat down in general population!

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One source who asked not to be named said Goodman is alone in a 15-foot by 10-foot see-through cell — a far cry from his $3 million-, 10,000-square-foot home near his fancy, 100-acre International Polo Club Palm Beach.

Goodman was found guilty of killing 23-year-old engineering graduate Scott Wilson in a DUI car crash in February 2010. He was also found guilty of causing Wilson’s death by walking away from the crash and not calling 911 until an hour later.

Wilson drowned while sitting on the driver’s seat of his car after it was pushed into a canal by Goodman’s Bentley.

Goodman’s cell, meanwhile, is a glass enclosure that allows deputies to see him from a distance.

“He is on 15-minute watch,” said the source. “Obviously, they don’t know if he is going to harm himself. So, a deputy must eyeball him every 15 minutes, just in case.”

During the day, Goodman’s free to come and go into a common area set up in the middle of the plexiglass cells. The tables and chairs are anchored into the ground. There’s a television and an elevated platform from where deputies keep watch.

Just last weekend, Goodman watched team Lechuza Caracas taken on Valiente duke it out for a place in this weekend’ Piaget Gold Cup.

About 10,000 people wearing suits, sundresses and fancy hats were in the stands.

Goodman, however, is now waiting for his mental evaluation, a routine procedure for new inmates.

“He will receive a mental health evaluation on Monday,” said PBSO spokeswoman Teri Barbera. “He currently is in a protective-custody area for high-profile inmates. We couldn’t put him in general population where someone would want to hurt him.”

Is Goodman getting special treatment?

“He hasn’t been treated differently from any other inmate,” Barbera said.

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  1. TIDE ferrari racing,tom davis says

    Twenty million paid to the family gets him reduced to 11 years.with familys PAID approval. BEND OVER! The FAMILY PIMPED threir dead son. How much will they donate to CHARITY? Congrats to a terrific job ,finally the lady legal eagles PROS.

  2. Lili Wilson pimped out her dead son says

    Actually the civil suit was for $40 million. It’s like the largest wrongful death suit settled by an individual in Florida history or something I was told on good authority. Wilson’s father seems like a decent guy – more so because he doesn’t talk to that mother who I agree is pimping out her dead son. Her only friends and family and court except for a sister were (check the headshots on their website vs. all the pics if you don’t believe me) she’s now worth more than goodman/has a new BMW and is whoring herself out to every media outlet she can – true or false Jose, she’s contacted you? Ha. Waiting for her book deal/disgusting behavior to continue….likely she’s pissed with the verdict cause she can’t fake cry to cameras any more and sue Bentley! If I were her I’d publicly request a light sentencing for Goodman – it would show she had some shred of decency. RIP Scott. John – you made a mistake and didn’t deserve to be crucified like this. Just saying.

    • Mindy says

      Spare me you sick Goodman Groupies—–he killed a young boy— no amount of money will

      heal that pain.
      Goodman should take responsibility for his actions for once in his pampered life.

      He is arrogant,and cannot believe he was not able to buy his way out of this–
      He did not “make a mistake”— he killed a young boy.
      All you think about is MONEY-shame on you—–

      • Oh Mindy... says

        Mindy, are you a member of Searcy law or Lili Wilson? Either way, stop panicking (we are just bloggers and can’t take away your disgusting blood $), go back to school (honestly, nothing to do with $ those most against Goodman all seem to have the brainpower of retarded fruit flies – learn the English language before blogging !) . I only hope all you misers live in the Wellington area and suffer to the utmost when polo is driven out and local businesses etc fail. You’re all miserable.

        • Mindy says

          Oh the vitriol— I know Goodman all too well. I have no
          involvement with the lawyers,nor the Wilson family. I
          have been showing horses in Wellington since it was first
          Goodman is just another irresponsible, debauched druggie.
          He is desperate– adopt your 42 year old girlfriend! The guy
          is laughable.Unfortunately,it is not terribly funny when an
          innocent young boy is killed. Your comments are too sophomoric to respond .

          • Oh Mindy... says

            And yet, respond you did.

            ….you think you know Goodman, I guarentee you do not know him as well as you seem to think. I obviously am on here because like 99% of the people who actually know him i think he’s a tremdously generous man who made a terrible mistake. I don’t think the failure to render aid was just/accurate and think there will be a mistrial and that reversed. You sure do spend a lot of time reading and blogging about him….time to get a life or focus more on those horse shows. Anything to better occupy your time than spewing online hate towards a man already trampled down by misguided public hatred.

      • TIDE ferrari racing,tom davis says


    • TIDE ferrari racing,tom davis says

      MINDLESS MINDY,Light sentence my assk,BUD LITE , perhaps.the bad part is the hit and [too drunk to run]wobble, not calling 911 to possibly SAVE A LIFE. HOPE A LESSON CAN BE LEARNED FROM ALL OF THIS. ALEX & SANDY SAY DON’T DRIVE BENTLEYS DRUNK WITH OUT A PLASTIC JESUS on the dash.

  3. Mindy says

    I am on an iPad.Why do my blogs get reformatted? Could you please respond?

    Thank you

    • Jose Lambiet says

      How so, Mindy? Some stuff might be out of alignment because we don’t have a true mobile app althought we’re working it. Thank you for your patronage.

      • Mindy says

        Don’t these people read your other articles? Is this page just for the lowlifes who Goodman employed? They should go to other blogs— perhaps they can’t stand the reality of the fact that they can no longer count on Johnny to help them with there bills.

        Thank you for the platform,but your other blog sites are far superior.I will follow you there. Bye Oh Mindy !!!!

  4. Ok Mindy... says

    Mindy, I am not employed by Goodman, nor do I normally take to writing on these blogs. I’m employed and have better things to do with my time – you on the other hand..probably not the case. I also am not employed by Goodman, involved in polo, nor have i ever financially profited from him. I am merely a friend of John’s (as SO many are) many are who resent how he is being crucified by the media and low-life/no-life’s such as yourself Whatever your issues are Mindy – DEAL. Oh, and I’m on an iPad too…glad you were eventually able to figure that one out..

    • Marge says

      Mr. Goodman left the scene and a young man died. What kind of “man” does that? Would you leave and not try to help? He may be a “great guy”, and Scott Wilson may have become a great man but we will never know because Mr. Goodman drank way to much, chose to get behind the wheel of his car, missed the stop sign on the way for a “frosty” (really,or to buy coke,whatever), and slammed his car into another vehicle that he didn’t see. Maybe if he hadn’t been doing shots all night he would have seen the other car, Mr. Goodman became a coward that night and will pay the price for his actions. If he had not been drunk he would not be “crucified” by everyone, he brought it on himself. The Polo world will survive without John Goodman.