Martin County Mystery: What is Davy Jones’ Family Hiding?

davy jones monkees dead stuart florida

Jones, last year in Los Angeles at The Monkees reunion concert (Splash News)

Singer Davy Jones, who suddenly died at home in Indiantown of a heart attack Feb. 29, lived in fame’s proverbial fishbowl for four decades as the cute-as-a-button frontman of The Monkees.

Davy Jones’ family: We need money for his horses!

In death, however, Jones’ family wants to kept secret the singer’s will and financial papers because it is worried revelations would harm the estate’s future earnings!

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A court in Martin County and a lawyer representing the family of the singer of Last Train to Clarksville and Daydream Believer have barred the public’s access to Jones’ will — a rarity in a state with liberal open-record rules.

“It’s very rare for a will to be deemed confidential,” said West Palm Beach probate lawyer Ron Kochman. “I don’t remember encountering a case.”

So, what’s the family hiding?

According to an order signed by Judge Sherwood Bauer this week, no one now has access to copies of Jones’ will and administration of the estate — except for his four daughters, his widow and a trustee!

Bauer’s order cited a little-used, broad statute in which he can declare documents off-limits to “avoid substantial injuries to innocent third parties.”

“The decedent has been a public figure since the 1960s,” the family’s request to close the file to the public reads, “as an actor and musician through his involvement with the iconic television show The Monkees and other successful artistic endeavors. (The estate) is concerned about the public’s access to the . . . planning documents and financial affairs as public opinion could have a material effect on his copyrights, royalties and ongoing goodwill.”

The will, according to the few documents that are visible, was written in 2004, after the birth of Jones’ fourth daughter, Annabel. But it may not include the woman half his age that he married five years ago, Telemundo actress Jessica Pacheco.

Neither Bauer nor a lawyer who requested the closing of the file returned calls for comment.

In addition to Pacheco, those who also have access to the paperwork include Talia Jones, 43, Davy’s eldest and the administrator of the estate; daughters Sara McFadden, 40, Jessica Cramer, 30, and Annabel, 23.

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    • says

      Carol,you are so wright about this.Davy’s daughters should get his estate.Not thatmoney hungry bitch of a wife Jessica.I understand that they were having problems before his death.the stress could of caused alot of medical problems.I pray she doen’nt get a dime. GOD BLESS YOU DAVY.

      • Sheri says

        Is she still contesting the will? On the internet, there is a story that she is still married to a Romanian. That means she is not eligible for his will.

        • Frances Vandeburgt says

          I read that same thing on That’s why your my ex-forum. She beat him over the head with a guitar over a balcony, left him on a beach where he got water in his lungs. May terrible things happened to poor Davy!!!

          • Frances Vandeburgt says

            I meant to say Many terrible things happend to poor Davy but when i tried to click above to cancel the reply it was too late.

  1. carrie says

    i think it means that the will was written after his last child was born, not reference to her birth date. any out there have any idea what type of information it might contain? my thinking is that this may be more about guarding who has access so there’s no misinterpretation about the will and that a loophole was found to assist in the process. hope the daughters get everything.

  2. Paula says

    I hope the girls get their due and Pacheco keeps her grubby paws off of Davy’s hard earned money!

    • carrie says

      while it’s not major front page news, a good tabloid or hollywood-type reporter would do well to look into pacheco’s background and do a profile/story. married before? dating already? how did the brother become manager? did she change the u.s. tour plan? he may not be contemporary news, but he may well be yet another example of an older man not being wise about choosing a partner: aka mccartney, billy joel and so many others. there seems to be enough stories out there on the friction, the abuse, etc. to take the time for a look-see article. go to the woman who has served as dj’s agent and go off record to pull things together.

      • SueNomi says

        Remember; this woman is KNOWN to have abused him. If she did that to him, who else has she abused? What’s the record on that money grubbing dancer?

      • Paula says

        Yes Carrie I agree. This Jessica P. seems very controlling and strange. Was Davy so alone in his senior years that he blindly trusted her judgement? I just pray that his lovely daughters inherit his estate and not the seemingly controlling gold digging gal. I am sick over how she so called treated him. My heart breaks when I think of all the lovely ladies that would have been honored to be with Davy and love and respect him.

      • Paula says

        She is a drunk, been married twice before! Heard she had a boyfriend too. Abusive psycho bitch! I hope she gets NOTHING!

        • Jodi Embly says

          Jessica Pacheco is an abusive ”star collector” who only married Davy in order to advance her career and her bank book. She criticized him, belittled him, and embarrassed him, and now she thinks she’s entitled to his money. I heard that she filed for divorce because she got booted from The Monkees’ tour. By doing this, Jessica said, ”I’ll show him.” She never really loved Davy, and her actions prove it. I know that she’s the widow, but to allow her access to the personal documents, and to give her any money would be akin to putting water on a grease fire. Nothing good will come of it. Davy was a good, kind, decent, and caring man who deserved a woman who would treat him that way. In Jessica, he found someone who took his love and gave nothing back. She didn’t deserve Davy, and now, she certainly deserve his money!

      • Frances Vandeburgt says

        I wonder why no one did any background profile on Ms. Pacheco on her dating history. It seems that one day he politely tells her to go home to Florida, he continues to tour the U.K. and the U.S. without her and she felt abandoned. What tooks place before all that isn’t too clear. and she files for divorce. It was a running pattern , she would something to upset him, he woos her back, making more stress in his life.

        • Sandy says

          She was on tour with them in the UK and part of US. If you look at YouTube videos of the tour, she does the Daddy’s Song dance with him. I watched them On Dr. Phil, she is very controlling.

          • Frances Vandeburgt says

            Their appearance on Dr. Phil was so called “petty things” but it was more than that. I doubt all those “petty differences” were really behind them.

  3. SueNomi says

    Any updates? Has this gone to probate or is it being kept out of probate?

    Keep up the good job!

    • carrie says

      anyone able to dig up more news as to the “why?” of this sealed will? it seems more that there’s something in it harmful or perhaps they used the loophole to keep others out. it says jp along with the daughters, has access. perhaps to keep a bad attorney out of it? or does it have something other in it? how bout the reporter who posted the story, are you doing any other sniffing around?

      • Jose Lambiet says

        Working on it, Carrie, although the why has been buried in the confidentiality claims. This is what happens when a star-struck judge is handling a case. I will fight the decision to make this thing confidential because I believe it was not done legally. Thank you for reading

        • carrie says

          well gossipextra, thank you. maybe it’s just pure privacy, something understood. such an odd marriage — and not even the age thing. basically everything else. seems to be a rather anger-issue wife.

  4. SueNomi says


    Is there anyone else who feels as some of us do that something is very, very wrong with this whole case? Is there anyone in law enforcement that is getting the “hinky” vibe from all this?

    I can’t help but think that if Davy had been a “Davida”, a lot of eyes would have been on the files and a lot of flags would have gone up.

    • Jose Lambiet says

      We just don’t know Sue. Could be a family feud. Could be that the new wife was iced out and want her share. Could be some stuff in the will about paramours, illegitimate children, etc. we won’t know until the file is re-opened. We’ll work on it.

      • carrie says

        jose, you seem to be in florida — i think. while it’s understood you have to remain objective, do you have any legitimate information on the alleged abuse by pacheco or any insight on her? it appeared to be one rocky marriage and an odd one, too. bizarre might be a better word, but no so uncommon among the famous. there must be people around and chatting a bit as to what created this marriage, unless purely capturing one’s youth and capturing someone’s money. any takes on your end? there’s much of this and it usually ends in divorce.

      • carrie says

        oh…. i was just thinking and thought to add this. the will could be very specific about where he’s buried, or where his ashes will remain — and they wish to keep that quiet to avoid a fan stampede. so perhaps the will mentions funds left to someone for care of the area, etc.? dunno — just a thought.

  5. Holly says

    Thank you so much Jose for working on this story! I am truly wanting to know everything that happened to this poor man. My heart goes out to his daughters, but my gut instinct tells me his wife is just pure evil.

  6. SueNomi says

    Remember: the statement made a big deal over the potential loss of “goodwill” which would indicate something that would hurt future revenue.

    • carrie says

      and what do you suspect that might be? what would deem “goodwill” ??? image, perception by fans that would change perspective? seems odd and not the type to hide another child or such. what would goodwill mean?

      • SueNomi says

        It would have to be something major, something so offensive that the otherwise very forgiving and tolerant Davy/Monkee fans would just be united in disgust and not spend another dime.

        OR, something that he was affiliated with and left money to that would call to arms the knee jerk liberal crowd who love to scream for blood at every turn.

        • NancyJM says

          I have to admit that I would feel SICK if I found out he supported some rabid right wing group. Don’t know if I could get past that. I take it you don’t like progressives, SueNomi, but I do have standards about what I will contribute to. If that’s what you are thinking he did ,I might rather never know. I wish this possibility was never even planted in my mind.

  7. Paula says

    I have been very concerned for Davy’s grown children in this situation. They deserve to be given what took decades for Davy to earn, not this strange wife of his, who seems to be a not so nice lady. Funny how the funeral was private and no one has seen or heard much from his widow. Perhaps she is pissed about something. If the tabloid stories are to be believed, then perhaps he left everything to his daughters, which is the best outcome possible, I hope someone can find out something to put all the fans at rest about this.

    • Frances Vandeburgt says

      That would be the best possible outcome to leave everything to his daughters. As she was in many tabloid stories mentally and physically abusive to Davy, perhaps something is p’ing her off.

  8. Paula says

    Perhaps the will contained bad blood between the other Monkee’s? Just a thought, but that could effect future earnings.

    • carrie says

      concluded the same thing. the will may have requested they not be at his funeral services, etc. and he may have asked that his ashes be spread in a few places and that it remain private so fans don’t overrun property. but his division from the remaining monkees makes sense. that would harm much. wonder if there is some sort of clause that says the family also gets a specific percentage of earnings from income aquired due to his death. surge in sales, etc. like you, i think it has to do with the monkees. jose, you have any insight yet?

      • Paula says

        Yes Carrie I think there might have been something in the will about the Monkee’s other band members. I am just hoping that this so called wife of Davy’s did not abuse him on a regular basis. It breaks my heart that this gal could not see what a gem of a man she had married and treat him and give him the love and respect he deserved. He was a legend. He was Davy. Shame on her if her abuses are true.

        • carrie says

          yeah, i think so too. not so certain why i find it rather amusing if he put something in the will such as ‘do not bring those guys near me…’ whatever it was, he penned in 2004 or was it 2006, with no amendment or addition — so it seems.

          • Paula says

            Carrie, well if Tahlia is the executor of the the will then I can breath a sigh of relife that at least his children are probably going to inherit his estate or some of it. That puts my heart at rest. The question is what about this wife of his? I am suspicious that there is not one picture of her or any photos taken of her since his death. It is all too quiet and so I conclude she is either pissed or taking the money and running. I pray she does not end up with a beau very soon. If that is the case, she probably never loved Davy.

          • jean says

            i heard him say in an article that she convinced him to get married. she said that no one should be alone. she shouldn.t gwt anything for a marriage of only 2 and a half yrs. i hope he had a prenup.

  9. Cora says

    @ Carrie, you got me thinking that perhaps he stated in the will that did not want the other guys at his funeral. Around 04’I recall some interview and he said something to the effect of not wanting to work with Dolenz or Tork again and that he was not interested in another reunion. Well obviously he changed his mind on the reunion part since they toured last year. Davy and the other guys have had a love-hate relationship over the years, quite sad really.

    As far as Jessica Pacheco or “Paychecko” as someone coined on another message board, I think they had a torrid can’t live with or without you type of marriage-very unhealthy. I think his daughters take the high road when it comes to dealing with her and that they only tolerated her for their Dad.

    • carrie says

      this is very true. it’s not our business. thus, however, the law should be changed that no wills are public domain. from a legal standpoint what’s been done is highly unusual if not rare. closing of records, overall, would change the course of information and reporting in the u.s. financial records of politicians, etc. so you must be careful in what is deemed ok in terms of sealing documents. bad precedent can be set.

  10. carrie says

    jose — it has to be something regarding his wish to pull away from his fellow bandmates. it was in 2004 when dj went public about no longer wanting anything to do with them (although he toured again for income) but i highly suspect there’s something very pointed in the will — and it includes that if something should ever happen to him, to keep them at bay. his 2004 interviews match with the timing of the will being written. so i don’t think there lurks any big, dark secret. that and the local of his resting place.

  11. Paula says

    Paychecko, totally fitting! I am not liking the things I have read about this gal Jessica. I also find her silence suspicious too. I just hope even though it is none of our business, that the daughters of Davy Jones are granted his estate. I still have a bad feeling inside my soul about the abuse he took from this Jessica. Any news on what she is doing now? I wish Davy had been with a loving and mature gal in his final years, one who would love and respect him and not for any other reason but love. Although he defended the abuse claims, I still thin Davy took some from her regularly, just my opinion.

    • Farrah says

      Paula, you are speaking my language. I have my suspicions about this woman, and that she abused Davy. My heart goes out to his daughters. Davy was such a great singer. And from what I’ve read, he was a very nice man. No one, man or woman deserves abuse.

      • carrie says

        the abuse is curious and i agree with you. friend, all off record, have said that it was a difficult relationship that led to a difficult marriage. abusers never stop abusing. you could clearly tell on the dr. phil appearance that she had a bad temper, as she even says something rather pushy to dr. phil. and abuse is always reflective of how someone feels about themselves — she likely doesn’t have great self-esteem or confidence. abusers, bullies — the same thing.

        • Paula says

          Yes Carrie, JP said on Dr. Phil that when Davy did things she did not like, her face would go serious. She definately was not flexible with him and probably cracked the whip with him and was probably quite demanding. I did read in an article that Davy said she and her family were expensive. What the heck did he put himself in that position for? He did not have to buy love, but at the same time he might have been lonely. Could he have not found someone with more reedeeming qualities? I still weep for him. Poor Davy.

      • Paula says

        Farrah it pains me that our beloved Davy might have been emotionally and physically abused by this young wife. My heart breaks just at the thought of this great entertainer having to put up with that. To think so many fans would have been so respectful and loving to him as he deserved. My question is why did he marry this girl?

        • carrie says

          suspect fear of being alone. and he thought, for some reason, it was a good catch. youth. maybe someone will eventually write about his last years or such. mostly, i suspect, it will all remain private unless a close friend chooses to be forthcoming. the other difficulty is the press. given he was older, the media may not see any benefit of future stories on what may have happened in his life due to what the press might consider lack of interest.

    • Frances Vandeburgt says

      A little older, more mature woman is what Davy deserved. I’ve read many stories about his last years, some concerning alcohol fueled antics. I never thought from the other women he married before that he would end up with an abusive spouse.

  12. carrie says


    mostly, i’m curious about the many comments posted to your site after you did a story on jones marrying the local woman. some of the posts were quite interesting and perhaps they pulled up records and information on a different jessica pacheco. have you been able to verify some of the claims and comments and have you been able to discern a bit more given you are in that particular area of florida? to be sure, there are many people who knew them as a couple and who knew her before and in her early years with jones. he may be old news in that he was, well, older, but there seems to be enough not told that would be interesting to many readers. what of the toxicology report, anything? someone must have something to say about the said abuse or her alleged divorces. all untrue?

  13. Paula says

    I think there is plenty of interest in Davy Jones and fans would certainly like to know more about this wife of his. It has not settled well with the fans if Davy was abused by her. This needs to be brought into the light. The fans are many and they were adoring and loyal. I am just hoping Davy’s young wife did not get his wealth. This is a troubling area for me. She was not worthy in my eyes.

  14. SueNomi says

    She cracked his rib. At that age, a cracked rib can put a lot of pressure on the heart.

    • Paula says

      OMG that is just terrible. Why would Davy stay with such an abusive lady when he could have had any women he wanted? Just so completely sad. I wonder if there are medical records to back that up? I bet they are sealed, LOL like all of her abuse to him. Such a darn shame Davy did not have a better person in his life.

    • carrie says

      have seen nothing. only that it appears his daughters are spearheading funds to help with the horses. i guess in fla. sealed is sealed (records.) i think this is just a story that will fade, fade away.

  15. Melissa says

    I noticed at the memorial event in New York the other night, two of Davy’s daughters that attended pleaded for money to help his horses. Someone there next to me mentioned that it was basically a telethon for the horses with an element of desperation. Also I wish to note that the widow was not mentioned at all during the 4 plus hour event.

    • NancyJM says

      The BB KINGS event was both a memorial for Davy, and a benefit for the horses he loved. It was a lovely event. I am surprised that Davy apparently didn’t provide for the horses in his will.I believe that the girls, who are all horse lovers, would use inheritance money for the horses if they could. This leads me to believe that Jessica must somehow be getting a substantial chunk of Davy’s money , even if he wrote the will before they met. I don’t want to judge her based on gossip, but it seems odd to me that she wasn’t at the event. The girls were kind and gracious,just like their Dad. I wonder if JP wasn’t there partly BECAUSE of the focus on the horses, if she just wants them sold off. I’m actually glad the will is sealed. I don’t want to see Davy hurt.

  16. Dianne says

    Jose, will you post on this either way if you can find anything out or not? I am really interested to know and most of his fans are, too. Thank you.

  17. Paula says

    The memorial clips can be viewed on youtube, and Davy’s first born daughter and last born daughter were there with Mickey and Peter too and many others. There is NO mention of Davy’s wife or footage of her at this NYC event. I am worried that if they had to fund raise for Davy’s horses could this mean they received nothing from Davy’s estate? My heart is racing. I hope that young wife did not get is all. I pray not. Those daughters should be the heirs. After all there is news that the wife was abusive to Davy. My heart is breaking. We need news on this to settle the fans hearts.

  18. Tess says

    I just read that Paychecko filed for divorce from Davy on 7/28/11 and asked for temporary alimony and legal bills. What a bitch! Apparently she withdrew the petition in October. He must have been under so much stress:(. I don’t understand why his daughters are pleading for help to support the horses. It appears they are the beneficiaries of his $5million estate since the will was written before the marriage. Jose, why do you think they’re begging for horse money???

  19. Candice says

    How do we know for sure the estate was worth 5 million? Monkee business is good business but it isn’t THAT good. He was badly in debt back in the 90s and still trying to support two households as his wife Anita lived in England with two of his daughters. Things didn’t pick up for him again until the 1996 reunion. Let’s see: two households PA & FL, new wife and her family who spends his money, 16 horses (storage and feeding), supporting his former jockey trainer in an assisted living center in Florida, the church in PA he bought and was remodeling. That is just off the top of my head. I think Rhino paid them $20,000 a year in royalties and that amount was raised slightly after Davy complained several times in interviews back in 1997.

    One other thing: The 2011 tour had some dates scheduled and had sold tickets for but they were cancelled. The main story told was that they were scheduled without the Monkees approval. Micky was quoted as saying that he couldn’t discuss it for legal reasons but it was in the hands of his and Peter’s lawyers. Davy wasn’t mentioned which gives me cause to believe that he was holding out for more money on the tour. He had been messed with so many times financially that he was constantly playing hardball to get more and more money. One alarming thing that I saw that nobody else picked up on was the selling of his own memorabilia on eBay. He was known for saving everything and a few months before he died, he was selling vintage photos, negatives and even a guitar given to him by one of his daughters. For someone who was a pack rat like Jones, this was a disturbing trend especially since he had stopped two former girlfriends from selling his belongings on eBay in the past.

    Stress in this guy’s life? Yes, I’m a believer.

    • carrie says

      oh, was he a pack rat as in a hoarder? funny how that has become a common term due to television shows, etc. i feel for the guy if it had come to selling off his collection gathered over the years. he seemed a decent person. so i hope he’s in a better place. any idea what happened in his two previous marriages that led to divorce? was he impossible to get along with? he often said he hadn’t grown up.

      • Mrs.Komatsuzaki says

        My husband and I knew Davy Jones personally the last fifteen of his life. Davy was a wonderful person he was caring, loving and very down to earth. Though he was the star of the show he had a way of making people around him feel special. Anyone who has ever met Davy, knows exactly what I mean. Davy could lift the spirits of people around him and put a smile on their faces. Davy touched the lives of so many people with his kindness and thoughtfulness. It was such a pleasure meeting Davy,and we were so blessed and honored to be his friends.

    • says

      Holy shit…..the thought plickens….OMG…I had no idea….I thought he went off to live a life peacefully…..Methinks he was too nice of a guy to know when to say “no”. Shame shame….Whitney, then Davy….who’s next…oh Robin Gibb….I feel so bad that after viewing quite a bit of youtube footage of him, that he seemed like a hell of a nice guy and everybody was messing with him :( I’d like for his latest woman to come to our karate studio and I could teach her a few karate moves. I thought reading, maybe his rib broke from falling off horse, but no…he’s too expert at riding. And I read he had black eyes? Seriously…seriously….She needs an attitude adjustment. He did seem to age rather ‘A LOT’ from 07 footage until now. Well, he’s in Heaven now, and we lost the best Monkee that we ever could have ask for. I had no idea he had such great humor, funny guy. Gosh, I live close to his Pa. house, and knew it and it was cool to think Davy Jones lives close, always hoped I’d run into him sometime. I had to explain to my daughter after Pirates, there is a real Davy Jones and he’s a doll. She loves the music too. I hope the guy who has this thread does find out the truth….Thanks for letting me rant…

  20. Paula says

    I have thought about this and perhaps Davy’s widow was not left anything in the will, and is contesting it. If something goes to probate then Davy had only a will and did not have a trust or a living trust like he perhaps should have. Without a trust wills go to probate and cost money as the courts take a cut and the will can be contested and drag on for years. A living trust cannot be contested and there is no probate and no public availablity either. Could Davy have been trying to save money not having a trust. I think they cost at the most fiteen hundred to two thousand dollars to have a living trust made up. Then everything is totally private and no one can contest and hold up the distribution to heirs. I think maybe paychecko got nothing since the will was written in 2004 and my guess is she is contesting the will and holding monies up. Just a thought and a hunch. Anyone have any comments about my assumptions?

  21. Jo Richardson says

    Paula, that’s what I’ve been thinking all this time…that JP is contesting the will because she’s not a named beneficiary.

    • Paula says

      Yes Jo, it just hit me that her absence from the NYC memorial with Davy’s daughters was strange, and the fact that there has not be as much as a peep out of her. she is pissed about something!!! I tend to think Davy was unhappy with his young wife and covered it up. No wonder the daughters had to raise money to tend to Davy’s beloved horses. If the will was 2004 then Davy had plenty of time to change it to include his young wife, but he did not. Put two and two together and I am assuming JP was not in that will. I pray she was not.

      • Candice says

        Davy met Jessica in 2007 so she didn’t make it into the 2004 will.

        Her brother became Davy’s manager so he made money off of this relationship. I saw the brother in action and he was beyond rude to Davy. That wasn’t cool to see.

        As for Davy being a pack rat as I stated yesterday, he was a pack rat only for items regarding his career. He saved everything so it was stunning for him to be selling off his memorabilia that was supposed to be on display in his church museum that he was working on.

        • carrie says

          happy he saved it as it will have some worth now for his family or the museum. i’m disliking jp and her family more and more — and notice, people aren’t coming to the fore to defend her. it seemed like much of his life was spent trying to please her. it’s very, very obvious she was incredibly insecure. hope she fades into telemundo oblivion.

        • carrie says

          p.s. what was the crappy brother doing to davy? bet she forced dj to take on her brother. hope someone write something about the life and family. good lesson for people over all. don’t be led by the groin.

          • Paula says

            Yes Carrie how could Davy be persuaded to hire paychecko’s brother to be his manager??? Davy’s young wife seemed to have been a nag that never stopped. Poor Davy, if he had only known how much he was loved, he could have found a kinder women to spend his final years with. I have not seen one picture of Paychecko since Davy’s death. She must be really pissed I am assuming. Carrie I miss Davy already and am sad that I will never hear that wonderful voice of his live any more. I cannot believe he is gone. My heart is broken and I am just a fan who never knew him. I just hope someone can get to the bottom of all this. We love you Davy!!!!

        • says

          Wow….this is a long thread, and I have many comments to make. Selling his stuff on Ebay…seriously……something wrong with that. Didn’t Paul McCartney get caught up in something like this, minus the abuse :( I think this woman better stay in hiding, too many people loved Davy, she might end up with some broken ribs or swollen eyes. And her brother as manager, seriously…oh…I don’t think I can read anymore w/o getting really pissed…..Trusting this guy who is doing this thread gets to the bottom. Man, I was so sick when I heard about his death :( I even have a local booklet from congressman’s office that has Davy on the front, and his tour dates in it :( Always hoped to see him perform…..

          • Frances Vandeburgt says

            There is memorablia of Davy’s all over e-bay, it’s amazing. I was just thinking of his Pre-Monkee song “What are we going to do”? I hope all parties concerned in the estate can make something off of that. I couldn’t understand that Dr. Phil episode where Dr. Phil is discussing something with Davy and she’s laughing and looking at someone in the front row who is also laughing. It does say in wikipedia that this was Jessica’s third marriage as well as his. What isn’t clear is why didn’t she choose go-go dancing on that 2011 Monkee’s tour like she did on the PBS special that they both did rather flamenco dancing.

    • Lisa says

      If she was not named in the will, then she has grounds to contest. If he rewrote the will recently, chose to leave her a token amount, then she’s got nothing to contest. Unfortunately, if the most recent will is 2004, then she’s already got a team of lawyers working on this.

      • Frances Vandeburgt says

        No news on that estate front at all. I wonder how long it will take to settle the whole thing.

  22. Paula says

    Yes it also pains me to know that Paychecko’s brother was rude to Davy. What a sad thing to hear. I want to know more facts about that if anyone wants to share first hand news. How could Davy have tolerated these people? It makes me furious that the wife and brother’s behaviors could have drove him to a heart attack. When stressed you eat more and perhaps that is what happened. How terribly sad for Davy.

    • carrie says

      little interesting note: the dj facebook page — not his own site, but the fan dj site that the family endorses, rid of all of the jp photos. they had one of the two of them posted last week and it’s off and not even in the photo archive. so, sumtin’s a cookin. when i was 10, i won a contest to meet the monkees. they were doing their first huge tour at the time. it was the first place win on a radio station and it included a meet them in the morning and the concert at night. and guess what happened. i’m in a room with three of them — mickey didn’t show “wasn’t feeling well” and my camera didn’t work. the battery was dead and the flash petered out. the cameras weren’t like they are today. so no photos and a faint memory. but what i recall is that i was so shocked that dj had a morning shadow — you never saw any sign of beard in those early days — they kept him shaved — chest, too, to make him seem more boyish, like a cherub. without all of the makeup, the shadow came through. he was very, young at this juncture, very small. but he had that morning stubble. so strange. very kind, i remember that. and his nose was more prominent than it looked in photos of tv. to this day i can’t believe i’ve not one photo to show for that meeting. i remember being so crestfallen. he drew a huge daisy next to his name and he tried to fix the camera. kind as were nesmith and tork.

      • Paula says

        OMG Carrie you got to meet them at the height of their amazing careers!!!! I love your story. I can imagine how upset you were that Mickey was not there and your camera problem, but you have those memories that no one can take from you. Thank you for sharing this too. I was smiling when reading about it. I got to see the Monkees at the Chicago Stadium and I was about 10 at the time. I still have my ticket stubs. We were a poor family but I remember taking the train to the stadium and some buses too. My mom did not drive and my parents were divorced. I remember Mickey playing this single large drum that fell over when he was rolling it in position. Funny what we remember. I could not hear them as the screaming was so loud. Does JP even know how great a man she was married to? She lately is no where to be found for some odd reason. I hope someone finds out something soon. Her invisiblity is strange. The pics being removed from the page is odd to. Something is definately cooking!!!!!

        • carrie says

          paula, that’s where i was as well. chicago stadium. won the wls radio contest. small world.

          • Paula says

            Oh Carrie to think we both could have been at the same show all those years ago. I was 10 but I remember the excitement and joy in seeing Davy and the Monkee’s live. I somehow think the fans that are having the worst time of it are fans like us that knew Davy during the beginning of the Monkee’s heyday. I never stopped loving them all these years nor have my siblings. It is such a small world. Perhaps if JP had been around when we saw the Monkee’s she might have had a lot more love and respect for Davy. She was not deserving of this wonderful man.

      • says

        I looked at the FB page, and it wouldn’t load back any further, and I just thought it was because OVERLOAD, everybody trying to access it at once. Now, I know better. This is an interesting thread. I feel a suspense about his death too. We knew what took Whitney, but with Davy….where there is smoke there is fire. And good point made earlier about not sealing documents, would set a precedent for “all” documents in future. We don’t want to change the Constitution.

    • Mrs.Komatsuzaki says

      As hard as it must be for the people who have never met Davy reading these comments, just imagine how much harder it is for someone who knew him.

  23. Lisa says

    FYI, in most cases, wishes about the funeral, disposal of remains, etc are not usually part of the last will and testament because often the will is not read until after the fact. Those details are best expressed to the next of kin or to one’s attorney.

    • Candice says

      Davy had a burial plot purchased in Manchester to be with his parents. I believe this was said in his book They Made a Monkee Out of Me. The widow had him cremated instead. From my sources, the funeral was mainly attended by her friends and family. Davy’s daughters were invited as an afterthought. The ashes were then flown to the UK and widow might have shared the ashes with them.

      The Monkees created a good story about not wanting to create a media circus but in actuality, they were not invited despite the 3 remaining Monkees requests to attend. Anything said to the press was the make the widow sound less heartless since the guys were inundated with questions if they were going or not.

      • carrie says

        i hope his family got the ashes of his heart. bet there’s a good story lurking. not so sure it will ever surface. unless jp does a book along the lines of how she was his true love or some such bunk.

      • Paula says

        Candice your posts are very interesting and informative. It breaks my heart that Davy’s widow has been so heartless to the other Monkee’s and to Davy’s daughters. To invite the daughters to the funeral only as an after thought is just plain evil. The Monkee’s should have been able to attend their friend/coworkers funeral. This Jessica has not got a heart to deny them access to the funeral. Mickey and Peter and Mike took the high road and the classy road in staying away and not insisting. I am sure it hurt them deeply despite. I am sad that Davy tried desperately to cover up the abuse he took from JP. Abusers will do anything but apologize. She seems like a narcissist to me. It was all about what she could get from Davy. She has to live with this now. How could she have continued to mistreat this lovely man? Davy should have been buried with his parents. Even in death JP seems to have control over Davy. How sad.

  24. Joan says

    I think I read somewhere that JP was arrested for prostitution in Orange County Florida in 2010…after she was married to Davy. Is that correct?

    • Candice says

      I just located a mug shot online of a Jessica Pacheco in Orange County for that time period and it doesn’t look like her.

      • carrie says

        it’s a common name. someone else said they found two divorces for someone with that name, but it’s likely other jp’s. on why people tolerate abusive relationships, friendships, etc. they think it’s the best they’ll get given the time they have or where they are at in their lives. or they don’t want to be alone. or it’s not perfect, but not half bad. my take — they shared that they both worked in the entertainment business. she’s an actress. she’s young. she’s attracted to him, she let’s him work with his horses. they do stuff together. she nags the shit out of him, but he figures some parts are good. on his heart — it took years for his arteries to basically harden and calcify. stress didn’t help the damage already done, but his heart trouble was long in the making.

        for jose, do you anticipate any other stories or are you sniffing around to see if anyone is contesting the sealed will? or do you think the story just fades away?

        • Paula says

          Yes Carrie, but how strange JP would file for divorce so close to Davy’s death and then drop it. How sad she was immediately asking for alimony and legal fees!!!! I am sorry but she appeared to be wanting things that you get after decades of marriage not a year and a half!!!! She seems to be a girl who is angry when she does not get her way. I bet she manipulated the heck of of Davy. This gal sounds like a real spoiled gal to me.

        • Paula says

          Carrie and Jose, I did notice other sites have posted the sealing of Davy’s will. There are several sites doing this now if you google Davy Jones estate or will.

        • NancyJM says

          Carrie- thank you. It has always seem obvious to me that Davy and Jessica loved each other, even if their relationship was stormy. I try very hard not to speculate about the private affairs of their marriage. I want to believe that Davy was happy with her, as he has always said. A person can be difficult to deal with, and have a bad temper without being a heartless gold digger! As for Davy’s heart, you are right- that kind of blockage doesn’t happen in just a couple of years.I hope that everyone,wife and daughters, will get a fair share and that gear Davy can be left to rest in peace. I believe he would be so sad if people are fighting over the will.

          • JayneDough says

            Heart deterioration may happen throughout the years but stress can worsen it and cause major damage.

        • NancyJM says

          Carrie- thank you. It has always seem obvious to me that Davy and Jessica loved each other, even if their relationship was stormy. I try very hard not to speculate about the private affairs of their marriage. I want to believe that Davy was happy with her, as he has always said. A person can be difficult to deal with, and have a bad temper without being a heartless gold digger! As for Davy’s heart, you are right- that kind of blockage doesn’t happen in just a couple of years.I hope that everyone,wife and daughters, will get a fair share and that dear Davy can be left to rest in peace. I believe he would be so sad if people are fighting over the will.

  25. Donna Walters says

    Hello ladies. I too am a big fan of Davy Jones. He was my crush back in the 60’s. What a cutie!! I’ve been reading your posts. Interesting…. I didn’t like his wife since the first time I saw her picture. Everything I’ve read about her seems to be negative. I believe she saw a pot of gold when she met Davy. Come on, she was 30ish and he was in his 60’s!?? A few weeks ago she had a facebook site. She had her wedding pic and had posted how much she loved him and he loved her. I looked for it last night and it said she had shut it down. I guess she got too much negative remarks. I too am wondering about his will. Any new news? Curious as to how ya’ll find out all of this info on Davy and his ex? I’ve been looking around and can’t seem to really dig up anything.

  26. Paula says

    Hi Donna! I just am so glad to see other Davy fans here. He was a lovely man and a wonderful entertainer. I miss him and yet I never knew him personally. Just google and articles will come up about his young wife being not so nice to him. It breaks my heart that Davy had the stress of a seemingly spoiled brat for a wife at the very end of his life. I hope the real truth comes out in the end.

  27. Tess says

    Lol, just read the posts and checked Facebook….poor Paychecko has no more pictures on Davy’s page…..ya, something’s up! Couldn’t find her FB page, must be gone like somebody said. I googled Florida Probate, Will Left Wife Out. Ok guys, you got why Paychecko is staying quiet and being camera shy! Florida statutes, if I read this correctly, give the spouse 100% of all shared residences even if titled in only the deceased name (not sure if this applies to ALL real estate it just real estate located in Florida). ALSO, the spouse (if left out if the will) can claim 30% of the estate, no matter who the will left it to. IF the will was drafted before the marriage, the spouse can chose between two elections…..the lessor appearing to be the 30%!!!! I’m not a lawyer, so how about some if you googling the Florida probate statutes and see what you think. Betcha Paychecko ran out and got an attorney to fight the will before she drive to the hospital on that fateful day. Anybody read the statutes differently? I’m thinking those girls have a fight on their hands that is a losing battle and would make Davy cringe!

  28. Tess says

    Sorry, misinformation. If you google Beavertown Davy Jones Facebook and then scan down until you find Paychecko’s sickening message to Davy, click on her name and it takes you to her FB page. Unfortunately she’s still around, although conspicuously silent in regard to her “mourning”.

    • jean says

      hello ladies i also was a fan of him. as far as i see it jp is entitled to what they accumulated after the marriage.condo in fla. which she still has to pay rent on. lol and that is it. anything before the marriage is rightfully his daughters. she should have no rights to any statutories of his music or anything else. i believe also that she has everything tied up in court so his daughters can’t get anything to take care of those horses. i had seen them on dr. phil and she did seem controlling. her way or the highway. now i dont know anything about fla. laws since i am in michigan,but everything should go to his daughters period.

    • says

      Yeah FB page still up….all I can say is ………what the hell was he thinking? Where’s his daughters at this wedding? Absent? Good grief….I must say I met Ted Neeley a few years back and he talked about his wife so many times. It’s good to meet someone whom you really idolized as a youth and they turn out to be “more” than what you expect. Was Davy trying to recapture his youth? I guess there are hoovers out there everywhere, Paul McCartney found out. He finally married one closer to his age, seems to be working. Davy seemed like a hell of a nice guy from things I have been reading. I can’t figure this one out? Too young….and what good did it do him :(

  29. Donna Walters says

    I was wondering what jp’s brother did before he bacame manager myself. hmm…makes you wonder. What about her parents? What do they do for a living? I heard jp’s been married twice before. Anyone know what happened to those marriages? I’ve seen a few interviews Davy had given. JP was in the background. She looked and acted very impatient. One interview she kept tapping him and grabbing his arm as if to say “enough”. She looked very annoyed. I’m guessing because the spot light wasn’t on her. Another video I saw was of him singing his songs at someone’s house. I’m thinking maybe it was his house in PA. They were dressed up back in the sixtys style. She had on gogo boots, mini dress and a afro wig. She looked out of place. Again she was in the background looking annoyed. While on the newlywed game she called him a liar. I believe it was on Dr. Phil she called him stupid. It really pissed me off that she talked to him that way. Stupid, he was not. Well, marrying her wasn’t too bright. LOL Everytime I watch videos of him in concert and see her up there dancing it really annoys me. People didn’t pay to watch her dance. If that’s what you want to call it. I could put on a dress like she’s wearing and hop around like that! I’m sorry but I just don’t see the talent there! I’ve also read that she was rude to his fans. As far as I’m concerned I think she was/is a gold digger and very abusive. I’m thinking he was miserable. He looked it in some of his videos and pics. He looked stressed. Just my thoughts.

    • says

      well said….I think I have read enough on Davy Jones…..Glad he is not getting the shit kicked out of him by her anymore. You know what they say, what goes around…comes around….See ya on the other side Davy…..silly goose…

    • Frances Vandeburgt says

      JP’s dancing never seemed to fit in with Monkees songs or his fan base. Everything she did from abuse, making her brother manager etc., was all part of her control. The entertainment shows (you know the ones I mean) or online shows don’t mention anything about the claims that she abused him, or how many times did she actually file for divorce, the reading of his will.
      What are they all keeping quiet about?

    • JayneDough says

      DJ had trust issues after his last paycheck from The Monkees was $0 yet the man handling his career at the time was still making money from it. He would then give jobs to family and friends. His second wife was once on his payroll.
      That house party that he sang at was a birthday bash for Seth Swirsky in Beverly Hills, California.

  30. Donna Walters says

    Another thought. I don’t know much about his daughters. I can’t find much about them. I have read a few interviews and from what I can sum up, his oldest daughter is no dummy. I hope they fight jp to the end! I believe his net worth before his death was somewhere around 5 million.
    One more question… Does anyone know who has his ashes? I know she took them to England and let them “rest” with his parents for a short time while she was there. Any thoughts?

    • jean says

      i don.t know if she got part of his ashes but i believe they were spread around manchester england. that is what i read. that was ridiculous her dancing around. she should of left her dancing to her telemundo and left him to his own act. from what i read one of the reasons she filed for divorce was because the other monkees didn.t want her to be part of the tour because of her flamingo dancing. which you can’t blame them.

    • JayneDough says

      Jessica Porkchecko stated that she spread his ashes in the ocean in Florida and saw a dolphin while doing it.

  31. Donna Walters says

    Paula. I’ve read that Micky and Peter didn’t want her dancing when they were in concert. They felt like it was a circus. I don’t blame them. It looked very out of place. Like I said before, his fans didn’t pay to see her dance around. I also read that she filed for divorce because she felt Davy abandoned her because he sided with Micky and Peter. But she did dance when it was just Davy in concert. I wish I could find some new info. Don’t know why I’m so obsessed with this!

    • Paula says

      Donna I too am obsessed with the loss of Davy Jones. He was so very special to me and to all the other fans. You know part of my childhood. I pray to God that JP does not get 100 percent of his properties. I hope Florida laws do not say that. My heart is sinking. I did too hear that she filed for divorce due to the Monkee’s not wanting her flamingo dancing in their show and tour. Poor Davy needed the money to please that terrible spoiled wife of his and all she could think of doing was causing stress between him and his touring with his group. The Monkees brought joy to so many and this horrible JP appears to have manipulated Davy to end the tour which I think he did, and possibly then she stopped the divorce papers. She was by the way asking for alimony, and lawyers fees (what a horrible women). My heart hopes perhaps she only gets the property after the marriage happened which is that condo and not the other places that his wonderful beautiful and loving daughters should have. Davy’s death has broken my heart and I am sick inside like the rest of us. Please keep this link alive so eventually we find out the truth about JP. P.S. Yes I did see some youtube videos where JP was acting impatient and snotty to Davy. She was just plain awful. Blessings to Davy’s daughters and sisters and Godspeed

    • Joan says

      I don’t know why, but I am also obsessed with this. I would like to know the outcome of the will and why it’s in probate that will probably tie it up for months. Did David really love her or just her looks?

    • says

      Yeah, I’ve been absorbing a lot of youtube of Davy lately too….I must get back on with my own life….He is loved by many….and I will always love himmmmmmmmmmm….what girl growing up then didn’t!

  32. Beryl says

    I totally agree with you ladies. I believe she married him to further her “celebrity” and ride his coat tails. A flamenco dancer has NO place in a Monkees concert and that is ridiculous that she wormed her way into some of the shows. I have no doubt that her and/or her brother are directly to blame for the early demise of the Monkees tour last year. Just my own opinion but there is not much that could change my mind about that one.

    • carrie says

      a sort of shame on davy for having and/or asking if she could be part of the show. he was indeed p-whipped. worse than when sally field long ago accepted an oscar and goo-gooed to the crowd ‘you like me, you really like me!’ afraid davy did the same thing with jp. so in disbelief that she actually ‘liked’ him. so always remember folks, hold on to your hats, the money in them, and also your groin!!!!

      • Paula says

        Carrie know you are right but you know how could Davy be in shock that she would like him? Did he not know what an incredible man he was? Could he have had low self esteem? I cannot understand why this lovely man would feel like that when we all know how fantastic he really was in so many ways. My heart still breaks for his loss. My heart breaks for his daughters who are going to be fighting for a long time for his things. Yes Davy was P-whipped if you ask me too. I become so sad when thinking what his final months must have been like.

  33. Beryl says

    I am also in agreement with you that she is tying up the fincances so the daughters have no money at the moment to support the horses. They are very smart to raise money to help the horses that Davy so loved and there is no way JP could touch that money. Bless those girls, I feel so badly for their loss and then to be dealing with a golddigging wife is just too much. I know they are strong and they are going to need to be.

  34. Paula says

    Yes Beryl Davy’s daughters are trying to care for Davy’s beloved horses the best they can. How dreadful for them to have to deal with JP and grieve the loss of there father at the same time. I have been praying for the daughters to be strong.

  35. Paula says

    If you view Davy and JP’s wedding pics the cake topper is a bride trying to grab the groom who is running away. I would say that speaks volumes on the union. He was unsure until the wedding day and probably nagged into it and P-whipped. So sad.

    • Frances Vandeburgt says

      I often wondered if her family thought what she (Jessica) was doing with much older man like Davy. Her flamenco dancing seemed out of place with the Monkees tour. It belonged on its own or with his solo act. I did hear that she wasn’t with him when he went out riding on the fateful day. One speculates where she was. I did read in wikipedia that it was her third marriage when she married Davy. It took Davy nearly 30 years to have two marriages whereas she had two before age 28. She was invisible at any memorials for him. She cracks his ribs before the wedding, why did he marry her? That Dr. Phil episode was sickening to watch.

  36. Beryl says

    and certainly her nonexistence at the memorial in nyc also spoke volumes. notice none of his daughters are in the wedding photos because they were not there. for someone who loved his daughters so much it breaks my heart that he still wanted to marry her when they knew what we know about her. i so wish he would not have married her. have fun if thats what he wanted but not marriage. he must have seen what she was really like. if not his daughters and family surely pointed it out to him.

    • Paula says

      Yes Beryl it is so sad that Davy still married this girl after she abused him. His daughters were not pleased as non of us would have been either. They tried to warn him. I am guessing this JP has got a lawyer and is going to gold dig the estate for as much as she can. How sad.

  37. Dianne says

    I did some digging and found out that JP was married to “Ionut P. Grama”. I think they were married in 2006 and divorced in 2007. He is from Romania. Don’t know any more than that, but I think he asked for a divorce from her. Still searching for some more info on any of them.

    • Paula says

      Wow where did you ever find out that scoop? This gal seems like a horrible person to me. I cannot imagine what moved davy to marry her even after her abuses towards him and manipulations? Keep searching we need to know. Thanks.

  38. Donna says

    I agree with all of you ladies. If JP asked for alimony and lawyers fees when she filed for divorce after such a short time, then you know she’s not going out quietly. I’ve wondered what Micky and Peter thought of her. I know they didn’t like her dancing act in their show but I wonder how they felt about her personally. Better yet, what Davy’s band members thought about her. That would be interesting to know. Does anyone know what her parents do for a living? I know that they were younger then Davy. (That was said in an interview). I too believe he had low self-esteem. His first marriage ended because she found someone else. Davy had said he wasn’t the greatest husband and father. Not sure about his second marriage. Any info on his second marriage? He was in a long relationship after his second marriage but I can’t recall why that ended. I might be getting this confused but I believe he said he really loved that one. He had said in the first and second marriages both wifes were pregnant thats why they married. Any thoughts?

    • Paula says

      Donna, I am positive this JP is after every red cent she can get her hands on. This gal was manipulative to Davy when he was alive so what is stopping her now from doing the same to the daughter. This assumpition breaks my heart. I think Davy never knew how wonderful and desirable he really was. He could have had any women he wanted really. I think Micky and Peter perhaps not wanting her in the show caused stress. I bet they did not want her around because she was the b word. I see her attitude in youtube videos and she is very snotty in some. She was not a normal person in a sense that she appeared overly spoiled and had become a narcissist.

    • carrie says

      i think you probably nailed it. someone on one of the sites said the woman who got away was an aspiring actress by the name of gillian holt. she was 25 years younger than davy, but they dated for several years and he moved in with her for a time in california. she was often at his beavertown home. the word is she wanted to get married and he didn’t, especially after his last divorce was costly. remember, he had to pay two women and his children for many years. likely he thought he wasn’t good at marriage and probably didn’t want to start another family and go through it all again with the possibility of it not working out. gillian holt became history, married someone else and has a child. after losing her to not wanting to marry — and he probably told jp the same thing, no marriage, she probably gave him an ultimatum and he stuck to his guns. but as he said, he was in beavertown and was going to look for local women to date when he asked himself why he was building a wall when he still constantly thought about jp. so he got on a plane and when back in fla., proposed. my sense is he feared losing jp like he did holt. also, jp doesn’t seem like the type of woman who wanted kids — she had her career — so she seemed a safe bet. problem was, she was no gillian holt. he was feeling old. lonely, perhaps.

      • jean says

        from what i understand she was the one that convinced davy because he said,she said that no one should be alone. so he married her to do justice to the woman

      • Paula says

        Carrie your comments are so right on. I don’t blame Davy for be aprehensive to another marriage, he was getting on in hears and had financial burdens for years. Not saying the kids were burdens at all but a responsiblity to raise them lovingly and with support both financial and emotional. I think JP was just the ticket to temp Davy into marriage. He soon found out what manipulation was. I bet he regretted his decision depsite his saying he was besotted.

  39. Paula says

    When I watch this Jessica P. dancing with Davy in youtube clips, it appears that she is a narcissist. Who in their right mind would have the nerve to do a flamingo dance during a Monkee’s tour??????? She needs attention and demanded it from Davy. The dance is cute as they are in time together, however she should not have even asked to be in any of the Davy’s or the Monkee’s shows because people come to see Davy Jones and the Monkee’s not a show off wife that dances quite ordinary for her so called professional dancing ability.

  40. jean says

    she looked like a belly dancer. i think it was out of place. i’m sure she grabbed everything she could before the girls got there. she could have that tied up in court for yrs. i think some one or a group should start a fundraiser for the family for those horses.

  41. Paula says

    Yes Jean Davy loved those horses. It is so amazing that those daughters are trying to plead for money while JP is holding everything up. She should be trying to do something if she loved Davy. I think her mind was on using him for his paycheck only. Why is she not helping those horses? I think there is an address where to send money for the horses too. I think it is on Davy’s facebook page that the family indorses.

    • jean says

      yes and i think they are doing everything they can to hold on to those horses which was davy’s actually life. and i think they honored their father very much. i believe she was just a go-getter whatever she can get she will take. a very materialistic person. meanwhile i didn’t know her but this is my take of the whole thing. i believe that davy was still doing the entertaining for the care of those horses and i think that he was mesmerized with her. it wasn.t really love. he said that he was in love with a woman that he had a 4 yr. relationship with but he didn.t marry her because he thought of his family. well, what was he thinking when he married jessica? my take is that he was infatuated but then who knows what goes thru a persons mind?

  42. Paula says

    Yes Jean, I think Davy was infatuated with JP, but I do not think it was love either. Davy was all man and had an eye for a pretty lady, and I think he loved women in general. I am so very pleased that his daughters are caring for the horses. I hope they continue to get funds until the estate is settled. I know I love my pets so I can imagine this is a great way to show how much his daughters loved him by continuing to care for his beloved pets. I love that so many wonderful Davy fans are here caring about him and hoping the best for his daughters. My heart still breaks that I will never hear Davy’s voice live ever again. There is just something so terrible about that. No one compared to Davy and that magnificent voice and sound and style he had. You would think it was my own family member that died.

    • jean says

      i know it saddens me too. i just can’t help thinking if he went to the doctor tuesday evening complaining why didn’t they keep him for observation.i have heard so many things on where he passed away,in his sleep,on his ranch caring for his horses,having a weekend with her and her family riding horses and if that was the cases where was she when he couldn’t breathe. so what is the truth? i don’t believe he was smoking pot,he just didn’t seem the type. hence the cannabanoids in his toxilogy report. so sooner or later,which i hope is sooner,things will come out in the open.

      • DJ Justice says

        It would appear that Davy did die on the ranch where his horses were. I’ve read direct quotes from the people there. He told the owner’s wife that he felt unwell with chest pain, and she gave him an indigestion tablet which he put in his pocket. He walked their dog, went to his car. A ranch hand went over to give him a drink and found him in a bad way, struggling to breathe. Paramedics unable to resuscitate him, sadly.
        A journalist fan/friend, interviewed him last year and Davy told her that he wasn’t feeling too good-this was June 2011. He’d seen a doctor to see whether he would be fit enough for the Monkees tour and to see what was wrong. That was the doc who did the stress test and told him that he had the heart of a 25 yr old.
        I would like to know who this doc was; was it a regular doc or one his wife foun d for him.
        As for the misinformation regarding his death:
        Well…. firstly, I think the staff possibly didn’t know the full facts so just said whatever sounded plausible. After that, it was Joseph Pachecos’ call. You can bet he controlled all the info and putting out maudlin stuff like ‘Davy died in his sleep’ or that his ‘wife was by his side ‘ etc were just hamfisted attempts at PR.
        Daft, in this day and age-esp when in the US, 911 calls etc arre in the public domain.
        I also wonder whether Mr Pacheco was attempting a bit of smoke and mirrors here?

      • Candice says

        I didn’t hear of him going to the doctor the evening before. He had the physical a couple of weeks earlier and I would hope he had mentioned the constant heartburn but we don’t know those answers.

        I do want to state for those who don’t believe but he was a pot smoker and a drinker. He had been both for decades. Neither diminishes my admiration for him and his talent.

        • DJ Justice says

          Yes, indeed, Davy had long been a fairly heavy drinker-well known for it amongst some fans. Did affect a few of his onstage performances too plus he had a couple of DUI’S under his belt. This is absolutely true as you say @Candice and does not detract from his talent one iota.

          • Tess says

            DJ Justice, I saw Davy perform many, many, many times and met him quite a few times after concerts. I NEVER saw a performance where he had been drinking, NEVER. I never smelled alcohol on his breath after a concert. He liked to have a beer with his mates, that doesn’t make him a heavy drinker!

          • DJ Justice says

            Tess-sorry-but it’s been well known amongst the fans and co-workers for years now! Even Peter Tork has spoken publicly about it in connection with his own battle with alcohol addiction.(which Davy saw fit to publicly mock Peter and anyone who goes to the AA for help with alcoholism)
            Davy turned up drunk at MTV & did admit, in the 80s, to drinking too much. Also, people with drink problems can become very skilled at hiding it from others-ie you may not smell it on them-esp if they have say, vodka or bloody Marys etc.
            Couple of links:


      • JayneDough says

        Maybe a doctor told him that or maybe he just didn’t want to worry people. He may have had inherited heart issues, weakened it while making weight for racing, and/or trying to keep up with a younger, energetic woman.
        The cannabinoids were minimal and therefore could have been just around, knowingly or not, someone that had smoked at some time.

  43. DJ Justice says

    A little more info on Jessica Pachecos’ first two marriages:
    First husband LUIS ALBERTO MEJIA, born in 1971. Married Jessica in June 99. He is a guitarist and they formed a dance/rumba band together, I believe. He’s originally from Colombia.

    Second Husband is IONUT PAUL GRAMA, born in 78. Married Jessica in Jan ’06.
    Think Davy met Jessica in ’07-if the marriage wasn’t over by then , could THIS be the reason the estate is sealed?
    Was Davy named in a divorce??

    • carrie says

      he claims to have met her in 2006, that’s when they started dating. they married in 2009.

    • carrie says

      it would be interesting to see who filed — did she or did each husband? ewwww he sure got himself in a mess. maybe the husbands of yore would speak up about her. icky.

    • jean says

      that wasn’t the guy in her second marriage that was her dance partner in her telemundo act was it?

      • DJ Justice says

        No, the dancer is Jose Junco, a director and President of Flamenco Express-Jessica is also a director and the VP of the company, which is based in North Bay Village, Florida.
        They’ve been close friends for 20 years.

  44. DJ Justice says

    Here is the interview I remembered. Davy had the stress test done in MAY 2011-last year.
    I did think it odd when I saw Talia’s comment about her dad seeing a doc a few weeks before his death and mentioning about his heart being that of a much younger man-when it happened the year before. Was she misled I wonder? Had someone told her that her dad had seen a doc recently? hmmm….

        • Paula says

          what a horrible shame this heart problem was not handled better. I am thinking someone mess up for sure. I am shocked that this JP was married twice before!!!!!! Seems someone should look into those marriages. Did those guys have money, what did she get and why they broke up. This gal in my opinion was a bad cookie. Davy fell for the tart hook line and sinker. Poor guy.

        • says

          A fib can kill, a stress test on a treadmill will show a very high BP….my husband went through this. A lot of quack doctor’s out there. Who the hell would want to live in Miami anyways. He should have stayed in the mountains in Pa. Small town would have taken really great care of him. He did look like a drinker to me, I recognize it’s presence. You can’t hide shit from everybody. Not to say that in a bad light about Davy, I love that man. Shame he ended up with some psycho. Shame :( Sorely missed…sorely missed…Pray for his daughters….it will all work out in the end.

  45. DJ Justice says

    Just want to thank Jose Lambiet for allowing us this outlet to air our concerns on. I hope you are able to shed some light on all of this for us!
    If the rumours from years ago are to be believed, it was alleged that Davy was attacked with coat hangars, lamps, picture frames and fists.These stemmed from alcohol fuelled rages apparently (from the aggressors’ side)which exacerbated the alleged abuse.
    Thing is…people knew this was going on…wonder why none are coming forward now?
    Wonder if Tom Grant is available? He’s not scared of Courtney so he wouldn’t be scared of you-know-who.

    • jean says

      yes thank you jose for letting us use this sight. we haven’t heard from him in a seems that davy got himself in a big mess. was he that bad of a drinker? i had seen in one of his pictures that he had a scrape on his forehead.

      • Jose Lambiet says

        Actually, all, I could use some help on something. The daughter’s probate lawyer, some guy whose name I’ve never heard beforce, incorporate that equine foundation. I need to hear more about it, but the lawyer — the same guy who had the will sealed — isn’t returning calls. The foundation is a non-profit, which makes accountable to the public. I guess that lawyer has never heard of accountability. So, I need to know about the foundation. Please do not leave information here but either email or call me at 561-801-0893. Only verifiable info, please. Thank you.

        • DJ Justice says

          All I will say Jose is…it seems odd to start asking for donations for a charity that has no web page..nothing that is verifiable to the public…that the domain is locked according to whois…I hope the family-that have more than enough to deal with at the moment- are not being let down by their legal reps.
          In the UK, Charities have to register with the charity commission, be issued with a number etc all of which is fully accessible to the public-BEFORE they start asking for donations. I assume the laws are different stateside??
          The family are in a diffcult position really. They are in grief and shock…possibly dealing with diffcult financial issues/conflicts and have the immediate problem of trying to feed the horses. I don’t blame them in any way. Just hope they are not being ‘let down’ on this issue but it should really be sorted soon…just giving the public a po box in Tennessee for donations is not really on-neither is it professional.IMHO.

    • jean says

      dj justice does that mean that davy started things to make her be abuse. i wonder what is so secret about the will. was everyone notified in the will? have u heard of anything else?

      • DJ Justice says

        No- sorry- the alleged aggressor =Paychecko!
        I just think now that the will was sealed because of possible ‘scandal’ over Davy being possibly named in a divorce petition or the fact that there was an overlap in his and Gama’s relationships with Paychecko.
        Haven’t heard anything else at the mo.

    • says

      He should have took karate :) I saw one pic of him doing front stance. He should have stayed with it. She beat him up that much? OMG….What goes around comes around. Karma…

  46. Paula says

    DJ Justice I am sickened by the thought of Davy being hurt by the methods like coat hangers, lamps, picture frames and fists!!!!! My heart continues to break for the dear Davy. I hope the truth comes out by witnesses very soon. Yes and thanks to Jose for letting the fans air their concerns.

    • DJ Justice says

      Indeed! I wish so-called spousal abuse was called for what it is-violence against another person.
      Had this been the other wayy around-ie a man abusing a woman in the way Davy was alleged to have been-it would have got way more publicity.

    • says

      well said Paula, I agree….this is an interesting thread. I had my own issues to deal with, but when I came around to seeing what was up with Davy, knowing he lived close by…I am totally shocked….

  47. Beryl says

    I can’t understand the sealing of the will yet. I have no doubt paychecko (my favorite nickname!) is trying to get whatever she can, but sealing it only makes her look worse. The daughters wanted it sealed. That would only prove what a golddigger paychecko is. Maybe they are just honoring their dad the best they can and don’t want any negative publicity even if it means sort of protecting JP.

    • jean says

      maybe the judge will take into consideration that she filed for divorce and won’t honor her anything.

      • Paula says

        Jean I agree with that. I think the judge may look at JP and her filing for divorce so close to Davy’s death as a clear and straightforward sign that the marriage was not good and that the so called grieving widow was not and is not entitled to Davy’s estate.

  48. Beryl says

    Actually, come to think of it, if sealing the will is an attempt to not make JP look like a greedy golddigger then maybe it was her and her brother threatening the daughters that they would drag Davy’s good name through the mud. Maybe JP sort of forced the girls into having the will sealed to protect their dad.

  49. Paula says

    Paychecko’s silence in all this is what is so fascinating to me. She has not made more than a peep since Davy’s death. This gal must have drove Davy into despair. I feel it in my heart that Davy was considerably unhappy with his young wife, and or at least torn in many directions. I doubt they would have lasted longer had he lived. This gal is a black widow! I assume the will did not include her by name and she is going to be probably fighting the daughters for everything for a very long time. I wish she would have followed through with the divorce. I wonder if the judge would take the filing on her part into consideration when deciding. That filing shows that the marriage had broken down to a certain bad level. I think she ruined Davy’s final years.

    • Paula says

      Yes Jean. I agree to trash him as a way of revenge would be terrible. I think this is just the beginning.

      • jean says

        i don’t think ,paula, that we will ever know. i think that it is sealed for good to the public,but i am going to send a donation for the horses.

  50. Jona says

    Hello. I don’t understand why the family is asking for donations to support David’s horses. Has JP refused the responsibility? She has to have joint accounts and funds available to her, ones that aren’t tied up in probate, where she could take care of the horses, just as David did. And what of Baz Foster? David was supporting him in the assisted care facility. Are there no funds for his care to continue? From what I understand, this estate will be tied up for some time. Is the family hoping to collect enough donations for the extended (indefinite) feeding and care of 16 horses?

    • Joan says

      I have also wondered about Basil Foster and what will become of him. Davy cared so much for him.

  51. Paula says

    There must be some trouble that has forced the daughters to care for the horses. I am thinking JP is contesting the will and slowing things down. I hope this story does not die out as the fans want the truth about things. Davy was a beloved entertainer and fans want the facts about how he was treated by this young wife. I hope she was not the typical gold digging younger women. I wonder did she ever know how wonderful Davy really was. Did she use him? Did her family use him as well? Why was her brother Davy’s manager? So many questions from the fans. Why did Davy think he had to marry her? What kept Davy with her even when she filed for divorce in an attempt to possibly manipulate Davy into getting her own way? I am saddened by the whole mess. I hope we find out. I hope someone with the truth comes forward that witnessed the abuse Davy took. I hope a book comes out for the fans. It just all does not rest easy in my soul and the soul of the fans.

  52. Paula says

    I think paychecko’s complete silence is the key here. She is up to something. I am stunned at the silence. It is very odd since the daughters were composed and collected at the horse fundraiser memorial in NYC so it cannot be she (paychecko) is grieving. Not one sign of paychecko there. She is definately pissed about something. I wonder if there is a contesting of the will does that even tie up a checking account or a savings account of the deceased if they were married? I would assume paychecko was not left anything and thus refuses to accept that and possibly has filed to contest the will. I am in shock that she is possibly not caring for the horses. Perhaps funds are tied up the second a will is contested and that might include checking accounts and savings of the deceased as well even if they are joint accounts. If Davy left paychecko out of the will then nothing is hers to touch. She might have been left nothing and thus is fighting and slowing everything up.

    • jean says

      is she still staying in the condo or did they kick her out? i wonder if they put a freeze on the bank accounts,credit cards etc. i don’t know what bappened to his horses,i imagine they are still in indiantown and the ranch owners are taking care of them. as far as the cats in pennsylvania i think i did read they he had them adopted out. anybody know?

      • carrie says

        for all beavertown news, you have to join a fb page called fans of davy jones (1945-2012) or something like that. it’s a join only page and someone on it was good friends with him in pa. it’s a very respectful site. to be sure, those people know about his life at the beavertown home.

        • says

          It won’t go back further than March 12 though, strange, it just won’t load up. Also if anyone has noticed, that person he married does not even use his last name!!! If I were married to Davy Jones, I’d be Mrs. Davy Jones…catch my drift? Oh, it is possible to die of a broken heart, I think he worked himself to death and everybody took a piece of him, one small bite at a time. This last one, if she beat him for real….I’d love to spar her!! Seriously…

          • Paula says

            I agree. I would have taken Jones as my last name right away and would have been so proud to have it. All the love people had for Davy did not save him from this JP. I do think he had plenty of time to change his will so if he did not then he must have not wanted JP to have anything period. I think for sure he left JP out.

  53. Donna says

    I’ve read that Davy owned the house in Beavertown for over 20 years, so I would think JP is not entitled to that house. Does anyone know how long ago he bought the church? I also read that he lived in a condo in Florida before they got married. Is this the same condo that they had renovated? Somehow I can’t believe that she is not in that will. She doesn’t appear to be stupid. I believe she was the boss in that relationship and probably got a chunk of his assests. Thats just a guess. If he went against his daughters and married that golddigger then he had to have been so blinded by JP that he would have included her in the will. If that is the case then I’m sure she pretty much dictated what she wanted. He did say he loved her deeply and was happy. I don’t really believe that. I think he kind of gave up. He had 2 failed marriages, a few failed relationships so why not stick this one out. He had said that the relationship he was in before JP ended because she wanted to get married. He also said he loved her more then his first and second wife. So why was he so ready to marry JP? I wonder if she pulled the I’m pregnant trick on him? You know thats why he had gotten married before. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least. I think she saw a fat paycheck coming when she hooked up with him. I don’t like her looks, attitude or anything about her. Doesn’t matter if she’s Davy Jones’ wife or Joe Blow’s wife. From what I’ve read and seen she’s just a hateful and selfish person. I would like to know who got what. I’ve tried to dig around for some information but I’ve come up with nothing. Maybe I’m just not looking in the right places. Anyone have any new news? I’d still like to know what JP’s parents do for a living.

    • jean says

      i think he had ample time to change that will when he married her. probably didn’t want her in it.

  54. Paula says

    If she adopted Davy’s cats out that is just plain evil. I am thinking she was not mentioned in the 2004 will, so she is holding things up. I just think Davy would have updated it. They say it was signed in 2004 so does that mean no current updates?

  55. Paula says

    Paychecko is just plain too silent. I am appalled at her being so invisible. I do find it odd that the Monkees were not welcome at the funeral. Did JP decide this (of course she did) as the daughters were so loving to the other Monkees at the NYC memorial for the horses. They were very loving to each other and everyone there. I still think her silence means she is holding up all assets to contest the 2004 signed will.

  56. Paula says

    Just thought of this. The daughters know that the fans do not like Paychecko. Do you think the will splits everything including royalities to the daughters and the current spouse of Davy? This would mean that fans might not want to give JP any royalties by buying Monkees stuff, thus the sealed will. Any comments on that being the reason for the sealing?

  57. Donna says

    I would think that the will would give JP whatever they bought during the marriage. Davy seemed like a generous man. He probably had it set up to where their condo would be paid for upon his death. I would assume he had a hefty life insurance policy. Wonder who gets that? As far as his royalities go I would think only the daughters would get that. But then again who knows? She was/is a master in manipulating so she may have talked him into anything. I’m not a lawyer but like Paula said, if the will was drawn up in 2004 then say things were updated wouldn’t it say updated on this date? Or the will was drawn up on a more recent date with JP included? I don’t know how Florida laws are. I agree with you ladies.. She’s too quiet. I still say she’s evil to the core.

      • Paula says

        Well it stated the will was signed in 2004 long before he married JP. I think she was not in the will at all. I do find it funny that JP filed for divorce the end of last year. How could Davy have resumed the marriage with this awful girl? Why why why would he stay with her after she was asking for alimony and lawyers fees????? I bet he did not up date that will at all. Her silence and being so invisible is a dead giveaway to her guilt of something. We will just have to wait and see. Donna I agree with you, JP appears to be evil to the core.

      • Paula says

        Was Davy an american citizen or resident or did he have duel residency? I do not know about SS and if you are not a citizen of the USA. Interesting point.

      • says

        Was he a U.S. citizen? He could have lived here w/o being a citizen. I know Barry Gibb just because a legal citizen “years after” living in Florida. Just saying….not sure on the SS…

  58. Paula says

    You know it just occured to me that in the biography documentary on Davy he stated that there was treachery about money and the way he was handled by agents and the show ripping him off in certain ways, so in my opinion Davy was forever changed about watching his back when it came to money. JP filing for divorce so recent and close to his death last year makes me think Davy did have enough time like Jean said to change that will from 2004 and add JP. I suspect he was cautious and guarded when it came to his hard earned money and probably did not put JP in the will. He was not stupid at all. I think she is totally pissed about this and is fighting is wishes after his death by contesting. If Davy was careful about one thing, I know it was his finances. I think he spoiled this JP of course but I do not think he meant that to last after he was gone. Davy probably left it all to the daughters. Hope the probate courts do not take too long in settling for the sake of the daughters and Davy’s beloved horses.

    • Paula says

      I meant to state that when Davy did the Monkee’s there was treachery with money etc. Wanted to clear that up.

    • says

      I hope the judge is a Monkees fan :) I just watched a youtube video of Davy talking and he said about “getting a good lawyer”. soooooooooo…not dumb, very funny and a huge heart. Manipulated by this girl…..and do think he/and other guys were ripped off from getting their fair share of $. After all, they did make the songs so popular. I remember seeing Dolly being asked about Whitney singing her song, and she smiled and “sing away Whitney”. You know she is making a ton off that song now. Not dissing Dolly, because she gave Porter Wagner (spell) all rights to the songs from the early days. What a gal. What pisses me off is he’s gone now, used and abused. Wonder if fame is all it’s cracked up to be, eh? He seemed so nice, but unlucky with women and distrustful with people and money. The love of money is the root of all evil. I feel so bad for him. So many ladies would have loved to treat him right. Sigh…

      • Paula says

        I would not have cared if Davy was broke, I still think it is who he is that is the riches you know. Just having this lovely man would have been like winning the husband lottery. Stupid JP, had to nag him to death.

  59. S. Langdon says

    Davy Jones did not die a natural death. They did it. Investigate –

    Check Jessica Pacheco and Joseph Pacheco’s police records in Sunny Isles, Miami and Hollywood Florida. They work as a team.

    They were broken up over 10 times before they got married. The last time was for 7 months before he ran and 2 weeks later married her with NO family there. Only the Pacheco family.

    She filed for divorce at the end of July BECAUSE Davy filed for divorce in JUNE after he caught her and her brother taking his monkees money. Then when she found out he was giving her nothing, she quietly dropped the suit.

    Then he mysteriously dies! One month after the doctor gives him a full physical? 9 months after his required full physical for the monkees tour??? Clean bills of health BOTH times!

    Talk to Davy’s neighbors at 315 franklin street they know.
    Pachecos are notorious for scamming everyone.

    Joseph has never worked. He scams and dirty deals and takes. All his family don’t work. They live off the scams.

    Davy was Jessica’s THIRD husband and 5th fiance.

    One of her husbands was from Romania, she married him, got $25,000 cash for her brother and he got the guy a green card. The brother has a fake real estate business where he cleans the cash. Before that he had an auto body garage where he cleaned cash.

    Jessica and the Romanian are are still legally married.

    She beat Davy all the time. She left blood, bruises and broke his fingers and ribs.
    He had an ‘attack’ that she ignored. He fell on the beach, she left him there and went to her parents house for the night. His neighbor carried him in to his house with a bloody nose.

    Police were called to the Hollywood florida condo many times in 2011 and 2010. Each report claims it was an alarm going off.

    The house has no alarm.

    They were called by the neighbors who couldn’t stand the screaming and stuff crashing. They fought all the time. She drives drunk and is always smashing the other cars in the parking in front.

    Davy used to just give people cash not to call the police on her.
    Davy begged the police to not report them. He was standing on the porch offering them autographs and tickets to shows if they would just not make the report.

    There was a prenup that she beat out of him and now no one can find it.
    He always complained that her family would never leave him alone always taking loans and using his credit.

    4 days before he died she took his wallet and cell phone and keys and kicked him out of his own house in Hollywood. He had blood on his neck and his hand. She threw a guitar off the balcony, and hit his head again.

    He was found asleep on a bench in a park by the Hollywood police the next day and came back in the police car. Jessica came outside and pretended she didnt know where he was and was acting for the police in her little nightgown.

    The night before he died she again beat him severely. He was sick with a chest problem from sleeping on the beach all night. She threw him out. He had water in his lungs when he died.

    She and her brother rushed to have his body cremated and she dumped the ashes in the ocean before his family ever arrived at the funeral. She switched the ashes before anyone could get them.

    They began to gut the entire Hollywood condo as fast as they could using all of Joseph’s friends and relatives to erase the evidence. They totally gutted a brand new condo that Davy had already fixed up two years before.

    His cars and horses are being sold for cash by the brother in law in Sunny Isles. Jessica hates horse.

    Did you catch what the brother in law said right after he died?
    “He passed next to his passions, his horses, and was one hour away from his wife, Jessica Pacheco-Jones,” his rep Joseph Pacheco said.

    WHY SAY ONE HOUR AWAY??? Why make sure no one could say she was near him?????
    Find the truth.

    • jean says

      OMGosh where did you get this info. i had a feeling that something was up,like why did she have him cremated rite away. i hope this isn’t true for davy’s families sake.

    • DJ Justice says

      Thanks you for posting this. However, would just like to make a few points:
      1. Heart problems lead to congetion in the lungs-I suspect any fluid there was actually because of the heart condition Davy had rather than an infection.
      2.If Davy had been ‘severely’ beaten the day before he died, one would’ve expected to have seen that come up in the autopsy results-it hasn’t been mentioned -also, would not the police have been informed?
      3. Didn’t know Davy had another condo there-only seen records for the one he & his ‘wife’ lived in-he bought that in 07.
      4. How can Joseph be selling the horses? Davy’s family are trying to take care of them.

      I’ve no doubt that there was abuse and I think the info in your post should be looked at by police-but will they?
      Let’s hope no-one else is subjected to the treatment Mr Jones allegedly was.
      I hope his family request the police to investigate.

    • DJ Justice says

      A couple of other points I forgot…
      Whilst it’s true to say that Davy’s daughter’s boycotted the’s not correct to say he had no-one there. One of his sister’s from the UK attended.

      As for the statement by Joseph P about Davy’s death.. good point. I guess the alibis’ in place! Also remember that we were told officially, that davy died in his sleep; that he’d been to the hospital the night before; that he’d spent the weekend horseriding with the Pacheco family; that he’d died in the stables next to the horses.

    • Paula says

      S. Langdon, thank you for posting this long and quite informative heartbreaking message. I have had a very bad feeling about Davy’s death and now slowly but surely things are now coming out and the truth will be told. This Jessica P and her family are suspicious to be sure!!!!!!! I have a feeling more people will come forward to expose the truth like you have very soon. Justice for Davy!!!!!! We will continue to fight for the truth about this beloved entertainer and man. May he rest in peace.

    • says

      Seriously dude….OMFG….SOUNDS MOBBISH TO ME…Well, they might get away with it here, but as they say in the movie Tombstone “there will be a reckoning”. It’s called eternity! Wow, wow….and again wow….why isn’t anybody saying anything?

  60. Donna says

    Davy had dual citizenship. Both U.S. and England. Remember he was drafted in the Vietnam war.

  61. Donna says

    JP has been busy in her 33/34 years. Married 3 times! First husband as we know was Luis A. Mejia. (looks like he’s been married 3 times as well). JP and Luis married in 1999 but I can’t find out when they divorced. They bought a condo in 2003. Her second marriage lonut p. grama. Married Jan. 2006. She filed less than a year later. December 28, 2006. – that didn’t last long! She’s quick to walk out. Somehow she was involved in a custody/child support case with a Bety Bello and Nicholas Pacheco. Didn’t understand that one. It was all in family court in florida. that’s all i could find.

  62. Paula says

    Donna your comments are very informative. I wonder if Davy actually knew who JP was!!!! Her story sounds insane! She is quick to leave, which implies she has no patience and could be a hot head!!! Well we know that. Poor poor Davy, how in the world with all the lovely ladies did he end up with this square peg???? If you can find out anything else that would be great. I am saddened even more knowing that Davy’s final years were with this opportunist mental case.

    • jean says

      jose just because the will was sealed to the public because of “srutiny in jeopardizing the legacy of the monkees,what has that anything to do with the daughters getting money from his estate?

  63. Jonesy says

    S. Langdon…???!!! Where did all that info come from? I’m intrigued yet horrified.

  64. Beryl says

    S. Langdon I would love to find out where you got all that info. I personally would never rule out JP and her brother’s involvement in his death. Certainly they were using him for his fame and money and that was pretty obvious. I also was suspicious about the brother’s comments after his passing- who cares what his proximity was to his crap wife. I am so disappointed that this is what was going on in Davy’s life in the last few years. Please if you have any proof of the allegations above let us know. I just feel like I need to know what happened to our beloved Davy. I wish he never met paychecko.

    • jean says

      something must of been going on because it says at one time the daughters were going to rescue him. its not paychecko its psyheco!!

  65. Dianne says

    Why is all of this being kept quiet? Why would someone not come out and speak of the abuse they saw or witnessed? But it does say he was found dead in his sleep at home in the first reports. I think there were 2 or 3 versions of how he was found dead. Mysterious. The police aren’t investigating because the coroner closed the case.

    • carrie says

      s langdon — where is jessica pacheco now? where is her brother? why would they gut a condo — evidence of what sort? there’s long been information about fights — especially in beavertown. might you know of a said elizabeth cochran who allegedly lived in a cottage on the beavertown property and cared for his horses? if she used her real name, she has great insight as to what took place between jp and dj. what’s more, she also knew that jp would not let davy carry money with him and she limited his friends. if you are 100 percent sure your information in terms of beatings is on the mark, let his daugthers know. his daugther jessica and also talia are most receptive. curious as to why jose or any other reporter does not search police reports for dui’s under pacheco’s name or any arrests and convictions for bad business deals. they look at davy’s family but what about this seemingly cheesy pacheco clan?

  66. Paula says

    S. Langdon, this is becoming more and more interesting as time goes on. You must be someone close to the characters in this story as you seem to have inside info on Davy. My heart breaks for him as I read your long letter. Please please people who are witnesses come forward like S. Langdon and speak the truth about our beloved Davy Jones. The fans need to know the truth! May he rest in peace. We love you Davy!

  67. Paula says

    Please anyone with info on the abuses Davy Jone took, post them here and let’s find the justice he so deserves. Blessings.

  68. Donna says

    Davy didn’t die in his sleep. It was in the newspaper and all over tv that he died at his ranch in Indiantown. I heard the 911 call from an employee at the ranch. They say he died on the way to the hospital. He was in his car and was having trouble breathing. I too, would like to know where S. Langston is getting information. I have tried to find more information on JP and her family and have not had any success.

    • Candice says

      Donna, some of the early stories on Davy’s death had him dying in his bed. My best friend heard this on the radio. Other stories had him in the stable dying.

  69. Jona says

    Did I miss a link? Who is S. Langdon? You say JP is gutting the new condo she and David were remodeling in south Florida?

  70. Paula says

    Where is JP????? No where to be found. Not one picture since Davy’s suspicious death. How is the world has the enquirer and the star and the other tabloids missed this one. There is real monkey businees on JP and her familys side now. I think fans will demand the truth as to how the pacheco family has used poor Davy. Please anyone with more info post it here, I think everyone who loved Davy should know the truth. We love you Davy.

    • jean says

      shes back to dancing with flamenco express they just were at the lyric theatre this past weekend check out flamenco express tour schedule 2012

  71. Paula says

    Where is JP????? No where to be found. Not one picture since Davy’s suspicious death. How in the world has the enquirer and the star and the other tabloids missed this one. There is real monkey businees on JP and her familys side now. I think fans will demand the truth as to how the pacheco family has used poor Davy. Please anyone with more info post it here, I think everyone who loved Davy should know the truth. We love you Davy.

  72. Paula says

    So sorry for the double entry and the typos, but I am so grieved and upset by how this so called young wife and her family may have treated and or took advantage and or used Davy. I think many are feeling the same way. I cannot just let this story go away. Davy deserves our devotion as he cannot speak. Anyone with info please post proof and give Davy Justice. To his daughters, we love you too and we will find the truth.

  73. Donna says

    I found that Davy purchased a condo in 1999. Would that be the same condo that he & JP were remodeling? I’ve looked in Florida’s court system and have not found where Davy filed for divorce from JP (This is to S. Langston). Has anyone considered that maybe JP, her brother, the Joneses can’t talk about Davy’s will? I’m NOT defending JP or her brother in any way. I think she is an evil person and her brother a user/loser. I don’t know how the judical system works but it could be that noone be aloud to talk about the will until everything is settled. Just a thought. If I remember correctly Anna Nicole Smith’s husbands will had to be kept quiet until it was settled. Am I wrong? Also, reading some of the things that S. Langston wrote makes me wonder. I’m not questioning S. Langston just questioning some of the statement. Maybe because I don’t want to believe that someone could be controlled so much by one person? Also someone said that JP ordered Davy not to carry around money. Was he that whipped? It’s all confusing to me. He didn’t strike me as the type of man that would let someone control him that much. Just really thinking out loud. I’ve heard that JP, her brother and Davy’s daughters are not talking to anyone about the situation.

    • JayneDough says

      She referred to one of the rooms as “the baby room”. Thank goodness that didn’t happen, well with her anyway.

  74. Paula says

    Yes Donna it seems that everyone is just been too quiet. Why has the Enquirer or the Star magazine not gotten some pics post Davy’s death of Jessica and her brother and family. Seems strange that they are so invisible. We need info, so anyone that can help must step forward.

  75. Jona says

    Guys, you keep mentioning S. Langdon. Where is his/her post/letter? I’d like to read what it has to say. Thanks.

  76. Jona says

    Fellow posters, have you listened to this youtube audio of a radio interview with David right after he and JP were married? David talks about how he finds rumors of his wife abusing him ridiculous.

  77. Paula says

    I have heard that Jona and I think Davy covered up the truth to avoid humiliation and the I told you so’s from his family (daughters) who I have read did not want him to stay with JP. I believe Davy was covering up the troubles. I listened to this but find it a cover up by Davy to avoid conflicts and embarassment.

  78. Paula says

    Jona, I believe as others do that the rumors were not rumors but real incidents. So many witnessed the abuse but for some reason did not want to betray Davy and come forward or like S. Langdon said were paid off to be quiet to avoid bad publicity to Davy. I hope those souls will now do the just and right thing and come forward with the truth of Davy’s troubled wife. I am certain there are stories to be told of his horrid life with this JP. I pray these people are brave enough to come forward.

    • jean says

      go to lyric theatre/show details >> Flamenco Express she just did a show apr 21-22 2012 at the theatre.

      • Paula says

        Jean I just went to the site you posted and I am astonished that it appears JP is back dancing with that group. Did she ever stop or take a break or she she so desperate for money now she has to do something? I wish there were pics of this. Thanks for finding this, very interesting.

        • jean says

          did u notice she doesn’t have jones on the end of her name. my guess is she’s back living with her parents in miami.

          • Paula says

            Yes she is not using Jones in her name. I bet she was left either nothing and has to find another guy to live off of soon.

  79. Jona says

    Let’s do a hypothetical. Say you are someone who witnessed JP’s manipulation and violence towards David. Why would you volunteer that info at this point? All it would do would be to cast David in a bad and humiliating light. It would expose JP’s true persona and she would be (more) reviled by David’s fans but nothing legal could really come of it and it would be done at the cost of hurting David’s memory.

    • Paula says

      Yes Jona I guess people are very loyal to Davy and kept their word if asked to not say anything. I think Davy must have had a terrible time of it in his final years. Thanks for your posts too.

  80. DJ Justice says

    Just came across an interesting interview with Ms Paychecko from Feb ’11.
    In it, she says she specialised in’geriatrics’ during her psychology degree course…hmmm “I like working with elderly people and worked at an assisted living facility during the day & at night I was dancing” Pacheco said “After a while, my daytime job became very sad”……

    On meeting Davy…”Everyone was saying ‘Oh you are going to work with Davy Jones of the Monkees’ I said ‘Who?’I knew of them, but not their names. I said ‘Yeah, well I am Jessica Pacheco”
    Words fail me!!!

    • Paula says

      Interesting article. JP seems to be quite full of herself. It would not surprise me if she new Davy Jones and just did the Cinderella show to meet him and gold dig a bit. I just do not trust this gal. But does anyone????

        • Paula says

          Seems like this gal JP has a huge ego. I am so sad that Davy could not see her controlling ways sooner. I wish more witnesses would speak up about her abuse to Davy. I think the daughters would like to know what really went on behind closed doors and open windows loud enough for the neighbors to complain. I still do not understand why Davy put up with her.

    • carrie says

      she is a textbook narcissist. period. it’s why she gave davy such a difficult time. he was what she will never be. and she punished him for it. the punishment we put on other people is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves. she could only feel good about herself by tearing him down — whether it was a wet towel, a spoon on the counter. and she started to take the tearing down public. dr. phil, the newly wed game. just love it when she spoke about having sex in the car with him while they were traveing 40 or 60 mph. she said something to the sort of “oh, i had never done anything like that before” look, she was married twice before. cut the crap jessica. it’s not nice, but i will say it because no one else will. she’s a short, stumpy bad actress, d-grade dancer who will not be famous. some people might go see her shows just to see who he married, but some people might also throw tomatoes. if you want to see superb flaminco, go to spain. they don’t have all of those cheesy guys with their shirts open while some half-wit stomps around. shame on me.

      • Paula says

        I just watched parts one and two of the Dating game with poor Davy and Paychecko. I think Davy was very embarrassed by being on this humiliating show. His is totally out of place there. I bet it was JP who talked him into it. I love how she said she was trying to keep his image when answering one question. I am wondering how they ended up on this trashy show in the first place.

  81. Donna says

    A huge ego is an understatement Paula. She is full of herself in the article about her working at the assisted living facility. Why write about her? I thought the part about her liking to work with older patients was a hoot. She was trying to figure them out and how they operate if you ask me. As for her not knowing who Davy was. Come on! She went home and looked him up on the internet…then she said to herself…JACKPOT! He’s single and she could use some of her geriatric psychology on him. Apparently she did and it worked! There is no way you could possibly look up Davy Jones on the internet and not be infatuated. She plotted her every step. And she’s “dancing” already? What a grieving widow! Well if thats what it takes to make her happy. Jumping around on stage and calling it dancing. Did you know she has a cd that will be coming out sometime soon? I listened to part of a song. I believe she married Davy to try and further her career in all areas.. dancing, acting, singing. He was supposed to have a concert with David Cassidy sometime this month. I wonder if she was going to do her flamingo dancing there? As for people close to Davy not talking, I don’t understand it either. If it was my friend who was being taken to the cleaners and abused, I would certainly tell his daughters. I don’t think it would tarnish his legacy. It will shed some light to what his life with JP had been about. I think his daughters deserve that as well as his fans.

    • carrie says

      oh, post the link to the song. also, a degree in psychology that is not an advanced degree or a phd — is basic psych 101. she keeps pumping that aspect about herself and got davy to believe it’s importance and that she had a degree. his first wife is very bright, his second wife, a great painter. both women also raised incredible daughters. that’s having intelligence, patience, kindness, etc. it means the new how to nurture, to give, to love. jessica pacheco is all about jp. he text when he passed said it all. “why me?” maybe a facebook page should be launched to the tune of “dear daughters of davy jones, we have jessica’s number” and it could be where we post everything that has been discovered and found out. and maybe the daughters could use it down the road. the difficult thing on a fb page is you can’t really be anon.

      • Paula says

        Carrie yes FB would be a great place to open a justice for Davy Jones site or just a remember and love Davy site. Like you said our identities will be there so it is up to all of us to decide. I loved Davy all my life and somehow want to honor him by letting his daughters and sister and siblings know how much the fans loved him. I am all for it if you gals want to have a facebook page. Justice and love for Davy Jones.

      • says

        Yes you can….in a way….only FB would know who you are….That’s a brilliant idea. This story is horrendous. And I was sad about Whitney dying. Which I still am, don’t get me wrong. Beautiful woman, beautiful voice. But Davy was drove down…used. This sounds kinda like a whack job to me. As in, mob. Very strange indeed. Nobody picking up on it at all?

    • Paula says

      Yes Donna, it appears to me that JP knew there was a pot of gold if she ran after Davy. Of course she probably premeditated the whole courting thing with him. I hate women who are deceptive to older men. I could never imagine speaking a harsh word to Davy let alone physically injuring him. If her and her brother took Davy’s Monkee’s money like the post says, than they are alleged thieves. I cannot imagine stealing from anyone let alone Davy. How does one do that kind of thing? I could never imagine anything but kindness and respect. I guess JP is just too young to know who she was with. Davy is a legend. He is an amazing bigger than life star who’s light went out too early. I guess until Paychecko finds another husband to suck the life out of she needs to pay bills. I guess the grieving widow is back to dancing, if you call it that.

  82. Jona says

    “As for people close to Davy not talking, I don’t understand it either. If it was my friend who was being taken to the cleaners and abused, I would certainly tell his daughters.”

    Maybe they did tell and his daughters are well aware of the situation. I suspect that is why Talia had the probate proceedings sealed. If true, I suspect JP’s behavior will be the family’s point of contention should she contest the will. I doubt that people who knew David and knew about JP would divulge it to the general public for fear of the media circus that would ensue and taint David’s public image. They don’t want to be the ones responsible for every future biographical account of David’s life to include the Jessica debacle. In a way, it could be considered a fall from grace. It could affect the way some people look at David and they might not be as inclined to purchase any of his music or memorabilia. His friends, family, and neighbors aren’t going to talk to the public. Why would they tarnish that fantastic star?

    • Paula says

      Davy really was like you said a “fantastic star”. He was the joy of my childhood during my parents divorce. He was the voice on my tiny record player that sang me to sleep. he was the smiling face on TV that made all the bad stuff in the world go away for a little while every week. I miss him.

    • carrie says

      it’s very difficult to reveal the foibles of a loved one. especially after they’ve passed. i agree with you. i don’t think the family wants to make their father look bad or weak or having made bad decisions. it’s said he was actually a very private person. he appears to me, especially in photos, have a sensitive side if not a rather constant hurt look on his face. just take a look at the photos of when he first became a monkee and the look on his face by the time he made his first appearance on the brady bunch. by the time he was 30 — and granted, his face was less baby and more man — he work the look of concern that never seemed to leave.

      • Paula says

        Carrie I agree. There was this look of despair and or sadness or even bitterness due to perhaps emotional pain with JP. I would notice him on the monkee tour youtube videos where he would look sad even on stage. I know exactly what you mean. Life must have been hard for him living with such stress, emotional, physical and financial. That JP probably ruined him financially with her demands.

  83. Jona says

    I thought I’d set some things straight on what JP posted on twitter. Some are saying that JP said, “Why did this happen to me?” Yes, she did say that but below is the full tweet, translated. She did mention David in the tweet…but she gave herself top billing.

    Jessica Pacheco ‏ @JESSICAPACHEC0

    Dios mio!! :( porque me hagas esto?? Porque yo?? Porque ell ??? #TeQuieroMiAmor #DavyJones

    TRANSLATION: My God!! Why did this happen to me? Why him? I love you, my love. DavyJones

    I know everyone grieves differently but if my husband, the love of my life, had just died, I wouldn’t be tweeting my grief to the world and certainly not by using a frowny face to characterize my emotions. And not long after that she sent this tweet:

    Jessica Pacheco ‏ @JESSICAPACHEC0
    @angelluisdos mi esposo murio hace 9 dias.. :'(

    TRANSLATION: My husband died 9 days ago..Frowny face with a tear.

    I’m totally missing the sentiment on the keyboard graphics she’s using. How inappropriate to express your feelings this way considering the magnitude and gravity of loosing someone you love. It seems so insincere and juvenile.

  84. says

    I really despise JP ! I wish I could have been in her shoes!! I loved everything about Davy! I love horses, his beautiful voice! I would have cherished every moment with that sweet adorable man! Taken from us way too soon! I have loved you forever, and will keep on loving you forever! Sing with the angels till I hear you again !!!

    • Paula says

      Davy lover I love your post. Davy was a gracious and kind man. I cannot understand when I did not even know him how I can be so grieve stricken. I guess he left a lasting mark on so many fans. The loss is so great and many a fan is in pain. I just cannot believe I will never see him or hear him live again on this earth. I hope the truth comes out and people come forward with stories of the abuse by JP they witnessed. I am sad for Davy having to live his final years in such agony with this JP. I think her family really took advantage of him. For shame on them all.

  85. Donna says

    I agree with you, Carrie and Paula. A facebook page would be great. I’m not ashamed to put my name or face out there. I believe the fans are entitled to show how we feel. Jona, I agree with your thoughts on this twitter site also. I could not imagine posting a cartoon while I am grieving over my husband! I don’t really think I would be posting anything 9 days after my husband passed! That’s just her way of getting attention once again. She sure has picked up the pieces a little too fast for my taste. As for David looking sad. I didn’t know if it was just me thinking that or what. When watching videos and looking at pictures of when he was younger he seemed very happy. There are a couple of videos where he is talking and laughing and I can’t help but watch them over and over. Peter had said his laugh is contagious and that is so true. Looking at videos and pictures of him over the last few years he looked “beat down”. It almost looks like his smile is strained. The picture of him in wearing a red shirt really says it all. He has a cut on his forehead and looks like smiling is almost painful. Maybe that’s just my imagination going wild. That was my first thought when looking at that picture and that was before I knew any of the abuse allegations! When watching the newlywed game episode, David answered one of the questions wrong, JP took the cardboard and went to swipe/hit him with it.. did anyone see the way he backed off and sort of cowered down? (Cowered may not be the right word) but thats the way I see it. I just don’t understand why that man stayed with her. I guess I will never understand. There was a phone interview with Davy and a radio station. David is defending JP and all of the accusations. In the conversation he says that he does not have a manager. When did JP’s brother become his manager? I had read that before he came to America he had never had steak. So after having it for the first time he ate steak everyday. When did he become a vegetarian?

    • jean says

      does anyone know what magazine back in 67 was win a date with davy jones? it had 2 addresses in it. one was hercules promotions and the other for the contest. i believe it had a couple of fold out pinups. i wrote into that but sent it to hercules promotions address instead of the contest address. duh! would like to have that magazine. don’t know which one it was. thanks

      • Paula says

        I have been looking on ebay for you and only came up with a 16 mag that on the cover says win a date with your faves! I am not sure but I will keep looking.

          • Paula says

            Jean I feel the same. Only someone as special as Davy could bring the group of us together. He was amazing. I hope we can connect on facebook soon. I too am not afraid to voice my opinion on JP. Let me know if the page gets started or what I can do to help.

      • Paula says

        Jean I have saved some ebay listings in my watch list and some of them say have a date with so and so and your faves or the monkees, but not just davy yet. I am still looking. Hey do you know what was on the cover?

        • jean says

          no a girl showed it to me on the bus coming from school and let me take it for the night to enter the contest. i believe it had a couple of fold out pin ups in it, but i don’t remember what was on the cover. it was probably a spec. edition or something. jan 67-oct 67. i have a few tigerbeat mags of 67 and 1 sixteen but its not in there. i believe i was 13 or 14.thank you

          • jean says

            i have got 7 mags off ebay so far and its not in any of them,i asked on ebay they don’t know. this is getting costly.

          • Paula says

            I will put my feelers out for you and see what I can find and others that I know collect. We are a movie and tv collectibe family and so you might get lucky. I will call my sister who is a vintage mag buff and she may also be on the lookout for you too. Keep you posted. Paula

  86. says

    Thank you Paula. I agree with you and Jean, some how it makes me feel better reading all you guys posts! I know I’m not the only one grieving with a huge hole in my heart! It’s like a piece of me died , and I’m obsessed with finding out the truth about his final years and his death!! Thanks guys!

    • Paula says

      Davy Lover I could not have said it better. I too have been obsessed with finding out the truth and getting justice for Davy. He cannot be gone, but he is. I have never felt to broken hearted over a celebrity in my life. This one is just to great a loss for my heart to take I guess. I am still in shock and still grieving. I am comforted too by all your posts and others. I think the fans of Davy have a bond. I just hope witnesses come forward and start sharing the truth about JP. I wish he had never met her.

  87. muppetmoppet says

    @ Paula, the FB group is a great idea. But it should be a secret or closed group to try and keep out the trolls. There has been some upheaval at some of the other Davy FB sites and admins getting reported and banned etc. due to trolls reporting pics of Davy mooning the crowds etc. All posted in good fun of course but some dummies reported it as porn and tried to play moral police. Of course some of these dummies also love JP and go nuts if she is spoken ill of.

    There is also a “safe” place to post at

    • Paula says

      I am still astonished that some are not suspicious of JP and her family. I am sorry it all seems very odd. No kids at Davy’s wedding. No one like JP. She was not a welcome addition to the family that is for sure. How could she have ever been mean to Davy? Come on witnesses post here. We all need to know the truth. The abusers must be exposed.

  88. Paula says

    I am thinking someone made him have that heart attack by stressing him out. Yes he had build up in his arteries but I think something else cause the final blow. I hope we find out soon. We love you Davy.

    • carrie says

      smoking weed can make your heart race and be tough on the heart if you already have heart issues. so that combined with the stress of his life is enough. if there are some little elements of truth in langdon’s post, any of it would have been incredibly stressful. note that his biographer and the woman who served as a family spokesperson when he died said he had been riding horeses with the family over the weekend. i tend to believe that more than i believe the langdon post. there’s been nothing more from s langdon. lastly, most police records are public record or a person could look at the police log from that specific day and night and see if indeed calls were made or if they discovered him sleeping on a bench. a heads up, if he had slept on the beach the night before and rose early to be with the horses — the normal time reported for him to be at the stable was around 5 a.m., he would have been able to talk to very few people about his night outdoors. Either someone at the stable or a phone call. who would davy had told these things to in such a short time span? i can’t believe most of the langdon note unless langdon comes up with specifics. heart failure and heart disease often causes fluid in the lungs and respiratory difficulties. it’s all part of the not being able to breathe problem he suffered. anyone have input and thoughts? has anyone dug up her dui reports? anything like that being found should be posted. davy also had dui’s.

  89. Paula says

    To me Carrie the S. Landgon post speaks loud and clear that we and the public to not have all the information. I believe the reason we have not heard since the first post by Langdon is because they are apprehensive of adding more fuel to the fire. They could be upset that they blew a confidence or spilled the beans or are in fear of being a snitch. I think the post is clearly someone with info too afraid to share and wishes to open our eyes to the truth. I feel that Langdon mentioned an address of neighbors. How very intesting that they put that in the post too. I wish Langdon you could be more specific and show us the proof we all so desperately want and need. Please help find justice for Davy.

  90. Paula says

    Typos corrected updated: To me Carrie the S. Landgon post speaks loud and clear that we and the public do not have all the information yet. I believe the reason we have not heard since the first post by Langdon is because they are apprehensive of adding more fuel to the fire. They could be upset that they blew a confidence or spilled the beans or are in fear of being a snitch. I think the post is clearly someone with info too afraid to share and wishes to open our eyes to the truth while shielded. I feel that Langdon mentioned an address of neighbors. How very intesting that they put that in the post too. I wish Langdon you could be more specific and show us the proof we all so desperately want and need. Please help find justice for Davy. Please post again with proof. Or better yet help us find the proof.

    • jean says

      there must be something in that will that the judge has to examine very closely. could it be that she was still married? what could hurt the future royalties of the monkees legacy? unless she is asking for royalties from his music or something. don’t know. i guess we would have to look back in 2004 and see what happened to make him change that will.

      • jean says

        whos idea was to have him cremated anyways. i’m sure the daughters knew that he didn’t want to be,saying in his bio that he didn’t. you would of thought that they would of not cremated him unless jp went and did it without their consent???/

  91. Donna says

    How about the employees at the ranch in Indiantown? Does anyone know anything about them? Do they still work there? Does Davy own that ranch or does he just board his horses there? Like I said before, I heard the 911 call. It was a woman that was employed there. I can’t believe employees/friends from Indiantown or Beavertown haven’t said something. Maybe, S. Langston is a friend and like Carrie and Paula have said is only saying so much. Just enough to get our suspicions out there. I too have my doubts about everything that was in S. Langstons post but it does make you wonder. I’m not a fan of twitter but I did go on JP’s twitter account last night. She’s not missing a beat. ( I did enjoy seeing some new pictures).

  92. katy says

    My heart is still breaking over the death of Davy Jones. I loved him. It saddens me that he chose to be with a woman that treated him so badly.
    God Bless you Davy. You were my first crush and gave the world so much happiness with your music, humor and gorgeous smile.

  93. katy A says

    God bless you Davy.
    Your gorgeous smile, humor and wonderful music made you my first crush.
    I am still so sad that you are gone.
    It also breaks my heart that your last years were spent with such a hateful woman.


  94. Harriet Jones says

    I have a few issues with S. Landgon’s post. Some of it makes perfect sense. Some of it is incorrect, and so, makes me suspicious.

    “The last time was for 7 months before he ran and 2 weeks later married her with NO family there. Only the Pacheco family.”

    Wrong – Hazel was there. I’ve seen a photo of her and Jessica, and Jessica was in her wedding suit/dress.

    “Then he mysteriously dies! One month after the doctor gives him a full physical? 9 months after his required full physical for the monkees tour??? Clean bills of health BOTH times!”

    He had clogged arteries. Can’t make that up. It is what it is.

    “Jessica and the Romanian are are still legally married.”

    Not according to public record. They were divorced just before she and Davy got together. JUST before.

    “There was a prenup that she beat out of him and now no one can find it.”

    If this is true, he signed at her request, then why is it missing?

    “The night before he died she again beat him severely. He was sick with a chest problem from sleeping on the beach all night. She threw him out. He had water in his lungs when he died.”

    I don’t know if this is true, but it’s a symptom of CHF (congestive heart failure) so it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary.

    “His cars and horses are being sold for cash by the brother in law in Sunny Isles. Jessica hates horse.”

    I don’t think that anything can be sold before the assets go through probate, so I seriously doubt this.

  95. Donna says

    I agree with you Harriet Jones on all issues. Also, it doesn’t make any sense at all how she “beat” the prenup out of him. How does a 5’4, 110 lb. woman “beat” a prenup out of a grown physically fit man? Didn’t he say that the weekend before he died that he had had a wonderful weekend with JP and her parents riding horses? I’ve been reading that she hates horses! Is this true? If so where does it say she hates horses? I can’t imagine anyone with such a great passion for something marrying someone who hates their partners passion/love? The more I read the more I question. I find it hard to believe that she beat him and threw him out and he slept outside. The man had friends and money. A hotel room doesn’t cost that much! BTW.. I’m NOT defending JP in anyway.

    • Paula says

      I still think there are witnesses to the abuse Davy took. I think perhaps Davy and his family covered these incidents up. I am not certain we are getting all the detail. I am thinking S. Langdon knows more that we are trying to believe and that they have an inside to something. Why would someone post such a thing if it were not true? We do not know anything but what the news is telling us and most of that came from JP’s brother the fool.

  96. Joan says

    If he was really beaten the night before he died, wouldn’t those injuries show up on the autopsy?

    • SueNomi says

      Just want to chime in here regarding injuries incurred from a beating prior to death;

      first, everyone bruises at different rates. Some show the effects of being struck almost at once, others take 24 hrs to show up.

      second: most coroners offices are concerned with the findings from inside the body. Every little scratch, every little mark may not be noted and logged on their report. Unlike CSI, they aren’t out looking to do extreme closeups of every cell.
      HOWEVER, there is one party that will be looking for this and that is your local mortician.

      The mortician also has to fill out a report that is just as detailed as the guys at county morgue. Only, we’re looking at every little thing on the outside and logging it on the front/back body chart on the sheet. Why? CYA; cover your assets.

      Let’s say Grandpa arrives all banged up, marks on the hands, on the face. I’m going to note every mark and try to cover it but should the family notice this, I don’t want them thinking that I caused it. I want to be able to prove that this is the way he arrived! Don’t sue me, brah.

      My point is; had Davy’s body been released to the care of a mortician, it is likely that he or she might have noticed things to back up the claim of an altercation before his death. Full post autopsies present distribution problems as well; because the arteries have been sliced and diced in the autopsy process, you’re having to really work close on the body, massaging the fluid thru on the arms, the features. You’re going to be a bit more up close and personal with the decedent than your counter part at county was.

      HAD he been embalmed for a proper funeral, there may have been a very interesting report sitting in a file. But no, he was a direct cremation. Bye-bye evidence.

      • Paula says

        OMG, This is quite disturbing. You know the first thing I thought when the headlines said Davy was to be cremated was “OH NO NOT THAT”. It just did not seem right for a big star to be cremated. I thought it sounded a bit unnatural to do for some reason. Celebrities usually are laid out and views. JP was too quick to do this. I am quite upset still.

  97. Paula says

    i just cannot discount or believe S. Langdon without or with more proof. Please step forward to help give justice to Davy. Thank you.

  98. Paula says

    I think what bothers me is that yes he did have clogged arteries, but that is a separate point from how JP abused him. Her abuses need to come out in the open as that alone is newsworthy and should be brought out into the light. It is amazing how a spider hides when the lights come on.

  99. Rayne says

    Davy was a neighbor of ours in Snyder County, PA, and I’ve heard from reliable sources that Davy Jones left Jessica out of the will. The will is to go to his four daughters. Jessica is fighting to get her hands on his money. She wasn’t even there when he died. She was on a cruise.

  100. Rayne says

    Well Davy was smitten with Jessica. One can only guess why??? If he was married to a woman 10 years younger, someone who cared, someone maybe educated and smarter, they would’ve made Davy go to a cardiologist for more testing. More invasive measures needed to be taken and it could of possibly given Davy many more productive happpy years. He did not have to DIE! There are consequences when you marry someone so young – like DEATH!

    • jean says

      you are absolutely right. she should of had urged him to go for extensive testing. how come joeseph pacheco said she was 1 hr. away? was it her decision to cremate him. if he didn’t want her in the will,then she shouldn’t get anything. it should go to the daughters. must be pretty quiet at his house in pa.

  101. Paula says

    Rayne thank you for posting here. The fans loved Davy and it is folks like yourself that can make contributions here to get the truth out. Davy did not have to die. This young wife was ignorant on how to be a wife. Please shed more light if you can. We here do not believe Davy was treated kindly during that marriage and we need to rest our hearts and have justice for Davy. Thanks as I look forward to hearing more of the truth. Blessings. We love you Davy.

  102. says

    Whoa, this is all really strange. But, true life is stranger than fiction. I lived very close to Beavertown (State College area), and now in Philly. Always hoped to run into him someday or see him perform. Too late :( Sometimes there is always one gumshoe who will work on a case, even if it takes years and the truth will come out. The world is not so bright without Davy Jones here. Guess he’s riding and singing in Heaven now. I wish his daughters all the best, and my sympathies. Now, back to real life. Oh, and yeah, go ahead an do a Facebook page, I know some friends who speak their true minds and are not trolls. I’d love to see justice for Davy. He might have been small in stature, but he was a mountain of man. Not that I knew him, but just listening to many youtube interviews lately. Thanks to the creator of this thread. Sincerely…..

  103. Donna says

    Thank you Rayne for your insight! Finally someone who actually knew what was going on! You can bet the reason she didn’t insist he see another doctor is because she didn’t care enough. I don’t think age has anything to do with it. True, he should of married someone closer to his own age. She is an evil person. I’m sure she was counting the minutes until his death. I’m sure her “why me” comment wasn’t about her losing her husband. It was “why me” do I have to cut this cruise short! Rayne do you know if there was a prenup? I’m no attorney but I believe the will stands on its own. If it’s true that he hadn’t changed it since 2004 and only his daughters were to inherit his small fortune I don’t see what the fight is all about. She is only entitled to what they bought together after their marriage. Correct? That’s Virginia laws anyway. I’m not sure about Florida. And Sharon I agree, thank you Jose for allowing us to vent. I too would like to see justice for Davy Jones.

    • Paula says

      That bitch JP. But you know Ladies even if JP by law gets something we all know Davy did not leave anything to her. That to me is some justice. JP knows he dissed her and so do we. JP has to live knowing he dissed her and did not willingly want her to have anything. I like that, don’t you all?

    • Love Comes Knocking says

      There was the condo and “trailor” in Indiantown that she could go after in Florida. The Beavertown home has been left to Talia, who is executor of the will.
      She can’t get her grasping claws on that.

  104. Linda says

    First of all, Hello to all of david’s fans.

    I have been reading all of your coments and wishes for the last few days now.Poor poor man that he should end his days this way and all because of that heartless evil woman !! I have allways beleived in Karma, and boy has JP got some to come to her.

    Unfortunatly I never had the chance to meet or see him live.Like so many other of David’s fans, he was with me through my teen years and my adult life.For many of us fans he was our “White Knight on a Stead”.Lets look on the better side of his life,The first two people to love him his mom and dad,two wives that did love him at some stage,his much loved daughters and of course his beloved granchildren plus the love of all his fans……he was a very rich man and no one can take that away from him ever.

    I’m a Believer.
    Good Night…God Bless David xx

    • Paula says

      Hi Linda! Nice to see you here. Yes we all loved Davy Jones so very much, most of us just have to find a way to comfort each other. I too wish Davy would have had a kinder wife in his final years. I imagine Davy singing in heaven loud and clear at perfect peace and rest. We all love you Davy!

  105. Paula says

    As I was reading the link about the estate distribution, I bet in the end JP will get very little. I bet she did not co own anything with Davy as he bought it in his name before the marriage to JP. Plus all debts have to be paid before JP can get her gold digging claws on anything the law states she might be entitled to. Also expenses for properties outside the state are deducted. She cannot get homes in another state either. The caring for the horse, funeral expenses, medical bills and etc, in the end I bet JP might only get enough to by a new dress and some flashy make up to try to hook another man to live off of. LOL!

    • jean says

      that condo has to be paid off first,don’t you think. didn’t davy own basil fosters home in fla. i hope she doesnt get that. has anyone heard how basil is doing after hearing of davy’s death? i hope that the family still takes care of him. i think they will.

      • Paula says

        Yes Jean I agree. I hope to God she does not get Basils home!!!! That would be something I think the estate would need to pay off first as well as the condo. I bet in the end JP might not have such a strong case considering she filed for divorce so close to poor Davy’s death.

  106. says

    I just don’t know what to think! I heard a radio interview where Davy was really pissed about the abuse rumors! He was cutting down TMZ too! He said he was the Manchester Cowboy and that could not happen to him! I don’t think he wanted his image ruined, and for people to think he was a weak man, bullied by his wife!

    • Paula says

      I think Dave covered many an incident to protect his image. I think he was humble and just did not want the I told you so’s from relatives who warned him about JP. I think Davy was a caring enough person to even try to spare JP any hurt. This is how kind he was! I think he was abused by JP and hopefully more witnesses will not be afraid to step forward and share.

  107. Dianne says

    The 315 Franklin Street address that S. Langdon gave was Davy and JP’s address. It was not their neighbors’ address.

  108. Paula says

    Perhaps there was a coach house on the property where someone stayed. I just cannot think S. Langdon would post something false. Perhaps the address numbers were so close to Davys numbers on his address Langdon got them wrong (easy mistake). I just think there are witnesses out there coming forward to tell what they know or they saw. Please anyone with info on the abuse Davy took from JP, please share so Davy can have his justice.

  109. Paula says

    There is nothing that Davy could have done that would change my love as a fan or my opinion of him. He was a lovely entertainer and a true legend! Anyone with more info on the violence in his marriage I hope you post here and help expose the abuser. Emotional and verbal abuse are just as bad as physical. I think Davy suffered both if you ask me. Please anyone with info come forward for Davy’s sake. Blessings.

  110. says

    There is something not right about the whole thing, I agree with all you ladies. What a beautiful soul he had. Sigh….sadness that he was abused verbally and physically. Hopefully some people will speak up who know more. Tragically, it is too late for Davy. He did look in really great shape before meeting her. Where did he actually die? In his car?

    • jean says

      i can’t understand why the doctors didn’t do more extensive tests on him. knowing since he had this problem in 2011. i know where i live they check you thouroughl and they keep you for observation. they don’t pass it off as heartburn.

    • Donna says

      He did look like he was in good shape BEFORE he married JP. He aged alot in the few years he was with her. I was looking at a pic of him in 2007 and compared it to another pic of him in 2011. wow what a difference a few hard, miserable years make. BTW.. to Sharon… Davy died on the way to the hospital. It’s said he was having a hard time breathing that morning and went to his car.

      • Karen says

        Hello, I’ve been following what you ladies have been posting for a few weeks. You make me feel a lot better, since I know I’m not the only one obsessively trying to get to the truth. Every day I look forward to seeing who will find something new. I’ve also looked up the info on 315 Franklin. On one of the sites(not zillow, but the other real estate search site) you can see Jessica’s black Thunderbird (it was in the wedding photos and she mentioned it on the Newlywed Game) in the parking lot in front of the condo complex alongside a white Dodge truck. If you zoom in you can see several big dents in the bumper of the truck. This could be what S. Langdon was referring to when he/she spoke about Jessica hitting cars in the parking lot while driving drunk.

        With a woman like that no wonder he didn’t feel well and had aged so much in the last few years. Last night I found a you tube video of Davy’s 1982 tour of Japan showing him with his wife Anita and his very young daughter Jessica. It was quite touching and sweet. Davy looked very content. I only wish Davy had been able to stay in this marriage or one of his other “healthy” relationships.


        • Paula says

          Karen I agree with you here. I too wish Davy could have had happiness in his final years and not the stress of being married to a nut.

      • Sharon says

        Thank you Donna for clearing that up to me. Somewhere I read he sat down by a horse and died? I didn’t know she filed for divorce right before either :( Argh. I also noticed how much he aged in a few years. That happens with stress. I also believe his rant on the radio show was he was just that nice of a person not to muddle up her life, even though she sure muddled up his :( I cannot for the life of me take his pic down on my profile page on facebook yet. I thought I had a hard time with Whitney, but Davy’s passing has really been hard. I think part of it is the whole mystery thing and knowing that such a beloved man could be brought down so low. Not sure why they didn’t do more investigation on his body :( Although, I know I told my husband not to cut me all up. But really, it doesn’t matter once we’re dead. Although to some religions it does. I don’t want cremated either, and I heard this was his wishes too. Oh my…I sure was in love with him, as all of you were too! Yeah, he sure seemed to really like people. I did lose track of him through the years, but knew he lived very close by. I wished I would have made a trip up the road to see if I could have seen him and said hello. Or how dee pard ner….lol….I think he’s singing and riding away up there….having the time of his life!!

  111. Jona says

    Jean, where did you see that he had this problem in 2011, other than David saying after a few concerts that he was feeling unusually tired?

  112. jean says

    dj justice said that he had a stress test in may 2011 and said he wasn’t feeling well. go up to d.j. justice’s posting i believe it is apr. 16th and read all of his posts. he had a stress test done in may 2011 and told an interviewer he wasn’t feeling good in june 2011.go up to muppet moppet posts and clink on her link and read some of the comments from fans. he had called renee favor while he was married to jp and said he wasn’t happy in his marriage and that it was his loss for letting her go.

  113. jean says

    that is why i was asking who’s idea was to cremate him jp’s or her and his daughters. just seemed funny that he wanted to be buried by his parents. they knew his wishes,he said so in his bio.

  114. Paula says

    I also thought the silence about the private family funeral was odd. I think the cremation was even odder. I am wondering if JP was even at the funeral?????? I think we have been told many lies or they put up a smoke screen to hide the truth about the daughters not liking JP. I think this is just the beginning. We need witnesses to step forward to confirm the abuse JP did to Davy Jones. Love all you here who want justice for one of the greatest entertainers ever Davy Jones.

  115. jean says

    there is more than 1 condo for 315 franklin st. david jones lived in no. 4 type in 315 franklin st.hollywood,fla. and you will see no 4 davy bought in aug 2 2009

  116. Sharon says

    Are we obsessed or what? I just did that, David T. Jones owner. So the person who posted this addy from above with all the abuse info must know there are neighbors on top of neighbors. I kinda believe that story. Poor Davy Jones, brought so many happiness with his music and ended up like that. Well, he doesn’t have to get the crap kicked out of him anymore. I think he was a lonely man in a room full of people. Always trying to please others. Shame…so sad. He was so loved. Why the hell didn’t the girls do something? I know I would have. Sometimes you can talk till you’re blue in the face and the person won’t heed advice. I am saddened by all this. So many women closer to his age would have adored him and made sure he ate right, etc. etc. Sigh

    • katy A says

      I am obsessed. Seriously, this is like a family member died. It has been 2 months and I am still so sad.

    • katy A says

      I read somewhere that his daughters boycotted the wedding. Have to wonder if they knew this woman had issues. Or maybe it was the fact that such a young woman already had been married twice, now wants to marry a man twice her age? I guess love is blind and deaf because he married her anyways. He said he didn’t want to be alone. I makes me sad that he married her to avoid being alone and then she treated him so badly. Doesn’t she know who she was married to? A man that was loved and admired by millions for the last 40 plus years! Really, it baffles me. She obviously has psychological problems.

    • robin says

      The other property is 16237 Indianwood Way, Indiantown FL. It can be looked up by going to and typing in the property number 5000-01126312

      Was this where Basil was living before he was put in the home, and was this where David stayed when he was with his horses in Indiantown?

      • Tess says

        That home is in a 55+ community with a golf course. The lots are little and homes are very close together. There is no place to ride a horse and it’s quite a distance from the stable. This is his house across the street from his nun friends. Indiantown neighbors have been quoted as saying they used to see Davy in his yard exercising his horses, that definitely wouldn’t be at this property.

  117. says

    It makes me so sad to think our Davy could have been saved, if he only had the right medical attention !! Shame on who ever is responsible!!!!!

  118. Paula says

    I am beginning to believe S. Langdon’s post more and more as time goes on. The condo building had other units thus other neighbors. I am wanting S. Langdon to give us some more info please. The truth needs to be told. Please more info. Blessings.

    • jean says

      google this- DavyJones’Good Humored Last Days’ I used to be a heartthrob and that’s where it says he went to the hospital the night before he died/tuesday nite

  119. Paula says

    Jean I googled it and yes it says he went to the hospital the night before. How in Gods name did the doctors not do something more for him?????????????? This could be a lawsuit.

    • Joan says

      I have been wondering the same thing. Should haven’t admitted him for observation over night.

    • carrie says

      maybe he went to the hospital the night before from injuries sustained in/from the fight mentioned by langdon. maybe it had nothing to do with heart, etc. by saying that, i’m wondering if there might be elements of truth in langdon’s post and whoever langdon is is letting everyone pick through it to find what’s fiction and what is true. if you think of the night before hospital visit as something other than heart problems, then you can see where langdon could have some points. it would be nice if the mysterious langdon would post again, if only a hint, a little direction. a guidepost. a police case number, etc.

  120. katy A says

    I just can’t get past this. I was watching the clip of Davy and JP on Dr. Phil. All she did was put him down (ragging on how he hung his towel up after showering and that he used too much toothpaste when he brushed his teeth). Shame on her!

    We love you Davy!

  121. Joan says

    I have also been wondering if he was beat up the night before wouldn’t that show in the autopsy?

    • Jona says

      “The night before he died she again beat him severely. He was sick with a chest problem from sleeping on the beach all night. She threw him out. He had water in his lungs when he died.” -S. Langdon

      The night before he died, he was in the ER in Stuart. So, did JP beat him up before or after he went to the ER? How could JP beat him up if she was an hour away in Hollywood? She beat him up, threw him out, then left to go home with him sleeping on the beach? Some say she was actually on a cruise when this happened. If she severely beat him before he went to the ER, wouldn’t he have bruises and the like that the staff at the ER would have noticed? And, as awful as she is, would she really have beaten up David while he was in the throes of pain and on the verge of going to the ER that night or would she have beaten him after he came back from the ER, still not feeling well and thrown him out of the house/trailer (David’s home was a double wide trailer in Indiantown)? We’re suppose to believe this? JP can’t be THAT bad. I’m thinking troll here with Mr. Langdon. Too many holes in his accusations.

    • DJ Justice says

      Yes, I made the exact same comment, Joan.

      Please read this post from SueNomi-very interesting!
      April 26, 2012 at 9:53 am

      Just want to chime in here regarding injuries incurred from a beating prior to death;

      first, everyone bruises at different rates. Some show the effects of being struck almost at once, others take 24 hrs to show up.

      second: most coroners offices are concerned with the findings from inside the body. Every little scratch, every little mark may not be noted and logged on their report. Unlike CSI, they aren’t out looking to do extreme closeups of every cell.
      HOWEVER, there is one party that will be looking for this and that is your local mortician.

      The mortician also has to fill out a report that is just as detailed as the guys at county morgue. Only, we’re looking at every little thing on the outside and logging it on the front/back body chart on the sheet. Why? CYA; cover your assets.

      Let’s say Grandpa arrives all banged up, marks on the hands, on the face. I’m going to note every mark and try to cover it but should the family notice this, I don’t want them thinking that I caused it. I want to be able to prove that this is the way he arrived! Don’t sue me, brah.

      My point is; had Davy’s body been released to the care of a mortician, it is likely that he or she might have noticed things to back up the claim of an altercation before his death. Full post autopsies present distribution problems as well; because the arteries have been sliced and diced in the autopsy process, you’re having to really work close on the body, massaging the fluid thru on the arms, the features. You’re going to be a bit more up close and personal with the decedent than your counter part at county was.

      HAD he been embalmed for a proper funeral, there may have been a very interesting report sitting in a file. But no, he was a direct cremation. Bye-bye evidence.

  122. Paula says

    I am not sure what to believe but I think S. Langdon has some interesting points to share. I bet there is more to the story and S. Langdon shared just a bit here and there, perhaps not having perfect recollection but sharing anyway. I tend to think there was a lot of abuse by JP to Davy. I am sickened by the fact that she was part of his final years. Miserable to think about. Any news on JP? She is very invisible and suspicious too.

  123. katy A says

    I would definitely be intersted in a facebook page for Davy. It is comforting to know there are others that love him as much as I do. I was starting to think my feelings were bordering on abnormal!

    • Paula says

      Katy A, I am right there with you on this one. When I heard of Davy’s death my heart broke. It was not like anything I have ever experienced in the celebrity world. I am also very glad to know that others have reacted the same way to this beloved and most gifted dear entertainer of all entertainers our Davy Jones. Blessings to you! We should start the facebook page but I am not very computer savy. Have any ideas on how to start one?

      • katy A says

        Paula, I am not great at that type of thing either but there must be someone on this thread as well. I was starting to feel better but then I started reading more about his death, then I watched the Dr. Phil episode along with the episode of “Love American Style” which Davy co starred in (any of you who have not watched it, please watch it, he is adorable as ever although he looks very thin). I was saddened by Michael Jackson’s death, Whitney’s was also a sad story, but this, it gives me a lump in my throat and brings me to tears. I was watching the Youtube videos of the Monkees episodes last night. It brings me back to my youth, when things were so much better.
        I remember watching the Monkees episodes and loving each of them in some way but Davy…with that beautiful smile and voice like an angel, it’s just tearing me apart. I feel like I can’t tell anyone I know because they will think I am crazy.

        • Sharon says

          His death hit me harder than I thought. I was going through a lot at the time with my son, an Iraq war vet, and Whitney had just passed, and I think I pushed this to my subconscious. Now, knowing how close he lived to me while in Pa., I wish I would have had the opportunity to meet him, or at the very least get that girl away from him. Shame it all turned out this way. You know, where there is smoke there is fire, so most of the story is probably true. I am deeply saddened still. He could have found someone who would have treasured him. Maybe he was just that awfully lonely towards the end. There are people wanting to take advantage all the time. Leeches. Bloodsuckers. Poor Davy Jones. I saw the end of this thread. Comforting to know he is now in Heaven :)

  124. says

    Katy A I know exactly how you feel! Davy also was a big part of my youth! His death has really affected my life in a way I can’t explain!! I only saw him live one time and I never met him and yet I feel like something has died in me! We miss you our sweet Davy and we will love you , (Forever written in our hearts) !!

  125. Paula says

    Katy A. and Davy Lover, I too have been extremely sick of the loss of our Davy Jones. I have not been able to really shake it yet. It brings a lump to my throat and a tear to my eye every day. I watch videos of him and there is this terrible sick feeling in my heart. It cannot be, it just cannot be, but it is! The reason I am here is that I just cannot handle that JP was abusive to Davy. How could she? How could anyone? I hope more witnesses step forward and post here and bring about answers. The fans need to know as well as Davy’s family. My hopes are that some witness will share the truth soon like some have already. Step forward anyone with info and proof. Thank you ahead of time.

  126. Paula says

    TYPO CORRECTED: Katy A. and Davy Lover, I too have been extremely sick OVER the loss of our Davy Jones. I have not been able to really shake it yet. It brings a lump to my throat and a tear to my eye every single day. I watch videos of him and there is this terrible sick feeling in my heart. It cannot be, it just cannot be, but it is! The reason I am here is that I just cannot handle that JP was abusive to Davy. How could she? How could anyone? I hope more witnesses step forward and post here and bring about answers. The fans need to know as well as Davy’s family. My hopes are that some witness will share the truth soon like some have already. Step forward anyone with info and proof. Thank you ahead of time.

      • Paula says

        I just read the article that his sister did. Can you imagine how sad she and her siblings must be if strangers like you and me and the others here are upset? My oh my has the world got itself a big hole in it since Davy passed. That void is painful for so many. What will we do?

  127. carrie says

    and a quote from peter tork about a private ceremony held in l.a. for davy

    Q: Between your cancer treatment and more recently, the passing of your friend and Monkee partner Davy Jones, you have had quite a couple of years. Any thoughts?

    A: Davy’s passing was hard. The rest of us, Micky, myself, and Mike Nesmith got together in California to attend a very private ceremony for Davy with some other friends and associates from the early days. At the end of the service 66 balloons were released, one for each year of Davy’s life. When some of the balloons got caught in the trees. Micky said, ”He’s not leaving while the lights are still on.

    • Paula says

      “He’s not leaving while the lights are still on” I am crying reading that.

      How nice that the 3 original Monkees had this kind of unknown ceremony or memorial meeting the other old day friends.

      I too find it hard to get past the loss of the wonderful Davy Jones. When will the sadness end?

  128. DJ Justice says

    Ms Moore, a retired social worker, grew up with her brother and three sisters in Openshaw in north-west Manchester and said Mr Jones had never forgotten his family, despite living in America.

    “I saw him for a month in October and we were sitting by the ocean and he said when he went he was going to float around there,” she said. “I said ‘don’t be silly, I’m going to go before you’ – we never though we’d lose him this early.

    “He’s not running around doing things for everybody any more and he’s at peace.”

    Mr Jones, best known for singing in pop band The Monkees in the 1960s, died on February 29 near his Florida home while riding one of his 14 horses.

    “He got off and said he was a bit breathless and died at the side of the horse,” Ms Moore said. “He’d had a medical four weeks before and they said he was fit as a fiddle.
    “He died of a heart attack.”

    She added Mr Jones’ ashes would be scattered near his Miami home, and off the coast of Southampton “so he can float on either side of the ocean.”

    Yet another version of how Davy dies! No mention of Paychecko either by Davy’s sister.
    Maybe the decision to have him cremated partly came from Davy’s comment about the ocean?

  129. DJ Justice says

    @SueNomi Many thanks for your informative post a while back regarding autopsy procedures. Explains a lot. I guess also, that as Davy was being cremated, the mortician wasn’t needed. I had no idea that there exists a two tier process over there. *sigh* so valuable evidence could’ve been lost?

  130. DJ Justice says

    Sorry for above post-have not had much sleep!Wish we could dlte/alter posts! Not a 2 tier system at all-different processes.Didn’t realise one type of process more thorough than the other. Then there’s the question of the quickness to get the cremation done: the oddness of the way the funeral was carried out;hardly any friends there, a LOCKED church (unheard of) & a catholic one at that! Davy didn’t like religion/church-always thought it odd his funeral took place in one-Paycheko’s beliefs maybe?
    A humanitarian service by a Priest-never heard of that!
    Plus, the fact Davy had stated publicly he wanted to be buried with his parents.
    Maybe he chaged his mind re cremation-going by his sister’s comment-or the interpretation of it.
    This whole business is very odd indeed.

    • jean says

      daVY went to church all the while he was living in england as a boy. he was going to do some recordings of gospel music is what i read thru the years.

    • DavidJFan says

      Me Too!
      The doctor/s involved stink! I wish he was rushed to the hospital immediately when he started feeling unwell instead of being offered a pill and walked away alone.
      Did the ER doctor/s make him believe his pains were nothing to be alarmed about? I don’t understand why he wasn’t treated. It’s almost like they were paid to do nothing and let him die.

  131. Sharon says

    The plot thickens!! You can’t make this shit up!! I like the line that reads…he’s not running around doing things for everybody….he is truly at peace!! Stardust amongst the stars…he has just gone beyond our grasp, for the “true believers”, we will see him again….

  132. Paula says

    DJ Justice how wonderful to see these pictures, thank you ever so much. What a wonderful thing to see the 3 remaining Monkee’s there. Mickey looked very grievestricken, poor guy, I know how he feels somewhat. It was nice to see Davy’s first wife and the kids of both Mike and Mickey. No pics of the lovely Samatha Juste? She is such a beauty like her daughter Amy is. What a wonderful link. Anymore pics?

  133. Paula says

    How long does a constested will take to resolve? I heard it can take years. I certainly hope not for the daughters sake and the horses.

    • Paula says

      Sharon thank you for posting this article. It said that Davy was in a volatile relationship with wife number 3. This just pains me. Anyway I found a youtube interview with the gentle who had the ride with Davy. It is quite interesting. Watch.

  134. Jonesy says

    What a wonderful yet bittersweet article. Davy did look sad behind his eyes in recent photos. Breaks my heart.

    • Sharon says

      He surely seemed like he really loved people, a total people person, and in his later years, felt pain for the way things turned out and found comfort in those horses. That last woman took it’s toll on him. I wonder if she had it all planned out or made it up as she went along. Can you imagine being in his home and he was ansy and walking to and fro, something was terribly hurting him. It is a sad story. So beloved by many for so many years and in the end not to have happiness. Well, if that guy picked up on the violent relationship in a short few hours, why didn’t anyone intervene? That part puzzles me. I know I would have, just for the mere fact that he’s another human being. Ah, he’s at peace now. He smiled with his face, but his eyes told another story. He is sorely missed. Also, I saw a clip of him talking about the “Good Book”, so I do believe he was a “believer”. No pun intended. I hope the authorities don’t dust it under the rug. Sigh…..sure is sad knowing he is no longer among us. I have another hole in my heart, as well you ladies. Thanks for listening to me grieve out loud for someone I never even knew, but in a way, didn’t we all know him? He shared his entire life with us all. God bless you Davy.

  135. Paula says

    Yes Sharon. I am grateful to the others here who want some kind of closure to the loss of our Davy. I too am deeply saddened by the comments in the article and film above of Davy having a volatile relationship with JP. What a terrible thing she did to him. What a sad thing she did to such a lovely person. My heart will never be right again. The man in the film said he felt sorry for Davy in that big house. I am just sick over what this JP did to Davy, and that hurt is quite deep in all our hearts.

    • Sharon says

      I haven’t watched the film yet, I will. Same guy as in the article? Yep, I had to post it for you ladies. The way he mentions Davy pacing and almost not wanting the guy to go. I feel horrible about it all. Why didn’t his daughters intervene. She wiled her way on him when he was in a down spot. Once he let her in, he thought it would be something different. Yeah, it would but not what he thought. If someone could have turned her in in the beginning. I read somewhere that the other guys didn’t want her dancing and cohorting around the stage as they played their songs. Can you blame them? Almost as if she brainwashed him. She’s not that special. I can dance too, put a dress on and spin. That man describes Davy as almost fearful to be left alone. I was telling my husband about this, and he said the whole family probably had it planned out. And then “she was married twice before”. You smell a rat….I do. Sign…very sad…It hurts, he was so nice as to not bring shame on them even though he realized what was going on towards the end. Always taking the high road. I say Davy Jones for knighthood, after all the ones who have received Knighthood, I believe he had the biggest heart.

  136. says

    Two months today since Davy passed, and it seems like I just heard the awful news yesterday :(. I pray you are resting in beautiful peace my sweet Manchester cowboy !!!!

  137. 8Belles says

    Hi everyone! Well, I had to throw in my thoughts as well after reading so many lovely thoughts about Davy. I had found this site originally because there hasn’t been much out there to read. I had expected stories in magazines and TV tributes. I either missed everything or it wasn’t out there at all. I did see People Magazine do a tribute, but that’s about it. I find it odd that there wasn’t a timeline account of the day he died. I was surprised that the tabloids didn’t have stories and interviews from people who were there. I find it very strange that there was such almost a complete media block on his funeral — that’s so hard to achieve these days with the capabilities of communication. I don’t know what it all means. But, as a fan of Davy’s for almost 45 years, I do know a couple of things. The first thing I know is that he would have wanted to be remembered as a MAN! I think, with all due respect and with absolutely no intention of offending anyone, that some here may be thinking of him as some poor little soul that was abused and beaten and sleeping park benches. I don’t know what happened between Davy and his wife, but Davy, dear Davy, had a free will — as each of us do. And every day each of us has to make choices to control our appetites for whatever attracts us, in order to maintain some sort of discipline and morality in our daily lives. Throughout his life, Davy made choices that were shaped by the type of man he was. He was generous and he made choices based on that. He was artistic and he made choices based on that. He liked female companionship and he made choices based on that. But they were his choices. He was not forced to marry his wife — he made that decision – somewhere along the line he made the decisions that made him live with her, even if it was a long convoluted chain of events that led to this. He would not, and I know this, want everyone to think of him as a poor soul that was broken and dying on a park bench. Also, I saw posts about his wife not making him see a doctor — please give him a little credit — he could have gotten himself to a doctor (and maybe he did and maybe the doctor is deserving of a lawsuit!) Husbands and wives are meant to support each other. His wife was not the nurse of a decrepit little elf that couldn’t stand up on his own. In fact, being old fashioned as I am — I know he was older, but if he had been my husband, I would have expected him to care for me and be my rock. I would have looked up to him and allowed him to be the MAN that he was. He was NOT a little monkey (no pun intended). I don’t know what type of woman his wife was, and I certainly have my doubts about her, and I don’t know what type of arrangements they had together. But give him the credit he deserves and give him the blame that he deserves for choosing as he did. He WOULD want that. I know this! And let’s all of us remember that this way of thinking applies to all of us — we need to think and pray before we make decisions and choices. Speaking of praying, I have also heard Davy MANY times make reference to God. At one concert in 2004 that I was at, he sang a poem type of a song that he thought was so lovely that he wanted to share it. It was about our Lord Jesus being betrayed and about how awful that He was betrayed with a kiss. It was so beautiful, I couldn’t believe it. He also sang some gospel songs and with some gospel singers. I have prayed for him so much since he died. As a Catholic, I have also requested Masses to be said for him. And to close, I will say that while his wife is certainly questionable, I am grateful that she had a funeral Mass for him. I KNOW he would have appreciated that as well. God bless you, dear Davy! I miss you! God bless all here and I hope I have not offended anyone!

    • Paula says

      Perhaps JP was so evil Davy was afraid to divorce as she might have tried to spill secrets or try to ruin his image. Davy probably was miserable but put up with her just not to be alone and to avoid paying more support at his older age. Poor guy, always did the kind thing when he could have gotten revenge instead. He was a doll. Miss you Davy.

  138. Donna says

    Hello again. For the last few days I haven’t been commenting but just reading everyone’s post. There are things that I agree with in everyones comments. I agree with 8Belles that Davy wasn’t helpless. He was a grown man that was capable of making his own decisions – good or bad, right or wrong. We may not agree with him but it wasn’t out place. I do think JP is an evil woman. I do believe she “beat” Davy. I just find it hard to believe that he didn’t defend himself. I’ve also wondered why there hasn’t been more press about him. The enquirer has written about him and so has people magazine but that’s all I know of. We are talking about Davy Jones – he’s a legend and one of the top crushes for 45 years!! Doesn’t something seem wrong with this picture? Look at the press Whitney Houston got. It was on every tv station, newspaper, internet and radio you can imagine. For me something is just not adding up. I agree also that his funeral was too quiet. Everything is too quiet. No neighbors in Florida or PA are talking…why? I question why he was cremated also. There has got to be a way for us to have our questions answered. I like everyone else here am to the point of almost obession. My husband has told me I’m strange to obsess over someone I didn’t really know. I guess it’s just that for 45 years I’ve had a crush on this wonderful man. It’s like a little part of me died with him. Almost like letting go of my youth, when times were much more innocent. If I could just get some answers I could let it go. Something just wasn’t right in his marriage or in his life. He looked to worn down for my taste. They say to follow your gut instincts and my gut is telling me something wasn’t right in paradise… Any news Jose? Rest in peace Davy Jones…. I will always remember that soft sweet voice and that beautiful face.

  139. Sharon says

    We do make our own decisions. You can take a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. So, for better or worse I also believe that he believed, having seen some clips of him talking about the GOOD BOOK. Quite nice to hear of the poem he wrote about “the kiss”. I also find it strange he didn’t get much media time. Very strange indeed. Whitney was all over, but then maybe it was because it was generations ago? I don’t know. Whitney was always in the news though, you know what I mean. As far as him marrying a girl half his age, that was up to him. We don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. You read the words that guy wrote whom hitched a ride from him back in the day. If he got hit, some men will not hit back, others will, and some men beat on their own. Let’s remember him as the great entertainer and humanitarian that he was. I think his legend will live on. He’s with the Father now, and those of us who are believers find that comforting. Isn’t it something the one song he sang “I’m a Believer”. :) Food for thought. There is a season for all things. I feel sad that I never met him, he lived so close by :( Yep, a part of us who loved all about him died that day. He was loved and missed by many.

  140. Paula says

    I find it very strange that the funeral was so silent and not existent. I wonder why there are no pics of the evil so called grieving widow Paychecko!!!!! With all the technology today and photographers, why not one picture of this horrible women. I bet she is dating again and has those gold digging feelers out for the next rich senior!!!!!!!!!

  141. Paula says

    I think Davy was afraid of JP. I think perhaps her family and herself were taking advantage of Davy. Could they be criminals and part of the cuban mob?

  142. Paula says

    it is just that everything is so silent. No funeral for the public to see, or pics from it. No sighting of the so called grieving widow or her family. There has been hardly any coverage of this anywhere after the week he died. There has been no coverage of any other memorial as you have to dig on line really hard to find anything. There has been several conflicting reports about how and where Davy died, and that he was not near paychecko when he died???? I am so confused, are you guys too?

    • Karen says

      I’m feeling the same way. The silence is so confusing. I can’t help but worry. But, I do take comfort in knowing that Talia is the executor and not someone influenced by JP.

      By the way, thanks DJ Justice for the pictures of the private memorial- it helps me to know that Davy’s life was celebrated in a different style by family and friends who really knew and respected him for decades.

  143. Paula says

    Yes the 3 remaining Monkee’s were very discreet and classy in having a really nice ceremony with old friends. I applaud Micky, Peter and Mike and all who attended in having such a nice tribute. It was nice to see JP not there! What a witch to keep the boys away from the original funeral.

    • Jona says

      Think about how telling it is that at both the BB King Memorial and the private friend and family gathering that JP was present. How profound is that that David’s wife would not be there or included in any way. Maybe she was invited but she chose not to go but even if that were the case, say if she couldn’t make it because of other commitments or whatever, then she certainly would have been at least mentioned by the family in absentia regardless…but she wasn’t. That silence speaks loudly.

    • Paula says

      Yes Jona, JP was not at the NYC memorial or the private party at Samantha Justes house. That says there is a fued of some kind. This JP has done something or the bad blood between Davy’s daughter and JP has not been reconciled. But how could anyone sit back and watch their father being treated so badly. I am thinking why has not the tabloids other than the Enquier found out anything about JP and her family. Not a one photos of the so called grieving widow. Not a peep out of her. So very suspicious if you ask me.

  144. 8Belles says

    Just to answer someone who wanted to know why I use the name 8Belles — No, I don’t follow horse racing because I hate it! I ride all the time and currently I ride a Thoroughbred that was tossed off after horse racing people were done with him. He was being sent to the slaughter!!!! I don’t own him – I don’t have the means, but I take care of him and ride him as often as I can. You never knew a more obedient horse – he almost reads your mind, yet he was a cast off!!! I use the name 8Belles because through a fluke of circumstances, I happened to see that race. It was the only time in years that I had seen a race of any kind. I was skeptical about watching it and said that to the people I was with. And then the most tragic thing I can imagine happened! I wear her ID bracelet. I wrote a song about her. I will keep her name close to my heart forever! I hope that every time someone sees her name, they will think of her like you did. Horses continue to die in racing — 7 of them just died in the past couple of months in races in England. People think they are so cared for — they are — when there’s money happening!!! When it’s gone, they’re so gone you wouldn’t believe it. And the racing itself is questionable to me — some people will do anything to make these horses win, and anything does NOT always mean the thing that is good for the horse. Sorry to go on and on, but it breaks my heart when my friend rescues all of these horses. Our world doesn’t have much to give to horses anymore — they’re so big and expensive to keep and we don’t use them like we did 100 years ago. There’s not many places for them to go anymore and it’s so very, very sad…. Thanks for the question and God bless!

    • Jona says

      8Belles, you mirror my sentiments exactly. This is perhaps an inappropriate forum to be discussing the cruel, cloaked side of horse racing as David’s passions were horses and horse racing but, for myself, I can’t reconcile how someone can guiltlessly say they love both. I gasped and cried when I saw Eight Belles, that beautiful filly who was showing the colts in that race what real courage and heart were, go down. She had the heart but, like too many thoroughbreds today, she didn’t have the legs to support the huge, muscled machine, bred for speed, that the modern racehorse has become. The year before, I watched, hoped and prayed for Barbaro to recover and, like the rest of the nation, my heart broke when he, too, had to be put down. And David’s prized thoroughbred, Digpast, given to him by his daughter Sarah on his 50th birthday and the horse that gave him his first track win as a jockey in 1996, had to be put down in 2001 after suffering racing injuries. How could that happen?( I loved David Jones. Saturdays for me were spent sitting around my friend’s pool with a transitor radio, drinking Tab, staring at Davy Jones’s beautiful face on the cover of Tigerbeat magazine and wondering if, well, maybe he COULD fall for an 11 year like me. I’m still feeling his loss. But since this topic was brought up, one thing I could never understand was how he could love his horses so yet put them in harm’s way by racing them. Frightening numbers of horses are injured and euthanized every day at race tracks all over this country and around the world. Sixteen horses have died this year at Aqueduct race track in NY in the last 14 weeks alone. The statistics are staggering but no one will talk about it. The next time you watch the Kentucky Derby, look at those spectacular horses, revel in their incredible beauty and athleticism but know that sadly, for those that are not big purse winners, their last stretch run will be to a slaughter house. David, I wish somewhere you had discussed your feelings on this so I could understand.

      • jean says

        i know. they don’t protect animals they way they should. it makes me sick what they do to animals. i have wrote to our state several times and once when the governor came to our town to take questions i suggested that to make it a law to get the dogs fixed to cut down on the population. there was 4 million dogs inialated last year. i suggested when they check for the dog licenses to check also if they were fixed except for breeding purposes,then they would have to go to the courthouse to get papers to breed them. if they weren’t fixed other than breeding they would get fined and have to get them fixed also. i also suggested that there was 5 goodwill stores and to open one or two for animal donations. state won’t do either.

  145. katy A says

    I also find it strange that no one can nail down his place of death? I heard in the stable, in his car, in his bed, and on the way to the hospital. I don’t recall ever hearing of anyone famous having so many different stories about where they died? Also, JP obviously does not care what public opinion is of her because she must know that it was expected that she would show up at one of his memorials? I find it hard to believe she wouldn’t have been invited to the private one. If Mike, Mickey, and Peter knew how much Davy loved her, they would not have excluded her, she must have excluded herself!

    • Paula says

      Katy A. I agree. It seems odd that JP has been so invisible in all aspects. This girl must be guilty of something dreadful or she would be more visible. I can hardly believe that Davy loved her as the stories say, or would he have somewhere along the years updated his will for her? I am guessing the daughters were the heirs. Paychecko sent out one lame response when Davy died but you can see it is incomplete in so many ways. She probably knows how mean she was to this wonderful man, and now must face the public. She cannot so she is hiding while she drags the daughters thru the courts for eternity!

    • Paula says

      Yes the place of death was always different on every news story. I am so tired of coverage on other people but to not have the correct story on Davy Jones is quite silly don’t you think? Anyone else and the story would have been confirmed. Why is there no one investigating this? Why hardly any coverage of a funeral even from a distance on this great man? Why no pics of anyone on there way to the ceremony or etc. Just so suspicious!

      • Tess says

        All the articles you mentioned have elements of truth. Davy went to the stable and rode Zar. He got in a black tbird to leave and collapsed. The stable owner called 911. A 911 ambulance took him to the hospital in Stuart, about a half hour away. He was pronounced dead at the hospital. It’s unclear whether he died in the ambulance or at the hospital. I believe the tbird was jp’s, not sure. Davy had mentioned to friends that morning that he had “four days off”….he probably meant four days away from jp.

  146. Paula says

    To be honest I do not find Paychecko to be that attractive as when you see her and hear her speak she appears snotty and bitchy in many ways. She never deserved Davy.

    • jean says

      you know,no offense to the family but they can leave the public out when it comes to his funeral and will with no news whatsoever about him but they can ask the public for donations for the horses. what’s up with that?

      • Sharon says

        Jean, I thought of that too. I wonder if JP was part of a mob family and Davy/family didn’t know how to get away from it. Hopefully there might be some PI working on it. Everyone was so focused on Whitney Whitney Whitney and Trayvon. Not to say that either one was not tragic either, but it’s sorta like when Farrah died, sadness…then Michael Jackson died and WHAMMO……..Farrah’s death got dusted under the rug. Although, we know she had cancer. Davy Jones may have bloody well been murdered! Too many holes in the tapestry. Strange indeed. At least he is not hurting anymore. We can take comfort in that. I will always love him…..

        • jean says

          you know i was reading in one of the tigerbeat mags about what his sister said about him and he played dominos with his dad,so did i,he hated rice pudding,i couldn/t stand it either ,my dad made it for us when my mom was in the hosp. and none of the other kids would eat it but i did and after i threw it up in the yard,can’t stand rice pudding till this day. he liked fish, i love fish and so many other things, uncanny!

        • jean says

          i think that he knows we will always love him. he has the best from both worlds,love down here and love in heaven.

      • Tess says

        My thoughts exactly Jean. I mean absolutely no disrespect to the girls, but it’s wrong to tell the public basically to bud out of their father’s affairs, mind our own business, then ask for money. You want everything private so as not to reduce future earnings of the estate, but you want handouts to pay current bills, hmmm…ya, I like to have my cake and eat it too. I have no doubt their need is legitimate, but it’s almost like a slap in the face the way this is being handled. I blame the little dinky back woods law firm they’re using. I believe the girls are
        getting very poor advice. Then again, if this is the firm Davy used for his will, they messed up there too. Everybody in Stuart knew Davy got remarried, why didn’t his lawyer contact him and advise him regarding the Florida probate statutes when a will is drafted prior to a marriage? If this was Davy’s firm, and why else would Talia be using this country bumpkin firm, they did not protect the girls or Davy’s wishes as stated in his will.

    • Tess says

      She has a fat ass. Did you ever see her in those skin tight belly dancer costumes? She needs lyposuction in the butt.

  147. Paula says

    Sharon I said that above that what if paycheckos family is part of the mob. I wonder why things were kept so secret. I wonder yes why the girls asked for money for the horses but everything else was a secret. I think Davy was afraid of this girl JP. He sugar coated his inlaws saying he had great ones, but something tells me after hearing that interview with the hitchhiker Davy picked up years ago, that saw him while he was dating Paychecko, said the relationship was bad, as if he witnessed Davy in the stress of it. Could be the family is afraid to talk all of them.

    • jean says

      i wonder if they came over in the boat when cuba cleaned out their prisons a while back. ya never know!

  148. Beryl says

    I would like nothing more that to know the truth about Davy and his death. I do think unfortunately that the longer this goes one, like you all said, no one seems to be looking into all these theories, that we will probably never know the answers we all want. I guess as much as I would like to know, it won’t really change anything and our dear David is still gone. Not that speculation will disappear, but maybe it is better left alone. Karma should come back to haunt Paychecko and her family. Rest in peace my darling Davy.

  149. Beryl says

    I would like to know the truth, but nothing could ever change how much I loved him and nothing will bring him back. His daughters aren’t public figures and privacy is important to them. Whether we know about it or not, I’m sure they have a difficult task ahead of them with his widow. I think they have only shared with us the need for the horses because it must be dire. They would rather keep the rest private. Makes sense to me although as stated previously, it does set a precedent that seems questionable. I just feel for those girls so much. I can’t imagine how difficult this all must be for them. Annabel is only 23. Heartbreaking.

  150. Paula says

    I for one think the details will eventually come out if folks like us keep pressing for details or demanding answers. I know there must be someone high up that feels the same about this. Paychecko probably knows how bad she treated him and is hiding. I find it very interesting that NO ONE has gotten a snap of her since Davy’s death!!!!!!! With all the cameras in the world including phone cameras what the heck is going on?????????????? There is something odd about this, don’t you think? Tell me I am not making this up in my head but you know most photographers would be searching high and low to get a snap of JP now. What the heck is everyone so afraid of?

  151. Donna says

    There is truth in what everyone has said. I really don’t think we will ever find out what really happened in that marriage. The bottom line is he married her. I believe he had big regrets but felt like it was marriage #3 so what the hell. He did say he was tired of being alone. I think he was infatuated with her youth and her body. Lets face it.. she has a cute figure. A big butt but still a cute figure. You know men like women with big butts. Remember the song fat bottom girls? I don’t think she is pretty either. Kinda wierd looking, face reminds me of a beaver. More important… she was and is an evil and selfish person with major issues. I hope the daughters get everything they can and JP doesnt get a damn thing. She’ll find someone else and suck them dry. I think what David meant when he told the ranch hands that he had four days off was he had four days away from that bitch he was married to. – Remember she was on a cruise- That speaks volumes to me. Kind of like admitting he was miserable. It showed in his face. So sad. He is in a better place now… and away from people hurting him and sucking the life out of him. I watch old videos of him and he seems so sweet. Adorable.. If we could all just turn back the clocks – you know?

    • Paula says

      I know what verbal and emotional abuse is. I have seen it first hand so I also saw the signs on Davy’s face in pics that look of desperation and sadness inside his soul. This JP does look like a beaver face. I wonder why the good die young and the mean are around forever to torture others?

    • Jona says

      Donna, where did you read that JP was on a cruise and that David said he told the ranch hand he had four days off? Can JP definitely be placed on a cruise at that time because David’s agent, not JP’s brother but a woman spokesperson, said that David and JP’s family had just enjoyed a family weekend there at the ranch riding horses. That would have been the 24-25th of February. If JP was on a cruise, she would have left on Monday, assuming they were all at the ranch that weekend. And, if she was on a cruise, what’s with her brother saying she was just an hour away from David when he died? These stories are so conflicting.

    • carrie says

      as to why there are no follow-ups on jones and pacheco. much of today’s media is run by a younger generation or by management that caters to a younger audience. in such minds, unfortunately, the davy jones story ends with his death. to them, he’s an old-timer who didn’t live a scandalous life. he lived in florida and pa, not los angeles. he performed on cruise ships and at disneyland, not in hipster venues. mind you, i’m not saying he’s not worth the work it would take. hardly. but i know well the news business and how it works. only a publication like the national enquirer would dig around to see what’s up. plus good tipsters get paid a handsome sum for tips on a solid story. the good aspect to all of this is jp isn’t getting any additional press that would boost her career, or keep her name linked with davy’s so she could ride his coattails of fame further. in that regard, its perhaps better that things are quiet. let her be known for her great performance on dr. phil. it’s likely someone someday will write a book and things will be revealed. or perhaps annabel will reach fame and eventually speak openly about her father. don’t expect a big expose unless someone very in the know becomes a tipster with solid information.

  152. Bonne says

    First, let me express how grateful I am for this site and to all of you who have shared the sentiments within your heart regarding DJ. I have been following along and now feel compelled to share.

    David was loved by so many and will continue to have a special place in our hearts. Yes, he was multi-talented and handsome. But he encompassed so much more. He was charming, charismatic, generous, kind, and down-to-earth. He was special, indeed. I am a grown woman, and yet to this day, he has had great significance and influence in my life.

    I “fell so hard” for DJ in 1967, when I was 10. My mum said it was the “timing” (but I doubted it). Yes, I did look (and feel) like 16 and stood 5’7.” But puberty aside, surely there was more to warrant my preteen “love” for DJ, wasn‘t there?

    Years later , I received a reassuring confirmation. My preteen “crush” was not in vain. DJ was in fact a man so worthy of love and admiration…more than I ever could have imagined.

    Eventually, I was able to attend a few of his concerts. I meet him and his first wife Linda. Both were kind. DJ took the added opportunity to “greet some of his fans.” Photos and autographs were exchanged. I acquired both, along with a cute flower he drew next to his name (still have and will continue to “cherish” those items and memories).

    But what touched me most was his kindness and sincerity. I “towered” over him (now being 5’10” ). When I asked, “Should I scrunch down a bit for the photo?,” he said, “No, please don’t…I love tall girls.” He also made a point to “thank me” for the portrait I had drawn for him and expressed he would display it in his dressing room. He was gracious, kind, warm, and so sincere. With some people, you can feel the depth of their heart and soul simply “ooze out and touch you” in a profound way. He was like that.

    I never got a chance to meet him again, but he remained (and will continue to do so) in my thoughts, prayers, and heart. I would hear “updates” on DJ over the years from various sources (my relative was in the music industry). All had reached the same conclusion as I had: David was a kind, thoughtful, sincere, and generous man.

    My heart is quite heavy hearing of DJ’s untimely passing. He took a bit of my heart with him when he left.

    I too have many reservations and misgivings about the circumstances surrounding his death. Something is really amiss. I think the “truth” is still out there and needs to come forward so that this dear man, David Jones, can truly “Rest” in Eternal Peace.

  153. katy A says

    I have not heard one person say a bad thing about him. David Cassidy was in tears when he spoke of how great a guy he was. The fact that a famous person would pick up a hitchiker because they had a Union Jack Flag tells me he was just a regular guy.

    I do agree that the lack of media coverage is probably due to the fact that he was older and his death was not viewed as scandalous by the general public, just an untimely death. Only obsessed fans like us continue to wonder what the real story is.

    I watched both the Dr. Phil show and the Newlywed game. In both scenarios, Davy had a look of disgust in response to what JP had to say about him. He was probably thinking, I am too old for this petty crap. What the hell did I do marrying her. Not to mention embarrassing him in front of the whole country. I so much prefer to watch the Youtube videos of him when he was younger and happy and felt appreciated. Videos like him as the Artful Dodger in Oliver, His Monkees Days, and on the Brady Bunch. Back then, he had the world at his fingertips.

    • Sharon says

      God, and I wish he were here…..oh and I wish he were here. That crushed me to hear David Cassidy cried when he heard of his death :( All the youtubes and articles I see and read about him, he seemed such a wonderful man. Am I obsessing, yes. Why, because I will always love him. Can’t believe that it is affecting “this bad”. At least he is safe now. Broke his rib with a shoe heel. Seriously….can you all believe that? Oh, breaks my heart. I wish I would have met him. I picked up a booklet at a local congressman’s office, and he was on the cover and his tour dates and article are inside, I said guess Davy can’t make these now :( I had hoped he would do a small venue close to his home in Pa., then I would have been able to see him. Sigh…..Can I sing Whitney one more time to Davy…”and I will always love you”…..I keep coming back to this thread. I must try to move on now. It is difficult. I fell for him hard, but you know we all must grow up and get on with our lives. I do hope someday the truth will be told. I agree with the one lady saying that JP isn’t getting “press” time to further herself. What does she really have to further anyways. Nada. Prayers for his family….

  154. Donna says

    Jona, I read it on Raven’s post dated April 24. You should go
    to Muppetmoppet post dated April 24. Lots of info there. This is a great site. I also read that JP was on a cruise somewhere else but I can’t remember where. – Sorry. I read last night on a property valuation site that Davy was the sole owner of the condo on Franklin Street. It was bought 7-2-2007.

    • Sharon says

      Oh Donna, thanks for that link, it certainly it interesting…a purple bedroom!! My daughter painted her bedroom purple, but she was 16. I am going to have to read through this other thread…thanks again Donna…..alot of people saying he had self esteem issues? Really, do you all believe that? He was afraid of us who liked the Monkees, gees, then he would have been afraid of half of the women in the U.S. Doesn’t mean that if you are a fan, you are after him “like that”. Although, I bet he has met some stalkers over the years….

  155. Sharon says

    Did you all read the facebook thread “did you meet DJ at Beavertown”? I like the one where he was in Verizon, and everyone was grinning but not saying a word, because they knew it was him. Cute story. That’s how I would have been, I would have “tried” to see him, but so afraid when I did see, would run. Sounds like just a downtown regular guy :) How adorable. I had often thought of driving to Beavertown to see if I could bump into him, but consider that stalking, and with my luck it would never ever happen. Which is why I hoped on him doing a show local. I do remember seeing it on TV not too long ago about him doing a fair or something coz he was doing his “dance”, and I thought….oh how groovy he still looks…..I think he aged almost 10 years in the few years he was with JP :(

  156. katy A says

    Is the Beavertown, PA FB page the only fan page that exists for Davy? I can’t find another one?

    I read how he would just stop over at a neighbor’s house to chat or he would invite neigbors over to visit. His house certainly looked like just a regular house.

    Did he own both a home and a condo in FLA and board the horses off site?

    • Sharon says

      I don’t know….but did you read that article and see the purple bedroom? :O In Beavertown, he boarded the horses right there. Had 16 areas, I do believe. I think they were kept in a different place in Florida, don’t think you can have horses in a Condo. Not sure when that article was, maybe right after they were married. It all went downhill from there methinks. Hey, if that British guy who wrote the article and also was interviewed said about him being in a viotile relationship (sorry, spelling is wrong). Obviously he saw it first hand :( Read that article I posted up further, talks about Davy pacing, almost like he didn’t want the guy to leave.

      • katy A says

        Sharon, I just re read that article. Doesn’t sound like the author thinks very highly of JP, he made that pretty obvious in the article.
        Can you imagine picking up a hitchiker and driving him 100 miles, just to make it easier to find a ride. I think that speaks volumes of the type of person Davy Jones was.
        He also really seemed to miss his home. He left the UK and his family at such a young age. It’s almost as if he didn’t have a childhood. I’m sure that it didn’t help that he lost his mother at such a young age. It seems like he was very close to his sisters. I wonder if JP had issues with that as well?

        • Sharon says

          It’s a sad situation, but like that one lady posted…He married her, what the hell was he thinking? I read that article that showed the purple bedroom, etc. He seems like he loved her, but I guess her true colors didn’t show yet. Trying to recapture his youth perhaps. You are right, that man saw the stress and strain, and perhaps even got to hear more than he is even saying. Still everything is odd about no press. It speaks volumes that the daughters were at the other 2 memorials but JP was not. I’m sure it all weighed very heavy on him.

      • jean says

        he was pacing probably because he wanted to tell the guy something or ask advice about something and was probably pondering it over,hence the pacing.

  157. Tess says

    Jose, tell me it’s not true! There’s a site online that has S Langdon’s post and a discussion about it. They mention you and claim you’re friends with JP!! Actually I think it said you “friended” her and that’s why you don’t comment when we say nasty things about her. I guess that could mean you’re friends on FB. I assume you don’t comment cuz you’re a professional journalist and only post facts, not opinions. Yet, that comment made me squirm! If, by chance, you are actually friends with her you can tell her straight out that I think she’s a fat assed bitch and I hope she gets what’s coming to her. You got my name…….

    Luv your gossip pages and hope it’s not true!

    • Paula says

      Tess, things are getting stranger and stranger here don’t you agree? I hope what you posted is not true. I feel Davy had enough suspicion in his life and rightfully so. JP was rumored to be a bitch and an abuser to one of the greatest entertainers ever. The truth must come out. JP is repsonsible for causing Davy grief I am sure. Anyone with news or has witnessed this abuse by JP to Davy Jone, sould step forward and not be afraid to share their story like some have here.

    • Sharon says

      Facebook thread….I will have to go back on my computer…it’s a link here, that links to Facebook….read back….

    • Sharon says

      Gosh, I think I link that linked up to facebook is not working now…..I did not look for JP herself on FB….why would I? I have no interest in someone who actually beat Davy Jones with a high heel shoe. That just gets my blood up! I will look for that thread, it had all kinds of info and posts on it. Wonder why it’s not working now. Any ladies can you help Donna find that link. It’s on this page, but leads to a blog page, which leads to the FB page. Thanks

  158. Paula says

    Corrected: Tess, things are getting stranger and stranger here don’t you agree? I hope what you posted is not true. I feel Davy had enough suspicion in his life and rightfully so. JP was rumored to be a bitch and an abuser to one of the greatest entertainers ever. The truth must come out. JP is repsonsible for causing Davy grief I am sure in ways he hid. Anyone with news or anyone who has witnessed this abuse by JP to Davy Jones, should step forward and not be afraid to share their story like some have here. The truth must be told for Davy to have his final justice.

  159. Donna says

    I’ve been watching a video clip called “Monkees Stoned” for 2 months now. It is so funny. DJ’s laugh is really contagious!! Can’t help but press the replay button over and over. Another good one is called Monkees Life Lessons – its about 10 minutes long. It’s clips from they’re first season on tv. Watched it for the first time tonight. Very good. Never realized how cute Peter was. All of them were cute. Davy was “I want to touch those lips” kind of cute!

  160. Dianne says

    Tess, it is so odd that you said that. All of a sudden on JP’s Facebook page, she has started posting about DJ. She has a picture and a video now. Odd I think. Nothing and now all of a sudden a couple of posts about DJ.

    • carrie says

      what is really creepy is that her most recent post is actually a link to her acting demo and there’s one wee portion of it with davy. i found it a manipulative act so someone will see her demo. the few seconds with davy — his back is turned to the camera and it’s all jessica. all he ever did was tell people how much he loved her. and i was thinking, although it was a marriage, i suspect he treated her with the type of fatherly love he showed his daughters. there’s no way that wouldn’t creep in because of their ages. in jessica, he was looking for what he felt he never had with his ex wives. peace, quiet, less stress — no children to raise, perhaps financial freedom from those marriages. he wanted to grow older with her and make all is mistakes disappear.

  161. katy A says

    Davy had the best lips, teeth, eyes, he really was a gorgeous young man. Too bad he never had a son…sigh…

    I was just on her website
    you would think her home page would have something written about Davy? I saw nothing, but didn’t search too hard because I didn’t want to look at her face!
    I couldn’t find her Facebook Page? What is it listed under? Jessica Pacheco?

    • Paula says

      Katy you are so funny. I too cannot bare to look at her face for very long considering she was abusive to Davy. It breaks my heart that she had this lovely man and hurt him emotionally.

      • Paula says

        oops must add, and probably physically abused him too. My heart cannot bare the thought of that spoiled brat JP treating one of the greatest entertainers of all time, so badly.

        • Sharon says

          On that link that isn’t working now, and can’t find, but was posted here earlier up further, one of the threads you clicked on had remarks that SHE PHYSICALLY HAD TO BE PULLED OFF OF BEATING HIM WITH SHOE ON SHIP….yep…but I can’t find that link here anymore to click on it, ladies if you could help…it goes to a page set up and people can post, then it says how many replies on each different subject. I could shoot myself in the foot now for cleaning cookies on my computer. ARGH! I looked at her page, disgusting….

  162. Sharon says


    • jean says

      did u read her bio? it said she worked with davy jones. doesn’t say she married him.

      • Sharon says

        Let’s see who all stays on this thread, something amiss here too. Why can’t I find that link anymore, and why didn’t it work earlier when I clicked on it. How could she fool him so much? She used him, and he must have liked it, at first…and like one lady said, didn’t want to admit to himself or family that he was wrong and they were right. Read somewhere, he felt old and alone, but still some people don’t get hugs from their family and he gets hugs all the time from strangers. That girl is a gold digger. Karma..what goes around comes around.

        • Dianne says

          I agree Sharon. I thought it was strange that she put that she worked with Davy, but did’t marry him on her bio. Something definitely is bad here, but how can we ever find out.

  163. Paula says

    S. Langdon said that JP was still legally married to the Romanian? Could this be why she is so silent. Perhaps she was not legally married to Davy? Odd.

  164. Tess says

    Cha cha cha ladies, cha cha cha. Lol, read the website with the link above and saw the cha cha cha closing somebody posted. Too funny!

    In regard to my post regarding the administrator’s potential friendship with JP……silence is golden, golden. Ya, in my career I have to pretend to be nice to everybody too, to keep the info coming in….cha cha cha, lol.

  165. Paula says

    Yes I would love to befriend all my Davy lovers on FB. I am not sure how to do this. What do you all think? I would love to know what was in Davy’s will. I had a dream about Davy last night. Woke up feeling as if I really saw him. How strange.

  166. Donna says

    I just read somewhere that JP’s brother was in medical sales until 2009. Anyone want to tell me how in the hell did he become DJ’s manager. I thought DJ was a good business man. How do you go from medical sales to managing an entertainer????? When he was on a telephone interview with some radio station talking about the JP abuse etc., he said he had no manager. What’s up with that??? Anyone know when that interview was

    • Paula says

      Donna something is odd there. I think this family of JP’s had a spell over Davy. Sounds like he was manipulated totally. I am sick over his death, but it helps to have others here who understand.

  167. Paula says

    It is painful even to watch Davy sometimes on the youtube videos. I have this terrible dread and sadness. I cannot believe he is gone. How could Jessica have ever been cross with him ever? I cannot understand why she could. I think in some films he is so affectionate to her and she seem snotty or some how expects him to acknowledge her when in a group. Do you think he was sort of forced to never slight her for fear of her wrath?

  168. Tess says

    Back to the question as to how we can friend each other on FB. Obviously, sooner or later this thread will die out, but our love for Davy won’t. One of us could start a group, open or closed. Personally, I’d love to but I know with my current work schedule I couldn’t do it justus (awwww, great tunes!). Anyone volunteer? Once the group was started I think we could search it on FB and either join or request to join. Otherwise, I’ll post my sister’s email address (she’s ok with it. I have only work address that I can’t post). She’ll forward to me and I’ll send out friend requests. Any other suggestions?

    Where is DJ Justice? He/she seemed to be a leader.

    Hope we all come together in the next Internet plane! There is still so much more love and questions/answers to share!

    • jean says

      tess i’m in too,let me know. hope this page don’t fizzle out. going to fla. next week to see micky dolenz going to swing by hollywood and where his horses are.

      • Tess says

        Jean, I’m going to see Micky at Epcot too. I’ll be wearing a light blue tshirt from the BB King memorial. When you walk into the seating I’ll be about three rows from the front on the right hand side. Look for me and come say hi!!

          • jean says

            i’ll be wearing a white t-shirt with davy jones picture on the front. i have brown hair in a bob and about 5’3″ andmed build.

          • Tess says

            No, admission to the concert is included in the park ticket price. The concerts are in the back of Epcot at the American pavillion. Normally a line starts several hours before the first concert (there a three each night). No need to stand in line for hours, the ampitheatre is huge and rarely fills to capacity. I’ve never been unable to get a seat. I’ll look for you! I have a feeling there will be a lot of Davy tshirts! Are you going to drive up to the condo? Lol, sit there and wait for jp, then snap a pic….that would be too funny. You can probably leave flowers at the stable fence, I bet the owner would like that for his wife. You won’t believe how rural Indiantown is, can’t imagine how Davy ever found the place!

        • Dianne says

          I’m going to see Mickey at Epcot, too! We’ll have to meet up! I have no idea what I’ll be wearing, but I’ll let you know!

          • Tess says

            Dianne and Jean,
            What day(s) are you going to see Micky? Do you know which show time? I’ll be there Friday through Monday so I can meet ya any concert night…..going this weekend too to see Herman’s Hermits for the first time… Davy used to lovingly say, “Peter No One”, lol. Would you want to meet for dinner at one of Epcot’s restaurants either before or after Mickey’s concerts, for a glass of vino in the
            French pavillion, at a character meal if you’re bringing kids (or not, lol)….I know a fantastic offsite, but pricey, steak house….Charly’s. Any suggestions? Now, if you’re adventurous we could meet at Fort Wilderness for a “Davy” trail ride, rent a boat, sorry….I don’t golf, maybe even parasail, lol. We could meet for cocktails at the Boardwalk after the concert….never been there but I’ve heard they are open after Epcot…..I think the Irish Pub at the Marketplace is open late too. I would love to meet you ladies! Even if we just met in Mexico for a frozen (pricey and not that good….but hey, it’s WDW, lol) drink and went to the concert together. I’ll have my family with me unless you ladies make definite other plans….then I’ll leave them to there own means! Really, really hope to meet you Dianne and Jean!

  169. says

    Hey ladies, glad to see we are all still here and trying to find out what really happened to our gorgeous Davy! I hate knowing that he’s not with us anymore:(. I saw the Monkees in Detroit in 67. Jimmi Hendrix opened for them, but I can’t even remember seeing him! All I cared about was Davy!!!

    • jean says

      maybe that is why the will is sealed they could be investigating jp and her bro. he does look like a con artist.

  170. Paula says

    I long for the Davy Jones FB page for all his fans that truly loved and still love him and his daughters and siblings. I hope someone will get to the bottom of this and find justice for our man.

  171. Jonesy says

    How hard is it to open a FB page? Isn’t it just the same as when we established personal ones? Because you guys are right- this thread won’t be available forever and I hate to let these issues just die. I’m as busy as the next guy, but I’d attempt to throw a page together for us if that’s all there is to it! Anyone know if a closed personal page would work? Or would FB ferret us out and make us set up like the other Davy tribute pages are?

    • Tess says

      Jonesy, glad to see somebody is willing to put in the work! I looked at my fb account and it looks like you just go to Groups and click on Create New Group. You select a name and pick either Open, Closed or Private. Private means only members see the group, who’s in it and what members post. Then you select an icon. I went that far and then it asks you to Add Members. It looks like you can only add people you are friends with on fb, not absolutely sure. I set up a private group called Shades of Gray, my favorite Monkees tube. It literally took just a few minutes. You can use that group if you’d like. I selected a broken heart for the icon, quite appropriate:(. You can email me at my sister’s address if you want me to friend you so you can join Shades of Gray and take it from there.

      • Tess says

        Thank you all for the emails asking to join Shades of Gray. Right now this is a private shell of a group…..very private, me only…lol. I really set it up just to see how hard it was and to be able to post the directions to establish a group. Right now I am not going to pursue the group due to time constraints, instead I’m going to join the other new groups being posted here. If these groups should fizzle out I’ll open my group and send invites to all who emailed. Thank you for your interest. See ya on the new group pages! <3.

    • Tess says

      Hi Jonesy! I’ve been telling everybody that has emailed me about joining Shades of Gray that I’m holding off opening that group due to time constraints and I’m joining your group. Tonight I read you’re requesting an invite to Dianne’s group (I did too). Need info so
      I can accurately direct Shades of Gray emailers. Are you opening your own group to or have you, like I, passed the tourch to Dianne? Please let me know so I can respond appropriately to emails. See ya at Dianne’s group!

    • jean says

      google davy jones’ manchichis and see what the’re saying i think they’re awesome i don’t care what anyone eles thinks. i’d still go for him.

      • Paula says

        I think those making fun of a 66 year old physical frame is terrible. Davy had an apple body. There are apple bodies and pear bodies. Pears have small top with a long waist and short legs. Apple bodies have long legs and short waists. I am proud to be an apple body like our wonderful Davy jones. Who cares if apples gain their weight on top, I think it is cute. Davy had a great bod for his age. He was lovely.

        • Paula says

          Jean I meant those in the article making fun of Davys chest. I did not mean you of course. I too love Davy just the way he was.

      • jean says

        tess and diane what day are you guys going and what time. i would love to meet up. i thought about the 18th.

  172. Beryl says

    i think there is a facebook setting to make a group “secret”. is that the same as private? i’d be in if it were secret or private…

  173. Dianne says

    Ok, so I looked up how to create a group and it is easy. I can make it secret. But I will have to be friends with any of you that want to join in order to create it and add it. The group can be secret and only the members can see the things we post. So if you want me to make it, let me know. My email is Email me and let me know if you want me to create it and let me know your name. I am Dianne Tubbs on FB. Hope to hear from you soon!

    • Paula says

      Hi Diane I sent you an email to join the group. What is happening with tess and her offer for a group shades of Gray. I emailed her but have not heard. Hope we can all meet in one place. As of now Dianne I will wait to hear from you now. Did you get the email?

      • Tess says

        Hi Paula, Tess here. I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. Hope you got my email. Basically, I’m stepping aside and joining Dianne’s group (if I get an invite:)) and Jonesy’s group if that is pursued. I am the sole member of Shades of Gray and will keep it that way untill I see a need to do otherwise (and hopefully aren’t working so many hours so I can do justice to members ). Hey, that is really what you call a private site….me, myself and I….hope I don’t start talking to myself, lol. I set that group up to see how difficult it was to set up a group, what the steps were, what the privacy options were. I wanted to post what I learned and encourage somebody with a bit more free time to step forward. Had no one taken the lead I would have opened my group, but if/when I do I want to do a great job and make it a place members benefit from. I believe Dianne and Jonesy appear to be better suited to do that right now. Again, I’m sorry I didn’t respond sooner. I have been here, just waiting to see if anybody took over the reins so we don’t all lose touch with each other as this thread winds down<3.

  174. jonesy says

    OK, guys! I just e-mailed Dianne and told her I’m IN if she can pull this together! C’mon all you posters! Let’s move this convo over to FB before this thread disappears!

    • Paula says

      Yes Jonesy. I am waiting to hear from Diane and or Tess to find one group that works for us all. Thanks all.

  175. Love Comes Knocking says

    Hello everyone,
    I, too, have been following these posts as I have loved David from the very beginning.
    I also am privy to some information. I know that Jessica hated Beavertown, appearing to look down on the people there. She was not fond of Davy’s horses and didn’t want to ride with him around his home there.
    Some said that loud fights and screaming matches could be heard down the street.
    Davy loved Beavertown and considered it home. For the most part, she was not there but would stay in Florida. He was in the process of redoing his lovely old farmhouse and planned to spend the summer there, working on it and fixing up his church. You can take from that what you will.
    He spoke to a friend there the night before his death and wanted to know if it was ok to bring back his horses.
    NOBODY wanted him to marry this “golddigger” as she was known. The marriage was seen as a big mistake. She hooked him in with plenty of sex.
    He was strenuously warned about getting a prenup. His naive reply: “What’s that?” He was warned in no uncertain terms to get one to protect his daughters and said (was made to promise!) he would. During the Beavertown memorial, I heard, though I don’t know if it’s true, that something had been written but it was mostly verbal agreement. That was expressed by “friends” in a solemn, head shaking way.
    JP called before the memorial to make sure that the house would be off limits to everybody (no one should step foot in it) but was told in no uncertain terms that if Talia showed up,she would be given the keys as she was supposedly the beneficiary of the house. That was followed by cold silence on JP’s part.
    Don’t know about the brother but he was considered ok.
    Davy was genuinely loved by the residents. They feel, and rightly so,that things will never be the same.
    He was a nice guy who cared immensely about Beavertown.
    Though they don’t think JP physically killed him, the stress of her demands during the Monkee tour took its toll on him and they only reconciled after he quit.
    Personally, I wonder about his brother-in-law’s pharmaceutical access/knowledge as a rep and think it’s strange that David collapsed after having spent time with her family a few days earlier, even though he had been given a clean bill of health and ,interestingly enough, been told he had the heart of a young person in their prime.
    I don’t know that I would trust the accuracy of Langdon’s posts as he repeatedly said “it’s online” but couldn’t be bothered to post any links. Also keep in mind that JP, her brother, family, and/or friends could be reading this and could also infiltrate your secret group.
    I almost don’t want to say anything as I don’t want to be “gossipy” but I sense that you all truly care for Davy and were forever touched by him as a fan (as was I) I don’t feel that you are a bunch of weirdos that insist he visits them- though I feel that love does cross barriers and he can feel what’s in your hearts.
    My heart was turned against JP for things I saw on TV, what I personally saw at a concert, and written articles that seem pretty consistent with the ever increasing sadness in David’s eyes. Where there’s smoke ,there’s fire and JP definitely demanded his total admiration without seemingly giving much in return.
    Sadly, and I truly mean this, I feel certain that our Manchester Cowboy is in a safe wonderful place surrounded by pure love…but that doesn’t stop me from grieving.
    Peace All

    • jean says

      love comes knocking,you are a beautiful person. thank you for sharing your thoughts . i myself think there is something rotton in denmark but in this case it would be florida. it sounds like davy went thru some of the things i went thru but i never married him. thank god. i hope that the judge sees thru all this and does not reward her a dang thing. she doesn’t deserve anything but jail time.

        • jean says

          if he was going to move his horses back to pa. sounds like he had had it with her and that’s when things started happening.

          • Jona says

            David said in an earlier interview that he wintered his horses in Florida and drove them back up to Beavertown for the summer. Do you recall the one interview where he said he and JP had a “row” in Beavertown, she stormed out and flew back to Florida, and he then drove the horses down to Florida himself. From what I’ve read, taking the horses back to Beavertown in the Spring would be a normal thing.

      • Love Comes Knocking says

        Hi Jean,
        Thank you for your kind words. Davy was truly one of a kind and inspired deep love and loyalty from legions.
        Though I don’t think he was as angelic as some profess (who is?), there was obviously something in his character that brought joy to many.
        I do hope the truth comes out but I expect it won’t. Just another case of an aging idol besotted and conned by a grifter. :**(
        In my opinion, she killed him just as surely as if she had plunged a knife in his heart. He had a lot to look forward to and I ache for his family, neighbors and loved ones who are feeling his untimely absence so intensely.
        I live somewhat close to Beavertown and have always loved his house. I hope it stays in his family. The prevailing thinking is that JP will try to liquidate as much as she can, including his beloved animals, and, imo what she can’t grasp, she’ll hold up out of spite. I hope if indeed his cats were re-homed, they went together.
        I would also like to find definitive proof that JP was married twice before.
        She can cha cha her merry way to Ca-Ching-ville and post what I suspect was a ghost written “CYA” message to fans (too little too late) but down the line the truth awaits her as well.
        And yes her complete absence from all photo ops is suspect from such a blazing narcissist, but perhaps it’s only that she really is a nobody!
        Well, I feel funny about posting my feelings-out of deference to Davy..
        I just feel so very, very sad and need to commiserate with those who feel the same way.

  176. carrie says

    soul felt photos by annabell taken at the beavertown home


  177. says

    I’d still go for him too Jean! In a hot second, and my mind is in the gutter when it comes to Davy! I wonder if there is sex in heaven :)

  178. Jona says

    Love-Comes-Knocking, could you share with us what you saw JP do at a concert? We read many second hand accounts and hear say in different articles but no one who actually witnessed JP’s abuse has offered their account. What did you see her do?

    • Love Comes Knocking says

      Hello Jona,
      What I saw at the Ramshead concert in Annapolis, Md. was not abuse,just very revealing.
      They were not married and he mentioned earlier in the concert that he had a young girlfriend half his age and that it was “one of those on again, off again relationships, you know what I mean?”
      The place was a small venue with tables scattered around and over half way through, here comes this girl in boots, clickety clicking right down the front aisle up to the stage (in front of him) before turning left to sit at a table.
      She was very cold and sullen looking but, as I remember, immaculately made up and she didn’t even crack a hint of a smile. I was frankly flabbergasted, as the waiters were so busy trying to see to it that people would quietly came up the sides to be seated not to interrupt the concert.
      This woman was deliberately trying to draw ALL the attention to herself and upstaging Davy as he sang. I heard someone whisper that must be the girlfriend and I later saw a picture on her website with her wearing an embroidered denium outfit which matched the boots.
      My immediate impression was one of “darkness” as opposed to lightness and of a very high maintenance b**ch.
      Davy looked at her as he sang and raised his eyebrows up and down and was singing in her direction afterwards. I just noticed that she was not in any way responding to him but just sitting there looking impassive and bored!
      I witnessed that same cold, jealous (and very unflattering) expression overtake her on the Dr. Phil show during the end credits (they were seated in the audience) when he mentioned Davy’s upcoming tour dates; however, the minute he mentioned one of *her* appearances, out came the dimples and the huge smile! David, meanwhile, smiled happily and clapped with the audience when her dance troop was mentioned. Very one sided.
      I also heard a radio interview with Davy (perhaps with interviewer Jhonny Blair)where JP was present and would butt in with her comments- when she wasn’t busy *constantly* clearing her throat while Davy was speaking.
      I heard tales of her sunbathing nude at his home in Beavertown, attracting the male locals who lined the street with their trucks watching her, to Davy’s chagrin as he rushed out to cover her up.
      Perhaps people just comment on the negative observations- of which there were admittedly many.
      What I found most telling is that he actually asked trusted friends if they thought he should marry her! That speaks volumes.

      As for the horses, yes he did bring some to Beavertown. He seemed particularly interested in pursuing that in February though, which was early for him.
      I have no doubt that the marriage was headed for the skids.
      I wonder how people found out that she was married when Davy met her at the Florida panto. He said he thought she was a child as she arrived with her mother tagging along.
      JP denied knowing who he was before the first rehearsal but I highly doubt that, being she said her parents knew who he was. I’m sure they told her to google him. Perhaps that’s why her mother was even there.
      Poor Davy really stepped into it when he hooked up with her.

  179. Paula says

    Love-comes-knocking, I want to thank you for sharing so much. How generous and good of you to do so. This is exactly the news that we all needed to confirm some strange odd behavior by JP since Davy’s early death. I hope that the daughters are guarded by lawyers and can soon move on and away from the woes of JP. I do believe that Davy and JP would have divorced sooner or later if he had lived. My heart weeps for the thought of Davy’s final years being so adverse. Blessings to you LCK, you are a precious soul.

    • Love Comes Knocking says

      I would have been more than happy to have spent them with him – enjoying the beach,riding together,traveling and puttering around Beavertown, visiting his daughters, even opening up a B&B there (as I used to work at one)..sigh.

  180. katy A says

    Hi all, I was out of touch due to my 3 busy kids over the weekend. Please include me in any FB page. I’m up here in NH. Anyone from my neck of the woods? My email is My facebook name is Katy Keaveney Archambault. I trust you all so I have no issues posting this information.
    I got the courage up last night to watch the Monkees Biography that I recorded right after Davy died. It was so nice to hear his voice again. I am not sure when it was recorded, but I believe it was prior to his marriage to JP and he looked and sounded wonderful. He really seemed to go downhill after marrying her. I also have the Biography just on Davy Jones taped. I don’t think I am ready to watch that yet.

    God Bless you all!

  181. Paula says

    Katy A. I know what you mean about not being able to watch certain things about Davy as it is heartbreaking. We all have to somehow get thru this grieving process and that will take time. I have been so heartbroken over Davy’s death I feel as if something in my heart died with him. For someone I never knew that is so odd. I guess Davy touched so many hearts in his short life. Now that is a good thing.

  182. Dianne says

    Hi Katy. I sent you a friend request on FB. Once you add me as a friend, I can add you to the group. Thanks! Dianne

    • katy A says

      Hi Diane,

      I just accepted!

      Thanks so much…

      Paula, I remember saying when I heard of his death, “is this how Elvis fans felt when he died? I do find it is a strange feeling that I feel so sad over someone I do not personally know but like you said, he must have touched our lives for us to hurt this deeply.


  183. Dianne says

    I wonder how I can keep the ones that we don’t want out of our private group? Loves Come Knocking, thank you. From the bottom of my heart, I knew this was going on but can’t find anything online about her. I can find the records of her two previous marriages. They are public files at the Clerk of Court online at the Miami-Dade County records. I used to be a paralegal and usually can dig out those things. I just can’t believe he lived that kind of life with that kind of woman when there were so many of us that would have truly loved him like he should have been loved.

  184. Joan says

    Diane, if you can dig out the marriage records, what about divorce records? Was she still married to #2, when she married Davy? If so, how could they legally get married?

    • Paula says

      Just got the friend request Dianne thanks will wait to hear more for the group. Wonderful.

          • Dianne says

            Jean, you will have to request me by following my link or send me the link to your FB page.

          • Tess says

            Jean, we miss you! Dianne has established a great group….we’re waiting for you! Are ya still going to see Micky? It looks like we’ll be meeting on the 18th. Please join us!

  185. Tess says

    Jose…….oh, Jose…….are you still with us? We know you’re reading what we post here! Anyhow, I just wanted to thank Jose for bringing us all together, for giving us a place to vent while we grieve. It looks like this thread may be coming to a close as we move on to Dianne’s group and I think we should all thank Jose. I’ve loved ya (especially that sexy bald head), I’ve been very critical and upset about your journalism (the equine fund), but I definitely want to thank you for this thread. If I wasn’t so upset about your equine fund reporting I would have read your story about the Miami doctor that ran over his ex-wife’s cat (saw the headline on my email)…..hope that bastard ends up with JP! Good Lord, you bring out the most vulgar language in me !!! Thank you Jose.

    • Dianne says

      I agree with you Tess. Thank you Jose for letting us vent and write. It has been nice. And I’ve met others that are just like me and I now know that I haven’t totally lost my mind.

  186. Candice says

    There is an article on this Davy mess in The Globe May 14, 2012 issue with Kate Middleton and Princess Di on the cover.

    • carrie says

      i thin it’s an old article. did you read it on-line or in the actual paper? such an article appeared on march 12 in the globe. what happens when you call it up online is that it will show a davy story with the new globe cover to the left, but if you look at the date the story appeared, it’s march 12. that is if you looked at it online.

      • Jona says

        Carrie, the article is in the current issue of the Globe that’s on stands now-May 14, 2012. There is a small teaser about the article online but there is no real text.I tried to find the entire article online but couldn’t so I got the tabloid on the way home. It’s good that the public is being told about what a harpy JP is, showing her as her true self, but at the same time, it’s not very complimentary of David (referencing the abuse)and that hurts. I don’t want the final punctuation of his legacy to be a punch line for a spouse abuse joke. His true legacy is getting lost in all this drama.

        • carrie says

          thank you for clearing that up for me. i will try to look for the paper and have a read!

  187. Jona says

    I just saw the Globe article. It discusses what all of us already know. There’s nothing new.

    • Candice says

      Yes, I realize that but I wanted to let you know that it was in a tabloid that the public can read. Next time Davy makes the press, I’ll refrain from sharing the info.

      • Donna says

        Candice I’m confused. You said there is an article in the Globe dated May 14,2012 about Davy. This is only May 8. How is that so? Am I missing something here? How do I find it online? I’m with you Candice, at least there are some magazines that are still publishing articles about DJ. That’s a start anyway.

      • Jona says

        Candice, you took my post wrong. I was just trying to save everyone some steps from going out to get the magazine and hoping to find some new information. Thank you for your post. I picked up the Globe on the way home and I wanted to share what I found. No slight was intended.

      • carrie says

        it was kind of you to share it, my apologies for thinking it was the march 13 story.

    • Paula says

      can someone print the article from the globe on Dianne’s new site? I would love to avoid having to buy it as I am on a thin dime this time in life.

  188. Paula says

    Oh Love come knocking, S. Langdon and any others who have any first hand abuse that Davy took from JP would be greatly appreciated if you could step forward and let us or Jose know here. The truth must be told so the true fans of Davy Jones, (one of the greatest men and entertainers in the world), can have justice. Blessings and do not be shy!

  189. Donna says

    I saw the youtube video of DJ and his then wife Anita and baby Jessica in Japan in 1982. He looked very happy and young. What a difference years make. I saw a recent pic of DJ and his 2 daughters in England along with DJ’s grandson taken in a casual restaurant. The witch was there also. Everyone was smiling. DJ’s smile looked strained, the witches smile looked as fake as she always is. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall for that conversation. I’m sure the witch probably ordered for DJ…dictacting what he could and could not eat. In my opinion I think paychecko is jealous of DJ’s daughters. Especially Annabelle. Annabelle is becoming successful in the entertainment business. Thats something paychecko hasn’t been and will never be.

  190. Joan says

    I thought of scanning the page and posting it, but decided it would be plagarism (sp?)

  191. Donna says

    Carrie I just tried to go back and see the video with the link I just posted and it said its not available. Just type in: 1982 video of Davy Jones and wife Anita in Japan.

  192. monica says

    this thread has slowed down considerably :(
    I was really hoping we would generate some real information about the our David and his will/estate.

  193. Paula says

    Until Jose turns it off I think there is hope in others coming forward with first hand sitings of the abuse Davy took from JP. I do not trust her or her family. JP’s complete silence is telling. She is pissed and not going quietly. Davy could have included her in the will but probably chose not to. I am assuming she was not in the will. I hope a good judge will see that her filing for divorce would be a sign that the marriage was now broken down. I pray.

    • Jose Lambiet says

      Not turning it off, guys. Post away. I’ll check with the court files tomorrow. cheers.

    • monica says

      And Paula, I do hope eventually someone comes forward with some info. I believe its out there but I think people either dont want to get involved or they want to remain anonymous.

  194. Rayne says

    I think something smells fishy. The post office box is in TN and and nothing of the sort is being done their. I feel for the girls, but when you ask for money, it’s a business deal and they need to be upfront on every level. I had heard that Davy was worth 5 Million when he died, and I hope that evil wife and her family don’t get one cent – all of Davy’s money goes to his daughters. I think the wife is fighting for his money and the lawyers could at least speak up and clear the air. If we contribute, we have a right to know where our dollars go!

  195. Donna says

    I have been on countless sites and read numerous post. I haven’t read one post that has said anything positive about DJ and paychecko’s marriage. Not one person has said anything positive about paychecko. Everyone see’s right through her. Except for the one person that really mattered and that was DJ. What kind of “spell” did she put on that man? Did she have something on him? Is that why he looked so tired and worn out? Makes a person wonder. Her personality was to the point of obnoxious. She is just a very negative person to be around. I don’t get it. I guess I never will. I hope JP gets what she deserves and thats a big fat nothing. The daughters deserve everything from their dad. All of this stuff that JP’s doing to stall the girls from getting what is rightfully theirs will come back and hopefully bite her in her big fat ass. Karma is a bitch.

    • monica says

      Amen Paula! I really hope she knows that she has put NOTHING over on the public and I really hope she knows how lowly we all think of her…and for a narcissist like her, she hates to think that anyone doesn’t adore her. She killed the best man she’ll EVER have. Broke his heart and sucked the life out of him. I hope she feels shame and regret every day of her life…but she won’t..she’ll probably just curse him more for not leaving everything to her.

  196. Jona says

    Hello All. If you haven’t been there already, here is a link to Steve Smith’s fb page where he has posted some photos of David, many I’m sure you’ve never seen before.
    Click on the link then click on Davy Up Close. Steve is a horse trainer in Indiantown, FL, and a long time friend of David’s. He helped take care of David’s horses there. He was one of the few friends and/or family from David’s side that attended the wedding. Some of these pictures Steve posted are of David with Jezebel. Steve wanted to include her in his remembrance of David. Why, only he knows but I am grateful that he chose to share the other wonderful pictures of David and his horses. Thank you, Steve.

    • Paula says

      thanks Jona, the pic are wonderful. I wish JP was not in them as she is not someone I trust.

    • Linda says

      Those pics are really good. thank you so much jona and steve. He was such a kind and gentle man. It was such a shame that his last few years were so unhappy. R.I.P goodnoight…. god bless xxx

      Im A Believer :)

  197. Paula says

    It is just when I see pics of JP I am upset because there have been allegations of abuse. So when I see her face I cry almost.

  198. Paula says

    Seems even with the closed will, the truth is being told. JP and her silence just gave the whole ballgame away. She was probably left out of the will and is steaming mad. She should have been at some of the memorials but stayed away. Now how is that loving her husband when she did not even show up for any memorials. She made sure his remains were cremated fast and yet cannot show up for the memorials. Why? What a telling thing to not be in NYC that night. What a horrible wife to not be there. Left in or out of the will, she should have been there to honor Davy if she truly loved him. I guess once she found out there was no money left to her, she stopped loving him? I think I may be right!

  199. Paula says

    For justice for Davy and his daughters anyone who witnessed any abuse he took should be bold and share their story here. It is important to have these abuse stories out in the open so Davy can have his justice. Please do not be shy, tell the truth and the truth will set you free. Do it for Davy. Be bold we need the truth. Davy’s daughters should be the heirs to his estate not JP.

  200. Judy says

    Hi everyone ~ have been reading through the posts and it’s comforting to know that so many feel as I do. I have been heartsick over David’s passing and I just can’t stop thinking about him. Have been watching so much youtube of him and the Monkees. Also have bought a lot of DVD’s. And my 3 little grandson’s just love the Monkees TV show episodes on DVD. And I’ve been reading everything I can find on the internet. It’s just so SAD! I met him during the 20th anniversary concerts in 1986, I’ll never forget it… so kind and what a smile! He was posing for pictures and signing autographs. I had him sign an album and he said to me – a fella could get lost in those green eyes & my husband was standing next to me and said I do :-) David winked and said… I believe it mate! He was so down to earth, so friendly, so charming and seemed to be such a fun loving personable person. I have watched The Dr. Phil espisode w/David & JP and thought to myself… how rude, petty and immature she was! It was all about what “she” wanted, she even tried to overtalk Dr. Phil! She treated/degraded David like he was a little child. I then watched them on The Newlywed Game but cringed through the whole thing, and I was appalled and thoroughly disgusted how she hit him over the head with her card and he ducked. I can’t fathom anyone who loves & respects their spouse doing that little alone resorting to that on national tv no less. I felt so sorry for David. I know firsthand what stress/abuse whether it be physical, mental, or emotional can do to a body and that in addition to the hardening of the arteries was sadly a deadly combination. I, too am stunned that a Doctor wouldn’t of checked him out further. A couple of years ago my husband came in the house after mowing and was dizzy, not breathing right, having chest pains & said I need to sit down. I didn’t take a wait and see stance… I called 911. That same day he was taken by ambulance to larger hospital and had a heart cath done. Thankfully that turned out ok, but it was determined that he was suffering from hypertension and we didn’t know it, that’s why it’s called the silent killer. They said it was a good thing I didn’t agree with him by just letting him sit down to see what happens, he’s on meds, checks his bp daily, has regular checkups and is doing fine. I just can’t believe they’d send a man David’s age home without further testing, and that a wife wouldn’t be first and foremost getting the ball rolling so to speak medically a.s.a.p. As for the physical abuse, especially of men… there’s a shame stigma attached to it. A male relative has been through this and said that he never spoke up for fear of ridicule and not being believed. So the stigma is there. We as family figured it out and intervened on his behalf. To make a long story short… with counseling, family support and involving the law got out, moved on and is now remarried to a sweetheart and has 3 children. I really feel David was lonely and might of thought it was worth putting up with rather than be alone, because my relative said he felt that way too… because the abuser tells you you’re nothing without them, nobody else would want you and that you’re a pathetic loser of a man. Perhaps & I highly think she probably did the same thing to David. It angers and sickens me to think that such a kind, down to earth, friendly, caring man had to endure such wrath, contempt, manipulations, disrespect, stress, and even fear by the hand of that Harlot! I truly hope and pray she receives nothing because she certainly doesn’t deserve 1 red cent! She had her 15 minutes of fame, let her now fade off and go away into oblivion as far as I’m concerned. I wish the best for David’s daughters and hope they get it all! There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think of David, I feel like a part of me and my youth died the day he did. Sort of like an sense of youthful innocence has been lost and that the world is a much lesser place without David Jones in it. Appreciate all of your posts, they have made me feel a bit better. I certainly would luv to join the fb page, then maybe I wouldn’t feel so alone in my grief.

    • fan says

      Being in the healthcare profession “magic words” to be admitted to any hospital are chest pain. They have to do lab tests – which are a series of 3 normally. They would have also did an EKG. If those things would have been positive a nuclear stress test would have been scheduled. It appears to me that he would have been admited to the hospital. There are certain protocols that would have been followed. I am not convinced that he went to the hospital.

  201. Joan says

    So, Jose, what did you learn or not learn at the courthouse. Amen, Judy, I feel the same way you do. Instead of sending him home, why didn’t the hospital admit him at least for observation overnight? Where was JP in all this. If this happened to someone I knew, I would have insisted they admit him overnight. Better safe than sorry…maybe she really was on a cruise?

  202. Joan says

    Back in 2008. I was having a stroke. My neighbors wouldn’t let me be. I felt like I was talking like a robot…I asked my son and ex if I sounded funny. They both said no (and my son’s friend). I went outside and asked a neighbor and she said definitely and asked if I wanted to call for help. I said yes…my neighbor immediately dialed 9-1-1. My son ran in the house to get our church directory : ). I definitely had a stroke. They admitted me and kept me there for several days. Wouldn’t let me go until they felt it was safe to do so. The had placed a stent in my head. Went home…had more strokes and seizures (because of the stroke, I am now epileptic)… kept having seizures. Returned to hospital, they transferred me, put me on coumadin (sp). Kept me there for ten days…getting sicker each day until I refused to eat…then they sent me home. A few weeks later I was back in the hospital for a brain by-pass surgery…No problems since then.

    • Judy says

      Wow… very scary, so glad the brain by-pass surgery worked for you Joan and that you are no longer having problems!

  203. Donna says

    Judy I feel the same as you. I feel like a part of my childhood has died. Most of us were young girls when the Monkees shows aired. They were our first crush. My eyes and heart were locked on Davy (of course). We have all grown up, married had kids and gone on with our lives. We have all followed the Monkees throughout the years and thought not much more about it. Then one day you hear on the radio, see on tv or read in the newspaper that DAVY JONES has DIED!! — I was at work and my sister called me with the news. At first I couldn’t and didn’t want to believe it. I ignored what she had said and went on working. I couldn’t stand it after about 10 minutes and so I pulled it up on the internet. There it was plain as day. It seemed like I was a little girl again. I think that is one of the reasons we are taking Davy’s death so hard. It’s like everyone has said… he was a big part of our youth. I watched the biography on DJ yesterday. He seemed like such a nice person. He was also very easy on the eyes!! Simply gorgeous!!! I think that is also what makes it so hard.. that he was such a down to earth person and was taken away from us so soon. Also it is so sad seeing pictures and interviews of him in the last few years. He had aged so much and seemed so unhappy and stressed. I’m sure friends and family wish they could turn back the clock and yanked him away from that witch he was married to. From the sounds of it he (DJ) was in the process of making his move to get away from her. I too cannot believe she didn’t encourage him to see another doctor. I guess she was too busy spending his money and shaking her “flamingo” ass to care. But back to Davy.. I have along with so many others have been somewhat obsessed with every bit of info I can find. Every day that passes it gets easier or so I thought. At the end of his biography that I was really enjoying was an update… Davy Jones died on Feb. 29, 2012. That sent me back to that phone call with my sister. I keep listening to Monkees songs. He had such a gentle voice.d RIP David Jones. We all will love you forever.

    • Judy says

      Donna ~ I find it shocking how much David aged the last couple of years too. Before his marriage to JP he really seemed well and rather chipper. Also I find it so odd that she didn’t attend the NY memorial or the memorial at Samantha’s (Micky’s first wife)home. I know if it would of been me, I would of attended out of respect/love and to be of support to the daughters. I really think David’s daughters just tolerated JP for their Dad’s sake. I watched his bio too, but I had to turn it off when the update came on at the end of the program. The sadness continues to linger…

  204. KDB says

    I have been following all of your comments for awhile. It is comforting to know that many are grieving in the same way I am. At first I couldn’t understand all these feelings, but Donna expressed it well when she said that he was a big part of our youth . . . so true! I think, from what I understand, that David was a very high-energy, high-strung individual. He put a lot of stress on himself by trying to please everyone. He had an insecure side to him and I think Jessica used that to get what she wanted from him. All in all, I believe it was the stressful environment in which he lived that contributed to his untimely death. He had aged a lot in recent years. It sounded as if he was the peacekeeper between his daughters and
    Jessica P. She was not mentioned at the memorials which I find somewhat odd! I take comfort in the fact that he was with his horses, doing what he loved most in this world, when he passed. God must have been watching over him. I continue to miss him on a daily basis (feelings which are hard for me to understand). Nevertheless, he will always be a big part of me, my youth, and my life.

  205. KDB says

    I forgot to mention that I will be seeing Micky Dolenz in Costa Mesa in July for the “Happy Together Tour.” I’ll be curious to see if he mentions his dear friend that night.

  206. Bonne says

    David appeared to be vital and healthy (not to mention so “happy”) prior to his relationship/marriage to JP.

    But, you could see the “toll” this marriage was taking on him, especially in last few years. Just Heart-Breaking.

    The sparkle was gone from his eyes. He looked so tired. His smile seemed “forced.” That was evident in so many of the pictures and interviews I saw of him and JP together.

    I always try to be neutral and see “both sides” to any given situation. But honestly, it is really hard to give JP the “benefit of the doubt” here.

    No, I don’t know her personally. But that isn’t necessary. Her actions have spoken volumes as to “who” she is, what she values, and what her possible agenda(s) are. It is hard to have respect for someone who has shown so little moral fiber, character, and integrity.

    Regarding David’s health: He was reportedly a “vegetarian” and “very active and fit for a man of his age. I’m 55 and from what I have heard, he could run circles around me. If anything, just tending to his beautiful horses was indeed, quite a physical “work-out” and labor of love.

    Many things can contribute to “atherosclerosis.” That can include/but is not limited to: A high-fat diet, sedentary life style, hypertension/diabetes, heredity predisposition, etc. (My background is in Pathology).

    I don’t know David’s medial history. But I do know “Stress” (especially ongoing, “relentless stress”) can and does directly contribut to this condition. And atherosclerosis, if undiagnosed or left untreated, can lead to cardiac complications.

    I can’t help but have a very strong feeling that David may have been subjected to a lot of undo stress (espcially if the “abuse” allegations are accurate).

    I’m not pleased with that one bit. Nor the medical care he reportedly received prior to his heart attack. And where was JP? How about her involvement in his health care?

    I know I would have “insisted” David have further “work-up” studies performed. And, I wouldn’t have taken “NO” for an answer…not from the physicians or even from dear David.

    When you care about someone, you do what is “Best/Right” for them…not what is “easy or convienent” for you. David deserved so much better.

  207. paula says

    JP’s witnessed abuse of Davy I am sure added to his ill health and sudden death. I cannot understand too why JP did not show up at any of the memorials. I am thinking she was not on good terms with the 3 remaining Monkee’s and had burned all her bridges with them for reasons we might never know other than her silly flamenco dancing. She probably had to give up properties that Davy owned to the daughters, and if that is true is not a happy camper. Silence is all telling that something is going on with that gal.

    • Judy says

      No Monica … I haven’t seen this article. Thanks for link. Wow, feeling so many emotions after reading this! Sadness first and foremost, and then total disgust towards JP. Really wish the daughters intervention would of happened. Sigh…

  208. KDB says

    I would venture to guess that the stated “business reasons” behind the cancellation of the 45th Reunion Tour were related to Jessica’s insistance to perform on stage with Davy, if not THE REASON why it was cancelled! Davy, being the nice, loyal guy he was, would of course support his wife’s desire to be in the limelight. . . even if it meant throwing in her Flamenco dancing with his song “Amore” which was never in the set list before Jesisica came onto the scene! I don’t imagine her presence on stage went over well with Micky and Peter. . . and she probably threw her two cents in one too many times! Yes, his relationship with Jessica was the beginning of the end. . . so sad.

  209. Beryl says

    not that i can stomach her, but if you check out jp’s facebook page it is unbelievable. she is so self centered and all about herself it is sickening. look how many times she changed her profile picture and plugged the horrific train wreck that was them on the dr phil show. pathetic.

  210. Judy says

    David’s daughters have graciously thanked the fans for all of their love and support since their father’s passing. The same can’t be said about JP… what a narcissist.

    I agree KDB, her dancing had no place in the Monkees concerts. She should of just sat in the audience enjoying the show, beaming with pride for her husband.

  211. Donna says

    From what I have read…. The Monkees tour was cancelled because of money issues. (Slow paying). I’m sure JP played a part in the cancellation. Mickey and Peter didn’t want her on stage because they said it was like a circus. I agree. The first time I watched the video of her prancing around I was like “what in the hell was that”? I had to watch it again. If I had been in the audience I would have been very annoyed. People didn’t pay to see her hopping around with a plastered smile on her face. They came to see Davy, Mickey and Peter! The one that really got me was of her and Davy dancing around together in a “circle” with her ponytail flopping back and forth. How juvenile. She had I LOVE ME written all over her face. I believe she was jealous of Davy’s success. She is a wannabe. But never will be! That chaps her ass and always will. When she doesn’t have that fake smile on her face, she has a look of disgust. I guess thats what Davy had to live with. Smile for the cameras and behind the scenes WHACK!! How sad. I haven’t read anything positive about her. I’m sure there are some articles that speak positive of her but I haven’t found any. When you have 9 out of 10 people speaking and thinking the same negative thoughts about her, that should tell JP something. Mickey was in concert at EPCOT this past weekend and was mocking JP on the flamengo thing. That should tell everyone something. I don’t believe she was liked by anyone close to Davy. I believe they tolerated her because of Davy. In my mind as in others, JP was the death of Davy. I just wish the truth would come out sooner than later.

    • Kiki says

      OMG! Seriously—Micky was mocking the flamenco thing??? Can you give more details???

      Okay-I just read this and I know you guys understand. I believe what you said…I just can’t believe this whole effing nightmare-that is why I said “seriously???” OMG OMG OMG is all I seem to say these days. Thanks for letting us know.

      That is so cool you saw the show :):):). Having him is a link to Davy, you know?


      • Kiki says

        PS: Am I the only one that wants to now call it phlegmenco? I used to like it but now it has horrible connatations (SP?)…so again I say sigh.

  212. Jona says

    Donna wrote:
    “Mickey was in concert at EPCOT this past weekend and was mocking JP on the flamenco thing. That should tell everyone something. I don’t believe she was liked by anyone close to Davy…”

    Hi Donna, I went through about 4 of the videos posted on Youtube for Mickey’s Epcot show but I couldn’t find anything with Mickey mocking JP’s dancing. Where in the performance does he make the slight? Thanks.

    • Donna says

      Jona I don’t think its on youtube (yet). Some ladies I know went to the concerts this past weekend and told me what Mickey had done. They got a real kick out of it. I’m assuming that was his way of mocking JP. I don’t think there was much love lost between the two of them.

      • carrie says

        do tell, what did mickey do? was he doing it as a tip of the hat to davy in a sort of amore way or was it indeed to jp? if he stuck his butt out really far and danced with the expression of a dear in the headlights, it would for certain be a jp jab.

  213. Donna says

    Carrie from what I heard Mickey’s sister Coco is touring with him. I believe she always has. I think she is a backup singer. He looked at his sister and put his arms up in the air, jumped around and did the clicking thing with his hands and laughed. I guess that was his mocking of JP.

  214. paula says

    Any news on the court papers? I think we can all guess JP was left out of Davy’s will. She would have been visible if she had been in the will instead pure silence and no sighting. I wish a tabloid could get some pics of her and her freeloading brother!

    • KDB says

      I’m with you! What’s up with her? Is she in seclusion or out of the country?

      It seems that David’s daughters are the ones promoting the Davy Jones Equine Memorial Fund. You’d think she’d be promoting it as well. But then again, she seemed to be in the relationship solely for the press associated with David’s fame. At least that’s the way it appears. . . or could she be observing the appropriate “grieving period?”

      I bet her attorney advised her to lay-low until the legal matters are ironed out. But she was only legally married to him for 2 years 6 months and that shouldn’t entitle her to much of his
      estate . . . let’s hope!

  215. monica says

    check out The Monkees Collectible page on FB, they have some very interesting,and not very PC comments about paycheco, with a tabloid link…

    • Jona says

      Are you talking about the comments in the actual tabloid article because I couldn’t find any other mention of JP on TMCP. Am I not looking in the right place?

      • monica says

        Jona, when you go to the fb page, the monkees collectibles, scroll down and youll see the mag pic, then right underneath that there are comments. quite a few. hope that helps :)

  216. i'm a believer says

    May 23, 2012
    Ode To Davy Jones.
    Let me first say that I simply love Davy Jones. I loved the Monkees show and still do, but I was in love with Davy Jones. Before I go on my rant, I had to get that out. That man was simply gorgeous – I still can’t stop looking at him. He was mesmerizing, with an infectious smile, deep eyes and seductive lips. I, like many others I’ve read about, had the deepest of fantasies about this man – and I don’t care what his height was. Height is not the measure of a man and never will be. I know jerks 6 feet tall.
    Having said that, let me next say that the Monkees were pioneers. They had the first music videos ever!! Second, they did it via being a made for tv group and sold over 65 million records, numerous top hits, without even trying. That’s how good they were. And although they were made fun of by many for not being a “real” band, they outsold tons who were.
    What they were was a singing group, that eventually became their own band – and that’s ok. Not unlike many other singing groups of their time, who did not play background music. Instead, they were supported musically by generic back up bands like “Candy Store Prophets”, “Sundownes”, and “The Wrecking Crew” – who by the way, did the same for such groups as the Mamas and the Papas, The Byrds, The Association and Jan & Dean, to name a few. I give the Monkees credit for trying to eventually play their own instruments and pen their own music.
    I have to say that I have been feeling sick to my stomach since Davy Jones died. I have cried and cried, I spend all my time on youtube viewing videos, watching everything I can and looking at every interview. I look at every website I can just to get a glimpse of the past and present. I play “I’m a Believer” and still am mesmerized at Davy playing that tambourine and those dance moves!!! OMG! He was on beat and had plenty of rhythm! He has the face of an angel – a young man with nothing but love and dreams and hope in his heart.
    “Daydream Believer” takes me back to my childhood when I saw him for the first time in that red shirt with the chain. He seemed older and sexier. The minute he did that dance with the finger snapping I was in love. I would have married him and had as many children as he wanted without question. I fall in love all over again each time I see that. When he sings, “you once thought of me, as a white knight on a steed.” Well, that says it all. I always did think of you like that, Davy. That voice was to die for – manly, distinct, accented, yet gentle.
    Listen to “Look out, here comes tomorrow.” Look at Davy’s face. He sings it with such emotion and conviction it almost seems painful for him to sing. He whispers, “Mary, I love you. Sandra, I love you.” Each time I hear that, I imagine it’s me. Yet, each time I see this video, although I love the song, something in my heart hurts for him and I don’t know why.
    Fast forward to 1969 and he is on the Music Scene show, looking gorgeous as ever. I can’t tell you the name of the song he sang cause I don’t know. All I remember is him in that red suit looking soooo fine, smiling, and doing what he loved, entertaining.
    I have seen the biographies, over and over. Davy was 66 – young by many standards, too young to die. Average age for some. He was a vegetarian. In good health. Heart was fine. Yet I remain saddened and can’t seem to get over this. A piece of me feels lost and lonely. A piece of me feels cheated and sad. My heart is heavy. I have to fight back the tears. The sun sets with his heart in it’s hands.
    The show began in Sept 1966 and ended Feb 1968 – 17 months or around 1.5 years. Before that they rehearsed and got ready for about 6 months. So that was 2 years for them, and 17 months for the viewers. I wasn’t even born when the show started. By the time I knew who Davy Jones was he was pushing 35. I had no idea the love of my life on the tv screen was now a grown man with 2 kids and a wife. I was stuck on the beautiful vision of a 20 year old.
    So here I am, and here we are, strangers, connected spiritually by the loss of a great entertainer.
    And I am obsessed with him. And I can’t stop crying. And I don’t know why.
    Why do I and so many other people feel the same way?

    His mother passed when he was around 13. According to Mickey Dolenz his dad passed during the run of the show.

    In his biography, he came to New York and by 16 had his own apartment on the lower East side, working on Broadway and earning a Tony nomination. He was signed on by Screen Gems in his mid teens I believe, so I guess working between London and Broadway he eventually ended up in L.A. to do The Monkees. Fact is, he was about 19 when the show started. That means for the most part, he was a young man without guidance for almost all of his young adulthood.

    I have yet to read that his father joined him, guided him, although I’m sure they stayed in touch. So by 20 or 21 he was without both parents. A sick mom to begin with, she had been done with his care perhaps for years prior to his age of 13. So if one were to count, say age 10 or 11, he might have been without the nurturing of a mother since then and helping support the family with his acting work on Coronation Street(a British soap opera)even younger.

    My point is that he seemed to be without the nurturing of a mother from at least 10, and 13 without a dad. Let the building be made on a bed of sand.

    This young man, travelling with a stage show, then under contract from Screen Gems, earned a handsome wage at that time, but was alone.

    I have 3 sons. They need guidance. They needed a father and a father’s guidance from the time they were about 12. Not just to keep them in line, but to teach them how to become men. And I don’t mean the lifting of boulders or how to knock out another dude. No, I mean the do’s and don’ts of manhood. How to get along with women. The art of being good to yourself and taking care of yourself. Proper behavior. Self esteem. Pride. Respect. Responsibility. Which brings me to the Monkees’ movie, Head, and the track called “Daddy’s Song,” sung by Davy Jones. It is an ominous song of “father abandonment” that seems to be the harbinger of sorrow in Davy’s life.

    Please don’t misconstrue any of this as a judgement or negative on Davy. I wish I could have helped him.

    As I try to piece together what could have happened and how Davy could have ended up this way, I am dumbfounded and confused. The man I see now is not the Davy Jones I fell in love with. At least it doesn’t appear to be. Living alone, in a small, unknown town, to himself, ripe for exploitation. What happened?

    So let’s go back to 1968…….

    Monkees TV show, Feb 1968 – cancelled.
    October 1968 – Davy’s first daughter born. Less 9 months. I guess she got pregnant right after or just as the show got cancelled. Is that part of the reason it was cancelled? The star is married and with child. Show’s done. Davy’s 23.
    Rule: Don’t lose focus! Davy lost focus and he was the star of the show. He was the show. The studio worked hard at keeping him look like a baby-face. Your father will tell you what to do and what not to do. Play, but don’t pay. Don’t screw up your livelihood for fun and frolicking. These are short term relationships – don’t turn them into long term relationships. Yeah, yeah, they say the show was cancelled because of creative differences, etc. but the timing is awfully suspect. People were a lot politer back then and might not have wanted to tell him that it was a bad move. No, it’s not the norm today, but today’s a different world.

    Unfortunately, he got himself into a long term relationship when he wasn’t mature enough to handle it emotionally, financially, or career wise! He married the first wife but states himself that he wasn’t there in the relationship for her or the kids emotionally.

    He has another child in 1971. He states in interviews and his youtube bio that he wasn’t paid well and they moved because he had bad business dealings and the money ran out when the show ended. And so did she eventually.

    Fortunately he did gigs and tours and shows and such, but according to Davy and in several interviews makes mention of money issues. This problem lasted, apparently until his passing.

    In his interview he said he didn’t want to sell himself in order to get work and that people knew who he was. His first wife said that he was angry because there were a lot of bad business deals and at the show end he was virtually broke – so broke so that they had to move to northern California or whereabouts. She said he didn’t like L.A. and trusted no one. In my humble opinion, he should have packed up and returned to New York. Broadway. Home.

    He eventually returned to the UK, apparently with Mickey Dolenz and they both had their 2nd families in the U.K., while Davy continued to do gigs in Japan and around the world. He then states in another interview that he married his second wife because she became pregnant – he had a daughter in 1981 and another in 1988. I applaud him for stepping up to the plate, though. But guidance may have taught him that he simply wasn’t ready to take on more responsibility – it can lead to resentment, despair, lack of interest, and a feeling of being overwhelmed, which can then lead to the action of neglect – mainly because people shut down and don’t know what to do, or simply can’t deal. It’s too much for them, they don’t know where to turn. They don’t have good solutions. This too unfortunately ended because he again, (according to him) was largely absent in the marriage.

    He stated that during his second marriage, he didn’t cheat, but he wasn’t there. He didn’t do the school plays and such. He was not cheating, but he was doing things he liked, living his life – raising and racing horses, getting on as he wanted to. Together or apart, either way , he admitted that he was not supportive.

    Eventually he returned to the U.S. and settled in a small town in Pennsylvania where he bought a house and raised horses. In his words, nothing close to the worth as David Cassidy’s, but horses nonetheless.

    At 43 he had his youngest daughter, Annabelle. Tack on 18 years of child support, your’re looking at 61. Not to mention 2 wives and 3 other daughters to support already.

    So whats my take on the whole sordid affair? I think my lovely, handsome Davy was a kid and really didn’t grow up. I say that with the utmost love in my heart. He will always be that smiling young sweet kid on the show. But the truth is, he didn’t grow up perhaps like he should have. Back to the song, Daddy’s Song. You learn what to do and what not to do. You are guided and taught. And parents hold your hand for awhile, at least until 18. And when they stop holding your hand, they stay by your side in spirit and cushion you when you fall. No longer do they tuck you in bed at night, but prepare a soft place for you to land, just in case. They teach you the pitfalls of life, and right and wrong. Oh, and most importantly, they teach you about life – just like the song says, “We used to walk beside the sea, And he’d tell how my life would be, When I grew up to be a man.”

    I don’t think Davy was prepared for life in the way that most people are. Do you remember childhood believing everything was good and ok, not knowing the treachery, spite, evil, backstabbing ways of the world?
    Then you get married, and have children, and heartache, and headache, and financial issues, and everything you were told really starts to happen. Your view of the world becomes tainted by the world itself but you learn to run with the pack gradually. Baby steps: small bank account, then one credit card, a job after school, college, etc. That’s “par for the course” for many. But I don’t think so for Davy. He seemed devastated and lost and crumbled when life hit him with what many of us might have taken in a much lighter way. It seemed to knock him down…

    I look at the pictures after 1969. He is worn and stressed out looking. His spark is gone. I could cry because his smile is there for the camera but it is empty and hurting. I know that look of despair and unhappiness well – I was once like that too.

    I didn’t understand why my life was the way it was. I thought there was just cruel people out there that weren’t looking out for me and who could have been nicer, more honest, not taken advantage of ignorance, and selfless – like me. It took me much to time to realize the cruel realities of the world and that you have to look out for yourself before others, selfish as it may seem or be. When I hear stories of Davy’s generosity, love, caring, kindness to strangers, willingness to help his fellow man, I think of my naive days of youth.

    I don’t think Davy had the knowledge and understanding. Sure he could sing and dance and act and even make above average money for a person his age. But he couldn’t function in society without severe personal damage to himself. He made poor long term mistakes that were career crippling, and trusted the untrustable. That is the mental state of a child in a grown man’s body. Was it his fault? By no means! This poor kid was on his own. And I say kid because even though he was grown in age, he was young in mind. See, the entire time he was allowed to be a kid – he was taken care of – all he had to do was sing and dance and act and the sun would shine – that’s what made his soooo dammmnnn good! He as wacky, and smiling, and playful, and funny, because his life force hadn’t been sucked out of him yet!!! And he had not an attachment in the world, except for gifts to the family in Manchester, and as Davy put it, “beer and women.” So here we are, 21, teen heartthrob, contract with Screen Gems, $450 a week (pales to todays’s standards but pretty good back then), received $250,000 royalty check in 1967, had a clothing store in NYC, and the love of every young teenage girls’ heart. Who could ask for more? On top of the world.

    But as in his life, just as in mine, and I’m sure many others out there, when you are ILL EQUIPPED to deal with the pitfalls in life, you stumble when they come. And they always come at the most inopportune time.

    Did someone, anyone guide Davy into saving his money? Did anyone teach him good money skills? He was a kid probably blowing his money away, thinking that the contract would last forever and the money would never end.

    Again, you get that from your parents. I had a jr. bank account at around 10 just to learn about money. I remember being dirt poor but my mother managed to put $1.25 in each account on paydays. But no one held this boy’s hand. He did it alone. He even helped his family. I’m sure they relied on him. And it’s always great until you hit the brick wall. Especially when it comes to having responsibility and managing money. Wife and kids? Child support? Alimony? You aren’t ready for that to begin with! You keep doing the same thing? Not there with the family? Not enough money? It’s written all over his face. Look at his pictures from 1970 on.

    Your dad teaches you how to deal with women, the responsibilities of a wife, child, family, and so on. Your mom teaches you how women are. That is your first interaction and training with the opposite sex. Your dad teaches you what to say, what gets on a woman’s nerves, how to maneuver, get along, you name it. He did not have that. Your father tells you that you are on a career path so play around but don’t settle down until you are financially and mentally capable of supporting a wife and children. A dad teaches you to understand who you are, what your characteristics are – who you are compatible with. A father tells you the truth about “the way men are,” “man code,” call it what you want – you get the point. That it’s not a beautiful world out there full of sunshine and roses. He kills your dream in the safety and security of home before anyone else can to snap you back into reality! And he is the resource who is by your side when you need to make a decision. How many grown men have I seen that still do things and make decisions by talking with their dad first? Many! Cause you never stop growing and learning.

    Did anyone teach Davy that it’s a cruel world and because of his stature he will get picked on and what to do? In his biography my jaw dropped when his daughter remarked about his “self-deprecating humor.” She figured he would do it before anyone else. He admits his “inferiority complex” that he struggled with his entire life. What??????? Who knew? This man is gorgeous and had the world at his feet. But it means nothing if you don’t know it.

    I think that Davy Jones grew up on the outside but was ill – equipped to deal with the realities and responsibilities of the world. And yes, it’s a tough place to live in. He was probably not healthy financially which perhaps lay at the core of the problem, (it usually is the root), coupled with poor life skills made him unable to make things his way or “right” when he needed them to be. He seemed to be unable to make good life decisions or fix the existing ones. And we all know that putting one bad decision on top of another just makes it worse, although it doesn’t appear that way at the start.

    The Monkees show being cancelled and his cancelled contract with Screen Gems was a devestation to him because he wasn’t prepared. But he didn’t have to be. He was a kid making great money at the time that he might possibly have been able to sock away for a rainy day. But he was taking on too much without knowing first who he was and what he wanted to do in life. And he was broke after having made all that money. And it showed because in the end he wasn’t much of a father or husband (in his own words), which simply means that it wasn’t a good choice for him at the time. With the right guidance, maybe he wouldn’t have done it again, and again.

    He seemed distant from family most recently. In his final days, seeking to avoid loneliness, became vulnerable, clinging to the arms of a stranger who cared nothing for him. That’s not a typo. This woman could care less about him. However poor, it was his decision to make, playing the cards from the hand in which he was dealt.

    He became an introverted person, a far cry from the happy youth of yesterday with stars in his eyes and beautiful smile. He seemed outwardly bitter, frustrated and resentful at time, apparently trusting few and seemingly unable to manage his money or personal life well. Hell, that would make anyone crawl to a no name town and live out their days in an affordable place, in peace and quiet, without having to deal with the outside world. Why? Because as his sister put it, he doesn’t have to run around doing things for people and pleasing people anymore. He could not deal with the outside world well. It was no fun. People were heartless, cruel, untrustworthy, and uncaring. It’s a world in which we all deal with on a daily basis, but one he might have found very difficult. He’s by no means the first and won’t be the last.

    In the end, one could only hope that he had the good sense to leave all to this children, and not to the golddigger, and not have them run through the mud fighting what is rightfully theirs.

    So there you have it. My little dose of self-inflicted therapy. My heart is still heavy, I am full of sorrow, and probably will cry again tonite and watch more videos. I know this feeling will eventually pass, as it will for the rest of you that feel as I do. I hope this lends some sort of comfort and understanding – it’s a small perspective, right or wrong, but it’s my take on the matter. Nothing will bring him back. And even if I could, I wasn’t even born in his heyday – it was out of my hands out the gate (pun intended, ride those horses in heaven, Davy!).

    What we need to remember is his smile, charm, and what he gave the world – himself. And truth be told, I would have loved to share the sack with him – one could only imagine laying next to that. Whew! Sleepy Jean would not want to wake up!! But he had to age, he had to grow up and he did. He was 66! The show ended 45 years ago. That’s a long time. Re-runs and youtube keep him young hot and sexy. And that’s nice, but that’s not reality. I had to remind myself that what I see on the screen was a moment in time – a moment in the time of a young man’s life, and a very small moment, compared to the amazingly huge life he led.

    Davy Jones was much much more than 17 months and what? 56 episodes of the Monkees. He was a Tony nominated Broadway actor. He was a television child and adult actor. He was a fabulous singer. He was a dancer, entertainer, showman, and later in life, one hell of a funny guy. But he had the same struggles and challenges we all have. He just did it in the public eye for the world to see.

    I keep looking for Davy Jones from the Monkees, wishing that hot young man was still around. I guess I’m still that little girl watching the show 10 years later not knowing it’s a re-run. No dear, it’s just film, not the flesh and blood man.

    He has moved on and so should I.
    He will always be in my heart and my first love.

    Good night white knight.


    Years ago I knew a man
    He was my mother’s biggest fan
    We used to walk beside the sea
    And he’d tell how my life would be
    When I grew up to be a man
    Years ago we used to play
    He used to laugh when I ran away
    But when I fell and hurt my knee
    He used to come and comfort me
    And the pain would go away
    Years ago I knew a boy
    He was his daddy’s pride and joy
    But when the daddy went away
    It was such a rainy day
    That he brought out all his toys
    Now the momma did explain
    Trying to take away the pain
    He just couldn’t understand
    That his father was not a man
    And it all was just a game
    Years have passed and so have I
    Making it hard to cry
    And if and when I have a son
    Let it all be said and done
    Let all that sadness pass him by”

    Movie: Head
    Performed by: Mr. David Thomas Jones

    • katy A says

      OMG, I’m a Believer, it’s like we share a heart! I too, was born after the Monkees were off the air (1971)but it didn’t matter. I remember watching the re runs back in the late 70’s/80’s every afternoon after school. I loved them all for different reasons, but Davey was something special. I remember my older brother bringing me over to a neigbor’s house, a music buff who had records from various artists. He gave me his Monkees Greatest Hits Album because he no longer wanted it. I remember holding the album and thinking, “wow, the Monkees touched this album and now it’s mine.” Again, I was a little kid and didn’t understand the album was mass produced or that the group had long broken up. The innocence of childhood! I emailed the same older brother the other day, letting him in on my little secret that I was distraught over the death of Davy Jones and saying I really didn’t understand why the death of a stranger was hitting me so hard. His short response to me was “Every time I hear the song I wanna be Free, I think of you.” That made me feel good because he validated to me that I did indeed love this man and this group when I was very young and it’s not me now just glorifying Davy now that he is gone.
      It sounds like I have read just about every article that you have. Davy had a very sad childhood, losing his mother at such a young age followed by the death of his father when Davy was in his early 20’s. He was on his own in NYC as a young teen, on Broadway in a strange country, all alone. I cry when I watch the You Tube Video of him performing Oliver on the Ed Sullivan Show. At the end when he rolls his hat and catches it. All I can think is, What a showman!
      I think about Davy every day. Not just for a second, but throughout the day. I just can’t get over his death. I watch videos of him and listen to the Monkees in my car. (Daydream Believer is tough for me to hear because he looks just too damn cute in that video)I too always picture him in my mind as the beautiful face of a 23 year old with the world at his fingertips forgetting that he was 66 year old man when he died (still way too young). I am not sure when this pain is going to stop or subside but I want to thank all of you for sharing your thoughts and knowledge of this wonderful, talented man. It has made me feel like I am not alone in my sadness.

      Love you Davy. I know you are singing with the angels, for you too were an angel.

  217. Bonne says

    Monica, thanks for the link. I had not seen this article in its entirety,only excerpts.

    Seems many of us are pondering the very same things I had eluded to earlier and are outlined in this article.

    David undoubtedly endured “relentless stress.” There was a price to be paid for that. Not just emotionally, but physiologically as well. Simply “too high of a price to pay” to be in a relationship, with anyone. Period.

    No doubt,that stress surely must have “broke his heart,” in more ways than one.

  218. Donna says

    Wow. I’m a believer has just put into words what I have been feeling all along. While reading what she posted my eyes were filling up with tears I have not yet cried. It is so true what she has written. I guess thats why we all love/loved Davy so much. He was so relateable (sp). To some he seemed like the boy next door that you wanted to hang out with. To others he was this sex symbol – God like creature. To me he was both! You wanted to get to know him. He “seemed” like everything you could want all wrapped up with a beautful bow. Then to be taken from us so soon. I think what is so hard, for me anyway, is the way his life ended. He was or seemed to be so sad. I’ve been trying to analyze why do I feel the way I do? It’s not like I thought about Davy everyday. I loved the Monkees as a child and I also dreamed of one day Davy would be “mine” like millions of other girls did. The dream passed. Life went on. I become an adult and the Monkees came back into my life with MTV. I dreamed again that one day I would meet him and who knows?… (Again, a dream of dreams!) Life went on. I still tried to keep up with the Monkees, most of all Davy. The Monkees came to my area last summer and a student of mine was “in love” with Davy Jones. We had a conversation about him and she gave me a cd. That fueled the Davy interest again. Then came his passing. It was like I had the wind knocked out of me. 45 years of “dreaming” of one day I might be the “one” for Davy Jones vanished forever. It’s heartbreaking. I’m not trying to sound like some nut. I’m sure their are millions of girls/women who feel the same way. It’s a childhood fantasy that I carried with me into a more “mature” stage of life. It hurts. An innocent dream (and being a little dramatic) and my youth has been taken away too soon. It breaks my heart. He died so young. It was the way he died that also makes it so hard. He was not a happy man, it’s written all over his face. It’s like I’m a believer sad… a smile for the cameras but his eyes were hollow..empty. How could this person, this icon, beautiful in everyway be taken from all of us so young? You read about Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, etc.. passing and it comes as somewhat of a surprise but not really – (drugs). With Davy it was a SHOCKER. Just your normal kind of guy. I don’t understand or maybe I don’t want to. My dreamboat is gone. My heart aches. ****Maybe I’m speaking out of turn but I believe that his fans will keep things stirred up until the truth finally comes out. We all want what is best for Davy and his legacy.

  219. i'm a believer says

    Hi katy A & Donna,
    Thanks for your comments! Well, we are in this together, along with I’m sure millions others who feel as sad as we do. Yes, our hearts are heavy feeling this loss. This is tough. I thought I was losing it mentally but the support from this site is phenomenal. So now I know I’m not alone, and not nuts! (kudos Donna) I’ve read other sites where so many others are feeling this similar pain – men and women. Davy was special.
    Yes, it’s hard to understand why we would feel the way we do for someone we only saw on t.v. and with whom we’ve never met. Interesting.
    In attempting to figure it out, I also look inward, to my natural tendency to nurture. Aside from being serious “eye candy,” you felt a connection to Davy. In light of all I heard, I just wish I could have saved him. My heart is sick finding out that he was going through all of that pain and not being able to help him. I had no idea he was being mistreated like that. I’m in New York and would have gladly drove to PA and kicked her a** personally.
    So in a way too I think there’s a lot of sadness on my part for not keeping in touch with what was going on with him, but as Donna put it, “….the dream passed. Life went on.” I feel like I neglected him. I had no idea he was lonely and in need of love and attention and that he was so damn accessible!! Who knew??? I regarded him as any other star – virtually untouchable.
    Who knew of his money troubles, personal heartbreaks and such, or that you could run into him at a pub in Beavertown, PA??!! He was such a huge star, older than me, out of reach – so I thought. I would have been there!!
    It just goes to show you the depth of humanity we all share. We’re all the same when it comes down to it. Breathing the same air, smelling the same flowers and dealing with the same crap. I feel a deep sense of regret that I didn’t make a stronger effort to attend a concert, or meet him, something like that. I know it sounds crazy, but troubles with wife #3 seemed to be a less than major issue that could have been handled with a handful of adoring female fans and a car ride to Beavertown!!! (sorry, thats my New Yawk coming out. That’s also not a typo.)
    When I think of the number of times I got on the computer, and Google’d the most useless information, I never remembered to do a search of him to see what he was up to. All this technology at my fingertips….
    Similar feelings like these, but not as strong, were felt with Andy Gibb – another major crush and mega hottie. OMG! I remember him being in the Broadway play Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat – that was a hop on the the train for me to get down there. I was young, younger than him, and still in high school with no money. And before I could get myself together, he was out of the show. Missed him on the Macy’s Thanksgiving float too. I would have loved to have met him, as I found out later (online) what an open, friendly, welcoming star he was – just like Davy. Who knew?
    I was young and living my life – trying to make it and it just seemed that things got in the way. It was always something or the other. Busy busy busy. And now those special opportunities have passed. I can’t buy a ticket to a show and watch either one of them perform. And as luck would have it, now I have the time. So be it for life.
    But wisdom has taught me that all things happen when they are ready, and for a reason. I try to stay away from the “beating myself up” thing because there’s a ying and a yang for everything. Yes, I may have missed these things which I’m now thinking of and that I have an opportunity to notice, but in reality, they were not the most pressing thing for me at that time.
    Life was moving – constantly moving and we were busy! Especially as women and especially if we had families to care for and that needed us the most. But so was theirs – in very much the same way. I’m sure they had regrets, “what-ifs” and “woulda-coulda-shouldas” too.
    So thank goodness we live in the internet age, where I can pull up “Daydream Believer” or “Here comes tomorrow”, or Davy’s favorite, “I Wanna be Free” and take him with me in my dreams.

    • KDB says

      Thank you, “I’m a believer!” I guess that I’m really not losing it! It’s so nice to have this forum for which we can air our thoughts and feelings as well as our concerns. Thank you all for your support.

    • katy A says

      I too have regrets that I did not keep up with what Davy was doing or make an extra effort to see him in concert. I know the Monkees played in Boston when I was living in Mass(I now live in NH). If anyone had asked me to go, I would have been there. No one asked, so I never saw them live. I guess I always figured they would be there. I now feel that I am drawn to see either Micky or Peter live so I don’t feel this same pain again (although it will no way be as strong). I felt a similar pain when Princess Diana died (not as deep a hurt, but I was profoundly sad). Not that I could have had an opportunity to meet her, but I wished that I had kept up with what she was doing and appreciated all her gifts when she was alive rather than “getting to know her” after her tragic death. She too seemed like she had everything life could offer, but as we all know, her life was filled with sadness. I am taking this day by day. I still cannot get over how upset I still am over Davy’s passing. It’s been 3 months and I still have pain in my heart daily. It’s interesting that he died on February 29th, a special day in itself, one that will only come every leap year. A unique day fitting for the unique and wonderful man he was.

  220. Bonne says

    I’m a believer: Your words are so eloquent and they beautifully express what ies in the the hearts of countless others, including myself. Quite touching.

    And, you are right on with your analogy regarding the challenges David surely faced in lieu of not having sufficient parental guidance.

    I can speak from experience, having lost my entire family and becoming orphaned at age 16.It does affect you-forever. One definitely needs the “guidance and direction” of their parents, not to mention, their “love and support.”

    Otherwise, you are really “ill-equipped” to meet the obstacles and challenges of the world, even “everyday life,” at times.

    It seems I learned everything “the hard way.” There just weren’t any mentors to assist me with some simple words of wisdom…let alone provide guidance, encouragement, nurturing and love.

    I believe David’s reality was probably similar, epseciallay in his youth. True, he did have siblings, thank goodness. But, there is still nothing like the love and guidance of devoted parents. Bless him for his drive,ambition,and loving nature, despite it all.

    “Donna”: No, you are not nuts. So many of us were profoundly affected by David. He was captivating. There was just something so beautiful about him. You couldn’t help but connect with his soul and find yourself “deeply in love.”

    I shared the same “dreams” as you, and countless others have. I fell madly in love with him at age 10. I definitely belived, “I would be the one”…his eventual wife.

    The love I felt for him profoundly changed my life as a child. It got me through the hard times. And, it was a “gift” that carried over into my adult life.

    I never imagined I could “feel so much love.” And yet, that was the “gift” that David gave to me. He brought out the very best in me. Loving him was a lesson in learning how to “Love to the fullest,” both in others, as well as myself.

    Sure, reality had something else in mind. By the time I met him (age 15-16), I was “too late.” He was married to his first wife Linda and had a child, Talia. And Sara Lee soon followed.

    But never mind. The “gift” he gave me, the ability to “Love deeply, completely, and unselfishly,” had taken up permanent residence in my heart.

    That gift continues to this day and will deinitely last me a lifetime. I will always be grateful. I will always “Love” David, in my own special way.

    Thanks David. You gave so much to me, and countless others. He was a “Special Gift.” No wonder all of our hearts ache so much.

  221. paula says

    I’m a believer your words hit my heart! To lose both parents before 21, Davy was for sure a sort of orphan, just as the Artful Dodger in Oliver!!! How ironic! Way too soon to be left on your own without the love of parents to ground and guide and love you, especially in show business. Such a huge shame. Davy truly never knew how much he was loved! So many adoring fans and he still seemed to have self esteem issues. Davy should have been able to rest and enjoy life and the fruits of his labor in his final years, but he made one final deadly choice…….JP I wish I could have stopped him. So many love you Davy…. I hope you know this now. You are greatly missed and greatly loved by so many. You touched so many lives, and never knew. Rest now, and sing with the angels.

  222. Judy says

    Reading through all the recent comments/posts really opened the flood gates. I totally relate & feel the same. People just can’t understand how I can feel so devastated over the loss of someone that I didn’t know. My heart literally hurts, and I think it will for some time to come. Last Thursday my best friend from Jr. High was in a car accident and passed away Saturday from her injuries – she was only 50. Her funeral was today. She was vivacious like David. Always had a smile for everyone, like David. It (life) has really been hard lately to say the least. Thanks everyone, it helps to talk/share with those who understand how I felt/feel about David because you feel the same.

  223. i'm a believer says

    Hi Everyone,
    KatyA – your words are exactly how I feel. “I guess I always figured they would be there.” Yes, yes yes! I figured I had time to get to it. I remember trying to get tickets here in NY and it was sold out and I thought, “Oh, ok. I will be sure and get tickets when they come back.” I am so upset and just can’t get over it.
    As Donna put it, “…it was a SHOCKER.” Heart attack!!? It hit me like a ton of bricks. It hurt even more when I found out he was a vegetarian and had been given a clean bill of health recently. It just didn’t seem right.
    As Bonne remarked in her post, STRESS can just about kill you sometimes worse than any other. And someone also remarked how he looked more stressful after marriage #3. I couldn’t agree more. Bonne, I am soooo sorry to hear of the losses in your life. My heartfelt prayers go out to you. That period of time must have been extremely difficult for you – it breaks my heart to hear of such suffering. You sound like a strong, well-adapted woman who has survived and exceeded in the face of adversity – I commend you and wish you all the best life has to offer. Stay strong. I am a strong believer in the power of prayer. While not “religious” (apparently Davy wasn’t either), and I don’t bash those who are, I prefer to consider myself “spiritual” instead. When I wish for good and peace in the world, all of humanity is included in my thoughts, as we are all spiritually connected if by nothing more than sharing the gift of humanity.
    I was so excited to read that you met him as a teenager! How was he? Was he as cute in person? How did he look? Oh please do tell. I would love to hear your experience!
    Who knew the Artful Dodger was an orphan? Paula, your words ring in my heart. Yes, Davy should have been able to enjoy his horses and live his life in peace and happiness in his final years. Deadly choice – yes. He must have been soooo lonely and ripe for a vulture like this person to take advantage of him. I simply cannot bring myself to watch Dr. Phil or the Newlywed game to this day. It’s simply too painful a thought. I can’t do it. I’m not ready. I am literally sick to my stomach with the thought.
    Judy, my condolences for the loss of your friend. Stay strong. I too feel so devastated and I can’t seem to help but discuss him or manage to mention him in conversation. It’s so much inside me – it’s all I think about. I just don’t want to believe that Davy didn’t know he probably could have had any woman he wanted! I don’t want to believe that he became lonely and felt unloved.
    I posed the topic to a male friend yesterday – he’s wonderful about sharing “man-code” with me. I learn so much about the opposite sex from him – and am extremely grateful for his honest opinion, willingness to share and to listen to me!!
    So, in reading the posts, I noticed most were from women. Aside from the obvious reason of falling in love with such a dreamboat, I was curious to know if he had a take on Davy Jones from a man’s perspective. His answer was quite interesting.
    He remarked that from a man’s perspective, Davy Jones went into a territory that according to men in general, should not have gone into. He said that marrying a woman half your age is off limits – it’s ok to have fun, befriend her, even spend quality time together – but not for marriage. I asked why? He said simply, “Because she’s old enough to be your daughter.” Enuf said. I completely understood. He said, “You don’t go there. What do you have to offer? As a man, you understand (or at least you should) that you cannot give a woman half your age what she is looking for in a relationship. It’s just her infatuation. Some women are intrigued by “father figure” types, or simply maturity, or whatever else for their own reasons. He explained that at 63 or 66 a man knows his limits – he’s older and supposed to be wiser – he’s already been there – done that. He has already lived the life that a woman half his age has not. She is going to want kids, a family, financial and emotional support – she is in the starting phase and you are in the ending phase. The man has the family already, has gone through the life cycles and stages already – and as he puts it, “simply doesn’t want to go there again.” He said there is absolutely no way he could ever be a husband to her in the way she would have wanted.
    Providing him with a little background on “her,” he remarked, “Well, that’s worse. Had this woman been cultured, refined, and of a better caliber, shared some common interests such a love for the arts, or horses, then the relationship may have been ok, because Davy had a lot to offer in that regard, but he still shouldn’t have married her. Marry her for what? What would be the point?”
    He said that men are aware of what lies ahead (or at least they should. Not to bash a culture, but he stated that the cultures were different. Vastly different. Her interests were money and fame and shared nothing in common with Davy whatsoever.
    I asked how this could happen. He was around 63 or 64 when he married her. He said that as men age, they are no different than us. They have questions about their bodies, because changes take place with them also. And it comes at different times, the most popular one being the “mid-life crisis.” He said that Davy might have felt that he was losing his looks and simply not as attractive as before. His confidence probably was shaken. He said that this person (I want to vomit at the thought of even saying her name) probably told him everything he wanted to hear amongst other things and he fell hook line and sinker. He fell for this woman.
    Let me just say that it was painful to hear. But I asked the question. And he gave it to me. There is not a drop of love lost for Davy in my heart – I am just trying to understand and get some semblance of a picture of what he may have been experiencing in his life recently – his state of mind.
    It’s hard to picture or even imagine Davy that way – in a desperate state – but I have to remove the vision I see on the videos and see the 66 year old man who carried a lifetime of pain and struggles. Then I cry.

    • Judy says

      Thank you i’m a believer for your condolences and for your thoughts on David!

      • i'm a believer says

        You’re welcome. And thank you, Judy and everyone else for being here at this forum, supporting one another. I am still feeling utterly sad, but the posts are helping me cope with this!

  224. Beryl says

    i’m a believer, you said so many things i agree with. a vibrant supposedly healthy person dying so suddenly is so hard to cope with. i am glad to know that i am not alone in thinking they will always be there and for feeling tremendous guilt that i wasn’t a “good enough” fan although i know in my heart i could not have loved him more. i just wish, like you, that i’d have bitten the bullet and gone to beavertown and knocked on his door. i always wanted to do that but wanted to respect his privacy and not seem like a stalker so i didn’t. who knew he kept his phone number and address published, like he wanted people to find him. breaks my heart that i couldn’t have given him more as a fan, since he gave me SO much. until we lost him, i never realized that i had anything to offer him. it always seemed to be about what he gave me. i cannot believe that he is gone. the guilt is what makes me hold on to the feeling that i can’t believe it. i don’t want it to be true. i’m still waiting for the bad joke to be over and for him to show up with that beautiful smile and make it all better. here i go again with what he can do for me.

  225. paula says

    S. Langdon do you have more info to share with us? Please do not be shy. Justice for Davy.

    • jean says

      jose have you heard anything lately? has everyone been notified that was in the will? Basil Foster????

  226. paula says

    Yes we must find out who is caring for dear Basil Foster. Davy for sure would want him taken care of.

      • i'm a believer says

        I would like to know what information is in the will that would affect future royalties, etc. Bills? Did Davy make provisions for the horses? What about his properties?
        If left up to Paychecko, I’m sure Basil and the girls would get nothing.
        My gut feeling is that whatever Paychecko has access to or rights over, will NOT be shared with Davy’s kids, sisters or anyone else. This woman is clearly a golddigger and it makes me sick to think that she led him on, having him believe she truly loved him.

  227. Joan says

    I do not believe S. Langdon is a real person. It was all really a lie or a psuedo name. At this point, I don’t care who gets what as long as the future of the horses and Basil are provided for. I don’t understand why Jose is no longer posting or let us know what, if anything he learned at the courthouse a while back….must not have found anything but, he could at least let us know he didn’t find anything.

  228. Joan says

    Oh, yeah, and his Church in Beavertown. What is the fate of that? David poured a lot of money and work into that project.

  229. paula says

    I do care that the daughters get Davy’s estate and monies as they are the ones that deserve it. They loved him and were family.

    • Judy says

      KDB ~ Tried the link you provided and this came up: The website declined to show this webpage?

      • carrie says

        can’t open that link. might you write what you found interesting? in what year did he apply?

        • KDB says

          Okay, now it won’t let me in either! Yesterday I ran across this site that has 47 pages of all the immigration documentation since David had arrived in this country in 1962 . . . copies of his application for his alien registration, his birth certificate, a copy of his passport, fingerprints and finally the “abandonment” of his application for citizenship in June of 2009. It explains that he didn’t complete the application process in a timely manner, so the app. for citizenship has been permanently denied. I think that means he needed to start the process all over again from the beginning. The term “web of deception” which is stamped on the paperwork is puzzling to me. . . unless this isn’t valid info. But the passport / alien reg. card pictures are valid and his signature on all of the paperwork looks authentic to me! I cannot explain why this site comes up “Forbidden” today when I accessed it several times within the last few days.

          What I did was sign up for “Google Alerts” sent to my email address on anything related to Davy Jones and/or The Monkees. I get the latest info on them daily sent to my email address. That’s how I located the site.

          • KDB says

            “I’m a believer” just got into the site. I wonder what the trick is to accessing it now and why some can and some of us can’t. I’m not real computer savy.

      • Judy says

        KDB ~ Retried the link and got through this time and it all was very interesting to read through, I really was quite touched to see David’s fingerprints. Thank you so much for the link!

    • Kika says

      Thank you a lot KDB. It came up for me…I touched the screen shot of his fingerprints…I still hurt so bad. 3 months. wow. Still hoping I will wake up from a lousy nightmare.

      That was kind to post this. Just seeing his fingerprints…something of him, you know? wow.

      • KDB says

        It looks as if he had a deadline to meet. Who’s to say he didn’t follow through with it and the “Web of Deception” just didn’t obtain All of the documents! I just read that at one of his recent concerts (within the last two years or so) he made mention of just becoming an U.S. citizen.

    • jonesy says

      I can’t open it either and would be interested in seeing it! I even tried typing in but keep getting a “FORBIDDEN” warning. Can you please advise what website this was so I can try to come into the site another way? Thanks! And, thanks, guys, for keeping this thread going. It really is one of the only places (next to TWYME) where I feel like I can keep up with what’s really going on!

        • KDB says

          After surfing the net, I think “Web of Deception” is the name of the website that acquired the documents. They must have just put their stamp on it.

  230. Val says

    Thx for keeping this forum open. I like the one over at That’s Why You’re My Ex also-lots of great debate and speculation threads too. It is nice to know that I am not the only one to feel overwhelmed in my grief over losing Davy and for having these terrible vibes about his final years with Paychecko.

    Sad but true, not a lot of places on FB allow any of the things discussed here. I had spoken to someone who was at the Beavertown Memorial and like Love Comes Knocking said some neighbors in Beavertown did not care for Paychecko but tolerated her for they loved Davy so much!

    I wish Davy would have never met Paychecko. As others have said and I agree too, it was not so much the age difference but it was her clingy immature behavior that was a turn off. And the minute those abuse allegations hit the papers, that was constantly in the back of the fan’s minds. His first two wives, and the gf’s before Paychecko were decent and did not strive to be in the limelight riding coat-tails.

    As mentioned at TWYME forum, someone had heard that Talia the oldest daughter was staying near Davy in FL to keep a close eye on things. Does anyone know if that is true? I think this coming weekend is when Talia gets married too, how sad her Dad won’t be there to give her away but he will be watching from Heaven.

    Once the estate matters are done- and hopefully in favor of the girls, I hope that the Equine fund will serve to rescue and rehab horses and that the Church in Beavertown will become a museum as Davy had always planned.

    As far as Paychecko goes, her supporting roles on Telemundo will not be catapulting her into a Sofia Vergara like demand anytime soon if ever.

    • Kika says

      OMG-that is so odd that you should mention Sofia Vergara (sp?) now! I don’t watch her sitcom, but I know who she is and I happened to see her ad last evening…and we all know who I thought of—that one is more than likely chewing rust and spitting nails in anger and jealousy over Sofia having made it but not herself.

      I also thank everybody for this site along with TWYMX… it is hard and I have nobody in my life to help me so you all have become my family…:). I mean, who else can get that Sofia Vergara reference????? And, pathetically, where else can I say that seeing David’s fingerprints made me happy and not be thought of as a stalker….thanks you guys. You mean a lot to me.

  231. i'm a believer says

    KDB, I can’t thank you enough for sharing that information with us! The site opened just fine for me and I was stuck to the screen like glue!

    OMG – what a sad story. A young man like that alone in the this huge city – my eyes watered when he wrote that he wanted to bring his dad and 3 sisters to America. It quickly went from sorrow to anger when I think of all the utter trash that they let into this country – imagine – this young man, working in a Broadway show, giving them all the information they ask for – fingerprints and all – yet denied and given a deadline to leave the country! I’m still sick from it. Disgusted to say the least.

    It was like a story of his early life – where he lists his occupations from “jockey apprentice” to actor on Broadway. Wow, that was a treat.

    So here I am at work, reading all this, with a cup of tea no less, and I read he lived on W. 45th street! Well, I snuck out of work early, and headed across town to his old pad.

    Kika, I’m right there with you, feeling like a stalker. Your words touched me when you said you touched the screen where his fingerprints were…:( I had to go.. I got the pics! I stopped my car, and stood across the street facing the building and just imagined him, a young man, coming out of that building, no family, just trying to make it. For a brief moment, I felt like I knew of him just a little bit more. I’m sure he stood just where I did so many years before. It was fun.

    Feel free to post if anyone wants the pics.
    And a shout out to TWYMX also – great site with lots of info.

    • KDB says

      I wonder how long they will let us continue our thoughts through this venue?
      It has been great for me too! I can’t really speak to anyone about my thoughts about David without them thinking that I’m nuts! This seems to be a safe way for me to air my feelings/concerns. Thank you everyone!

    • Kika says

      I’m a Believer, if it isn’t an inconvenience, I would LOVE to see those photos. I would have done the same thing; I used to live in Los Angeles and was feeling a bit frustrated to think there was a Beverly Hills (I think) addy right there and I couldn’t check it out :(. I too was was riveted to the site; it is a way to connect with David and to get to know him a bit better.

      I know – it was bittersweet. I am so grateful that KDB posted this-it was fun to see into his life, but I was angry and hurting for this kid’s situation. I’m a Believer, you are so right. Just look to the news to see what is let in, but this young man was made to jump through hoops. Disgusting is the word.

      I miss him. Thank you to everyone for passing all this information on. Helps the hurt for a while. If I can say this without sounding too goopy, may the Gods bless all of you…I’m so grateful for all of you.

      • i'm a believer says

        Hi Kika, I would be more than happy to send you the pics. Just give me your email and I will get them right out to you!

  232. Beryl says

    i would love to see the information on that website, but unfortunately like some others i CAN’T GET IN. grr. i hate knowing there is information out there and others see it just fine and i cannot even load the website. maybe too much online traffic, BUT i’ve been trying all day. tried on three different computers too. i just have to see this website. thanks for sharing the info with us. unbelievable stuff…

    on another note, Jose if you are there, why can’t i find evidence of JP’s divorce to Luis Mejia?? i see the marriage license info but nothing at all about the divorce. there is the marriage licence to ionut grama which was after marriage #1, so i doubt they would issue that without a divorce decree. any thoughts?

  233. KDB says

    I was able to access the website this morning from my place of employment. I’m not a computer person but I think it has something to do with the server because I could not access it from home yet from work it went right through!

  234. Beryl says

    I was going to try at work too, but we have such a strict monitoring system that often won’t let me view websites it decides I shouldn’t that I figured it would be blocked there. I’ll still try though. Very strange

  235. Kika says

    APOLOGIES: I meant to post this in reply to you, I’m A Believer, hoping you would see it re the photos but I did it wrong. So I am reposting down here hoping you will see it. Apologies to everyone for the double post and many thank you’s for your patience. If you can tell me how to delete the above post, I would be glad to. thanks very much.

    I’m a Believer, if it isn’t an inconvenience, I would LOVE to see those photos. I would have done the same thing; I used to live in Los Angeles and was feeling a bit frustrated to think there was a Beverly Hills (I think) addy right there and I couldn’t check it out . I too was was riveted to the site; it is a way to connect with David and to get to know him a bit better.
    I know – it was bittersweet. I am so grateful that KDB posted this-it was fun to see into his life, but I was angry and hurting for this kid’s situation. I’m a Believer, you are so right. Just look to the news to see what is let in, but this young man was made to jump through hoops. Disgusting is the word.
    I miss him. Thank you to everyone for passing all this information on. Helps the hurt for a while. If I can say this without sounding too goopy, may the Gods bless all of you…I’m so grateful for all of you.

  236. Bonne says

    Judy: My deepest condolences regarding the loss of your beloved friend. I know how painful that is. Compound that with the feelings/emotions you (and so many of us) are also experiencing with trying to “come to terms” with David’s passing. Very, very hard. I am facing a similar situation. Soon, I will lose the love of my life to a terminal illness. It’s so difficult. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

    I’m a Believer: Thanks for your kind words. It meant a lot to me. I hope I am “well-adjusted” (ha ha). For the most part, I am. But I do have my days when I wonder. I know losing my family at such a young age and not having anyone step in to parent, love, or mentor me has left some deep, permanent scars. But it has also made me who I am.

    Yes, I too am spiritual (fairly religious) and that helps. My heart and soul are all about Love. It is who I am and what I embody. I doubt I would have so much depth to my being if I hadn’t gone through what I’ve had to. For that, I am grateful.
    There are blessings and lessons attached to life’s challenges,
    even the most dreadful ones. You just have to look for them.

    But enough about me. Let’s discuss David. You asked, “What was David like when I met him?” (Also, see my post on May 2nd).

    I had met David (he preferred to be called David) a couple of times back in 1972-1973. I was 15-16 years old, but always looked older (like 21) due to my height (5’10”) and having matured a bit early, going through puberty at age 10. I only mention this because, in hindsight, I think looking older probably worked to my advantage at the time. I was able to meet him after his concerts with no difficulty.

    The first thing I noticed was how much David’s “face/physical features” had changed. He no longer had that “baby face” that I fell in love with back in 1967. No matter. David was still very handsome and striking. He had just matured into a “man.” He had grown a mustache and goatee. His hair was beautiful; a more mature style now yet still similar to the shorter version he wore on the Monkees. And, he was smartly dressed.

    David had always been trim, fit and somewhat muscular on the Monkees. So, I was rather surprised to see how much “thinner” he now appeared. (I later learned he was experiencing great financial difficulties at the time, so I’m sure that played a role in it). Regardless, he was still stunning.

    David was very sweet, genuine, and endearing. He was polite to me and respected my feelings. Imagine that. I had this long-standing “crush” on him. Naturally, I had always imagined he possessed all of these fine traits. But then, to find out he really was like that. WOW. Made you just love and respect him all the more. (And indeed, made me wish I was a few years older, he was still single, and he could be my “Prince Charming.”)

    I didn’t get to spend an enormous amount of time with David. He did have many fans awaiting, as well as his family. (I briefly meet his first wife Linda, who was also nice). So, David and I chatted a bit. I always came bearing some sort of “gift.” He was so gracious and polite. He always thanked me. Especially for a portrait I had illustrated of him (my best to date, probably because of “all the love” I poured into it). He said he’d hang it in his dressing room.

    I’m thankful for the short time we did share, here and there. I have the memories along with his autograph and some pictures of us taken together. One picture in particular is “extra special” and endearing to me. We’re hugging and both just beaming with smiles. It sits framed and on my desk at home. I remember how I felt, “Wonderful and Enchanted.”

    It’s a mixed bag now though. Part of me feels “comforted” when I look at that photo. I remember all the “good times,” etc. The other part of me just feels “dreadful” inside. I break into tears. Here is this young, handsome man. He is smiling, full of so much life, love, and dreams. Then the cold reality hits me. He is now gone. How can that possibly be?

    Then I see KDB’s post. (By the way, thank you KDB. I was able to pull up and view that site). The various documents on that site contain many of David’s former addresses. Notably to me, several in California . Yes, it was years ago. But, to my surprise, David resided only 20 minutes away at one point. He was closer than I ever thought.

    Then I feel that same remorse so many of you have expressed. Why didn’t I try harder to locate him and “reconnect?” Life got so busy and full of challenges. And, I guess I still tended to think of him as “untouchable/out of reach” simply due to who he was. Wish I had thought outside the box. I always had a spot for him in my heart (and always will).

    I will simply have to believe that he can now hear my thoughts and prayers. He must know how much he means to me, and to so many others. Believing he is aware of that is comforting, as is in believing that one day, I will “see him again.” The first thing he will hear from me is, “I missed you so,” followed by a “very long hug.”

    • i'm a believer says


      You are so right. I think that’s a part of my grief and perhaps the grief of others as well. I’m thinking about “what the hell was I doing?” a few years ago that I couldn’t remember they were around? I don’t watch the morning tv shows much cause I’m always working so I’m sure I missed many opportunities. I see the youtube videos and realize how many times they were in the New York area. Ugh!! It’s just one of those things that you wind up kicking yourself for not paying more attention to. I would have loved to see him in person and meet him as well. Security!!!! they would have had to drag me off of him for sure!

      I must have read your posting a dozen times, each time imagining I was meeting him. You are so lucky to have met him, let alone get a pic! Thank you so much for sharing your experience in meeting with Davy!

    • Judy says

      Thank you bond for your kind words. I’m also sorry to hear about what you’re going through with your loved one… sending prayers for strenght. Haven’t posted much lately, my father just had 3 stents put in due to blockages and found out he has congested heart failure. So far 2012 has been rough. I’m hoping the last half of the year is better. I am finally coming to terms that David is really gone… but still, the sadness remains. I appreciated your description of David from the times you met him. What cherished memories those are for you -thank you for sharing.

  237. jonesy says

    Oh, I’m a Believer, I would LOVE to see that article and pics! I, too, live in Southern Cal and am a big fan of visiting special sites relating to the Monkees back in the day (altho I STILL can’t figure out what beach they filmed all those “romps” on!! And where was that beach house they used for exteriors???). If you could send me what you’ve got I’d be so grateful. Thanks to all you guys for helping each other work thru all this garbage! 😉

    • i'm a believer says

      Monica, thanks for the article link. I read it. And now I’m sick to my stomach again with this tramp phlem-engo tart! (in honor of Davy) Some things are just not right. I have read youtube comments, the “thats why your’e my ex” postings, and other places – all the same. People are having a hard time dealing with the loss of this wonderful man. Dr. Phil needs to do a show on this. And they need to be inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. Enuf is enuf already!

      Has anyone else seen the youtube video where he sings “Together?” Hes in the red suit? OMG thats a keeper. I highly recommend it.

      • Kika says

        Well duh to me!!!! My email is my3ones at (spelled out to avoid the spiders picking it up for even more spam :)) HUGE thanks for doing this.

        And your words are exactly right… we got busy with life-for which we aren’t really to blame, that’s pretty much what happens. But how many of us would’ve been a much better spouse…I know that in my case, I would still be mourning his loss even with him being in a wonderful situation. But the hurt and despair and anger and frustration and depression are so deep because of her. You know, one can use a person and still be nice…all she had to do was be pleasant. But knowing the situation, and his own emotional battles, and how any one of us could have reached out and been the mate he would have thrived with…that is what drives my mind. And I don’t think I am dramatizing. I think all of us would be just that little bit better. We would still miss him, but it wouldn’t be the same kind of knife.

        The two saddest, cuttingest words I know are “if only”…thank you so much, I’m A Believer, for the photos. I treasure any little bit of David I can find. Thank you for doing that for us.

  238. Sandra Hamilton says

    Paychecko!!! Hahaha I didn’t know anyone else called her that until I read it on here. (I came across this by surfing around, as one does with most websites.)
    Why try and get money for the horses? Surely now David has gone the sensible thing to do would be to sell them? Or better still, allow his daughters to take the ones they loved and care for them, then sell the rest?
    Surely none of them can the THAT poor?
    Sandra Hamilton, Norfolk, England.

    • guest says

      Sandra, the girls have already started moving the horses to california near talia. that has to be expensive so im sure the funds raised helped to pay for that.

      • Sandra Hamilton says

        Thank you, Guest for that information.

        And thank you to everyone for still loving David and caring what happened to him. He was a treasure and will be missed for a very, very long time. I still cannot bring myself to watch him yet.

        I went to visit my granddaughter, who is only 8, and when she saw me she gave me a big hug. Thinking she was going to say something about David’s passing, she looked up at me with her big brown eyes and said, ‘Who is going to look after all them lovely horses? Them poor horses need somebody. Can I do it?’
        I might have known better than to expect her to ask after a human!!!

  239. carrie says

    Some wonderful photos of Davy’s herd had been posted by someone named — I think — Steve Smith. I can no longer see them. Would anyone know what site they are on? I believe he worked with the horses, but I am not sure where I saw the photos. Thought they were on the Equine fund page, but was mistaken. Anyone know where to view them? Thanks!

  240. Cindi says

    I remember seeing those photos. He had tagged JP in a few and they were on her FB page. In the same group of photos there were some from the wedding. They were also on his personal FB page and now they are gone from there as well. Supposedly he and David were good friends and he helped with the horses in Florida, from his comments on the photos.

    • carrie says

      thanks for letting me know where i saw them. hope they reappear as they were lovely photos. please give a heads up if you see them again. have seen some good photos on the equine fund page as well.

  241. Jona says

    Steve Smith was a friend of David’s who lives in Okeechobee, FL, near Indiantown. He was one of the few people that attended David’s lamentable wedding from David’s side. The pictures are still posted on Steve Smith’s fb page. Just scroll down a bit on his fb page and they are under the heading, “Davy Up Close.” Also, there are lots of pictures of the horses on the “Davy Jones Memorial Equine Fund” fb page.

    • carrie says

      oh, ok i will look as i wondered where the photos went. i remember seeing wedding photos along with the horse photos but thought he was a friend of the pacheco family because of the wedding photos. i thought he worked for them and helped with the horses via jessica and her family. does he still work with the horses that remain in florida? hope he posts more photos. i will look for them on the djemf site. thanks!

  242. carrie says

    jose, are you still present and is there anything new to report? lots of little dribs and drabs emerging about his wife having a history of extreme mood swings, bi-polar? but to be certain, unstable. so there may be some merit to her being physically abusive with davy jones.

    • Jose Lambiet says

      I’m still present. I expect some news this week, of course if the family allows the public to have some news.

      • carrie says

        ok, thanks. things seem quiet on the pacheco front. maybe news on that as well? much thanks jose!

  243. Bonne says

    Judy: Thanks for your kind words. I am so very sorry to hear about your father’s health. You do have your plate full. Is it me, or does it seem that things tend to happen in “clusters?”

    I will uphold all concerned in my prayers and ask for renewal/healing and strength. And, I’m sending an extra “Hug” that the remainder of 2012 will ease up for you and yours.

    Judy and I’m a Believer: Yes, I was fortunate to have an opportunity to meet David. I guess the “gift” I can give to everyone from that experience is the reassurance that David was indeed, so “Special.” I know that is comforting to me.

    We all have had “crushes” on someone, only to later find out they weren’t even half of what we “imagined” or “expected.” That was not the case with David.

    Yes, all the good you could have possibly imagined about David was “True” and not just a “Fairy Tale” or “Dream.” You would be hard-pressed to find many people who possessed the depth he held in his heart and soul.

    I just wish that David’s golden years could have been spent with someone who would have truly cherished him for the “gift” he was. I know any of us ladies would have (and could have) gladly done that! Life is often complicated and so unfair.

    But thank goodness we all had the opportunity to have David touch our heart in such a beautiful and profound way. He’s left a “part of who he is” with each of us, Forever.

    • KDB says

      Bonne, I couldn’t have said it any better! From everything I’ve read and from everything I’ve heard through people who knew him, he was indeed a very genuine, caring, down-to-earth individual who touched the lives of everyone with whom he came into contact.

  244. Beryl says

    Oh Jose, thanks for checking in with us. I sure hope you have some news for us soon!!! Bonne, I desperately wish as you said he could have lived out his golden years with someone who truly loved him and would have treated him like the treasure he was. For now I’d just take him living out his golden years, period. We (or his family) could get him away from the crazy JP. Miss him every single day.

  245. Cindi says

    Roberta Ann Boyce or Bobbi Boyce as she is also known was the first wife of Tommy Boyce and David’s business manager for many years. Here is a link with some info in her. … yce_CL.htm

    She probably would be privy to David’s personal information as someone his daughters could trust and get advice from. Certainly no one in Paycheco’s camp could be trusted in that capacity.

    As a nice side note, I don’t remember where I heard this, it might have been mentioned at the memorial in NYC, but David introduced Bobbi to Tommy Boyce and they eventually married. Though at the time of his death, Bobby was married to a woman named, Caroline.

  246. Paula says

    You know years ago in the late 80’s I saw the Monkee’s reunion in Chicago. I remember after the show many of the fans went around to the back stage entrance to get one last look at the Monkees. I remember Peter coming out and ignoring everyone! I remember Micky coming out and did a quick funny smile and wave but never looked at anyone. Then Davy emerged with Anita and baby Annabelle, and he stopped and looked at each one of us who called his name. I was on the wall of the ledge of the buidling next to the theater and was calling his name, and he looked at me to acknowledge me. He took some time to look around and in a way to tell us he appreciated us being there. I was then convinced he was the kindest and most grateful to the fans of all the Monkees.

    • Val says

      @ Paula, thanks for sharing that.

      For some reason when I met Micky, I was totally at ease and he was very friendly. But when I had the chance at a meet and greet to get my photo taken with David, I got so nervous that I just thanked him for a great show and moved on-oh how I kick myself! I was so nervous and had a case of the “I feel ugly” self-doubt running through my head. Shame on me! David was my favorite Monkee and now I will never have the chance.

      Peter can be quite moody, he yelled at a dear friend of mine and literally stopped the show during one of his acoustic concerts with his pal James Lee Stanley back in the 90’s because her flash went off. She felt just awful and even tried to apologize to him during the intermission but he was still not very nice about it.

  247. Rose says

    Bobbi and David have been friends for a long time. If I’m not mistaken she may live in Nashville. I am wondering if maybe she is involved with the Equine Fund?

  248. carrie says

    Hello Jose, is it ending up to be a quiet week with no news and are you expecting it to remain that way indefinitely regarding the estate?

  249. Luvdavy says

    Ah the is the VP of the fund! Also, I believe the po box for the fund is in TN and some fans were wondering why. Sounds like she is handling the Equine Fund because she lives in TN.

  250. Judy says

    Still here and I too check everyday for any news. Sure appreciate everyone sharing their ‘David’ stories! What a kind man he was! Yes Bonne… I too hope that the latter half of 2012 will be better for all!

  251. Bonnie says

    It’s been several months now and I am still devastated. A fan since 1966, I felt like Davy was part of the family.

    One of my happiest days ever was last summer–seeing the Monkees in Concert and meeting them briefly afterwards. Dreams do come true, though it took 45 years.

    I’m A Believer–I would love to see the photos everyone is talking about. My email is

  252. Luvdavy says